Sunday, June 30, 2013

6197...Feminist Conference In Saudi Arabia

You will note in the photo I grabbed from The Daily Mail that there is not a woman in sight.  And why should there be; this is Saudi Arabia where women are lucky if they are second class citizens.

The conference was apparently held last year at the University of Qassim [Go Ducks!] last year.  The topic was "Women In Society" and drew men from 15 countries.

No girls allowed: A 'Women in Society' conference in Saudi Arabia which judging by this picture had an all-male attendance

On the plus side for Saudi women they are now, as of April 2013, allowed to ride bicycles.


Saturday, June 29, 2013

6196...Kory Teneycke On High River Gun Thefts

I do believe you know what I am referring to; the RCMP going into empty homes in flooded out High River, Alberta and emptying them of legally obtained firearms.  This is from Kory Teneycke's Facebook.  
Here is a fitting quote for the situation in High River. It comes from Rt. Hon. William Pitt back in 1762: 
"The poorest man may in his cottage bid defiance to all the forces of the Crown. It may be frail — its roof may shake — the wind may blow through it — the storm may enter — the rain may enter — but the King of England cannot enter — all his force dares not cross the threshold of the ruined tenement!"
Note to the RCMP:  When you have lost SUN TV bossman Kory Teneycke and the SUN TV viewers and our beloved Prime Minister Stephen Harper says you are out of line, you are out of line.


6195...Good Time For A Tumour

Cold I may be but I am also accurate.

The lucky recipient of said tumour, a lung tumour none the less, as reported by the gang at Postmedia, is Bruce Carson.  Mr. Carson is our beloved Prime Minister Stephen Harper's former chief of staff and he was slated to be tried for fraud against the government, a story that APTN broke, July 22.

This is not Mr. Carson's first rodeo; he has been convicted of fraud before.  Back in '90.  Gives hope to all of us who want to run Canada someday.  Kudos to Mr. Prime Minister for giving Mr. Carson a second chance; reverse kudos to Mr. Carson for f'ing it up.


6194...Mayors Should Pay Hos In Cash

When using a sex worker.

Allegedly, according to The Canadian Press and TVA, interim hizzoner Alexandre Duplessis of Laval rented a hooker a while back and had a dispute about the 160$ per hour fee.  The as of now former mayor claims there is nothing to the story; TVA "...said there were 110 text messages [between the mayor and the sex worker and/or her bosses] and showed some of them on the screen."  Also "Initial details about the alleged encounter appeared in a TVA report Thursday."

Laval mayor Alexandre Duplessis resigns

Hizzoner apparently is a bit of a freak.  The mayor wanted to play dressup with the sex worker and have a girl's night.  Um, he wanted to dress like a girl.  Apparently he and the prostitute did put on nice lingerie, high boots and did make up together.

What brought this to the fore was that the police say that a man, they won't say whom, came to them on June 14th of this year and alleged he was being extorted by a pross.

By the way Mr. Duplessis is happily married with a pair of kids.


Friday, June 28, 2013

6193...Argonauts Be Clever

That would be the Grey Cup Champion Toronto Argonauts.

Their mascot's name is Jason.

That rings a bell, eh?


6192...Blackhawks Be Classy


6191...Guns, Guns, Guns

As every news source in Canada reported the RCMP went a little Stasi in High River, Alberta today grabbing private people's legal private guns.

When our beloved Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, heard about it he told them to bring the guns right back. They said they would.  Soon.

What I found ironic was the fact that the RCMP claimed they were grabbing the guns coz they were protecting valuable property for the people.  Presumably they also loaded up their vans with flat screens, dvd players and jewelry


Thursday, June 27, 2013

6190...Canada Goes First Overall

NBA Draft 2013, Commissioner David Stern's last draft, was held tonight in Brooklyn.  Canuck Anthony Bennett, a UNLV frosh, became the first Canadian to go first over all in the draft.

