Saturday, October 29, 2011

4133...Selena Gomez SellsOut And Sucks

Well sorta sells out Scotia Bank Place in Ottawa.

And the 59 year old dude, Denis Armstrong, who is reviewing this teen queen who appeals to teens and pre teens says she sucks.

Is there no one more appropriate that the Ottawa Sun could task this to?

Just stating; not hating.


Friday, October 28, 2011

4132...Hillary For President?

She has a nice resume and this cut and paste from the USA Today says that "A new Time magazine poll shows Clinton easily defeating the major Republican candidates, were she somehow to become the 2012 Democratic nominee for president. Clinton leads Mitt Romney, 55% to 38%; Rick Perry, 58% to 32%; and Herman Cain, 56% to 34%, among likely voters in a general election. (Time magazine notes, 'The same poll found that President Obama would edge Romney by just 46% to 43%, Perry by 50% to 38% and Cain by 49% to 37% among likely voters.' Clinton's leads are bigger.)"

Bear in mind that a year before the Democratic convention of '08 the self same seers were anointing her the Dem nom for the highest office in the land and predicted she would win easily.

She did not.


4131...Condoms Should Be Banned In Quebec

Kevin Dougherty in the Montreal Gazette this morning opens thusly:

Ottawa’s plan to add 30 seats to the House of Commons, including three more in Quebec, will diminish Quebec’s weight in the federal Parliament, says Yvon Vallières, the province’s intergovernmental affairs minister.

“It isn’t enough for Quebec,” Vallières said, while conceding it was progress from previous redistribution proposals that would have given the province no new seats.

“Before we had 75 seats out of 308,” he explained. “Now we will have 78 seats out of 338.”

Well, you see, Mr. Minister, if you have more people you get more seats.

"Vallières recalled that the Quebec National Assembly has voted unanimously in favour of maintaining Quebec’s weight in the House of Commons."

Wow, we voted in favour of us, that has never happened before.

For true you pure laine social engineers should bring in a condom ban. What the heck, ban all birth control. You will see the birthrate soar. It will be like La Belle back in the day, twelve kids to a family. Then you will get more seats.

Another problem solved.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

4130...Yeah But The Numbers Are In English, Eh?

Jane Taber in the Globe and Mail this morning wrote that

Sheila Fraser’s successor can’t speak French and the opposition is outraged.

Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae says his caucus will oppose the nomination of Michael Ferguson, a former New Brunswick auditor and deputy minister. And NDP MP Yvon Godin has gone one step farther, filing a letter of protest to the Official Languages Commissioner.

Seriously, this is some serious bullsh*t. Why don't we get the best man or woman or transexual for the job and be done with it.

I don't care if the dude operating the National Calculator is uni, bi or try. Don't care. I speak for more not less Canucks.


4129...Scrap It Or Don't

The long gun registry.

You do have a majority, eh?

I realize dragging it out makes you seem something, just not sure what that something is.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

4128...Hallowe'en Tips

As a former child I can tell what not to give out for the big day:

Toothbrushes: Even if you are a dentist.

Rice: Sure, I know, when you cook it there is more, but...

Double Bubble or Bazooka Joe: I am sure they were popular during the 1930s but now we have gum with flavour.

Pennies: When I was trick or treating they were worthless; they are now less than worthless. Even homeless people don't want pennies and they are homeless.

Homemade Treats: Crap you make at home is usually just that. Crap.

You are welcome.


4127...Canada'sHomicideRateAt 44-year Says CBC

Perfect time to bring in a crime bill that will help spike those numbers Stephen Harper.

After years of liberal policies by Liberal and Progressive Conservative governments that, hand in hand with competent policing, have driven our crime rate to its lowest levels since '73, the Stephen Harpers, who are not liberal or progressive, want to fix the problem.

No problem to fix so they are going to create problems.

And you voted for them.

Beauty, eh?


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

4126...Ever Heard Of K-97?

Me neither.

It is a classic rock station in Edmonton and now both of us have heard of it.

I found out about K-97 in this morning's Ottawa Sun. Advertising Standards Canada, a self anointed and appointed watch dog of do gooders who have their panties on wayyyyyyyyy too tight received complaints 'bout a billboard K-97 was running promoting their morning show.

The ad said "Pray for rain" and had a picture of a blonde woman with an amazing world class rack photographed from the neck down and the ribs up. You get the idea. Tight white T hence the "Pray for rain".

"Advertising Standards Canada found that the ads had very little to do with promoting the station's morning drive."

Sanctimonious and self righteous politcally correct people are so easy to manipulate.



4125...CBC Needs Money? Here Is How To Get It

Of course they won't follow my advice but here goes.


CBC covers a lot of big markets: Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Buffalo, Vancouver, Detroit, Montreal are all a million plus.

Infomercials and paid programming from sign off to sign on, say two to five in the morning, should bring in beaucoup d'argent, like millions. A week.

They won't do it because, somehow, it makes the CBC and the chattering classes more comfortable to beg than to be pro active. Friends of Canadian Broadcasting and all that.


4124...Why Are We Surprised?

That would be with the fact that Libya has replaced Moomar Gaadaffi with a dude who is like MG and that Eygpt has replaced bad guy number one with bad guy number one A.

This was the topic on Lowell Green, CFRA today. Lots of handwringing about Canada's involvement in Libya and elsewhere.

Here is what I don't understand. It is the level of un understanding of them. And us. Like when we replace our leaders in the West we don't move 180 degrees. Yet for some reason we seem to think that when we replace a tyrant in a country that seems to be f'd up by o u r standards they are going to install a local version of Jimmy Carter.


Monday, October 24, 2011

4123...Warren Kinsella Be Angry

At the lovable folks at Rogers.

How much do i hate Rogers?
October 23rd, 2011, 10:05 pm

Let me count the ways.

