Monday, June 3, 2013

6096...Racism Twds Kids In Quebec

Imagine such a thing happening.

This time they are picking on kids, excluding soccer playing boys who happen to wear turbans.

Cannot have that.

The National Post writes that "Brigitte Frot, the director general of the provincial association, [The Quebec Soccer Federation] says the reason to maintain the ban is for player safety reasons." 

Coz turban injuries are rampant no where.

You may recall that a while back Quebec banned girls who had simple scarves on from playing soccer.  FIFA told them to stuff it.  Presumably they, FIFA, will follow suit with boys in time.  Meantime the Quebec Soccer Federation has a solution for kids that are banned from soccer leagues coz they choose their culture and religion over the beautiful game.  Play in your backyard.

Yes, it is 2013 in La Belle as well.


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  1. It is a discriminatory policy, to be sure, but one that was defended by the Liberal Party of Quebec when they were in power, and presumably still defend today, although few politicians, including federal Liberal leaders are speaking out on the issue and leaving the matter to the Quebec Soccer Federation. No minority is banned from practice, it becomes a problem when some object to a standard dress code and demand exemption because of religious belief or practice, what others might term a discriminatory policy against superstition.

    Whereas in Ontario, the municipality of Richmond Hill practices numerical discrimination in banning the number 4 from street addresses for new addresses because of the superstitions of a segment of the population.

    It is unlikely that Quebec would bow to such pressure in a municipality such as Brossard with a large Asian component, so are we to expect that Quebec will be labelled as "racist" for its refusal to comply with demands based on superstitions and irrational practices of minority groups.