Sunday, June 9, 2013

6119...Freedom Of The Press In Canada

Try as our beloved Prime Minister Stephen Harper does to muzzle the press he is not so successful.

White is great; yellow number two; gold third; red sucks and; black really sucks.

According to this map that I picked up off Canada is as free as free can be.

Personally I find it difficult to believe that we have a much freedom of the press as America.  My reasoning is, besides their constitution, in smaller centres, cities the size of London, Victoria, Red Deer, Pembroke and so on they generally have multiple radio and TV stations.  In my home and native land it tends to be go big or go home.  We have metros like Pembroke, Ontario, that are around 50K that have no local TV and one radio station.  Hard to get info out in an environment like that.  If |Pembroke was in the States I posit it would have a full complement of TV stations and a dozen or so radio stations.


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