1. Get Apple TV as a gift. Never loads. Told Rogers modem and Internet package is too slow. Upgrade, was told.

2. Today, did. Bought modem. Cost a lot. Upgraded package. Also costs plenty.

3. Told just hook up and I’m ready to go. Okay.

4. Took kids to hockey, birthday parties, etc. Once home, hooked up shiny new modem.

5. Doesn’t work.

6. On phone to Rogers for hours. Spoke to close to a dozen people.

7. Variously told new modem wasn’t registered in system when I bought it. Told serial number wrong. Told old modem on file. Told many, many things.

8. All wrong. Meanwhile, Internet service is gone. Last “Rogers customer service” person is honest, at least. Says she: “We can’t fix it. You should take it back to the store.”

9. Then, she chirps: “Is anything else I can help you with?” Says I: “Are you serious?”

10. ROGERS SUCKS. And, rest assured, dear reader, I am going to make their lives a living Hell, starting tomorrow. As you know I can.

This is war.

He didn't even mention on how their cheapness combined with their stupidity has turned Toronto into a gulag for baseball.


4122...Earl McCrae

He is the Ottawa Sun columnist who died 9 days ago.

Been rereading some of his current stuff in Ottawa Suns floating around the house and some stuff online.

He didn't hit a home run every time out, but neither did the Mick, Mantle or Mays. When he did hit one out it was grand.

Truly he will be missed.

A thought did occur; perhaps, like Elvis Presley, he is not dead but is living in Tweed, Ontario. One can only hope.


4121...It Was 19 Years Ago Today

That Toronto's Blue Jays won the World Series. They repeated again in '93 and since then nada for them, the Leafs, the soccer team and the Raps.


4120...The Tories And The Gays

"Friday in the House of Commons, Liberal Scott Brison charged the Conservatives 'have fought and voted against every advancement of gay rights in Canada, from pension benefits to marriage to transgender rights.'"

That is Tim Harper writing in the Toronto Star this morning. Mr. Brison, gay and married, jumped ship back in the day, the Tory ship, coz he had had enough of the above. What he was pissed about Friday was the handwringing by the Stephen Harpers in their It Gets Better Video which was released in reaction to the death of Jamie Hubley, a suburban Ottawa teen and son of a city pol. "Three ministers, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, Public Works Minister Rona Ambrose and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, are featured in the video, which has so far been viewed more than 12,000 times."

Two of them, Ms. Ambrose and Mr. Toews, voted against same sex marriage. The third, Mr. Baird, is a closeted homosexual.


4119...All Politics Is Local

The following cut and paste from the Kingston Whig-Standard may illustrate why the Conservatives under Stephen Harper get it:

A plaque to commemorate the Second World War internment of Italian- Canadians was unveiled by Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney in Ottawa on Sunday.

Through the Community Historical Recognition Program (CHRP), the Italian- Canadian Community Centre of the National Capital Region received $81,000 to design, construct and install the plaque and a time capsule in Ottawa's Dante Park. The CHRP contribution is also supporting the creation of a booklet and a website about this chapter of Canadian history.

The park, which really is a corner lot paved over and gussied up, is across from the church that older Italians [and I] use, St. Anthony's. In the heart of Paul Dewar's Ottawa Centre. Thing is most Italians live in the southern and western suburbs which are [or are leaning] Blue. One can be rest assured that Dante Park was one of the topics of discussion over dinner Sunday.

Like sands in an hourglass the Tories keep chipping away at the Liberal base. Masterstrokes like this occur all across our country on a regular basis.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

4118...Richard Peddie Is A Boy Scout

Boy Scouts are always prepared and the outgoing grand poobah for the Toronto Maple Leafs says in this morning's Ottawa Sun that they are ready.

For riots.

In Toronto.

After they win the Stanley Cup.

Perhaps the world did end Friday.


4117...The Greatest Country In The World

I remember seeing this on The Simpsons. The answer was the States, Canada, New Zealand and/or Oz. One of the things that makes us great is a police force that serves the public as opposed to control the public.

Sometimes that gets confusing, especially for the coppers. Sometimes they f*ck up. Sh*t happens.

Case in point: Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna of the NYPD. It has been reported widely that on September 24th of this year he pepper sprayed four women involved with Occupy Wall Street.

Justice delayed is justice denied and the NYPD doesn't drag their feet. The 30 year vet of the department has been handed a two week suspension which will cost him about six grand.

This particular case should stand as a lesson to police forces across Our Home And Native Land. In less than a month this case of misconduct was resolved. If this happened in Canada there would be a Royal Commission and then the cop or cops involved would most likely be exonerated. Think of the case of the Polish immigrant who the RCMP murdered at the Vancouver Airport. Think of what happens in your town. And mine.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

4116...Stephen Harper's Legacy

Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin welcomes new colleagues
Cape Breton Post
Sat Oct 22 2011
Page: A12
Section: National
Source: CP

Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin formally welcomed two newcomers to the Supreme Court of Canada on Friday.

She said the two new justices will be sworn in at a private ceremony next Thursday there will be an official welcoming ceremony in the Supreme Court itself in mid-November . Michael Moldaver and Andromache Karakatsanis were named to the court by Prime Minister Stephen Harper earlier this week.

The two were both judges of the Ontario Court of Appeal.

McLachlin said the two are both accomplished judges.

"They both possess a wealth of experience in diverse areas and will bring their considerable ability, wisdom and judgment to the Supreme Court of Canada," she said. "My colleagues and I very much look forward to working with them."


4115...Arab Spring Schming Whatever

Problem is, as we have seen in Eygpt and dozens of other countries before, they replace one tyrant with another.

Assh*le after assh*le after assh*le.

What is needed is a Marshall Plan for this era, for true. There was no bigger tyrant than Adolf Hitler but the Allies turned Germany into an economic and political powerhouse pretty rapidly after the war.


4114...World Series

Seriously, who cares?

Numbers I read in the Globe this morning, it may not have been this morning's Globe and Mail but I read it this morning, stated that 14 million Americans watched game one of the World Series between St. Louis and Texas. 34 million watched game one back in '73 in a nation with a lot less TVs. Tell you how long ago that was: many of us had Black and White TVs. Yeah, I know, wtf is a Black and White TV. Ask grandma.

