Friday, November 30, 2012

5391...It Is Tough To Be White And Male

Or male and pale.


5390...The Revolution Started 40 Years Ago Today

Pong was introduced to the market on this day in 1972.

First home video game.

It all built from there.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

5389...Iceland And America And Finger Wagging


5388...Vin Scully Happy Birthday

If you don't know who he is you are missing out.

Vin Scully has been doing play by play for the L. A. Dodgers since the middle of the 18th century.

He has also been on The Simpsons.



5387...Mayor Jim Watson, Best Mayor Ever

Your capital's boy mayor Jimmy Watson showed in today's Ottawa Sun why he will be mayor forever and a day if he so desires.

Mr. Watson said he ain't gonna balance the budget by firing people working for the city that don't need firing.

His heartless conservative foes such as Kanata South Councillor Allan Hubley don't agree with Mayor Watson.

F*ck them.


5386...Worst Mayor Ever Lauds Best Mayor Ever

Ottawa division.

Larry O'Brien, personal friend of mine, was horrific as mayor of your capital.  I would let him babysit my kids but as for mayor stuff, not so much.

Jim Watson, personal friend of mine, is wonderful as mayor of your capital.  I would let him babysit my    kids and he is great at mayor stuff.

Anywho, Mr. O'Brien and Mr. Watson are from different ends of the spectrum but today on Facebook Mr. O'Brien supported our boy mayor's new budget.

To wit:

Full credit to Mayor Watson on the budget! Well done Jim!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

5385...Syracuse Number 5

Men's hoop.

I know the wheels are going to fall off but for now I am happy.


5384...Sex With Animals Problem In Germany

Must be coz QMI reports that they are " mulling a ban on bestiality."

Interestingly they only banned f*cking the dog in 1969.

More interestingly their is a group lobbying against the new law.  Zoophile Engagement for Tolerance and Information, also known as ZETA, doesn't see a problem.  "It is unthinkable that any sexual act with an animal is punished without proof that the animal has come to any harm," Zeta chairman Michael Kiok told the BBC.  Mr. Kiok, who I believe it is reasonable to presume is dating a chicken or a dog, went further adding that he believes animals can show consent.


5383...Marc Garneau Is In The Race

Or will be by the time you read this.  Canada's only astronaut, I think, is taking a shot at being the next leader of Canada's Liberal Party.

Greg Hebert, ex of CFRA Ottawa, posted this on Facebook:

Back in 2006, I predicted Stephane Dion would emerge as the "dark horse" candidate for the Liberal leadership on the day he announced his intent to run. Today, I do the same with Marc Garneau. I'm on the record people - he's not necessarily the best choice (nor is he the worst) but he will be the most successful at picking up the pieces from other candidates and will slide right up the middle. You heard it here first ;-)


5382...Porn Star Update

 Shippensburg University, Texas Woman’s University and the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation have done a study involving 177 female porn actresses, reported in The Ottawa Sun, that has found out that the queens of video are not the psychological wrecks that group think says they are.

In fact "The study, which was published in the Journal of Sex Research, said it found no evidence to support the 'damaged goods hypothesis' that actresses involved in the porn industry come from desperate backgrounds. Rather, the researchers found the women have higher self-esteem, a better quality of life and body image, and are more positive, with greater levels of spirituality."

Still a weird gig but then again all cool gigs are a bit weird.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

5381...Warren Buffett On Ending The Deficit

Facebook friend Bart Bakker posted a factoid that stated that the richest man in Nebraska and, depending on what time it is, the world, told CNBC that "I could end the deficit in 5 minutes. You just pass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election."

Another problem solved.


5380...We're Number Four!!!

Out of four.

As you know and as has been widely reported the Liberals sh*t the bed last night, getting less gross votes than the Stephen Harpers, the Dippers and the Green Party.

Trudeaumania II better be for real.


Monday, November 26, 2012

5379...Rob Ford Walks The Plank

From The Huffington Post comes this

A court ruling has removed Rob Ford from his job as Toronto's mayor. 
Ford was found to have violated the Municipal Conflict-of-Interest Act by Ontario Superior Court Judge Charles Hackland.
I do need a job.


5378...Toronto Is The City Of Champions


100th Grey Cup goes to the team that has now won their 16th Grey Cup.  Toronto Argonauts are the 2012 Grey Cup champions.