Anthony Bennett

Next year it is predicted that another Canadian, Andrew Wiggins, will also come out first overall.  Both of these men are from the GTA.

In case you did not know the GTA is now a world capital for producing basketball players.


6189...Liz The Two Gets Big Raise

Five percent, which is a lot more than you got this time out, is what the Queen of Canada, Elizabeth II, has got as her raise this year.

Watch this video

CNN reports that it is real estate that has helped her highness make even more shekels than ever before.  "The Crown Estate, a public body that manages property for the monarch, posted a record profit of 252.6 million British pounds ($387.2 million) for the last financial year -- up by 5.2% from last year...all the paid into the public coffers.  The queen is then paid a grant each year by the Treasury equal to 15% of the profit from two years before."

Everybody is happy.  Except for you.


6188...Chuck Norris Action Jeans


6187...NFL Union Weak: Presumption Of Innocence

One thing that seems to upset people in my peer group and in Ottawa specifically, is the fact that when police get busted for something, something [in this town it is usually bouncing a feller's head off of the nearest hard object] they are suspended with pay.

Me, I have no problem with that.  Innocent until proven guilty and all that.  Their associations are strong and support their workers.  

The National Football League on the other hand not supportive at all.  Its player's union allows the NFL to toss players under the proverbial bus when they are charged with but not convicted of felonious behaviours.  Here is the latest example from TSN:  " [Aaron] Hernandez was cut from the NFL team [New England Patriots] less than two hours after he was arrested and led from his North Attleborough home in handcuffs, and nine days after Lloyd's body was discovered by a jogger in a remote area of an industrial park not far from Hernandez's home. The 2011 Pro Bowl selection had signed a five-year contract last summer with the Patriots worth $40 million."

And that 40 million dollar deal?  Gone with the wind.


6186...JT's Liberals Breaking Thru In Alberta

Among other places.

A piece I grabbed off of the Laurier Institute For The Study Of Popular Opinion And Study [note to the domos at LIFTSOFPAS:  you may want to tighten up the name] states that the federal Libs are poised to break thru including Alberta.

A seat projection based on a blending and weighting of polls from Leger Marketing, Ipsos Reid and Forum Research conducted between May 21 and June 19 among over 4000 respondents indicate that a popular surge by the Liberals has continued over the past four months, and now places the party close to a parliamentary majority. During this period LISPOP has issued four projections which have featured a consistent pattern of Liberal gains in each of the six regional classifications over each succeeding projection. One explanation for this phenomenon is the presence of Justin Trudeau as party leader, but the trend actually preceded his selection. The largest Liberal seat increase in the past month was noted in Quebec, but the party continues to gain in all regions, including the once impregnable Conservative bastion of Alberta where the Liberals are now positioned to pick up five seats in newly redistributed areas of Edmonton and Calgary. Note: This projection is based upon the provisional, not the final boundaries of redistribution. 
Happy days are not here again; but they are getting closer.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

6185...Senator Wallin She No Vote

Says so right here in today's Globe and Mail.  "...the Saskatchewan senator did not vote in the last federal, provincial or municipal elections because of her schedule."

Senator Pamela Wallin wrote she could not produce a health card to help verify residency because she was denied coverage in Saskatchewan and Ontario. (Dave Chan For The Globe and Mail)

Too busy to vote?  That's some serious bullsh*t.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

6184...Rob Ford In Trouble Again

This time the story comes from CBC who have revealed that hizzonner was friends with one of the frequent callers to his Sunday afternoon radio show on CFRB.  "CBC News has learned that the caller is David Price, the mayor’s current director of operations and logistics."

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has insisted that calls placed to the weekly radio show he co-hosts with his brother are not planted.

This of course has never, ever, ever happened before.  Having a friend call your radio talk show and give you props.  Additionally no staffers in the history of electoral politics have ever written a letter to the editor praising their boss/their party/their own bad selves.  And never, ever, ever have these staffers got a party loyalist to do the same.



