Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2891...I Know Who I Am Voting For For Mayor


For mayor.

In Orillia.

Modelling himself after the Trailer Park Boys character in all ways Steve Lewis is reported by QMI Agency as being the only one to vote for in Orillia.

His platform includes such beauties as free Tim's on Sundays, free beer and baloney at council meetings and a beer tent at the town farmer's market.

Too bad he didn't actually register.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2890...Sodium Thiopental Needed

Seriously, could you hook a brother up with some sodium thiopental?

May be not a brother but a state svp.

Daily Mail reports that a shortage of sodium thiopental, which is S in Sleepy Time that leads to the D in Death in lethal injections, is causing some states to delay executions. Oklahoma, Cali, Az and Ky to mention a few. "The sole U.S. manufacturer, Hospira Inc. of Lake Forest, Illinois, has blamed the shortage on unspecified problems with its raw-material suppliers and said new batches of sodium thiopental will not be available until January at the earliest."

There is another point of view posited by "Jonathan Groner, an Ohio State University surgeon and death penalty opponent who researches the issue, speculated the real reason for the unavailability of sodium thiopental is that its medical uses 'have shrunk to the point that the company doesn't want to make a drug that has no use but to kill people'."

Personally I think that they should go back to drawing and quartering the condemned. If it was good enough for Brave Heart it is good enough for them.


2889...Let Us Do That For You

That being kill your ass Brandon Joseph Rhode of Georgia.

He had the audacity of trying to committ suicide the day of his execution, September 21. The state saved his life, tied him to a chair for the best part of a week and, The Anderson Independent Mail reports, completed his suicide for him in the state execution chamber Monday night.

Southern hospitality.


2888...This Is Why We Need The Gun Registry

To prevent Red Deer, Alberta's Daryl Brownell from ever owning a gun.

CBC Calgary
tells the tale of the central Alberta man, he's 31, who heard a sound late Saturday night/early Sunday morning, loaded up the rifle and fired a couple of rounds. Went through the walls of his house into the house next door the bullets did killing his cat who, apparently, was vacationing next door.

The RCMP suspect alcohol was a factor.


2887...Free Speech Just Not In Canada

Poor George Galloway, all he wants to do is come to Our Home And Native Land but nooooooo.

The Calgary Herald
informs that "A year and a half after he was barred from Canada over his defiance of Israel's blockade of Gaza and his alleged support for the terrorist group Hamas, former British MP George Galloway on Monday lost his appeal of the government's controversial ban."

Shame on the Tories.


2886...Not Only On The Office

Parkour exists in the real world.

At least in the real world of Syracuse University.

The Daily Orange reports that the university on the hill has 20 hard core and another 15 casual parkourers.

Which ensures they will have a wicked alumni wheelchair basketball team in a decade or two.


2885...Let's Go Blue Jays






2884...Mikey I Reaches Out To You

Me too.

Boy, this guy, I tell you, what a great PM he is going to be.

Hard worker too.

Last night he kicked off his Open Mike tour, um, is that not a copyrighted name from Mike Bullard's old CTV show btw? in Montreal and according to The Canadian Press he knocked it out of the park.

"By the end, Ignatieff said he'd enjoyed his first townhall meeting, a style of back-and-forth banter with voters he'll be engaging in across Canada over the coming months. 'I'm out there, there's no protection, no safety net, I'm trying to answer questions as honestly as I can,' Ignatieff said following the event."

I even participated, via the 'net, as a lurker so-to-speak.

Next stops for the Road Warrior include Winnipeg and Toronto.


Monday, September 27, 2010

2883...Heroine's Tree To Live In La Belle reports that "A sapling of the famous chestnut tree that comforted Anna Frank as she hid from the Nazis during the Second World War will be planted in Montreal on Monday."

That would be today so it is done.

As you know the young woman was forced by Adolf Hitler and his gang of thugs to hide in an attic in Amsterdam for years and the young tree planted today came from a chestnut that came from a tree that was her connection to the outside world while she was exiled.

In her book, The Diary of Anne Frank the little girl wrote that "Nearly every morning I go to the attic to blow the stuffy air out of my lungs," she wrote on Feb. 23, 1944, "From my favourite spot on the floor I look up at the blue sky and the bare chestnut tree, on whose branches little raindrops shine, appearing like silver, and at the seagulls and other birds as they glide on the wind. As long as this exists, I thought, and I may live to see it, this sunshine, the cloudless skies, while this lasts I cannot be unhappy."

In a link to that era, an era that was not so long ago, a former classmate of hers, Celine Polak, was planning at being at the ceremony.

Never forget.


2882...Andrew Coyne Makes A Point

In his blog, at, re le scandal Maclean's:

Every society has its critics: successful ones thrive on them. But constructive criticism in Quebec, given the francophone majority's perception of itself as an embattled minority, all too often leads to a closing of the ranks against what is invariably described as "Quebec-bashing." If from outside, it is put down to ignorance of Quebec's particularity; if from a non-francophone Quebecer, a failure to identify with the goals and values of the majority; if from a francophone, a traitorous readiness to advance on the backs of his fellows. One half expects to hear the same in this case.

Oft times Quebec reminds me of a minger with a chip on the shoulder.


2881...George Blanda Dies At 83

Reported widely, the highest scoring NFL player ever, he played quarterback and kicker til he was 48.

83 years old.

Rest in peace.


2880...Warren Kinsella's Take On Maclean's

I believe we have divergent opinions on the piece.

I wish he would say what he meant.

Corruption and Maclean’s
September 26th, 2010, 8:35 pm

Martin Patriquin is one of the biggest scumbags in Canadian journalism. This week, we’re going to be hearing all about Patriquin, because he has written Maclean’s cover story, which looks like this:

If that seems familiar to you, that’s because it is. Here’s another Maclean’s cover story, also written by Patriquin:

So, not only is he scumbag, he’s not very original. He’s also a phony, turns out.

Here’s what Patriquin wrote in the National Post on January 5, 2007: “Sorry, I’m not going to blog. Life, any life, is just far too mundane a spectacle. With any luck, the journalist blog trend will follow the faux-hawk into the giant dumpster of bad ideas and everyone, journalists included, will figure out the advantage of knowing when to shut up.”

Uh-huh. You guessed it: here’s Patriquin’s blog, in Maclean’s. You know, the one he said he’d never do, because it’s a “bad idea.”

My personal experience with Patriquin is not dissimilar. He reprints Conservative Party talking points, is regarded as a cynical no-talent by his more-accomplished colleagues, and sends over-refreshed emails to people in the middle of the night. He thinks he’s clever, but he isn’t. He’s a loser.

So how is it that he’s employed at Maclean’s? Beats me. But the magazine also retains the services of Mark Steyn, so that might have something to do with it. Steyn, as you know, is a former disc jockey who calls the Chinese “chinks” and “gooks,” the Japanese “japs;” Indians “wogs;” natives “Injuns;” Muslims “monkeys” and rapists, and so on. He also suggests the disabled more or less got what they deserved in 9/11. Birds of a feather publish together, I guess.

Anyway. As Norman Spector has pointed out, Patriquin’s “story” declines to provide the reader with a study – any study – that proves that Quebec is “the most corrupt province in Canada.”