Irony being that in a city that soooo wants a championship and soooo wants to be recognized as more than Canada's Cincinnati, the CFL is too down market.


5377...Tory, Tory, Tory

It is bye election day in Durham, Calgary and Victoria.

Wishful thinking says Red, Red, Red.

Reality says Tory, Tory, Tory.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

5376...JFK SIdes With Hockey Players


5375...I Hate The Irish

Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

I hate them.

Now they are the undisputedish number one football team in the country and on January 7th they will play the winner of the game for the SEC championship between Alabama and Georgia who be 2 and 3 in the land.

There are a number of reasons to hate Notre Dame.  Their obnoxious fans who don't even know what state the school is in, the negative portrayal of my people as Fighting Irish and now a new reason:  Everyone wears the same frigging number.  They have two 5's and two 6's and so on.  I know the word police don't like the expansion of the language but that is both retarded and gay.

Go Dawgs.


Saturday, November 24, 2012

5374...White Trash With Money

It is the 100th edition of the Grey Cup and it is fitting that the oldest pro sports team on the continent, heck may be the world, the Toronto Argonauts, are hosting the Calgary Stampeders, a team who, as I have said before, travels well.

If you are in Toronto and you want to see fun just head down to whatever they are calling the Skydome  and chillax before game time.



5372...Hipsters & Cool Kids Become Their Parents

From Q107, Calgary's Classic Rock, comes this:


5371...Is It September 2012 Yet?

I coulda swore than Dean DelMastro, Lord it has been so long I messed up El Roundo's name, it is Dean Del Mastro, anyhow I coulda swore that the buffet killing MP for the Stephen Harper's was going to clear up all this fuss about him being a cheater in September.

May be I am wrong.  Again.


May be he is lying.  Again.


5371...The Liberals And Alberta

Apparently the heir apparent, Justin Trudeau, said bad things about the province of Alberta a couple of years ago.

The wagging tongues on the tele and the radio and at the espresso bars are saying it could hurt the Liberals chances in Alberta.

Seriously, haven't y'all been paying attention?  The Liberals have no chance in Alberta.

You may now STFU.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

5370...Weirder Than Quebec

When it comes to weird it is hard to out weird La Belle.

This has done it.

The Atlantic reports that "...homeowners Luo Baogen and his wife refused to allow the government to demolish their home. So, bizarrely, the government built a road around them."  Frankly I am surprised the Chinese guv didn't shoot Mr. Baogen and his wife and sell their organs on the 'net.


5369...Ottawa By Bike Style

For those of you who aren't from fun town Eugene Haslaam, the owner of iconic club Zaphod's, offers this.


5368...Bosox Fan Murdered On Texas Biz Trip

49 years ago today life long Boston Red Sox fan John Fitzgerald Kennedy was murdered by Lee Harvey Oswald while on a pre elex swing through the Lone Star state.

Changing everything.



5367...Turkey Season Starts Now!!!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Three NFL games.

Join me at 5 o'clock at the Carleton Tavern, Armstrong at Parkdale in Ottawa, for brown pop and turkey dinner.  I will be wearing my Dallas Cowboys sombrero.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

5366...The New Yorker Comments On Canada

From my Facebook and real world friend Chris O'Brien.


5365...Another Tory Crook

CTV reports that Justin Trudeau's whipping boy, Senator Patrick Brazeau, has been lying to get extra cash out of your pocket.

“'I rent a house in Gatineau, but my principal residence is in Maniwaki,' Brazeau told CTV News."  According to everyone CTV contacted in Maniwaki the above statement is a nose-stretcher.  By the way Senator Ponytail gets an extra 20,000.00 shekels for having a crib so far away from the job he rarely goes to.  He needs the money though; 135K only goes so far. To wit  "A source close to Brazeau told CTV News that the senator has had financial difficulties since he split from his wife, despite an annual salary of $132,000.
He has also had a child support dispute with a separate woman, with whom he has a teenaged son."

Here is the best part of the story:  "The source said that over the holidays, Brazeau bakes and sells his own homemade meat pies at a Gatineau bar to make extra money."  

Does anyone know which bar coz I love me some tourtiere.


5364...Hockey Or Sex

Apparently, at least in Edmonton, hockey, Oiler style, is more popular than sex.

This is what I infer from a widely reported story out of the Alberta capital that the owner of Hush Lingerie and More says sales at his store are up fifteen points since the lockout.