Monday, June 24, 2013

6183...Kathleen Wynne Has Pride

The Premier of Ontario sent me this note and asked me to share it with you.

Ontario Liberal Party

When I ran for the leadership of this party, some people asked if Ontario was ready for an openly gay Premier. I said that the people of Ontario judge each other on their merits and their ideas, not according to race or religion or sexual identity.

And now, as communities across the province celebrate Pride, I know I was right.

For the past few months, I've travelled this great province and met all kinds of people. They want great jobs and vibrant communities. They care about their kids' education and the needs of their aging parents. They're interested in new ideas and strong leadership.

We are lucky to live in a province where diversity, acceptance and equality are defining principles. Where everyone is respected and has a chance to do their best.

So as we celebrate Pride, we celebrate Ontario as place of fairness and opportunity. And we dedicate ourselves to protecting those fundamental values for the sake of future generations.

Please share this message so the people of Ontario know that they are my source of pride.



6182...Bacon Dipped Bullets

Exclusively from South Fork Industries of Dalton Gardens, Idaho comes the pork dipped bullet.  

Iffen I could make sh*t like this up I would be a millionaire.  But I can't so I gotta go with the facts.

Unclean: The creators of Jihawg Ammo believe that shooting a Muslim with a pork-laced bullet will keep them from getting to heaven

The Daily Mail reports that the facts are that "They took traditional ammo and coated the bullets in a pork-infused paint. Those shot with the bullets would be unclean, as the Islamic religious forbids Muslims from coming into contact with pig meat."


6181...Silvio Berlusconi Gets 7 Years

They don't play in Italy; former Prime Minister or not if you get convicted you are going down.  Hard.

Reuters breaks the news that "A Milan court sentenced Italian former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi on Monday to seven years in prison after convicting him of paying for sex with a minor but he will not have to serve any jail time before he has exhausted appeals. With two appeals possible, it could be years before a verdict is final and Berlusconi lawyers announced they would file an appeal against what his counsel Niccolo Ghedini called a 'completely illogical' verdict."

A combo shows file photos of Karima El Mahroug of Morocco posing during a photocall at the Karma disco in Milan November 14, 2010 and Italy's former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi waving as he arrives for a meeting of the European People's Party in Brussels June 28, 2012. REUTERS-Stringer (L) and Sebastien Pirlet-Files

Mr. Berlusconi is 76 so there is a good chance that he will get promoted, that is Catholic for die, before his appeals are exhausted.


6180...Happy Jean Baptiste Day

Amazing innit that Quebec would have a different National Day than the Rest of Canada.

July 1st of course is moving day.

Viva La Belle.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

6179...Laurel Broten Says Good Bye

CFRA, among others, reports presently that Ontario's minister for Intergovernmental Affairs, is packing it in July 2.

That's four who have opted out of Premier Wynne's caucus to date.


6178...Rob Ford 2014 Lawn Signs Revealed


6177...Design A [Bacon] Doughnut

QMI reports that for the first time ever Tim Horton's is going to let you design your own doughnut.  And win 10K.

Just go to or

You have til July 21.


6176...2013 Is Not 2015

Hey I am/is/are/was as excited as anyone when I just/just/just  read in the online edition of The Ottawa Citizen that our man Justin Trudeau is looking good.  Your capital's fave birdcage liner breaks out a Leger Marketing poll that shows that, for the first time, Mr. Trudeau bests our beloved Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, in popularity.  27/23 is the score.

New poll vaults Trudeau over Harper

Also the poll which was done "...for The Gazette and Le Devoir, showed the Liberals under Trudeau would have rocketed into a majority government had an election been held this week.  With distribution of the undecided vote, the Liberals now stand at 37 per cent in the polls - up seven points from March - followed by the Conservatives at 29 per cent - down two from March - and the NDP at 21 per cent - down three points from March. Green Party support is pegged at eight per cent - the same as in March.
The Liberals are ahead in Quebec. Support is pegged at 46 per cent among decided voters, compared with 26 per cent for the NDP and eight per cent for the Conservatives. Support for the Bloc Québécois is 15 per cent."