Baseball isn't going anywhere but it has become a regional sport, very big where it is big but get away from the centres where it is played and nada. I am in Ottawa and no buzz, no hats, no nothing. The vibe for the the NBA and NCAA hoop finals is always out there. Ditto the various soccer championships. Baseball, a thing of the past.


4113...As It Turns Out

Yesterday was not the end of the world.

As we know it.

And I feel fine.


Friday, October 21, 2011

4112...Good Bye My Dear Friends

Good riddance to my enemies.

Today is the last day the WFDS will blog.

Or jog.

Or sit by a log.

Because today, October 21, 2011 is the last day.

Ever.'s radio guy Corey Deitz writes that "Harold Camping, the radio preacher who predicted the world would end on May 21 of this year, is back reminding us that his new target is October 21, 2011. But, this time he's really rankled the ancient Maya Civilization who long ago predicted the world would end on December 21, 2012. So, they've hired a law firm to get Camping to back off his current prediction and stop screwing with all the profits that's are being made from the books, T-Shirts, and other products surrounding the Mayan Calendar end-of-the-world prediction."

If it ain't one thing, it is another, eh?


4111...Benedict Mulcair

Don Macpherson in this morning's Montreal Gazette tells the tale of a man who used to champion the oppressed and offered huge support to those who were having their civil, linguistic and constitutional rights trampled.

His name is Thomas Mulcair.

Three decades ago when the linguistic sh*t hit the fan with Bill 101 Mr. Mulcair was one of the leading lights in Alliance Quebec.

Although he is not denying his past he is offering penance for it. Pour quoi you ask? Well now he is running for leader of the opposistion as head of the NDP, the party of Hallowe'en, and he wants to embrace its base. La Belle.



4110...Thirty Six Years

Between your ears.

93.1 CKCU in Ottawa.

CKCU and stations like CKCU across Our Home And Native Land are places where the unexpected happens on a regular basis.

Their funding drive started minutes ago and Matt Crosier, the steady hand that keeps the ship upright, has sent a "why" re why 93.1 is important:











Community radio is important to the community, like, doh!

The more media outlets the better.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

4109...Time To Step Away From The Buffettttttttttttt

When you fall down going to the bathroom and they have to call in the SWAT Team.

Doug Hempstead of the Ottawa Sun has more:

OTTAWA — It took high-angle rescue firefighters two hours to remove a 500-pound man from his Gatineau, Que., apartment early Tuesday morning.

The call came in around 12:30 a.m., initially to paramedics, from a man who complained of back problems.

He was unable to get himself out of his fourth floor apartment.

Paramedics were unsuccessful as well and called in specialized firefighters to help.

According to fire spokesman Guy Dagenais, high-angle rescue crews worked for two hours to get the man out of the building.

"We had to call in special equipment," Dagenais said. "Mainly a stretcher that was strong enough to hold the man."

In the end, firefighters used a basket stretcher with ropes and pulleys.

Paramedics treated and transported the man to hospital with non life-threatening injuries.


4108...Steroids Are Ruining Everything

Check this out from Len Berman:

Substance Abuse

Another failed drug test, more excuses. Blah, blah, blah. OK, this one is slightly different, it involves goats. It seems two goats, including the grand champion at the Colorado State Fair Junior Livestock Sale have been disqualified for testing positive. The drug they were given promotes muscle growth. Of course the owner of the goats is appealing, claiming the goats' feed had been tampered with. How could that happen? Bleats me.


4107...If Rush Limbaugh Does It It Is Okay

True dat. If a right wing talk show host pimps for a Conservative [or conservative] party the way Rush Limbaugh, Lowell Green, Charles Adler and others do they are open spoken heroes.

But if someone involved with a politically correct channel like NPR, National Public Radio, does it, they are thrown to the wolves.

Case in point is a report from the Associated Press that reports that Lisa Simeone was let go from her job at SoundPrint, a radio show that airs on WAMU, an NPR affliiate in D.C. Reason? She was pimping for Occupy Washington protesters.

I cribbed this from Slate who wrote that
"According to Roll Call, NPR's code of ethics reads, in part:

"NPR [and WAMU] journalists may not engage in public relations work, paid or unpaid...exceptions may be made for certain volunteer nonprofit, nonpartisan activities, such as participating in the work of a church, synagogue or other institution of worship, or a charitable organization, so long as this would not conflict with the interests of NPR [and WAMU] in reporting on activities related to that institution or organization.”

I just don't get the double standard that exists here. I/you/we know that if Rush et. al. were doing PR for the Republicans/Conservatives/Tea Party it would be fair.

Perhaps you may want to consider that the reason the Rushes of the world are the 1 % and the NPRs of the world are the 99 % is because the 1 % aren't self righteous cannibals.

One thing the right, especially the Stephen Harpers, get is that it is all about winning.


4106...Lee Atwater Memorial Dead Pool

It is at and was started by the great guitarist and politico hisownself while, legend states, he was on the way off the planet.

Did you have Muammar Qaddafi?

I guess the Colonel will never make General.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

4105...Jewish Eyes R Smiling Down From Heaven

Carson Palmer comes out of retirement and gets immediately traded to the Oakland Raiders for a couple of high draft choices.

A something for a pair of maybes.

Just win baby!


4104...Texas Says Don't Do It

A bunch of Texan lawmen advised the Stephen Harpers not to push thru their poorly thought out and pandering crime bill.

Point the Texans made was that they tried and it doesn't work. Sure, if you build prisons you will fill them but that is just because Johnny Law goes on an arrest frenzy and minimum sentencing does the rest.

Will Stephen Harper listen? Yes and no. He will hear the words but he won't heed them.