They won’t, either, because no such study exists. Patriquin just made it up, and someone at the magazine went along with it because they thought they’d dazzle a few more dentist waiting rooms with their wit. Personally, I hope every person in Canadian public life – and every person – kicks the living shit of Matrin Patriquin and his magazine this week. They richly deserve it.

Oh, and corruption? Corruption is defined as “a lack of honesty or integrity.”

By that definition, the rest of us know who is really corrupt, don’t we, Martin?

Cut and pasted from Mr. Kinsella's blog.

I gotta get sharper.


2879...Maclean's Sold Out In Quebec

That is what Postmedia says.

I guess the hoi polloi pure laine know wot's wot.



Sunday, September 26, 2010

2878...We're Number 401 To 450

Down from 386.

Cambridge is number one, McGill is 19 and we are Carleton.

The Charlatan, one of Carleton University's on campus newspapers, is quoting from recently released QS University Rankings.

Could be worse: we could be Northeastern.


2877...Apparently Maclean's Is Wrong

See the current issue of the mag claims, on the cover no less, that La Belle is the most corrupt province in Canada.

The irony of this is that 1/It is true and 2/Quebec pols and pundits have their panties in a knot over this.

Personally as one who lives on the edge of the province I find the laissez-faire attitudes, not to mention the cheaper beer prices, rather appealling.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

2876...It Is Not What You Say But How You Say It

Example: A 23 year old Brit woman, Hayley O'Neil, with fifty body piercings and tattoos said she was humiliated after a job center official suggested putting "...a paper bag over your face..." may help her find work, The Daily Telegraph reported overnight.

She said she left her meeting with the official in Blackburn, Lancashire, in tears after the man said: "Who would hire you looking like that?"

"The guy said 'On first impressions do you think anyone would hire you?' He said, 'Look at it this way - if you were to stand behind a wall or put a paper bag over your face do you think you would have a better chance?'"

And you thought I had no tact.


2875...Margaret Atwood Die Already

The alleged Queen of Canuckistanian literature and lover of a free press that totally agrees with her and her pointy headed friends is all over the National Post paper Thursday last.

Apparently her highness "In a 2009 interview with Spartan Youth Radio, a radio podcast program produced by students at Espanola High School, in Espanola, Ont., near Sudbury, Ms. Atwood, or Peggy to those who know her best, gets to talking about the old days, when she was a girl, and how Sudbury, in her imagination, with its treeless landscape and blackened rocks might as well have been the surface of Mars … or the moon."

Best line about Sudbury came from Vancouver disc jockey Doc Harris who said that Sudbury makes Regina look like Shang Gr La.

I digress.

"Enter Spartan’s intrepid young reporter, Madeline Lemire, age 16 at the time, who fires a question worthy of a journalism degree at the literary legend that sends Ms. Atwood wandering down conspiracy theory lane.

Ms. Lemire: 'I was told, recently, that you are one of the believers who is of the opinion the moon landing was filmed.' (a.k.a. faked.)

And over it goes to the esteemed author. And … Ms. Atwood sounds just like she always does: monotone. Flat as a book cover. Judging from her never-changing tone it is impossible to discern if she is kidding around with a kid."

Well past her due date.


2874...I Bleed Orange

That means I am a Syracuse fan. Big on the Ravens from my alma mater of Carleton too. But I am not even close to as big a fan of SU or CU as Melbourne's Justin Witcombe is of the Collingwood Magpies.

The Geelong Advertiser
tells us that Mr. Witcombe has dedicated his body, in colour and in the case of the Magpies, black and white, tattoorally to Mike Tyson, KISS and the Aussie rules team. In fact he has gone so far as to have his penis tattooed black and white, the Magpies colours, in honour of his team.

I thought about it and then went to the mall and bought a couple of hoodies.


2873...Let's Go Blue Jays

The new Cubs?


2872...Speaking Of Hypocrites

St. David Suziki "...has been jetting across the country, taking centre stage at a slew of galas."

Now if he was really an environmentalist wouldn't he appear at these galas by teleconference? That would be the right way, no? As opposed to burning carbon fuels to get from here to there.

Also, whaddya think the food waste, on a planet with severe food problems, is at these various butt kissing festivals? How many buns and pieces of chicken get tossed?

The irony of course is, as the Calgary Herald reports, "His new documentary film Force of Nature: The David Suzuki Movie -- his 'last lecture' on the importance of humans scaling back our impact on the environment to sustainable levels -- premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival a few weeks ago. The film will also play Oct. 1 at the Calgary International Film Festival." points y o u in the direction of scaling back the environment, less wasting fuel on frivolous travel and so on. That's y o u, not St. David.


2871...Lies And Tobacco

Read an interesting story in the National Post yesterday re contraband tobacco.

According to Thomas Blackwell's article black market cigs are "...accounting for 30% of the total Canadian market and nearly 50% in Ontario, according to various estimates."

This, of course, is a lie. By the same people whose lies have helped create the drug war fiasco in the western world.

Just an idea, but, if this contraband ciggie thing is a native issue why don't we let, as in allow, natives to sell cigarettes on their reservations sans tax. Proper brands of cigs too. And allow mail orders too.

Of course the above solution is wayyyyyyyy too simple and doesn't make money for the chattering classes and finger pointers and special interest groups so it ain't gonna happen.

So sad, too bad.


Friday, September 24, 2010

2870...Join Me Saturday Morning

Five to seven in the morning.

Blake Batson and I talk municipal politics and guy stuff.



2869...Andy Haydon Has Never Been On A Bus

Andy Haydon is the 77 year old dude who is running for mayor in Ottawa.

The only reason by the way he is running is coz the current hizzonner, Larry O'Brien, fired his weak ass from some Mickey Mouse consultantcy gig.

His platform is built upon BRT, bus rapid transit.

I had to take the bus to work today, from one end of town to the other.

Ain't no way Mr. Haydon has ever been on a bus.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

2868...Things Not To Do In Niagara

For starters, it never looks good when you're waiting for a liver transplant and you get busted for driving drunk more than four times the legal limit.

The Buffalo News tells that Louis J. Converso Jr., 53, a Lockport man, "...posted a blood-alcohol level of 0.37 percent—more than four times the legal limit—when arrested by Niagara County sheriff’s deputies on Cold Springs Road on March 24..." of this year.

See you c a n get drunk on American food.


2867...New File

Gun registry lives.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2866...Irish Prime Minister A Drunk

The dark truth of Irish Prime Minister Cowen’s drinking

That's the headline in The Daily Mail today.

Imagine, a drunken Irishman. Like that has never happened.

They go on to itemize his miscreant behaviour:

Wednesdays are midweek ‘nights out’ as Thursday is not a Dáil day.

Members of the public report seeing him slumped at hotel bar.

One Budget night he went on a boozing binge into the early hours.

Excuse me if I am wrong but I believe if the PM thing doesn't work out in Eire he would fit in rather nicely on the Hill, either side of Mr. Speaker.


2865...Seal Gets It

Doesn't condone it, but he gets it.

Seal, who is seriously married to Heidi Klum, told The Daily Mirror that "I don't condone it, but I get why he did it. He didn't have anyone in his corner to say, 'Hey mate, no you don't'."