Let us try to remember that 2013 is not 2015.


6175...What About Elizabeth May?

Honestly I expected more from the leader of The Green Party when she finally got herself a seat in The House of Commons.

Before she became an MP she was ubiquitous; now it is like she has gone into the Witness Protection Program.  She took out a minister.  I really did expect more from her.

You may recall that before she was elected I posited that she was only running for the dental plan.  One has to admit that her choppers be looking fine these days.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

6174...Gril Guide Cookies For Sale

Courtesy of my cousin Lana Nolan in Perth, Ontario comes this advert for the best cure for over indulging in anti glaucoma medicine.

What do you want, good taste or good spelling?


Friday, June 21, 2013

6173...Where Is Theresa Spence?

You remember her.  She is the Chief who went on a modified hunger strike this winter in Ottawa.  I believe the modification was she could eat anything she want coz she left the hunger strike with the same BMI that she came in with.

What's she up to today?

Seems to have faded away, eh?  Not literally.


6172...LBJ MVP Bob Rae Happy

The Miami Heat repeated in one of the greatest game 7's of all time.

Lebron James, the finest player of his generation, was named playoff MVP.

On a final note it was David Stern's swan song as NBA commish.  To give you an idea of how great a job Mr. Stern did as commish think about this:  when he took over as commish the NBA was a marginal sport with limited exposure even in the States.  If memory serves the NBA finals, which packed stadiums, bars and killed in the TV numbers this year, were on tape-delay.  Tape-delay.  Imagine.

He is the greatest commissioner of any league any where any time.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

6171...Pauline Marois For The High Jump

Sure looks that way.  La Presse reports this morning that a CROP poll says 70 per cent of the residents of La Belle are not satisfied with the actions of the PQ government.  The Premier seems to be the problem.

According to an interpretation of the stats on the CJAD website "Only 11% of respondents see Pauline Marois as the best candidate for  Premier, compared to 26% per cent for Liberal leader Philippe Couillard and 17% for Francois Legault of the CAQ."

In the who-would-you-vote-for-if-an-election-were-today category the Liberals have 38 points and the PQ 25.  One would think that without Ms. Marois at the helm the numbers would change.


6170...Bob Rae Watching Game 7 Tonite

Me too.

San Antonio Spurs in Miami to play the Heat in game 7 of the NBA Finals.

Word is Bob Rae is all over the Miami Heat.

Look for me at the Real Sports Bar on the Market in Ottawa.  I'll be wearing the black sombrero.  Come say hello.


6169...Tribute To James Gandolfini

Found this on BuzzfeedUK.

"Holsten’s, the ice cream shop in New Jersey where James Gandolfini filmed the final scene of The Sopranos, have left his seat ‘Reserved’ today in a poignant tribute to the actor, who died of a heart attack yesterday."

Is cool, eh?


6168...Daycare Owner Drugs Toddlers

And, frankly, it is surprising it doesn't happen more often.

Columbus, Ohio's NBC4 reports that "Tammy Eppley, 37, is accused of crushing up Benadryl and melatonin and mixing it into the food of the six children she looks after at her home daycare..."  She was busted when a friend, obviously one of those friends that everyone loathes to have, "...called police after Eppley sent text messages saying things like 'Yeah, I just gave them their nappy time medicine...'"

BTW she also, allegedly, gave nappy time medicine to both paying customers and her own two year old.

Stay classy Ms. Eppley, stay classy.


6167...Ixnay Selling Cats And Dogs In T-Dot

CITYNews reports that "Toronto city council voted Wednesday to ban the sales of dogs and cats in pet stores, becoming the second Canadian city to do so."

File photo of dog. Timo Jaakonaho, The Canadian Press.

Richmond, B.C., was the first.

"Council ruled that pet store owners will now be able to take in shelter or rescue dogs and adopt them out, much like local humane societies."