Here is why. His base, good God fearing middle class Canucks, most of whom wouldn't break a law, really, really, really wouldn't break a law if they got more time. Criminals don't think that way. Criminals do crime, it is more than a job it is a passion and sentencing laws don't affect the fact that they are going to do crimes as much as our PM would love you to believe. Sure six months in jail for having a pot plant in the window of your rented condo will stop you but surely only a fool would believe that it will stop a guy in Wakefield, Kelowna or the Kawarthas who has a 10,000 plant operation over three locations from doing business.

If Mr. Harper really cared about crime he would pour his resources into the places that need help, poverty and crime centres like Regina and Winnipeg and Main and Hastings. He won't but he should.


4103...Occupy Wall Street

Bay Street.

Broad Street.

Your Street.

The point has been made as as Sun Tzu said sieges don't work.

In and out.

Before the tipping point is when you need to get out.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

4102...Remedial Media V.2

My fellow Roman Catholic and self promoting blowhard Michael Coren in the Ottawa Sun refers to one of his favourite guests, Pat Buchanan, a man who appeared on the fact challenged Mr. Coren's appallingly tepid talk show The Arena on SUN TV as a man who "...came close to winning the presidential nomination for the Republican Party..."

Uh, no.

He did finish second in '92 and '96 but he finished second in the same way that Germany finished second in World War II. He was massacred.

If you spent a bit less time on the rosary and a bit more time on fact checking Mr. Coren y'd be less of a fool.


4101...Remedial Media

Front page of the Ottawa Metro: "...Avril played her hits to a partly full crowd at Scotiabank Place..."


4100...When Did Poker Become A Sport?


As I write this the number one sports network on the planet is showing poker.



4099...Y'd Think He Would Take A Break

Sources tell me that is not the case for Buffalo Tim Hudak and the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party.

Less than two weeks after having their heads handed to them, again, by the Dalton Gang, the PCs are calling around Ontario looking for cash.



Monday, October 17, 2011

4098...Ice T Meet The Tea Party

Ice T, renowned philosopher, rapper and actor once said that "The world is divided into pimps and whores."

The WFDS says that there are no pimps and that we are all whores. The Tea Party, the band, are now total whores. They are selling their domain site

I wholeheartedly approve and hope they get paid handsomely for their services.


4097...Speaking Of Crime And Criminals

Al Capone's mercurial career ended on this day in 1931 when he was sent to prison for tax evasion.


4096...Why Spend It On Prisons When You Can...

...spend it on people.

That is the thesis of a brilliant editorial in today's National Post by Dr. Bruce Foster and Dr. Bruce Ravelli, professors at the Mount Royal University Department of Sociology and Anthropology. In Calgary. Your hometown Mr. Harper.

They use facts to make their case; the Conservatives are fact challenged on the C-10 file.

Crime is lower in Canada than it has been since 1973, mandatory sentencing doesn't work in the States and once a dollar is spent it is gone.


4095...Sadness On Oulette Avenue

That being the main drag in Windsor. And, yes I am pretty sure I spelt it wrong so I saved you the trouble of pointing that out Mr. Spelling Policeman.

The sadness is on two levels. First off the Tagers got taken out by Texas on the weekend and the miracle Deetroyit Lions went down to the San Fran 49ers at Ford Field.

Personally I attribute the Lions first loss of the season to the fact that Michigan coppers shut down the tractor trailer that had been at tailgates since '05. Said trailer had a ten dollar admission and some of the prettiest girls that Jason's could offer disrobing for all to see. Windsor's contribution to the NFL. It is gone and so is the undefeated season for the Lions.



Sunday, October 16, 2011

4094...Stand Tall Stephen Harper

The rest want in.

The rest being where most Canuckistanians choose to live, work and prosper. As revealed in yesterday's National Post "Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. are among the most grossly under-represented jurisdictions in the democratic world. A study by the University of Toronto's Mowat Centre last year determined 'the distortions in the Canadian House of Commons are far worse than in the legislatures of the United States, Australia, Germany or Switzerland. The reality today is that 61% of Canadians are under-represented in the House of Commons,' and all 61% live in the country's three richest provinces."

Deal is the Stephen Harpers are planning on adding seats in Ont, Alta and BC but La Belle is whining that they won't have their whatever. Their whatever being over representation.

F*ck 'em.


F*ck 'em.

Take the population of Canada, divide it by how ever many seats Parliament shall be and that is the end of it. No more coddling or bullsh*t.

Stand tall Stephen Harper.


4093...Earl McRae Dead

Last night he died.

With his boots on in The Ottawa Sun newsroom.

I used to read his column all the time.

Dude was a megastar in our town, especially in the north west end.

Hopefully Elvis will make his way in from Tweed to pay homage.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

4092...Michael Coren Be Slow

As in retarded. Oooops, canna call people retarded anymore. Apologies. The SUN TV slap head is special. Like the Olympics. The Special Olympics.

Check him out in the Sun Saturday. Old baldilocks pontificated on the Occupy Wall Street movement, a movement that is eeking up to the Great White North and proudly proclaimed that the people in the movement are layabouts, don't have jobs, if they had jobs they wouldn't have time to occupy Wall Street and so on.

Well, Einstein, they don't have jobs. That's the f*cking problem. Jeeeeez you gotta start paying attention.

By the way, coz I know his style, Mr. Coren usually calls people who point out his foibles anti Catholic bigots. That dog won't hunt with the WFDS. I am RC to the core; IRC even. Wear a crucifix, have a Jesus fish on my car, go to church every Sunday. I even had Mara, my dog, blessed by a priest last week.


4091...Weaving His Magic Again

Joe Paopao.

Mr. Paopao is the worst coach in the history of professional coaching and continues to weave his magic. The man who killed a team, the Ottawa Renegades, a league, the XFL and a college program, the Waterloo Warriors is back as offensive coordinator of the same said Waterloo Warriors during their renaissance year in the CIS.

Quite the year it has been. Out of 26th teams in the CIS the Warriors rank 26th. If possible their offence, which has averaged a tad over 14 points a game, would rank below 26th except that is impossible. Of course the offensive coordinator is none other than Mr. Paopao.

