Friday, June 28, 2013

6191...Guns, Guns, Guns

As every news source in Canada reported the RCMP went a little Stasi in High River, Alberta today grabbing private people's legal private guns.

When our beloved Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, heard about it he told them to bring the guns right back. They said they would.  Soon.

What I found ironic was the fact that the RCMP claimed they were grabbing the guns coz they were protecting valuable property for the people.  Presumably they also loaded up their vans with flat screens, dvd players and jewelry


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  1. Quite some theft prevention there. It reminds me of the days back in the early 70s before Gatineau came to be, and the town of Alymer, Quebec had its own police force. There was a crime wave of local break-ins attributed to enterprising local teenagers loading the loot on their bicycles, but upon further investigation it was discovered all the stolen loot was sitting in the basement of the local police department. Needless to say, the entire police department was sacked and charged with larceny....