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

6166...Tony Soprano Dead

Every media outlet in the world is reporting that James Gandolfini has just died in Italy.

He was 51.

Light a candle.


6165...Miami Heat Fan Changes Jobs

That would be Bob Rae.

Bob Rae served as an NDP MP for four years, 1978-82.

It has been widely reported that the man who shoulda been the leader of the Liberals in '06 has decided to pack it up and pack it in as the MP for Toronto Centre.  CBC says that "Rae recently accepted the role of chief negotiator for First Nations in talks with the Ontario government about development of the Ring of Fire, and is to tour the nine Matawa communities in the mining and resource-rich area of Northern Ontario this summer."

A wizard, a true star.


6164...Cronuts: This Year's Food Trend

You read it here first coz I read it first on NBC's  The cronut is the faddiest of the faddiest foods in New York City.  Made at the Dominique Ansel Bakery in SoHo this is Mr. Ansel's brain flash of taking a croissant and a donut and marrying them.

A cronut, a croissant-doughnut hybrid, the brain child of French pastry chef Dominique Ansel, sits on a plate at Ansel's bakery shop in New York on Ju...

How hot a trend is this?  Scalpers, baby, scalpers.  "The third-party service, Premium Cronut Delivery, which is not affiliated with the bakery, charges a whopping $100 for delivering a single Cronut, $200 for two, or $3,000 for 10 of the pastries. At the bakery, Cronuts sell for $5 each."

Just a matter of time before Tim Horton's rolls these guys out, eh?


6163...Peterboro Weighs In On Dean Del Mastro

From The Peterborough Examiner comes this letter to the editor regarding that town's second favourite son.

Masterful performance suspended the facts
Re “MP wants his name cleared” (June 14) –
Dean Del Mastro gave a stunning performance in the House of Commons last week, asking for the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs to, in effect, use its muscle as overseer of Elections Canada to remove the cloud of allegations hovering over him. He, like all Canadian voters, is impatient with the progress of Elections Canada in its ongoing investigations of voter fraud during the past two federal elections.
Clearly, his next profession should take him to the theatrical stage. He is that good. We are to suspend all the facts at hand and to let our hearts simply hear the impassioned wobble in his voice and his earnestly compelling cries of victimization at the hands of a malicious and contemptuous agency of the Canadian government.
Court documents reveal that Elections Canada alleges Del Mastro and his financial agent, Richard McCarthy, exceeded spending limits in the 2008 campaign and that a falsified document was allegedly included in the return.
Indeed, Elections Canada called in the RCMP to assist with two separate investigations into the 2008 Del Mastro campaign: the one above and equally damaging allegations of fraud. Some employees of Deltro Electric Ltd. have claimed that they were induced to donate $1,000 to Del Mastro’s campaign, all of which they were reimbursed, together with a stipend of $50, by their employer.
Elections Canada and the RCMP are apparently still investigating.
About the only thing on which I would agree with Mr. Del Mastro is that Elections Canada is taking a very long time. However, given the additional burden of investigating so many other Conservative candidates and the situation of alleged voter fraud in over 200 ridings across Canada, well, one can see why thorough investigations can take so long.
After all, didn’t it take six years for the Conservatives “in and out” fraud case to be resolved?
RR 2, Lakefield
Bob Gainey, of course, is number one.


6162...PMO Budget Plan Revealed

By Canadians Rallying To Unseat Stephen Harper.


6161...Saving Montreal

Julien Feldman from Montreal Comiccon on Facebook.

Of course they would have to trade in the Batmobile for something sturdier coz as Wade Alexander of Montreal points out "Our roads would totally wreck the Batmobile."


6160...Eve Adams Makes The News Again

The hottest MP on The Hill, Eve Adams, the Conservative representing Square One, is in the news again.

Un autre faux pas.

This time The Hill Times Online reports she blew a stop sign got nailed with a 155$ ticket.

We've all been there.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

6159...Rob Ford Traded To MTL?