The most amazing stat is that it is his f i f t h year at Waterloo. Seriously this motherf*cker must work super cheap, like 10.25 an hour, being the nicest dude in the world and wash everybody's car at lunch on Fridays.


4090...Occupy Ottawa A Dud

I don't know how it will play out on the news but I live downtown in your capital, work downtown in yout capital and play downtown in your capital and if they say that the city was in chaos they would be leas than correct.

It seemed like just another action free Saturday in Ott.

Not hating; just stating.


Friday, October 14, 2011

4089...God Bless America Saved America


Say what?

HardballTalk reports that world class bigot and hate monger Bryan Fischer of the Christian group the American Family Association says that the country, theirs not ours, has been saved by a song that Irving Berlin wrote a hundred years ago for a vaudeville revue called Yip Yip Yaphank. Mr. Fischer also believes that all of the world's ills are caused by the other: Blacks, Jews, Catholics, Gays, Left handed people, Native Americans, Hispanics, you know, t h e m. Especially Muslims.

“By God’s blessing, we have not been hit by a Muslim attack since 9/11. I suggest that in part, we have Major League Baseball to thank. You remember that the week after 9/11 Major League Baseball converted the seventh inning stretch from the singing of ‘Take Me Out To The Ballgame’ to the singing of ‘God Bless America.’

“Now ‘God Bless America’ is not just a song, it is a prayer. When we sing that we are inviting God to bless America, to stand beside her and to guide her through the night with a light from above. So for one brief, shining moment every night, Major League Baseball has converted our stadiums into cathedrals in which tens of thousands of ordinary Americans lift their hearts and voices as one and ask God to watch over and protect the United States. Ladies and gentleman, I think that those prayers have been heard and they have been answered.”

I presume the Toronto Canada Blue Jays don't play God Bless America during the 7th inning stretch which begs the question: Why hasn't Toronto been leveled by t h e m?

Over to you Mr. F.


4088...I Wonder If Kanye West Got Him A Pressie?





4087...Carleton Hoops Du Jour

Boyz and girlz have their opening weekend of basketball at the Raven's Nest on the campus of Canada's 46th best university, Carleton, starting this afternoon.

It is for realz folks, for realz.

The men have won like a bunch of national championships this century and the women are, after decades of crapitude, true contenders.

Look for me sitting right underneath the hoop wearing my Carleton sombrero, my official Carleton sombrero, the black one.


4086...Christmas 2011 Is Officially Ruined

It has been reported widely that the NBA says if there isn't a deal by Tuesday, Christmas Day games are in jeopardy.

As Len Berman says "You mean families will have to turn off the TV on Christmas and actually sit around and talk with each other?"

I so miss the Blue Gray game.


4085...Sheila Copps: Seriously

As President of the Liberals?

C'mon, c'mon, c'mon. I became a card carrying [well, as you know, issuing cards is not the Liberal Party's strong suit but, in theory] Liberal coz of Tequila Sheila during her run for leadership but that was then and this is now.

Our party is at a tipping point and could end becoming like the Liberal Party of England a century ago, you know, "We're number three".

You gotta build a business on young blood.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

4084...Don Cherry Approved

Fans be classy in Philly.

At the Flyers game last night they played a public service announcement on the scoreboard. Players from around the league were featured including rival Sidney Crosby of Pittsburgh.

As is their wont the Philly fans booed the rival players.

The video? "Hockey Fights Cancer."


4083...Thou Shall Not Kill

From David Emery, your Guide to Urban Legends comes this pearl:

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "If once a man indulges himself in murder, very soon he comes to think little of robbing; and from robbing he comes next to drinking and Sabbath-breaking, and from that to incivility and procrastination. Once begun upon this downward path, you never know where you are to stop." -- Thomas de Quincey


4082...I Want A Corvette For My Birthday


From you.

November 29 is the day.

On the calendar mark it.

As slim as my chance of getting a Little Red Corvette from you for my birthday it is expodentially higher than the chance of George W. Bush getting arrested in Canaduh when he comes here next week.

Amnesty International seems to think that the case is clear to arrest W. and laid it out in this morning's Montreal Gazette:

Human rights watchdog Amnesty International called on the Conservative government Wednesday to investigate, arrest and prosecute former U.S. president George W. Bush for torture when he visits Canada next week.

Alex Neve, secretary general of Amnesty's Canadian branch, stood in front of reporters with a stack of documents in hand that, he said, opened the door for a Canadian investigation into Bush's authorization for use of "enhanced interrogation techniques" from 2002 to 2009.

"The evidence is clear, former U.S. president George W. Bush is responsible for a wide range of human rights violations - notably torture - which constitute crimes under international law," Neve said.

It, of course, is not going to happen. As much as it pains me to say this, I have to agree with what Jason Kenney, one of our beloved PM's fartcatchers, said: "Amnesty International cherry picks cases to publicize based on ideology. This kind of stunt helps explain why so many respected human rights advocates have abandoned Amnesty International."

Some serious bullsh*t.


4081...Russell Barth Should Thank Steven Harper

Or is it Stephen? I always mix those up.

Anyhow, my source, the owner of a hydroponic store in British Columbia, tells me that there is a glut of marijuana in B. C. Since the drug trade truly works as a true market that means that high supply of bud will depress prices in Our Home And Native Land. No Marijuana Board to keep prices high. No Pot Quotas to be filled. It is pure economics.

The reason for this glut, according to my source, is the publicity that Stephen Harper, Vic Toews and the glory seeking police in Canada have given to grow ops. Back in the day, a decade ago, their were a lot less of them, in fact they could [barely] keep up with the demand and the cost of an ounce of good smoke was around 300 dollars. Thanks to the PM and his gang of panderers telling the world [over and over and over] about the huge profits to be made growing weed everyone with a taste of larceny and a green thumb is running a grow op. Now that 300 dollar ounce costs 150 and is heading south.

As usual the Conservatives and the conservatives have shot themselves in the proverbial foot.

Four more years.