5363...Turkey Season Officially Starts Tomorrow

Ferget about Black Friday, American Thanksgiving is the official kickoff of Turkey Season.

Giving you a heads up coz it takes a bit to thaw those suckers out.


5362...Only In Quebec

Quebec is, of course, the one place on the planet where the unthinkable happens on a regular basis.

I don't know if you saw the front page of The National Post yesterday but they, La Belle, did it again.

Forget about the dead skunk in the middle of the road; in L'Estrie, also known as the Eastern Townships, they got the dead skunk beat to high heavens.

Jocelyn Riendeau / Canadian Press / Sherbrooke La Tribune


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

5361...CFRA Pimping For Real

Don't know what else you would call this

Ottawa's 'perfect woman' revealed

A dating-auction website has revealed Ottawa's 'perfect woman.' has used its 'bid for first dates' model to determine the amount men in Ottawa would pay for a certain feature women have.
The site has found that local men would spend the most on a woman who has brown hair, hazel eyes, a bachelor's degree, is a non-smoker and a social drinker.
According to the survey, men in the Capital are willing to spend an average of $310 to go on a first date with 'the perfect woman.'
CFRA says perfect woman; I say promoting prostitution.

5360...Tomorrow Morning On 93.1 CKCU In Ottawa

From 7 to 10 Russell Barth, pot activist and the guy you do not want to have as a neighbour in your building [he is a self professed cop hater yet if his neighbours upset him he has the Ottawa Police on speed dial], has three hours of live radio on 93.1 CKCU.

It also avail on the internet.  Just Google CKCU.

Mr. Barth is anything but dull.  The man claims to smoke half an ounce a day of primo weed and still is able to function.  This will be a great three hours.


5359...La Belle, La Election, Le Bluffing

I heard all over the radio today, CFRA, CJAD, 1310News and so on that the Liberals and that other party in Quebec don't like the Parti Quebecois first budget and are stamping their feet and threatening to go back to the polls.

Posturing, at best.

You have my word on it.


Monday, November 19, 2012

5358...Yes Virginia There Is No Santa Claus informs that a 24 year old who appeared to be over-refreshed decided to let everyone at Kingston's Christmas Parade Saturday in on the big truth, that being that there is no Santa Claus.

That of course is wrong.  There are tons of Santa Claus'.  Including one in that very parade.

The man, whose name was witheld in the release has been charged with Causing a Disturbance by Being Drunk and Breach of Probation.  Additionally he is facing a Liquor Licence Act offence of Public Intoxication.

5457...Is Tim Hudak In Calgary Centre?

Must be coz some of his electoral magic pixie dust has been sprinkled on Tory candidate Joan Crockatt.  

Dawn Walton of The Globe And Mail writes that "Not too long ago, the only question facing federal Conservative candidate Joan Crockatt was what kind or role she could expect in Prime Minister Stephen Harper's caucus once she bypassed the formality of being elected in an upcoming Calgary by-election.

But now people are seriously wondering: Can she lose?"

She was at 48 points; latest numbers have her at 35 with Liberal Harvey Locke at 30.  The Greens are at 25 and the Dippers at 8.

Choke city baby, choke city.


5456...Ex CFRA Talker Michael Harris Update

My dear friend Anonymous sends me an update on the former CFRA Ottawa talker Michael Harris.

Hi Dan: Michael Harris is speaking in Ottawa, can you post on your site? Independent Jewish Voices presents A talk by Michael Harris Palestine: Lies and Propaganda in Harperland Wednesday, Dec. 5th, 2012 Doors open at 6:30 PM, Presentation starts at 7 PM Admission $10. LOCATION - Under One Roof 251 Bank Street, 2nd floor (Corner of Cooper St.) on 

I presume I will be comped plus one on this so look for me in the back with my black sombrero on.


5455...Premier Charles Sousa

It could happen.

Had the honour of meeting him over a cold one at Patty Boland's on The Market in Ottawa tonight and must say that if he is our next Premier in Ontario we will be well served.

Briefly he is a career banker who knows what it takes to drive the economy in Ontario to greater heights.  Unlike our Tory friends in Ottawa and Toronto he also has both a soul and a conscience and understands that people in tough times like this need guidance and help to get through it.


5354...It Is Hunting Season: Stressssssssful


Sunday, November 18, 2012

5353...If Jesus Was A Conservative

Like Stephen Harper, Tim Hudak or Vic Toews.