That'd be kinda cool, eh?  Especially now that there is a job opening in Montreal that he is qualified for.  Mayor. 

CFRA Ottawa reports that as of this afternoon "Michael Applebaum is no longer the interim mayor of Montreal.  The 50-year-old announced his resignation in a brief statement to the public this afternoon.
He was charged on Monday with 14 criminal offences, including fraud.  The provincial government had urged Applebaum to leave the post."

Or may be Kwame Kirkpatrick.


6158...Beckham To The NFL

It could happen if David Beckham wants it. 

The recently retired football player has been offered a shot at playing gridiron.  Make that was offered a shot at playing in the NFL.  “'A couple of scouts felt that David has the potential to become a kicker in the NFL team, and one actually put a call into him for a trial,' a source told the Mirror.

David Beckham

Hey, stranger things have happened.  One thing for sure, you bring David Beckham to camp and you won't have to worry about selling out your intra squad and pre season games.


6157...No Napoleon Street

At least not a major one that I know of.

Pourquoi?  Coz on this day 198 years ago Wellington took Napoleon to school at Waterloo.

See ya, wouldn't want to be ya.


6156...Canada Hits The Big Time


This time of course it is anti-corruption mayor Michael Applebaum of Montreal who has been charged with corruption.

Beeg story.  So big that Reuters is writing about it and Archie Bunker's fave paper The New York Daily News is among the rags running with the story.  They open with these bon mots:  "Montreal's new mayor, who pledged to stamp out corruption when he took office last November, was arrested and charged with fraud on Monday in another blow to the reputation of Canada's biggest cities."

Michael Applebaum speaks to reporters last year. His predecessor had resigned under pressure.

Welcome to the big time.


Monday, June 17, 2013

6155...Dean Del Mastro's Rules

Are, apparently, his own.  The MP from Peterborough is not so good at following the rules at work.  

Postmedia's Stephen Maher and Glen McGregor this aft are reporting that
A witness in an Elections Canada investigation has written to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and House of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer complaining that Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro’s attacks on him appear to be designed to interfere with the investigation.
Last Thursday, Del Mastro, the parliamentary secretary to the prime minister, rose in the House on what’s called a “question of privilege” to complain that an investigation into his 2008 campaign financing was violating his rights as an MP.
Frank Hall, who ran Ottawa research company Holinshed Research, was named in a court order compelling him to release records to Elections Canada investigators who are looking into allegations Del Mastro’s campaign breached spending rules in the 2008 election.
Stay classy El Roundo.


6154...Doug Ferrari's Show Biz Rules


1. You are not a failure until you quit. 
2. Better a has-been than a never-was. 
3. Always carry your wallet onstage. 
4. Never work with children or animals.
5. Remember no matter who you are you will never be considered a normal human. Boarding houses during vaudeville had signs: NO SHOW PEOPLE NO ANIMALS NO NEGROES And show people were always FIRST.
6. Forget respect from parents or family until you buy a house (rule Pre-2008).
7. Better your audience boo than yawn.
8. We are all circus people and we are all in the psych book somewh ere.


6153...Death By Stiletto

Sounds like the title of a Mickey Spillane novel, doesn't it?

But it is real, so real and CNN affilate KTRK in Houston had the story last week.  44 year old Ana Lilia Trujillo stands accused of murdering University of Houston professor Alf Stefan Andersson with a stiletto.

When Houston's finest arrived the very, very, verrrry dead "...research professor from the University of Houston, had 10 puncture wounds on his head -- some as deep as an inch and a half -- and 15 to 20 puncture wounds along his face, arms, and neck..." which resulted in Ms. Trujillo being charged with murder "with a deadly weapon, namely a shoe".


6152...Aislin Salutes Applebaum

And, presumably, all past and future mayors of Montreal.