4080...People Getting Screwed By Corps

That is what Howard Buffett, the son of the [often] richest guy in the world, Warren Buffett, told Bloomberg News this day.

Mr. Buffett, by the by, does not reject the path his father has taken to become Richie Rich; he is on the team. Nonetheless, like his dad, he is not a capitalist stronzo. Buffett senior has said that that he believes the rich don't pay enough taxes. Buffett Junior says that "...he understands the motivations behind Occupy Wall Street..." He goes on to say that over the last fifteen years "...we saw large corporations screw people."

The irony of all this is that big [and small] companies don't have to treat their employees like serfs to make a decent profit. Case in point would be Costco which makes ridiculous products while paying the guy chasing carts in the parking lot 50K a year.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

4079...Flying Waiter Strike Avoided

Geez the flying waiters at Air Canada are worse than the NFL players were this summer.

They keep playing the "We are going to strike card" and then don't.

Breaking news from CBC tells that "The union representing 6,800 Air Canada flight attendants says it has cancelled its planned strike for 12:01 a.m. Thursday, after the Canada Industrial Relations Board said employees must remain on the job while their contract dispute is being reviewed."

That gives you less than 90 mins to get to work ladies.


4078...Happy Hallowe'en From Kraft

They are going to raise the price of peanut butter, one of the staples of all proper diets [the other two being white bread and ketchup] by 40 per cent on October 31.

Other companies mentioned in the Associated Press article just released indicate they will probably follow suit.

The cause? Hot summer, hot, hot, h o t summer in Georgia and Texas, the two major peanut states.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

4077...Don Cherry Is Going To Rock This Sat

I do believe.

The controversy was started when he referred to some ex goons in the NHL as wimps for wanting there to be less fighting/no fighting in the game.

I know he is not the darling of the chattering classes, heck when I worked on CBC's Living In Ottawa the dislike of him inside the building was palpable. He is the biggest star in English Canada and that is part of why he is hated by those folks.

Saturday, I believe, will be a beauty. The coach [and by the way he pretty much sucked as a coach; put it this way, he was no Bryan Murray] was lit into this week by The Montreal Gazette's Jack Todd who suggested that the due date for Don Cherry on Hockey Night In Canada was well past. It is germane to point out that Mr. Todd made his way to Our Home And Native Land in the sixties when he deserted the United States Army a couple of days before Christmas and hitchhiked to Vancouver.

Hey, I am not hating on Mr. Todd for that. In fact I think it took a lot of courage to decide that he wasn't going to go to Vietnam. 100,000 other men were also stationed in Canada.


Being a deserter and not running away from that designation puts a target on Mr. Todd's back. Time will tell if the bi-jingoistic Don Cherry shoots at that target.

Me thinks he will.

PVR, TIVO and VCR all good to go.


4076...Please Forward This To PM Harper

Then tell him to read it out loud to his caucus.

This piece is from today's Los Angeles Times:

Stephen Downing, a retired deputy chief of the Los Angeles Police Department and board member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, responds to The Times' Oct. 5 Op-Ed article, "Prohibition's real lessons for drug policy." If you would like to respond to a recent Times article, editorial or Op-Ed in our Blowback forum, here are our FAQs and submission policy.

Drug prohibitionists like former White House drug czar staffer Kevin A. Sabet seem to be in a panic over Ken Burns' PBS documentary broadcast "Prohibition" because of its clear and convincing parallel to today's equally disastrous war on drugs. The earlier experiment lasted less than 14 years, but today’s failed prohibition was declared by President Nixon 40 years ago and has cost our country more than $1 trillion in cash and much more in immeasurable social harm.

As a student of history and a retired deputy chief of police with the Los Angeles Police Department, I can attest that the damage that came from the prohibition of alcohol pales in comparison to the harm wrought by drug prohibition. In the last 40 years drug money has fueled the growth of violent street gangs in Los Angeles, from two (Bloods and Crips) with a membership of less than 50 people before the drug war to 20,000 gangs with a membership of about 1 million across the U.S., according to the U.S. Department of Justice. These gangs serve as the distributors, collection agents and enforcers for the Mexican cartels that the Justice Department says occupy more than 1,000 U.S. cities.

Sabet, a former advisor to the White House drug policy advisor, ignores these prohibition-created harms, making no mention of the nearly 50,000 people killed in Mexico over the last five years as cartels have battled it out to control drug routes, territories and enforce collections. When one cartel leader is arrested or killed, it makes no impact on the drug trade and only serves to create more violence, as lower-level traffickers fight for the newly open top spot.

U.S. law enforcement officials report that as much as 70% of cartel profits come from marijuana alone. There's no question that ending today's prohibition on drugs -- starting with marijuana -- would do more to hurt the cartels than any level of law enforcement skill or dedication ever can.

Worse than being ineffective, though, the war on drugs creates dangerous distractions for police officers who would rather focus on improving public safety. For example, the LAPD announced this week that it will take 150 police officers off the streets to accommodate the state's shuffling of prisoners to the county level. The state must do this to comply with the U.S. Supreme Court's order to cut our drug-war-induced overcrowded prison population by 30,000 -- and our state has already laid off thousands of teachers thanks in part to funding diverted to building more prisons and hiring more guards.

This follows on the heels of another reallocation of police resources in Los Angeles when the LAPD and the L.A. Sheriff's Department woke up to a three-year backlog of rape kits. Police labs have only a finite amount of resources, and drug testing often takes priority over other cases that demand attention. Detectives (and victims) waiting for lab results related to rape and other serious crimes stood in line for months while tests for custody-related possession of pot and other drugs took precedence.

There's no doubt that the violence, the growth of cartels and gangs, the overpopulation of our prisons and the squandering of our police resources would not occur if we eliminated illegal drug profits and implemented a non-criminal approach to regulating drugs. We did this once with alcohol, and there's no reason we can't do it with other drugs today.

-- Stephen Downing

It is the money, honey.


4075...Amber Miller: Mother Of The Year

Picked this up from the L. A. Times.