From The Beer Party on Facebook through my real world friend Russell Barth.


5352...Da Grey Cup

The one hundredth edition of The Grey Cup is going to be the Toronto Argos, who are hosting the affair, against the Calgary Stampeders who travel very well.

C'est fun.


5351...This Is How You Get Rid Of Fat Kids

From real world and Facebook friend Greg MacEachern, a man who is also a TV star of sorts, comes this from Ottawa's Glebe [poncy] neighbourhood


5350...Penashue And Dean Del Mastro Are

Hiding in plain sight.

If this was the States the uber competitive media, especially the TV, would be camped on their front lawns here, there and everywhere.

In Canada everyone wants to be careful lest they don't get invited over for Christmas drinkys.


5349...It Is November 18th

Take the damn poppy off.


You got your quarter's worth.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

5348...Crown Prosecutor Was A Porn Star

And he lied about it, "As recently as last month, [he] said 'there was no truth' to the porn allegations."  Except for the fact he was lying he was telling the truth.

WSTM TV ran the above quote on their website yesterday; the man in question is "Mark Suben, the DA in Cortland County near Syracuse."

DA is American for Crown Prosecutor.

Did not say whether Mr. Suben was doing gay porn or straight porn.  Not that it matters.  It is the lying that matters.


5347...Billy Graham Is Right: End Days Upon Us

The end is nigh [and I don't even know what nigh means] and one of the seven signs of the Apocalypse  [again, making this up] has been revealed on Facebook.

Dress sweat pants.  Coz your thighs and calves are too big to get into regular dress pants.  Available exclusively at

Oy and vey.


5346...Apartheid Revisited


5345...The Big Applebaum

You may have heard that Montreal has a new mayor, Michael Applebaum.

He is the first anglo mayor in over a century and, I believe, the first Jewish mayor of MTL.

In an interview Friday hizzoner said that “The title of mayor is not something that interests me. But we need change...”

He has been a city councillor since 1994; I would surmise that the change he is referencing is the change in where the envelopes will need to be sent.


5344...A World Without Bacon

I shudder to think of such a place but apparently there is a world without bacon and it is in Dallas, Texas.

The Charlatan tells that this place is Paul Quinn College where President Michael Sorrell has banned pork coz it is bad for the students and staff of PQC.

A world without bacon.


Friday, November 16, 2012

5343...Derek Jeter Strikes Out Large

This has been in every paper in my world today.

The mighty, er Mighty, Jeter, make that the Mighty Jeter, has struck out.

He finished 7th in the MVP voting. He needed to finish 6th to get a $2-million bonus in 2014.

This would be the ultimate first world problem, no?


5342...Porn, Carleton And Intellectualism

Overheard At Carleton is a regular feature in the Charlatan, the newspaper that serves CU.

Overheard At Carleton this week has a timely and timeless comment from one of the male undergrads who comments on and then asks a question about porn.  To wit:

"I like my pornos to have a good plotline, you know?  Yeah he's a pizza guy, but what forced him into that job?"

Sometimes y'kin think too much, eh?


5341...Me And My Sombrero Tonite At Carleton

Canada's 46th best university, Carleton, will host the Brock Badgers tonight at 6 and 8 at Alumni Hall on the beautifulish campus of the U of K.

The "K" in Carleton stands for Quality.

The girls are number 4 in the country; the boys are number 2.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

5340...Wendy Is 43 Today But Still Looks 9

Dave Thomas' little restaurant that could and did opened its first on this day in 69 in Columbus, O.


5339...Harper Is Just Like Hitler

Ron White, the great comic, was right when he said "You can't fix stupid."

Here, from yesterday's Toronto Sun, comes stupid.

Union opposition to a bill proposing to force them to disclose detailed financial information was expected. But no one saw it coming when Humberto DaSilva, a Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) representative, took to YouTube to criticize the bill by comparing Prime Minister Stephen Harper to Hitler, calling on Canadians to stand up to the government or else "shut up and wait for your boxcar."
Um, no.


5338...General Petraeus Should Have Waited


5337...The Good Old Days

Ah, yes, the late thirties, early forties in beautiful downtown Berlin.

My real world and Facebook friend, the esteemed journalist Alan Bruce Wigney, you know they are esteemed when they have two first names, shares and comments upon a press release he received.