Aislin, June 18, 2013


6151...MTL Tory Gets Busted With Mayor

I am cherry picking from The Globe and Mail this morning but it is being widely reported that Saulie Zajdel, who "...unsuccessfully ran as a Conservative candidate against Liberal Irwin Cotler in the 2011 election...[and]...then acted as a 'shadow MP' working to undermine him [Cotler] while he had a job as an adviser in Heritage Minister James Moore's office." was picked up by the police this morning."

Also arrested was current Montreal mayor Michael Applebaum, pictured below in the back seat of a crusier that kindly picked him up at his home.  Hizzoner "...has been charged with fraud in connection with two real-estate projects in his west-end borough."  When he got the job in November of last year Mayor Applebaum vowed to be the anti-corruption mayor.  

Montreal.  Ya gotta love Montreal.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

6150...Is The PM's Husband Gay?

Asking that question will cost you yer job.  Just ask [former] drive time talker on Perth, Australia's 6PR, Howard Sattler.   Thursday he asked Prime Minister Julia Gillard on air if her marriage to hairdresser Tim Mathieson was romantic or platonic.  Mr. Sattler also repeatedly asked if Mr. Mathieson was gay.  Enough already said his bosses at 6PR.  They cashiered the talker and offered up this statement as an explaination.

Statement regarding Howard Sattler.

During an interview on the Drive program yesterday presenter Howard Sattler pursued a line of questioning with Prime Minister Julia Gillard that was disrespectful to the office and the person of the Prime Minister and was entirely inappropriate.

Radio 6PR apologises unreservedly to Ms Gillard and Mr Mathieson for allowing these matters to be raised on the Drive Program.

In the wake of yesterday's interview Radio 6PR suspended Mr Sattler from broadcasting pending a review of the matter today. The station has now decided to terminate Mr Sattler's engagement.


6149...Cons To Speak For Free

What with all the fuss re Justin Trudeau making a few quid public speaking the Stephen Harpers have decided to go into that line of work.  For free.  Coz that is what Conservatives are all about.  Serving the people.

Courtesy of Canadians Rallying To Unseat Stephen Harper via Facebook.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

6148...The Wire Meets Second City

That is what Chris Hayes of MSNBC calls the Rob Ford affair.


6147...Best Family Car Sticker Ever

Yes they are a stupid as the Baby On Board signs.

Yes they are everywhere.

Including the Antrim Truck Stop, just west of Ottawa in the Valley.

Thanks to my real world and Facebook friend John Lindsay.


6146...Senator Goes To Jail

And not a nice joint either.

CBC reports that "Former Liberal senator Raymond Lavigne has been sent to jail for breach of trust and defrauding the Senate of more than $10,000 in phoney travel expense claims.  Lavigne was sentenced in 2011 to six months behind bars, and another six months of house arrest after his release, but he appealed both the convictions and the sentence."

Former senator Raymond Lavigne was convicted of fraud March 11, 2011. He resigned from the Senate before it was to debate attempting to remove him.

Here is what this weasel did.  "Lavigne was convicted of having filed mileage expense claims totalling $10,120 for 54 trips between Ottawa and Montreal made by one of his Senate staffers.
He had charged the Senate $217 for each trip but paid the staffer only $50."  Eve Adams, are you taking notes?  He also got a 55K a year researcher, Michel Gendron, to chop down 60 trees at his shack in Wakefield, P.Q., just north of Ottawa.  Paid for by taxpayers.  Of course paid for by taxpayers.
The best part is that Mr. Lavigne will, thankfully, be getting his senate pension forever at 79K.  Indexed.  
The bad part is he is doing his time at the Ottawa-Carleton Regional Detention Centre.  They don't play at the Holiday Innes as the photo from The Ottawa Citizen below of a convict who got tuned up while residing there attests.
Former prisoner recalls savage beating

A word to the wise Mr. Lavigne.  STFU.


6145...Ranch Dressing Flavoured Pop



What are they thinking at Lester's Fixins?

These are the folks who have brought you hipster pops with flavours like chicken wing, Buffalo style, bacon, peanut butter and jelly.  The latest flav in their Rocket Fizz line is Ranch Dressing Soda.