It is cheating on his wife and he is Tiger Woods.

Mr. Seal mans up and tells the rag that he has cheated before, not in this marriage, but in previous relationships.


2864...A Tory Lying


Well, not never as in never.

The Toronto Star reports in today's fishwrap that "Documents released late Tuesday show Rahim Jaffer and his business associates were actively seeking government money for a 'green' project, contradicting the former MP's assertions during Parliamentary testimony."

Shocked I am, shocked.


2863...Gun Registry All In The Family

I recall that Archie Bunker had the best take on the Gun Registry four decades ago:

Give everyone a gun.

Another problem solved.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2862...Apparently He Is Nuts

That would be Daniel Skahan, the " who set ablaze the sidewalk outside 24 Sussex Drive last month has been found not criminally responsible for his actions. Prosecutor Donna Eastwood said Daniel Skahan, 29, was psychotic and hearing voices and believed he 'had to do something bad in order to appease God.'"

The Ottawa Citizen goes on to tell us that Mr. Skahan has beat the system before. A few years ago he stabbed a stranger in the back with a knife and got off on the crazy defense.

Then they let him out.

Like, doh.


2861...France And Spain Against Poverty

True, was in today's Ottawa Citizen.

"France and Spain pressed Monday for a tax on global capitalism, each telling the opening day of the UN's development-review summit that the recession has made "innovative financing" essential to help the world's poor."

Unless, of course, they are the Roma.


2860...Fuddle Duddle

The topic du jour these days is the fact that the House of Commons is not civil, especially during question period.

Not to date myself buttttttttttttttttt doesn't anyone remember when a sitting Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, told a former PM, John Diefenbaker, to f*ck off in the House of Commons?

Back in the alleged good old days it was, February of 1971.

This malefeasance affected Mr. Trudeau's career; he was only PM for another decade and a half.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

2859...At Least Tony Soprano Was Loyal

Stephen Harper, not so much.

The Globe and Mail, the national newspaper of Toronto, reported yesterday that she is officially under the bus: "The big guns of the Conservative family are welcoming a star candidate into their fold at a weekend barbecue in Ontario that will clearly define Helena Guergis as a party outcast."

We still don't know what she did wrong to upset our beloved leader, do we?


2858...Is It Just Me

Or does Nicolas Sarkozy's impending expulsion of the Roma, including those that the Montreal Gazette reports "...are all French citizens, have lived in this country [France] for generations, and most, though not all, are ethnic Roma." sound like something the little corporal did four score and ten years ago in the country due left of France?



2857...Butter Knives Are Dangerous

Just ask Chandler Todd Barr of Albuquerque.

This future Oxford scholar pulled a butter knife on the Albuquerque Police.

KOB TV4 tells that Officer Leah Kelly of the APD shot him in the chest.

He ain't dead but he ain't well if you follow my drift.

By the way he is the eleventh person that the APD have shot this year.

Of course if you watch Breaking Bad this comes as zero surprise.


2855...Ian Morrison Think Outside The Box

Seriously, WTF, Mr. Friends of Canadian Broadcasting.


In a missive entitled "Stop The Harper News Network" Mr. Morrison writes, before, of course, pitching for some of my hard earned money, "If Harper is successful, Sun TV might as well be known as the Harper News Network, and Canada's democracy will suffer significant damage."

The logic is, apparently, the more national news outlets we have, the worse it is for freedom of the press.

Yeah, well, no.


2854...Pat Burns

According to TSN, dead.

According to Pat Burns in The Ottawa Citizen today, not dead.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Someone should send this link

to PQ language critic Pierre Curzi, he is the nimrod who, The National Post reports, "...told a television interviewer it was no accident there were so few Quebecers on the [sic] Canadians."


"'People who are federalists and people who do not want to see Quebec become a country, who do not want French to flourish, they know very well that you have to seize a certain number of symbols of identity,' he said. 'I believe there is a takeover by federal power of the Canadiens club.'"


Deal is Mr. Curzi the plot that the Molson family is running vis-a-vi the Canadiens is a plot to win the Stanley Cup and if they can do it with a team that is two thirds Swedish and American, like in the late 80's or has only players from the midwest so be it.

In fact, Mr. Curzi, check the link: back in the glory years of the Habs, say 1950 to 1980, they weren't 100 per cent pure laine you know. Do the names Tom Johnson, Ken Dryden, Billy Hicke, Dickie Duff, Dickie Moore, Doug Harvey, Donnie Marshall, Charlie Hodge, Gump Worsley and on and on, resonate with you? Lots of parades and lots of rings in that group but not a pure laine in the group. In fact, horrors, some of the greatest Habs ever were from T O R O N T O.

Do a little fact checking Mr. Curzi.

Wait, Curzi, Curzi, are you sure you are Quebecois enough?

Just asking.


2852...OfCourseSaint Ed BroadbentWants Change

The only way the Dippers will ever, ever, ever get a sniff of 24 Sussex is if they, you know, that they, change the rules.

When the Globe and Mail asked him how to fix Question Period he went on and on about how Mr. Harper got tons of votes in the three big cities and no seats and the Greens got a million votes and no seats and we have to change coz in Europe, don't you know, it is so much better coz "...the parties do co-operate more, there is more civility, because they know that there is not going to be something called a majority government, nor is there likely to be in the rest of this century. They know they are going to have to collaborate more, negotiations aren’t a bad thing, and after elections they sometimes take weeks to put together a government. But there are either coalitions or signed agreements and people get more civility and more stability."

Of course in Europe crappy little do nothing egotists like, um, Ed Broadbent, get drivers and cooler offices and still do nothing but get better tables at restaurants.

I like our system better. Losers are losers here, not semi-winners.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2851...Gilles Duceppe Is Right About Dippers

In this morning's Montreal Gazette, Hubert Bauch writes that "Gilles Duceppe denies he feels threatened by the gradual rise of the New Democratic Party in Quebec, but most of his fire at a news conference yesterday was directed at the NDP and its Quebec MP Thomas Mulcair. Speaking to reporters after a pre-session caucus meeting in Montreal, the Bloc Quebecois leader raked the NDP for being soft on gun control and hypocritical on the subject of Bill 103, the provincial language legislation that would impose new restrictions on English school access in Quebec."

This pump in the polls by the NDP happens mid election but when push comes to shove, no matter how disarrayed the two big parties, Team Blue and Team Red, are, the NDP cannot break through to even become the official opposistion.

Fear of success is what has held the New Democrats back since they were the CCF.

The Bloc leader said that the NDP is "...playing for votes in the rest of Canada on one level and for Quebec votes on the other."

Talking out of both sides of their mouths, imagine.