I'm reading this press release for the Torontonian vocalist Anna Atkinson and noting that, according to her people, the album "evokes the feel of a cabaret during World War II era Berlin." Because, really, who wouldn't enjoy a set of songs that transport the listener back to Nazi Germany?


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

5336...Stephen Harper Should Move To Greece

A prudent money manager like our beloved Prime Minister is what they need there.


5335...Will You Still Love Me When I'm 64?

It is Prince Charles' 64th birthday today.

The answer is no.

Never have; never will.


5334...NASCAR Says No Texting At 200 MPH

Len Berman's That's Sports tells all the NASCAR has banned texting while driving in their races.

These cars go like real fast.

And this was a problem?


5333...A Credible Challenger To Trudeau The Two

Martha Hall Findlay.

L. Ian MacDonald of The Montreal Gazette says that is the credible challenger to Justin Trudeau.

I say it is hard to take anyone, except for St. Betty, my mom, who puts a letter in front of their first name seriously.


5332...Movember Emasculates

It is November 14th and whilst cruising through your capital today I noticed that a lot of men [and a few women] have tried to do the Movember thing and, well, it ain't working.

Not good for the ego.

Not good at all.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

5331...Stephen Harper And The Budget

So when Stephen Harper took over from tax and spend Paul Martin the budget was balanced, the deficit decimated and people had jobs.

It ain't now.



5330...Rae On Penashue

Cut and paste from Facebook.

Penashue emerges from witness protection programme to blame his Official Agent - "what, me worry ?" We want by election, not buy election.


5329...More Probs For Buffalo Tim Hudak

First of all on Sunday his hometown Buffalo Bills woulda and coulda and shoulda but didn't.

Now this.


5328...Eclipse At The Sun

They blew a ton of people out the doors today.

That sux, and I don't get it.  If you want me to contnue  to read your paper, and I read The Ottawa Sun every day, don't cut back the quality.

Especially the same day you double the price.


5327...It Is For Real Now

Sure American teams came to Canada in August and September and were tested.  And yes Carleton, the best team in Canada since ever got beat in Windsor Saturday.


That was all prelim.

Tonight at 9 30 on ESPN [you have a computer; if you don't get ESPN at home you can grab the game on] Kentucky is both defending champeen and number 3 out of the gate.  They are in Cameron Indoor tonight as dogs against number 9 Duke.

The PBRs are on ice, baby.


5326...Could Calgary Centre Go Red?

Big bye elex coming up late this month in Durham, Victoria and Calgary Centre.

CBC News in Cowtown points out that "Calgary’s preference for voting Tory gives Conservative candidate Joan Crockatt an edge, but Calgary Centre has a transient, youthful population, raising the possibility of a non-Conservative win."

Harvey Locke, in the House, stranger things have happened.


Monday, November 12, 2012

5325...My Co Worker Makes Hockey Hall Of Fame

He isn't my co worker now but when I was Al Knight All Night on 710CJRN I had the thrill of working with the great Rick Jeanneret.

WGR in Buffalo reports that "The voice of the Buffalo Sabres, Rick Jeanneret was officially inducted into the National Hockey League Hockey Hall of Fame on Monday, in Toronto. Receiving The Foster Hewitt Award for Broadcast Excellence, RJ, the longest tenured play by play announcer in NHL History, called the moment the thrill of a lifetime..."

Even though he scared the living daylights out of me I did respect him and enjoyed being on the same station as he was.


5324...Karma And Gays And Pot And The Bible


5323...Everybody Is Talking About Sex, Baby

Specifically General David Petraeus' sexing.

My very funny buddy Kenny Robinson makes a very valid point on Facebook this morning


For true.


5322...Gerard Kennedy Becomes Harold Stassen

Hey at least he has the signs, eh?

Gerard Kennedy, who was the front runner for the Liberal leadership, Ontario franchise, last time out and who had the support of Justin Trudeau in 2006 for the Liberal leadership, Canada franchise and who was defeated by Dipper Peggy Nash in the last federal election and and and is going to be taking another kick at the can, announcing that he is running for the leadership of the Liberals, Ontario franchise, yet again.

Perhaps he can get the spirit of Harold Stassen to manage his campaign.