Ranch Dressing Soda Lesters Fixins

According to the review in a Huffington Post earlier this week Coke and Diet Coke are safe.  To wit:   ""The smell is like blue cheese and plastic and smelly feet. The taste is just like sugar and coconut, but THE SMELL IS SO REPULSIVE THAT I CANNOT GET PAST IT."  More wit:  "You know, there is almost nothing I won't eat, but the smell of this alone made my eyes water. The taste isn't the problem, it just tastes like sugar soda. The problem is the lactic, blue-cheesy, synthetic aroma that enters your soft palate and nose as you swallow. Just thinking about it is giving me the shivers.
I mean, why not mess with buttermilk powder and garlic extract before you turn to some weird synthetic chemical? This tastes like you soaked blue cheese in sunscreen in a plastic tub on a hot day, and then forced it through a seltzer siphon. "
Available soon at an overpriced health food store near you.

Friday, June 14, 2013

6144...Honey Boo-Boo Back In July

Pretend you don't know who she is.

She, of course, is Honey Boo-Boo, the star of TLC's number one show, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, a show that gets 2.3 million viewers a week.  She is also the reporter that outted Anderson Cooper; even though everybody knew.  If you translated her ratings into hipster one would find that Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo beats CNN's Strombo by about 20 viewers to 1.  And is less self centred.

This season's debut on July 17 should be exciting cause it is the first ever Watch'n'Sniff show in television history.  The says "Here's how it works: The network is distributing nearly 10 million scent cards nationwide, including the July 5 People magazine and July 12 Us Weekly. Select Time Warner Cable retail stores nationwide also will carry the cards nationwide, and street teams will pass out the cards in major cities."


6143...Regina NDPers Baby Duffy Doppleganger

Dya think while Dr. Marc Spooner, University of Regina prof and challenger to Ralph Goodale last time out, was campaigning Senator Mike Duffy, Kanata-PEI, may have whipped out to the Queen City for you know what?

May I present Thomas Corvus Spooner, newbornish, as exhibit number one.

Wait, no, if Senator Duffy flew to Regina he would have expensed it.  May be even double expensed it.


6142...Wallin Splains All To CBC

See the problem, the reason, the Senator from Saskatchewan cheated on her expense thingys is coz, as she told CBC's The National"There's a lot of paperwork particularly in government, every time you move, every time you go anywhere. Sort of more paperwork than is humanly possible to keep on top of. So I made mistakes..."

Senator Pamela Wallin speaks with CBC's Peter Mansbridge on the Senate expenses controversy.

Yeah.  Surre.  Right.

Plus she has no staff and making a paltry six figure plus salary she cannot afford an accountant, a tax lawyer or batteries for her calculator.

Or she is lying.


6141...Rob Ford's Cable: Is It Working?

Heard on CFRA yesterday that the mayor of Hogtown missed out on the news of the big police raid, 800 officers, coz his cable was out.

And the dog was on the phone.

My goodness Rob Ford does like to tell tales, doesn't he?


6140...Don't You Know Who I Am?

Y'know if you have to say that then you can be pretty sure that they don't know who you are.

Thomas Mulcair, the chief Dipper, tried to pull that tried and failed canard on the Queen's Cowboys yesterday morning on The Hill.  CTV reports that he "...was involved in a security breach on Parliament Hill Thursday morning when he failed to stop at an RCMP screening facility and blasted through a number of stop signs.  The NDP leader reportedly only waved at security staff as he drove through the open gates. He then drove through at least six stop signs on the parliamentary grounds, even as an RCMP vehicle pursued his car with its lights on.  Mulcair did not pull over until he reached his parking space behind Centre Block."

RCMP cruiser follows Mulcair's car
Then, like the pompous ass he is known to be, he told the copper that he, the copper, was going to be "“in a lot of trouble.”

Mr. Mulcair's car looks like a Volvo; nice to see he buys Canadian.