Monday, September 13, 2010

2850...Justin Trudeau And You


Check it out:

Janet Yale and Salma Siddiqui

Honorary Campaign Co-Chairs

Cordially invite you to a

Fundraising evening in support of

Daniel Stringer

Candidate for Ottawa City Council, Kitchissippi Ward

Endorsed by Ottawa Life Magazine

Tuesday, Sept 21st

At the home of Janet Yale and Dan Logue

540 Wavell Ave. Ottawa, ON K2A 3A5

5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Guest Speaker: Justin Trudeau, MP

Ticket price: $100

By personal cheque

Made payable to Malcolm Hayes – Official Agent for Daniel Stringer

The City of Ottawa will send out a rebate cheque for $75.00

To residents of Ontario after the election

For tickets call (613) 792-1431 or e-mail;

Feel free to forward this message

Send donations to DG Stringer, 1763 Kerr Ave., Ottawa, ON K2A 1H9

Or Malcolm Hayes, Osgood Properties, 1284 Wellington St., Ottawa, ON K1Y 3A9

The City of Ottawa has enacted the following rebate system to encourage community based candidates like Daniel Stringer to run for City Council. Depending on how much you contribute to the Daniel Stringer Campaign the City will mail you a cheque for the rebate amount after the election.

You give 100 dollars and you get 75 of it back meaning your evening with Justin Trudeau costs a mere 25 dollars.

2849...Oprah Please

Did you see Oprah today? It was the first day of her last year and OMG please get over yourself now!

On the other hand, she is pretty good.

Six of one; half dozen of the other.


2848...A New Tax For Dalton And Ontario

Tax witches and fortune tellers.

Actually I am willing to bet that in Ontario they are taxed.

Takes courage to tax things that our now and future Premier taxes; he is a man looking to the future unlike Romania's senate who Sky News reports "...has rejected a proposed law that would have taxed witches and fortune tellers."

Senator Alin Popoviciu of the Democratic Liberal Party, who proposed the tax, said that his colleagues were afraid of being cursed by the taxees.


2847...That's Not How I Like My Eggs

Now you dead.

My illiterate eyes were reading the Lexington Herald-Leader to get some info on the Kentucky Wildcats bball team and I came across the story of Stanley Neace who was not happy with the Missus' egg flipping prowess Sunday so he kilt her, her daughter and three neighbours in their Mount Carmel, Kentucky need-I-say trailer park.

Then, in a move foreseen and welcome in many quarters, he kilt hisself.


2846...Some Thoughts From An Illiterate Man

I read the Ottawa Sun; I must be.

I think that if Team Red ever wants to get in power again they have to stop catering to the chattering classes of the Glebe, Tuxedo and Westmount exclusively and start getting in touch with, Ian Davey thanks for the props, the 8.5 million illiterates who read the Sun. And, on the French side, Le Journal de Montreal/Quebec.

Tuning people out and turning them off is not a good practice.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

2845...Red Fisher/WFDS/Sympatico Re Quebec

Build it and they will come, may be.

That is what is happening in Quebec City where La Belle and La Cite have come up with 55 per cent of the money for an NHL arena. Hall of Fame hockey writer Red Fisher espouses the same view as I have, that being, "...are you f*cking kidding..." in this morning's Montreal Gazette.

Take the money and build an LRT; trust me, better use of the shekels.


2844...Wrong Again WFDS

WFDS Post 2843...It Has To Happen was an unprediction.

This just in to Global News:
Florida pastor cancels Qur'an burning

Florida Pastor Terry Jones, head of the Dove World Outreach Center, says he has cancelled his plans to burn copies of the Qur'an on Saturday.

I would presume that Pastor Jones will still be responsible for a lot of pain around the world, much, no most, directed at American and Allied troops.

I would also presume that if anyone, due to the fact that fire is hot and eternity is a long time, has a vested interest in there not being a God it would be Pastor Jones.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2843...It Has To Happen

"A tiny Florida church's plan to burn copies of the Qur'an on the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks has triggered fears in the White House of a violent backlash against American troops overseas."

That's Sheldon Alberts' lead in his Calgary Herald article this morning about the wing nut in FLA who is going to burn the Qur'an Saturday. The wing nut has a name, Terry Jones and a job, he is the pastor of the the 50-member Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, the home of the Gators.

His church is mainline hardline Christian, you know, anti-gay, anti-abortion, if you ain't one of us you are burning.

Still, it is America and what makes them [and hopefully us but I have my worries] better than the other them is the fact that if you are a wing nut you can do wing nutty stuff like burn the Qur'an.

Y'see, and a lot of people have trouble grasping this concept including whomever wrote our hate laws, freedom of speech is not there to protect accepted speech, it is there to protect what is outside the box, what is radical, weird and, in this case and in my opinion, plain wrong.


2842...Stadium News V.2

Quebec, the city that lost the best young team in the NHL, the Nordiques, to Denver who then went on to win the Cup, wants back in the league.

Marianne White in today's Ottawa Citizen wrote that "Efforts to lure a National Hockey League team back to Quebec City intensified Tuesday as the province announced it will pay 45 per cent of the construction cost of a projected $400-million hockey arena. Quebec Premier Jean Charest said a feasibility study for an NHL-sized 18,000-seat arena showed it would be profitable, but only if the construction costs are entirely paid by public funds."

The City of Quebec will pay ten per cent of the cost and the feds will kick in the other 45.

Unless it is for the wrong reason, votes, there is no reason for the Tories to be sending your money to either Regina or Quebec for sports facilities. I love my sports but lets do bread before circuses.


2841...Stadium News V.1

Saskatoon Star-Phoenix today had the story about the City of Regina, Province of Saskatchewan, acquiring 32 acres of prime real estate in downtown Regina from the Canadian Pacific Railroad.

First off, Regina isn't Vancouver or Ottawa or Toronto or even Winnipeg. It is a dot surrounded by millions of acres of prime real estate. You can walk from one end of town to the other in like an hour. No matter what the minister in charge of building a domed stadium, Ken Cheveldayoff, says, Regina is not a major city. It is Moose Jaw with bigger buildings and more stabbings.

They want you, that's you who lives in Kitchener, you who lives in Kelowna, you who lives in Fredricton to pay for a 400,000,000.00$ plus dome in Regina to, essentially serve their beloved Saskatchewan Roughriders who play, maximum, twelve home games a year and that is if they are hosting the Grey Cup.

Makes Montreal's Big Owe look sane.

What makes this even nuttier is the fact that just down the road in Vermillion, South Dakota and in Grand Forks, North Dakota, there are two perfectly functional domes that are multi-purpose that cost next to nothing.


If they can get the 500 mill or so they would well advised to build a Dakota Dome model, with all the whistles, for a hundred mill and then a bit of LRT.

I know, makes too much sense.


2840...They Be Tied

The Reds and The Blues.

That is what Nik Nanos at Nanos Pollthingy says.

Here are the numbers with the numbers from the late May, early June poll in brackets:

Conservative 33.3% (-2.3)
Liberal 32.8% (+3.6)
NDP 15.6% (-5.1)
BQ 12.1% (+2.7)
Green 6.2% (+1.1)

Note: Undecided 18.6% (-5.6) of total voters surveyed.

Seems Oh Canada is coming to its senses.


2839...This Is Important To You

Your capital, your Capital, Ottawa, is having a municipal election next month.

The two main contenders are Hizzoner and the former Hizzoner.

Hizzoner, Larry O'Brien is, to put it kindly, a bit clueless when it comes to running a modern city. If it was back in the day and that day was a century ago, he would be a prince but it ain't and he ain't. The former Hizzoner, Jim Watson, is going to be what this town has never had and desparately needs: a twenty year mayor.