Sunday, November 11, 2012

5321...Remembrance Day: A Final Thought

Ottawa comic Jim Robinson shares these impressive words on Facebook

I once attended an (accidental) event in Europe where Canadian and German soldiers from the same battle met and socialized. They had a great time reminicing on the battle experience. Most of our "enemy" soldiers were not fanatics, but soldiers just like ours, sent to do a horrible job. I think the time has come to invite the "enemy" soldiers to our nov. 11 events, before its too late. There were not only Germans on the other side, but ordinary Austrian, Hungrian, Italian, Japanese and others. Our politicians have to learn something about the horror of war, before its too late.

It truly should be about love not hate.


5320...At Least She Was Hot

The woman, Paula Broadwell, that had an affair with CIA boss Gen. David Petraeus.


5319...Bill And Barry

I suppose it should be Barry and Bill, eh?

Nonetheless Slate had a piece where they postulated that Bill Clinton could be the replacement for his wife in the new Obama administration.

Cool dat.


5318...As Bad As Harper,Marois And Hudak Are...


5317...Mitt Romney Is A Loser

Tuesday he got defeated in the big race.

 My real world and Facebook friend Kia Mennie reports that " itself is endearingly graceless in defeat: 'I still believe in the people of America. And so Ann and I join with you to earnestly pray for this great nation.'"


5316...Steven Harper On Remembrance Day

Saturday, November 10, 2012

5315...Greatest POTUS Of All Time

Harrison Ford.

According to Mr. Ford's Air Force One POTUS is the bestest evah.

Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact finished numero deux on the faux presidents list.


5314...Speaking Of Tim Hudak

Perhaps the correct term would have been writing about the failed leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontariario.  Which is what Christina Blizzard of the Suns did in the wake of the election down south.

She pointed out that to win in Ontario he has to make the PC's a diverse party as opposed to a party of diversion.  As of today his caucus is too old, too white and too rural to reflect today's Ontario.  Ms. Blizzard points out that our beloved Prime Minister has successfully, like President Obama, reached out the other.

Point is champions surround themselves with champions.

Tim Hudak ain't no champion.


5313...No Ugly Women Allowed

Sir Charles Barkley makes the sad but true point in Sports Illustrated that "If you are an ugly woman you have no chance of getting a TV job."


Name one.


5312...Abolish The Senate

Sure I realize that the Senate is a great place to stash your buddies no matter whether you are Red, Blue or whatever friggin colour the NDP are.  Oh and don't think for a minute that Prime Minister Mulcair won't stack that motherf*cker if and when.

But it has to go.

Globe and Mail Friday had yet another reason that the unelected cash for lifers have to be replace with a Triple E Senate, the kind Stephen Harper wanted when he was in the wilderness.

During the Ides of March the elected members of the House of Commons unanimously voted to allow single game betting on sports.  Like they do in Vegas.  Or one of the 600 plus bookies on line, books such as Bo Dog, a book run by a Canuckistanian or Bet 365 which is an official sponsor of the CFL.  The Senate's reasoning is, of course, spurious.  They are buying into the old story, put forth by the powers that run the NHL et. al. that if you allow betting on sports the games will be fixed.  Like, seriously, what a pile of bull.  The last thing that books and players want is fixed games, capeche?  A level playing field is what they want.  Plus there are those 600 plus books that are out there.  No Blacksox scandal happening guys and gals.

Plus, if you recall, the private members bill, put forward by Dipper Joe Cromartin, passed unanimously.  The will of the people and all that, eh?

Mr. Harper you have a majority; get rid of the cash for lifers.  Now.


Friday, November 9, 2012

5311...Note To Bill O'Reilly

It is called change Bill, kinda like when we, the Irish Catholics, showed up and changed America.

Or, previously, when the Brits showed up and changed America from a place full of viz minorities, the Aboriginals.



Thursday, November 8, 2012

5310...It's A Party For Your Junk

CTV reports that "In a 7-to-0 decision, the Supreme Court Of Canada has ruled that Pfizer Canada Inc.'s patent on well-known erectile dysfunction remedy Viagra is now invalid due to insufficient information in Pfizer's patent application. The upshot is that competitors can now manufacture cheaper, generic versions of Viagra for sale in Canada."

And some people don't believe in God.


5309...It Is A Party For Your Face

It is a vampire facelift.

The Times Magazine, no I never heard of it either, says that Anna Friel, not sure about her, the star of Pushing Daisies, strike three for me, is fighting time by getting blood from her arm injected into her face.

She is 36 and as you can see she looks 36.


