Monday, June 10, 2013

6127...Eve Adams: Bad Tipper

The GTA Tory MP is pretty much the hottest woman, sorry Pam Wallin, on the Hill.  Although that is irrelevant I still like to point that out.  Hot or not, Eve Adams is definitely your typical Tory caucus member.  

According to a story just breaking by Glen McGregor of The Ottawa Citizen, the rookie Member from Mississauga- Brampton "...claimed election expenses that included hundreds of dollars for repeat visits to a hair and nail salons, skin care and grooming products, and even whitening toothpaste."   It is written that Eve Adams "...claimed a total of $2,777 in 'other personal expenses' on her 2011 election return."   The catch is that 'Elections Canada’s guidebook for candidates puts a $200 limit on the amount of other personal costs they can claim and only for expenses that “would not normally incur if there was no election.'”

The other catch is that you the taxpayer are on the hook for 60 per cent of those expenses if approved.  

Tory MP claimed visits to hair and nail salons, grooming products, and toothpaste as election expenses

Of course she is a Tory so she is entitled, right Senators Brazeau, Duffy and Wallin?  

My fave bill is this "...bill filed by the campaign was for New Nails and Spa, four days before the election, for $63 of work with a $4 tip."  That is like 6 per cent or something.  I bet they are excited to see Ms. Cheapskate come thru the doors at New Nails and Spa.  Seriously, you cheapout on the tip and you expense it?  


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