An Ottawa Sun poll done by Leger Marketing the former Hizzoner quite a bit ahead of the current Hizzoner: 31 to 22. Still, 31 ain't 51 and, as Yogi Berra said, "It ain't over til it's over." Plus the undecided is in the twenties so you never know.

Tell you what though, if Hizzoner gets elected they may as well close this town.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

2838...I Have Only Had Nine Boyfriends

So sayeth Kat Von D, star of LA Ink, on, who has hooked up with the philanderer Jesse James.

“Jesse is only my ninth boyfriend. I don't hang out with anybody unless I am in love.”

Gold I tell you, gold.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

2837...The Prettiest Women In The World

Are, in my opinion, at the corner of Crescent and Ste. Catherine on Montreal's west side any, and I mean any, nice summer night.

The Daily Mail, a page turner from Merry Ole, reports that the ugliest women in the world are, if one is to believe the headline in this scurrilous rag, "Beer-swilling British women are branded the 'ugliest in the world'"

The story, which reported upon Real Holiday Reports surveying the world, said that "The UK's (not so) fairer sex were also accused of unashamedly breaking wind and belching in public, of letting their fat hang out, were smothered in 'bad tattoos' and committed crimes against fashion by proudly sporting 'too-tight bikinis and football shirts'."

The tongue-lashing was in response to holiday website Real Holiday Reports which posed the question.


2836...Here Is Something 4 The Kennedy's To Buy

The Kennedy's of course are the Edmontonian ten million lotto aires that aren't going to quit their jobs.

For the full story go back one to WFDS Post 2836.

So, don't quit your jobs, create jobs and use eBay to help you achieve that goal. Have you, Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy, ever dreamed of owning a German bordello and becoming a pimp? Well, thanks to eBay, now's your chance.

Over on eBay, the Bordell im Kietz von Berlin-Rixdorf in Berlin is attempting to fill a vacancy at the managerial level, that's newspeak for pimp, by auctioning the job off.

The tells that "The bordello describes itself as 'One of the oldest of Berlin's neighborhood brothels -- open since 1980 in a good neighborhood in a beautiful restaurant type old building.'"

"The winning bidder will take over a space with a complete bar, Mens/Ladies bathrooms plus separate shower room with washing machine, 3 separate and decorated bedrooms with sinks, 1 cinema room with small stage and more."

Hey, the opening bid is 3.21, USD. May be I could be the next manager at the joint!


2835...Stop Working Already

Ah, a sweet story that has from the city that Lady Gaga loves, the city of [former] champions, Edmonton.

"For Elizabeth and Micheal Kennedy, their $10-million Lotto Max win could not have come at a better time. Micheal, 31, had just been laid off from his job as an electrician and Elizabeth, 30, had been holding Tupperware parties to supplement their income."

The parents of two children say they are too young to stop working. Shuddup. You have to quit working so people who don't have ten mill will be able to have the jobs you have, capeche?

Other than that, good on you.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

2834...Ottawa Election Heats Up

Larry O'Brien has already knocked one out of the box, that being Alex Cullen.

If he can knock out another one, Clive Doucet, then the prize is Jim Watson's.

But if Mr. Doucet stays true then Mr. O'Brien may squeak in with 40 points.

This is not good.

Hizzonner makes Stephen Harper look like a thoughtful and kind socialist.

It is your capital.


2833...A Headline I Love

From The Daily Orange:

BREAKING NEWS: NICELY DONE: SU undefeated for 1st time in seven years, clobbers Zips in season-opener

One takes what one can get.


2832...You Had A Bad Day

This would be the definition of a bad day.

You wake up in the morning feeling kind of sh*tty so you go on Facebook and tell all your so called friends that today is the day you are going to find out if there is an afterlife.

Then you sneak into your old building, bust in to a penthouse on the 40thish floor, take a big breath and jump.

It's over.


In one of the biggest fails ever, not so good 22 year old actor Thomas Magill had his suicide jump stopped not by the pavement but by the windshield of a current model Dodge Charger.

He lives which means he failed.

Wait, it gets worse. Your home town paper, The New York Daily News, runs the story and the photo they run is off your Facebook. It is you, Mr. Magill, looking very merry and cherry and Stonewallesque in your Peter Pan outfit.



2831...My Mom Is In Hospital

Has been since July. The reason I mention that is that the fact that she has been in for the last six weeks has given me an opportunity to see the health care system from the inside.

You know, it is pretty good.

Even the food. She has developed a wicked Ensure habit.

But it could be a lot better.

The next Prime Minister of Canada hit the nail on the head when he said, in an article widely distributed in Our Home And Native Land, including The Ottawa Citizen, that "...Canadians would rather see their tax dollars spent on health care than 'prisons and planes.'"

Damn right, y'all, damn right.


2830...It Is Kind Of Weird

That the right is always complaining that the left dominates the news media and all that when it is really the right, in my town Lowell Green and Steve Madely and Mark Sutcliffe come to mind, in Alberta, Dave Rutherford, in the States Rush and Beck and Liddy and Dr. Laura and and and yet the right is always bitching.


2829...Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself

An editorial from the left coast for you to check out.

Greens' legacy is one of split votes, failed dreams
Vancouver Sun
Wed Sep 1 2010
Page: A14
Section: Editorial

Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May announced after its recent convention that the party's focus in the next federal election will be on electing its first member of Parliament.

So after 27 years, eight federal elections and more than 1,300 candidates fielded, the Green Party has finally decided that getting an MP elected is the key to its success and relevance.

Brilliant strategy, but the real issue for party supporters is whether they want to continue to vote for a movement that shows little room for growth in the political spectrum.

What May failed to explain is how the Green Party's pattern of support -- a kilometre wide and a centimetre deep -- will change enough to help it elect members. More specifically, why should voters who oppose the Conservative party government continue to split their votes among parties who oppose the Tories?

May indicated she saw changes under the Tories as "deeply dangerous" and altering "the fabric of our democracy." If that's true, why should anyone vote for a party that has proved itself to be so ineffectual in today's tight electoral landscape?

New parties such as the Greens can influence decision-making in two ways. They can get members elected who can directly influence policy -- an utter failure for the Greens -- or the threat of their election can indirectly influence the policies of other parties.

The Greens appear to have failed on the second count as well. Their appearance on Canada's political landscape has coincided with a plunge in the country's environmental reputation. Although they never won enough votes to garner a single seat, the Greens' best showing in an election came in 2008 just as the Liberals fielded their most environmentally minded leader in the party's history.

But since deposed Liberal leader Stephane Dion's colossal failure, even the words carbon tax cannot even be spoken at the federal level. Meanwhile, in the past three federal elections, the Greens have fielded candidates in just about every riding -- all losses.

The Greens tend to poll around 10 per cent, but much of that support evaporates like a melting ice flow at election time. In the 2008 election, the party garnered less than seven per cent of the vote, despite the high profile afforded May by her inclusion in the leaders' debates.

In the next election, May plans to run in the B.C. riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands, where Conservative minister Gary Lunn won in 2008 with about 43 per cent of the vote. The Green candidate polled about 10 per cent.

May, now in her fourth year as leader, presumably thinks she has a better chance there than she did in the last election, when she was criticized for her futile attempt to topple senior Tory minister Peter MacKay.