5308...Maury Povich On The Prez Elex


5307...M. 3 Per Cent Se Repose En Floride

So sayeth the front page of Le Journal de Montreal.

M. 3 Per Cent is, of course, Bernard Trepanier, the kick back collector of Montreal.

And the people of Toronto are up in arms coz Mayor Ford used a city bus in an improper fashion.

L, O and L.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

5306...Tim Hudak Is Getting Moist

The ultimate choker will be so excited when he reads what I heard tonight.

I was with a super annuated Liberal insider who told me that it will be no later than May of next year that the new Premier of Ontario will call an election.

Tim Hudak's last kick at the can, eh?


5305...Mark McGwire Is Back

The man who hit 70 home runs in one season for the St. Louis Cardinals and who previous to that was a Bash Brother is going to be the hitting coach for the L.A. Dodgers this season.

Sports Illustrated, via The Associated Press, says that "Mark McGwire was hired Wednesday as hitting coach for the Los Angeles Dodgers, where he'll work with All-Star sluggers Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier."


5304...Those Amazin' Mets

Len Berman's That's Sports reports on the sports injury of the year.

"Mets outfielder Lucas Duda underwent surgery on his right wrist after breaking it while moving furniture in his California apartment."

I wonder if either Mr. Duda or the furniture were under the influence at the time?


5303...Senator Ponytail Makes A Funny

Not funny ha-ha but funny the other way and sadly not only is it funny but it is true.   Mia Rabson of The Winnipeg Free Press opens her story this morning in this fashion.

If a national inquiry is warranted to examine a fish crisis, it should be warranted for murdered and missing aboriginal women, a Conservative senator said Tuesday.
In a tweet Tuesday morning, Sen. Patrick Brazeau posted a picture of the 2,500-page inquiry report looking at the decline of the sockeye salmon in the Fraser River in B.C. with the caption:
"Here's the Inquiry on Salmon. Wish we could have the same for our Missing and Murdered Abo-Women!"
Senator Brazeau apparently doesn't understand that Vic Toews and Stephen Harper are too busy to worry about a bunch of missing women.  Especially tinted women.

Time to cross the floor; come on home to Team Red.  You already got jumped in.


5302...Jesse Jackson Jr Reelected/Still Insane

Okay check this stuff I read off  Jesse Jackson Jr. was reelected for the 10th time to his seat in the United States House of Representatives.  That is sane.  Forbes reports that the man "...coasted to victory to a 10th term over two opponents while the Congressman is reportedly being treated for bipolar disorder and depression at the Mayo Clinic."  That is insane.

So whatcha gots is a dude who is a bit crazy for Coco Puffs, hasn't been seen in his district since May and he coasts to victory.  Before you conclude that I am amazingly insensitive to the mentally ill, especially this particular mentally ill person, let me tell you that it seems that Representative Jackson's case of the crazies was brought on by a fear of prison.  The Chicago Sun-Times tells the world that he " under a federal investigation involving  'possible misuse of funds monitored by Congress to decorate his Washington, D.C. home...'"

So he pulls a Vincent Gigante.  Smooth, smooth like Ex-Lax.



For the first time in 2012's waning days have I seen those scary words.

The football game tonight between Toledo and Ball State in the Glass City had a windchill warning.  It was 28/minus 2 or 3 I guess, which isn't that windchilly but it is the thought that counts, eh?

Going shovel shopping tomorrow.


5300...Commissioner Romney

Look the dude thought he was going to be the POTUS for the better part of the next decade but noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

why not make him the commish of the NHL?

Everyone agrees that Gary Bettman sucks.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

5299...Montreal's New Mayor Is Not A Man


5298...Rob Ford Ain't Such A Bad Mayor After All

When you compare him to the mayor types of the two metros that bookend the 401, Detroit and Montreal, he looks good.

Sure he commandeered a city bus for his football team but I don't think he is going to jail for that in the present.  Or the past [Kwame Kirkpatrick of Detroit, come on down].  Or the future [Gerard Tremblay of Montreal, come on down].


5297...Bad News For Barack Obama

Michael Ignatief is pimping him in today's Globe and Mail.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

5296...President Obama Is Pulling A Tim Hudak

One poll says he is going to win, the next poll says the other he is going to win.

Seriously no matter how Tuesday's Prez Elex turns out somebody at Team Obama gots some splaining to do.

What should have been a cake walk may turn into a defeat.