Amber Miller, 39 weeks pregnant, ran/walked the Chicago Marathon, grabbed a bite to eat and then had a 7 pound, 13 ounce baby girl.

I was going to run the Chicago Marathon but I get dizzy tying my shoes soooooooooo.


4074...More Unemployment Woes For Ontario

The NBA, a league which includes the Toronto Raptors, has cancelled the first two weeks of its season.

Looks like the whole shebang could be cancelled.

The players can afford to take the hit. But what about the little guys? The collateral damage folks, the ticket takers, the cops picking up overtime, the vendors, the kids and adults selling this, that and the third? A lot, a lot, A LOT of people count on the extra hundred or two they make every time the Raptors play at the ACC. The whole season goes down you are talking five figures. Is bad.


4073...Windsor Ontario Be Partying

The Lions are 5 and 0 for the first time since Louis St. Laurent was the Prime Minister.

The Tagers are in the American League Championship.

The Windsor Lancers, although they lost to Queen's, are top 10 in Canuck College football.

And don't get me started on Michigan!

Plus they have a strong Liberal gov't that is there to support Essex County.

Good times.


Monday, October 10, 2011

4072...How About Some Football!!!

It is going to be a Monday night football party in suburban Windsor tonight. The venue is that cute little town across the pond from the Motor City, Deetroyit, where the Lions will be taking on the Bears of Chitown.

This will be the first MNF game in a quarter century played without a Hank Williams Junior opening.

Apparently his comparing President Obama to Adolph Hitler last week was a bit much for ABC and ESPN to take.

He will be missed.



Me, in a Speedo, washing my car on Thanksgiving Day in Ottawa.

That is how warm it is here.

The image of me in the Speedo should keep you from over eating on this festive day.


4070...Greatest Wedding Ever

And I went to it.

Last night at a bar, Nostalgica, on the campus of the University of Ottawa.

I have been to prob 1000 weddings as an altar boy, dj, waiter and guest so I know of what I speak of.

Bar b que with steaks or sausage, Lucky Ron playing music, Rice Krispie squares for dessert, open bar and a beautiful night.

Plus the most amazing couple ever Corey and Daina M. I am not putting the "M" there to be cheesey; I am just not sure how the last name thing is going to play out.

The only negative was it was during football season.

Thank goodness for I Phones.


4069...Buffalo Tim Hudak Slept Well Last Night

His Bills destroyed the Dream Team Philly Iggles in Mr. Hudak's hometown of Buffalo yesterday.

At least one thing went right for him this week.

Perhaps he could get his old job back working on the Peace Bridge?


Saturday, October 8, 2011

4068...77 Degrees

25 celcius.

On Thanksgiving day.

In your capital.

Global warming rocks.


4067...Worst Team In The NHL

Could be the Ottawa Senators.

Time will tell but if they are 10 and 45 in Feb you can expect every home game to be like a Hallowee'en party except everyone be wearing the same costume.

The fans will all come dressed as empty seats.


4066...Buffalo Tim Hudak Be High

For real.

Border guards and cops smoke the best bud and BTH be sooooo high.

Your Ottawa Sun says that he told his peeps in Niagara Falls that voters "...sent a strong message of change...".

True dat.

When you sober up Mr. Hudak you will release that they want to change you into a private citizen.


4065...Love Those Blue Jays

Chris Carpenter.

Roy Halladay. reports that the deciding fifth game of the opening round of the National League playoffs unfolded as "A pitcher's duel between Chris Carpenter and Roy Halladay was advertised and that's exactly what we got. Carpenter turned in a performance that will go down as one of the best in St. Louis history, pitching a three-hit, complete-game shutout to clinch the series.

Halladay wasn't so bad himself, allowing one run and six hits over eight innings. But Doc received no help from the Phillies offense and was tabbed with the hardest of hard-luck losses."

What the two aces have in common is they are both former Toronto Blue Jays.

All three teams, the Jays, the St. Lucans and the Phils are World Series Champions. Sadly for Oh Canada the Jays haven't won this century.

Perhaps it is coz they keep giving away their best pitchers?


Friday, October 7, 2011

4064...Gee She Has Boobs

That would be British Columbian Premier Christy Clark.

Miss [Ms.? Mrs.] Clark had the audacity to show a little cleavage in the legislature and CTV reports that the view of what the Dane's call the Cavalier's Walk set off "Former NDP MLA and political blogger David Schreck...[who]...tweeted, 'Is Premier Clark's cleavage revealing attire appropriate for the legislature?' during B.C's question period Wednesday."

What a schmuck.

It is not like she was wearing bondage gear.

Imagine what he would think about the leg in La Belle where Jean Charest has been known to show up for Question period in a Speedo.


4063...Less Than Half Of Ontarioioians Voted


Less than 50 per cent of the eligible folks voted.

Pour and quoi?


4062...Has Buffalo Tim Resigned Yet?

I hope not.

He is a gift from God.

That is why I go to church.


4061..Don Cherry Be Dumb

He pissed off Chris Nilan, also known as cement hands, by calling him and two other enforcers of bygone days pukes for speaking out against fighting in the NHL.

Mr. Nilan was smart enough to point out that Mr. Cherry played like hardly any games in the NHL [one or two I believe] and was a loser as a coach.

I, for what it is worth, still have the poster of Don Cherry above my bed. Matte finished.


4060...My Brain Hurts

And then I die.

This seems to be the lot of professional athletes.

The New York Times had this piece today:

"Rick Martin, the former N.H.L. star, had chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a neurodegenerative disease linked to repeated brain trauma, when he died last March of a heart attack at age 59. … His only known concussion occurred in a 1978 game against the Rangers during which his head hit the ice, causing immediate convulsions. Martin wore a helmet for the rest of his career."

One concussion did the damage.

Think of that when you are watching footie or hockey this weekend.


4059...As The WFDS Writes This

All that is in doubt is whether the Dalton McGuinty's will have a majority in Ontarioariooh or whether they will fall short by a seat.