Meanwhile, Canada's Green Party supporters can only dream of a situation like that in Australia, where a single elected Green Party representative could help determine who forms the next government.

I know, I know, they, the Green Party, are going to break through next time except that never happens.

A waste of space they are, a waste of space.


Friday, September 3, 2010

2828...Guess Who I Saw At The Liquor Store?

Begging for boxes?


Stephen's wife.

Apparently they are going to moving out of 24 Sussex and back to their dreamy Calgary digs and none to soon.

In the Montreal Gazette today Meagan Fitzpatrick reported that the next resident of 24 Sussex, "Michael Ignatieff said Wednesday he’s intent on earning the support of Canadians who traditionally vote for other parties and is pitching his party — the big red tent — as the clear alternative to Stephen Harper’s 'politics of meanness.'"

In yesterday's Globe and Mail Jane Taber reported that "Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals would eke out a razor-thin minority government, winning 10 more seats than Stephen Harper’s Conservatives if an election were held today, a new poll suggests. Seat projections based on the EKOS survey, released Thursday morning, show the Liberals winning 110 seats compared to 100 for the Tories. The NDP would have 34 seats, down two from current levels."

Oh, one more thing, as a side note to Anonymous, yes, I do know that Mrs. Harper's first name is Laureen.



2827...Funniest Thing Ever

They now sell potato chips that reseal.


Seriously, when we, the potato chip consumers, buy chips, we buy them to eat them.


2826...Kory Teneycke + WFDS = Same Page

Le cut, le paste from The Ottawa Sun.

Icon’s ignorant attack confirms just why Canada needs Sun TV News

By KORY TENEYCKE, QMI Agency Last Updated: September 3, 2010 2:00am

Earlier this week, Avaaz, an American special interest group funded by U.S. billionaire George Soros, circulated a petition opposing the television licence for Sun TV News — Quebecor’s proposed all-news channel for English Canada.

I, like many Canadians, learned of this petition when author and “A-list” cultural nationalist Margaret Atwood announced she had signed it. Despite the fact Sun News has not broadcast a minute of content, the petition states this is an attempt to bring “American-style hate media” to Canada, and it will broadcast “hate-filled propaganda.”

Really? Last time I checked, hate speech was illegal in our country. It also picked up on the slur from Sun TV News’ competitors, calling the channel “Fox News North.” Fox, and its parent company Newscorp, are not owners of this channel, nor are they involved in its development. It is as Canadian as the maple leaf — a joint venture between two Quebecor companies: TVA and Sun Media.

Based in Manhattan, Avaaz (“voice” in Persian), is so ignorant of Canada they said energy company “Suncor,” not Quebecor, was behind the application. An embarrassing error, but even worse were the lies contained in the petition. The petition, and the ignorant U.S. fringe group behind it, would make a great “Talking to Americans” segment with Rick Mercer, if they weren’t so serious. These professional Yankee agitators are clearly trying to influence the television news options available to Canadians. That being said, over 45,000 people have signed this petition.

It is safe to assume many, if not most, are Americans. Atwood is not the only A-list “celebrity” that has signed. Dwight [sic]Shroot (from The Office), Boba Fett (of Star Wars), Snuffaluffagus (Sesame Street) and Homer Simpson are also signatories. Clearly the CRTC should take note of such distinguished individuals lending their name to this smear job.

This is not the first time Atwood has put her political agenda ahead of principles and patriotism. In the 2008 election campaign she was asked if she would vote for the separatist Bloc Quebecois if she lived in Quebec, she said: “Yes. Absolutely. What is the alternative?” Seriously? How about voting for someone who doesn’t advocate the breakup of the country? The final lie most of the media stories, petitions and general ankle-biting from our competitors promote is about money.

Sun TV News is not, nor has it ever, asked for “mandatory carriage” by cable or satellite companies. As the critics correctly point out, this would be tantamount to a tax on everyone with cable or satellite service. It is what CBC News Network has, but not what we are asking for. We are simply asking for the channel to be “offered” by the distributors. This is meant to allow any Canadian who wants to get the channel to be able to call their cable or satellite company and subscribe to it. It does not mean it is a part of the basic cable or satellite package, nor does it dictate what (if any) package it would be a part of.

We believe those should be private negotiations between Sun TV News and each individual cable and satellite provider. If the so-called journalists and commentators writing on this issue had read our application they would have seen we project 17% market penetration in year one, growing to 45% in year five. If we were assuming mandatory carriage, instead of mandatory access it would start (and stay) at 100%.

All of these lies, half-truths and slander underline the need for Sun TV News.

Canadians deserve better from their media, and we are committed to providing it.

— Teneycke is Vice-President of Development for Quebecor Media

2825...Drinking In The Park

Wait til the boys try this.

The Ottawa Sun today reported that Courvoisier will make fifty bottles of a new 3,200.00$ luxury liquor available in Canuckistan.

L'Eassence de Courvoisier comes in a special decanter that was developed in concert with the crystal people, Baccarat.

It will have the aromas of sandalwood, cigars and dried fruit.


2824...Holiday Weekend Tips From Yasir Naqvi

Good morning,

Even a small amount of alcohol can impair a driver's ability when behind the wheel. That is why Ontario has some of the toughest impaired driving laws in Canada including:

A new zero blood alcohol concentration (BAC) rule for all drivers 21 years of age and under;

Drivers in the Graduated Licensing System will face tougher penalties if they violate any of the conditions of their licence;


All drivers and boaters caught with a BAC of 0.05 to 0.08 (the "warn" range) will get at least an immediate three-day licence suspension, or a 90-day licence suspension if caught with a BAC greater than 0.08.

Did you know that between 1996 and 2006, 235 drivers aged 21 and under were killed in drinking and driving collisions? And these statistics only get worse during the summer, with the average number of impaired drivers involved in fatal crashes 70 per cent higher than other times of the year.

Drinking and driving do not mix and this holiday weekend is no exception to that. Remember that Ontario's impaired driving laws also apply to the operation of motorized watercraft, such as jet skis, and non-motorized boats, such as canoes, kayaks and inflatable rafts.

Ontario has some of the safest roads in North America - let's keep it that way.

Have a safe and happy long weekend!


Yasir Naqvi, MPP

Ottawa Centre

Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Education

2823...The Party Economy Returns

According to Monday's Louisville Courier-Journal "A Kentucky store manager said the return of Elvis Presley impersonators after a year long lull may be a good sign for the economy."

If Elvis is back so is the party economy, at least that is how the thinking goes.

Freaky. In an economic way.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

2822...Marg Atwood: Anti Free Speech

And seriously, if our English teachers didn't make us buy her friggin' books she would be working at a Tim Horton's in Oshawa, the big one mind you and she would probably be assistant manager but she would still be at Tim's.

The old bag of wind was all over the Tweets today and The Canadian Press coz she is suddenly a cultural warrior, wrapping herself in the flag the way she did back in the day when NAFTA was going to be death of us. Today the windmill that she is tilting against is the proposed Sun TV news channel has caused a flurry of tweets on Twitter. "Atwood tweeted Tuesday that she'd signed a petition called "Stop Fox News North" at and encouraged others to join her."