5295...Me, Pauline Marois And The Poppy

The world of Quebecois haters was in a frenzy yesterday coz Premier Pauline Marois of La Belle had the audacity to take the black thingy out of her poppy and replace it with a Quebec flag pin.

Uh, like, wtf?  Why are the haters hating?  The fact of the matter is keeping those damn poppies on is a task and many of us, not me btw coz I have too much change, stick a pin in the poppy to secure it.

Of course if she wasn't wearing a poppy at all the haters would be hating too coz that is what haters do. They hate.


Friday, November 2, 2012

5294...President Gary Johnson

One is allowed to dream.

The former Governor of New Mexico is my kind of Liberal.


5293...Another Black Day For Detroit

They, the NHL owners who petulantly locked out their key employees over lucre, have cancelled what would have been the biggest and coolest hockey game ever.

The 2013 Winter Classic.

It was going to be two original six rivals, the two teams, sorry Buffalo, that Southern Ontario has lived and died with and for for the better part of a century, Detroit and Toronto, in front of a zillion fans.

By all breaking reports it is deader than grandma.


5292...Susan Riley Takes A Powder And A Shot

The long time scribbler for The Ottawa Citizen is either quitting or has been quit.  Both q's equal the fact that she is not going to be writing for the paper anymore.

She did take a nice shot at the churlish Tories on her way out the door.  Commenting on the rabid partisanship of the Stephen Harpers she points out that

Bombastic Dean Del Masto, unctuous Pierre Poilievre, glowering Peter Van Loan and preachy Kellie Leitch, along with John Baird and most of the front bench, are among the worst. In return for media profile, they will read anything put in front of them, eyes dead, ears closed, rigid as robots.
They not only set a terrible example for their elders, they contribute to cynicism and distaste for politics itself.
Later gator.


5291...Renos Are Renos Are Renos

And the estimate, as anyone who has got a new bathroom can attest, is just a fantasy number.

I bring this up because my friend Rachel Obama told me that The Ottawa Citizen has a story on how the renos to your Parliament have gone from an '05 estimate of 769 million to 1.17 billion.

Coz that is what the reno game is about.  Bid low and come in high and never, never, never on time.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

5290...The Evolution Of The POTUS

From DC radio legend Donnie Simpson comes this

True dat, true dat.


5289...Halloween Trick From Stephen Harper

Yesterday while Mara Carfagna, the dog not the Italian minister, and I were getting ready for Halloween [if you must know, she was a vampire; I was a zombie] Stephen Harper was hating on masks big time.

The Globe and Mail reported this morning that "The Harper government Wednesday used its majority to adopt Bill C-309, a private member’s bill that would make it a crime to be present at a riot or unlawful gathering while wearing a mask or other disguise to conceal one’s identity."  Unless one is a copper.  Then the Darth Vader meets Pudge Rodriquez via Ray Emery look is a-ok.

As the paper goes on to point out the real prob is that the police can, in the middle of a demonstration, arbitrarily declare it to be illegal.  That means everyone in the demo who has a mask on is a criminal.  Also everyone who has a scarf on or a balaclava on coz it is friggin' cold here half the damn year would also be deemed criminals.  

This is dumb.


5288...Alberta Is The Metro Detroit Of Canada

In the same way that Metro Detroit has the richest neighbourhoods [Royal Oak for example] and the poorest [below 8 Mile] so does Alberta.

"A new report released this morning by the U of A’s Parkland Institute and the Alberta College of Social Workers says that despite Alberta’s obvious wealth, inequality and disparity in the province are growing faster than almost anywhere else in the country."  The report, which I found this afternoon on their website,, uses data from StatsCan and comes up with these results:

- a full 87% of earnings in the province goes to the top half of families;- that the top 10% of Alberta families get 28% of after tax incomes, while the bottom 10% of families get only 1.7%;- the top 1% of Alberta earners have an average income of $675,200 compared to an average of $353,100 for the top 1% nationally;- in 2009 the median income in Alberta was $68,100, while the median income among Alberta CEOs was just under $2.5 million;- in 2009, women working full-year full-time earned just 68% of what men earned – tying Alberta with Newfoundland and Labrador as the worst in the country;- Albertans consistently work longer hours, with less time off and holidays, than almost anyone else in the developed world.

5287...Got Milk?

My girlfriend just hit the big time.

Miranda Lambert Got Milk? ad

Sorry, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.