That is it.

Buffalo Tim Hudak is now officially the biggest choker of all time.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

4058...Shuddup Already

Everyone's favourite senior citizen anchor, Wendy Mesley, reported, or more correctly, introduced a report last night by her colleague Laurie Graham that indicated that the opposition is all in a fuss coz the Stephen Harpers have hired two of their defeated candidates to work as something something something for the Guv du Can.

Rob Chisholm, a Dipper MP says that "The first goal is to gain political advantage rather than serving the interests of that particular agency, serving the interests of the taxpayer and the public."

That sounds about right.

By the way, if and when the NDP gets in power all your back and front room peeps will get those plum gigs.



4057...They Should Have Had A Chair Lead Them

Paint the chair blue.

I have read a number of Progressive Conservative bloggers who are saying "You never know." regarding today's election in Ontario.


Sometimes you do know and this is one of those sometimes.

The PCs in Ontario would have been better off having a blue chair lead them into this election because chairs don't speak. Everytime Buffalo Tim Hudak opened his mouth he cost his party votes.

What an epic fail.


4056...Two Reasons To Watch SUN News

Krista Erickson.


4055...It Ends In June

It starts tonight.

It is our game.

It is the NHL.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

4054...Pink V.2

I know I hated on my fave colour a day or two ago but it is still my fave colour sooooooooooooooooooooooo.


4053...Sarah Palin No Go In '12

Me be thinking '16.

Hillary Clinton versus Sarah Palin.

C'est fun.


4052...Perhaps North Korea Would Be A Better

Place for CFRA talk show host Mark Sutcliffe to live.

Mr. Sutcliffe, who is sandwiched between the highly rated CFRA morning show with Steve Madely and The Island of Sanity with Ottawa talk show legend [and former Ottawa Centre Liberal candidate] Lowell Green, sandwiched there to show he can hold listeners coming out of the morning show and deliver them to Mr. Green, is beyond terrible.

This morning he and listeners were b*tching about the huge numbers of phone calls political parties are making in this election period in Ontario. Imagine.

This of course would not be a problem in North Korea. No elections no phone calls.

Of course there would be no open line radio shows either so Mr. Sutcliffe would have to pull a rickshaw or work in a weapons factory to make his 30K a year.

Our hero also mentioned that supporters for an unnamed political party had the gall to knock on his door Tuesday night to see if he was a supporter of their party. This is called canvassing by the way and has been done since forever. Mr. Sutcliffe told the world that he does not like to talk politics. This explains all.

Monday to Friday, 9 to 10. Always a line or six open for your calls.


4051..."You Sound Like You Are Running...

...for the leader of the opposition."

The quote of the elex sports fans comes from Metro Morning's Matt Galloway.

In his ten minuteish interview with Buffalo Tim Hudak Mr. Galloway seemed confused. Confused by Buffalo Tim that is.

Check out Warren Kinsella's blog if you wish to hear the train wreck that is Buffalo Tim.


4050...On The Negative Side For Buffalo Tim

It looks like Benedict Tony Genco, known as Fat Tony to his friends, a candidate Buffalo Tim touted as a challenger to Greg Sorbara in Vaughn, is going to get beat like a rented mule.

This will make Fat Tony some sort of answer to a trivia question in poli sci geek days to come. The question being "Who lost Vaughn federally and provincially within a year for both major parties?"

I am sure he will make an excellent whatever when he gets a real job.

One would think his loyalty would be less than, well, loyal.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

4049...On The Plus Side For Buffalo Tim

It looks like Benedict Rossi will win Eglinton Lawrence in the GTA, stealing a seat from the Reds.

Perhaps he will weave the magic that he did with the Liberals federally with the Progressive Conservatives in Ontario.

He is a f*cking magician; he made the Reds virtually disappear before jumping ship.


4048...This Of Course Means Nothing

ABC News has learned that NJ Governor Chris Christie will not be running for President.

"We will still carry the Governor's press conference at 1pm on 77 WABC and," Noam Laden reported during The Joe Crummey Show.


4047...Will Tim Hudak Resign Before The Vote?

For the Progressive Conservatives to have any, any, ANY chance, Buffalo Tim Hudak has to fall on his sword h a r d.

He won't of course, coz he is the ultimate, penultimate, loser, but he should.

On the bright side he will probably win his riding so the paycheques will come in and he will be able to afford to live with whatever taxes Dalton McGuinty throws at Ontarioioians.


4046...I Guess No One Popular Was Available

Len Berman reports that "Rumor has it that Madonna will be the Super Bowl halftime performer in February."

Seriously, why don't they get someone from this century?

Oi and f*cking vey.


4045...Today Should Be A National Holiday

Least in the States.

On this day in 1957 Leave It To Beaver debuted on ABC TV.




The colour.

My fave.

Bought a pink Tommy Armour golf shirt Friday.

I love pink.

But after a weekend of NFL pink I have had it up to here.

Here being my brain.

The NFL honours Breast Cancer month every year by trimming their uniforms in pink during October.

Pink everywhere.

Gives WFDS a headache.

Not returning the shirt though; in fact I am wearing it today.


4043...Biggest Fail In History

I know that if you read the paper, especially The Suns of Toronto and Ottawa, they will tell you that this election in Ontario is a toss up, too close to call, whatev.

I tell you they are wrong. is the place to go and find out the facts and the facts are that, in terms of votes, very tight. In terms of seats, not so tight. In fact if the election were held today the Dalton McGuinty Liberals would have a clear majority with 56 seats.

Which means that Tim Hudak and the Ontario Progressive Conservatives are the biggest failures in the history of electoral politics.

You read that correctly.

All this maroon had to do was STFU for September and early October and the prize was his. But noooooooooooooooooooooo.

He took his clear majority, as of two months ago that was the projection, and through not having the ability to STFU, became an epic failure.

They, meaning poli sci students, will study this election forever. Books will be written. And they will all paint Tim Hudak as the biggest loser ever.