Pray tell could this be the same Ms. Atwood who visited Israel and accepted the $1,000,000 Dan David Prize, despite calls for a boycott by Gazan students, and a request to boycott from The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel . Upon recieving the certified cheque and/or money order at Tel Aviv University in May 2010. Atwood commented that "...we don't do cultural boycotts".

Unless it suits her.


2821...Yeppers I Spoke Too Soon

That guy, that Steven Harper fellow. Turns out that him and the former leader of the Conservative Party, Jean Charest, are all about exporting death.

"Thumbing their noses at appeals from the Canadian Cancer Society and Quebec's 9,500 doctors, both the Charest and Harper governments are backing a last-ditch, desperate effort to revive Quebec's deadly asbestos industry."

So writes Kathleen Ruff in this morning's Toronto Star.

The next Prime Minister of Canada does not want us to export death. Last year "...Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff...ended his party's long-standing collusion with the asbestos industry and called publicly for an end to asbestos export."

Sometimes you have to do the right thing, Mr. Harper.

The right thing.


2820...I May Have Spoken Too Soon

Turns out Stephen Harper may be helping rich men get toys to play with.

In WFDS Post 2813...What I Like About You I gave props to our beloved leader for, sort of, putting the kibosh on giving Regina a ton of dough for a retractable roof stadium for the Saskatchewan Rough Riders. I also suggested that the Sask government look south to the Dakotas and find out how to build a great dome for less like the Dakota Dome or, I find out later, the shed that they threw up for cheap in Grand Forks.

Now I read in The Leader-Post, Regina's paper of record, that "Prime Minister Stephen Harper briefly addressed the potential return of the NHL to Quebec City Wednesday. Harper...was asked about a possible return of the Nordiques. 'I hope that we'll see the Nordiques return,' Harper said in French. 'We have discussed this with (Quebec Mayor Regis Labeaume) and we will continue those discussions.'"

Say it ain't so.

If the 'diques and the Jets are so viable then private money should step up to the plate and make it happen.

And, remember, in the NHL, as in real estate, there are three key elements to a successful franchise: location, location, location.


2819...Let's See What Trudeau Has To Say

About Judge Judy in Manitoba.

“The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation.”

That's right, the greatest Prime Minister of the last century said that.

“The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation.”

For those of you who didn't read WFDS Post 2816...Winnipeg Rocks apparently, no, unequivocally, Lori Douglas, a judge in Manitoba and her husband, lawyer Jack King are very adventurous sexually. To wit, Mr. King likes seeing the Missus having sex with Black men, which, I would think, after the Blue Bombers season is over, is not the easiest hobby to pursue in Winnipeg.

Still, if that is what floats their boat, seriously does she need to be on the front page of The Toronto Star?

“The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation.”

Party on Dwayne.


2818...It Starts Tonight

NCAA Football.

The real deal.

The Ohio State University is up tonight as is USC.

Check it.


2817...If I Had A Million Dollars

I still wouldn't have a 50,000.00 USD earring.

Then again I am not an NFL player with many million dollars.

It is reported widely that Kendall Langford, who plays defensive end for the Miami Dolphins, lost one of his earrings at practice the other day.

2.5 carats; 50 K.


2816...Winnipeg Rocks

Quite the party town.

I cannot make this story anymore salacious than it already is so here is the cut and paste from the Winnipeg Free Press:

Manitoba judge steps down after nude photo complaint

By Mike McIntyre, Winnipeg Free Press September 1, 2010 5:24 PM

* Story
* Photos ( 2 )
* Video ( 1 )

Lori Douglas, the associate chief justice of the Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench, Family Division.

More Images »

Lori Douglas, the associate chief justice of the Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench, Family Division.
Photograph by: Handout, Handout

WINNIPEG — A prominent Manitoba judge has removed herself from the bench while the Canadian Judicial Council reviews a sexual-harassment complaint against her.

Lori Douglas, the associate chief justice of the Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench Family Division, decided to step away from active duty during a meeting with Chief Justice Marc Monnin on Wednesday.

"In the interests of the judiciary and of the Court, Associate Chief Justice Douglas has requested to be temporarily relieved of her duties as a sitting judge of the Court of Queen's Bench and will remain in her position in an administrative capacity until the pending complaint before the Canadian Judicial Council has been dealt with by that organization," Monnin said in a statement.

The Law Society of Manitoba has also launched an investigation of Douglas's husband, Jack King, who is a family lawyer in private practice. At the centre of the controversy is Winnipeg computer programmer Alexander Chapman, who first met King in 2002, when he retained him to act in his ongoing divorce case.

Chapman was down at the Winnipeg Law Courts on Wednesday morning, where he filed three separate lawsuits. He is seeking $10 million from King, $7 million from Douglas and $50 million from Thompson Dorfman Sweatman, which is the law firm where both King and Douglas used to work.

Chapman is claiming "assault, harassment, misfeasance in public office, negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress" in his statement of claim.

None of the allegations has been proven in court and the parties have one month to file a statement of defence.

Allan Fineblit, chief executive officer of the Law Society, confirmed Tuesday that Chapman came forward in July with allegations of wrongdoing by his former lawyer, claiming King tried to pressure him to have a sexual relationship with Douglas back in 2003. The offer was never accepted and there is nothing to suggest Chapman ever met Douglas, who was a private lawyer at the time.

"There's no statute of limitations on our ability to investigate. We will determine, likely by the end of September or early October, if we will lay a charge of professional misconduct," Fineblit told the Winnipeg Free Press.

Chapman claimed in a CBC-TV interview broadcast Tuesday that his former lawyer showed him about 30 nude photos of Douglas in an attempt to entice him to have sex with her. The explicit pictures apparently had been posted by King on a website devoted to sex between white women and black men. Chapman, who is black, claims King was posting ads online seeking other sex partners for his wife, who is white.

King's lawyer, Bill Gange, told the Free Press on Tuesday that Chapman is a "con and a liar" who used to go under the name of Lenard Quaccoo and was convicted in the 1990s of an arson related to an ongoing domestic charge. Chapman could not be reached for comment.

All parties agree that, shortly after his divorce was finalized, Chapman filed a complaint about King's conduct with senior partners at the law firm of Thompson Dorfman Sweatman. The matter was resolved quickly and privately when King agreed to pay Chapman $25,000 in exchange for signing an agreement that he would not take any legal action, would never speak publicly about the issue and would turn over and destroy all photos he had of Douglas. There was no suggestion King's comments somehow affected how Chapman's divorce case was handled.

As well, King left the firm and took a one-year medical leave. Sources told the Free Press the Law Society was aware of the complaint by Chapman but took no action against King once he agreed to stop practising and seek medical help. Their only requirement was for him to provide a letter from a doctor stating he was healthy enough to return to work, which he did in 2004.

The Law Society only began an investigation this summer when Chapman came to them for the first time.

Gange, King's lawyer, is now furious that Chapman has breached the confidentiality agreement by approaching the CBC and providing the TV station with the lewd pictures.

"This is disgusting. It's a horror show," he said Tuesday. Gange admitted King "shouldn't have talked to him the way he did" but said his client has already paid a heavy price through the financial settlement and taking a year away from his practice.

He said King was suffering through a major depression in 2003 and never told his wife he had asked Chapman to have sex with her or that he had shown her private pictures to him and posted them online. He said King and Chapman had a friendly relationship at the time, which included plenty of sexual talk and bravado from both men.

Gange also accused Chapman of attempting to "extort" as much as $100,000 from King before agreeing to the lesser amount.

"I only recommended it to protect Lori, and his son. He was succumbing to the blackmail," said Gange. "He did something stupid and out of character, but it was not illegal, and it was never acted upon."

Gange said King and Douglas likely have several legal avenues to pursue against Chapman for breaches of the confidentiality agreement, of the Privacy Act for not destroying the personal photos and for defamation of character. Both have declined to comment.

Gange believes Chapman decided to come forward because he falsely believes Douglas influenced a civil lawsuit he previously filed against the Winnipeg Police Service, which was connected to his previous domestic issues.

"It's complete poppycock," said Gange. He is urging the Law Society to dismiss Chapman's complaint against King on the basis it has no merit and deals with an issue which was already settled privately. He also has no idea why Douglas is facing any review at all, considering she never had contact with Chapman and the photos in question were taken years before she became a judge.

"Isn't this just wonderful titillation," Gange said sarcastically. "People are going to be sitting around and saying, 'Oh my, look what a judge did.' Well, this was done in their private lives."

Douglas was a partner at Thompson Dorfman Sweatman until she was appointed to the Court of Queen's Bench in 2005. She currently sits on the Canadian Judicial Council, which is the only professional body in Canada that can hear complaints about federally appointed judges. Federal officials say a typical complaint investigation takes about three months. Chapman filed his against Douglas in late July.
© Copyright (c) Winnipeg Free Press

One would think that Mr. Chapman would have to give back the 25,000$, right?


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2815...Most Shocking Headline Ever

Oilsands polluting waters: study; Toxic metal content exceeds guidelines

Calgary Herald

OMG, OMFG, I just cannot believe it.

Oy vey.

Cannot wait for next week's series: Sky Blue, Water Wet.

What is so bullsh*tty about the whole thing is that the Alberta government, oil companies and the feds, no matter who is in power [okay, probably not the Greens but seriously, folks, as if]will do what the cigarette companies have done for decade upon decade. Deny, deny and deny.

Example thereof is that "The Alberta government has disputed the suggestion that the province's lucrative oilsands industry is adding significantly to the load of heavy metals in the environment. Government officials have claimed that the Athabasca watershed naturally contains a lot of heavy metals, and studies show that virtually every metal increases steadily in concentration as you proceed downstream from the foothills through Alberta."

This study, headed by David Schindler at the University of Alberta, punches huge holes in that theory. "We found that (concentrations) were highest right around industrial development and as you move down river beyond that they actually tail off -- not to zero or to background, but they probably tail off to a value that does reflect some natural input. But if you put it all together, the big inputs are clearly industry."

Of course they are.


2814...Speaking Of Hamilton

And speaking of, here is something that I grabbed off that website just this very minute:

Hamilton mulling third site for Tiger-Cats stadium

See, I told you that Hamilton Tiger-Cats stadium deadline wasn't really a deadline:

Hamilton city council held a special meeting Tuesday and voted 13-2 to look at a new possible compromise location in the city's west end.

"We are acutely aware that this new direction may be (the) last opportunity to kick-start a stadium in Hamilton," Pan Am Games Organizing Committee chief executive officer Ian Troop said in a statement. "Our venue development work for the stadium is hard up against an immovable deadline for test events in 2014. It is critical to have the City of Hamilton and the Tiger-Cats committing to a co-operative partnership with a concrete plan presented to city council on Sept. 14."

The "compromise" location is one that emerged in the last week or so: the so-called Longwood site in Hamilton's west end, which Ticats owner Bob Young praised in a letter to Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger on Monday as meeting "the essential sports stadium requirements."

Eisenberger told the National Post that he's "not confident at all" that a deal will be struck in the next two weeks, and that "there's going to have to be an awful lot of work done . . . nobody should jump to the conclusion that this is a slam drunk." (Sic — unless that's some Canadianism I haven't heard.) The big question appears to be how "concrete" the plan will need to be by then to make the Pan Am Games folks happy; if "we've agreed to focus on the new site, but don't know how much it'll cost or how it'll be paid for" is enough, clearly that's easier to accomplish in two weeks than an actual fleshed-out plan.

Posted by Neil deMause in Hamilton Tiger-Cats | comments (0) | permalink

I had lunch with the team's GM, Bob O'Billovich yesterday and he just smiled when I asked him if the team was moving to Oshawa.


2813...What I Like About You Stephen Harper

Is that you know how to dance.

Wait, that's not it, that is a burn from an 80's dance song by The Romantics.

No, what I like about you Stephen Harper is that, according to Murray Mandryk in Tuesday's Regina Leader-Post, "...the prospects for federal money -- or at least, all that much federal money -- for a new domed stadium in Regina are not looking all that good right now."

Good on you.

I am a big fan of and you should be too coz it is your money that the teams, whether community owned like the Green Riders, or privately owned like the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, who, btw, are threatening to move if they don't get the stadium they want, it is your money that these teams use to build stadiums.

Apparently the Stephen Harpers don't want to give the people of Regina a gazillion dollars to build a dome that will be world class and will be used by its primary tenant eight to a dozen times a year. Actually it is only 430,000,000.00.

Like, how crazy is that, really, 430 f'cking million dollars for a football stadium in a city that just may be the most rife with social ills and racism of any not only in Canada but in North America? Like, seriously, doncha think the government of Saskatchewan would be better off taking that 430 large and investing it in its people? More specifically investing in its youth who are drawn to gangs and other bullsh*t at a higher level than anywhere else going.

I am surely not anti sport or anti Saskatchewan but they only have to look two states due south of Regina to encounter the Dakota Dome. This beauty was built in in 1979 for a cost of $8.2 million. It is home to the University of South Dakota Coyotes for numerous athletic events, including football, men's and women's basketball, volleyball, men's and woman's swimming and diving, and track. A $13.7 million steel roof was added in 2001 due to numerous collapses of the old teflon roof. The DakotaDome hosts other events throughout the year, including the South Dakota high school football championships each November.

Sure, you won't be able to bring it in for 8.9 but I bet you could throw up a 30,000 seat version of the Dakota Dome for under a 100. It won't have cloth seats or any of that other superfluous stuff but try to remember where you are, eh?

That's what I like about you, Stephen Harper.


2812...He's Really Out And By Out I Mean In

Ever cognizant that his wants and needs are the only ones that count the current representative on Ottawa City Council from Bay Ward, what's his name, decided to run for mayor of your capital and then when he realized he was going to get beaten like a rented mule moved back to his old stomping grounds and became one of a dozen or so candidates in that precinct.

But he really wants to be the NDP candidate and, then, of course, MPP for Ottawa Centre so even if he wins Bay Ward he is going to desert his constituents sometime in the new year for the bigger prize.

The bigger prize of course will involve defeating man wonder Yasir Naqvi and that ain't going to happen.

What colour is the sky in your world, Mr. Alderman?