Saturday, October 31, 2009

1154...Cop Assaults Up

Way up.

127 per cent according to Jon Willing's interpretation of Statistics Canada info in the Ottawa Sun earlier this week.

That is the tip of the iceberg of course; when Stephen Harper's new laws that slap one's butt in jail for a lot more stuff and a lot longer time than now is in effect there will be a lot more incentive for bad guys or presumed bad guys to want to get out of harms way and if harming the policeman who is trying to arrest them, well, that is the way it will be.

There is an ongoing case study going on right now. It is called the United States.


1153...Just A Question But Is Tonight Robbery Nite?

Hallowe'en tonight is and I would guess if I was to guess that what with all the costumes and disguises out there that tonight would be the night for armed robberies, break ins and muggings.

Have the boys in blue done any studies on this?


1152...Pirate Radio Right Under The CRTC's Nose

92.7 in Ottawa.

Playing nothing but hits, the Billboard Hot 100.

Let Minister Moore know please.


1151...More Footie News

As those of you who follow such things are aware, Brett Farve had many, many good years with the Green Bay Packers but was not a huge fan of the town and a couple of years ago just got fed up and booked, first to New York, er, New Jersey, where he QB's the Jets and now in Minnesota where he helms the Vikings.

His replacement is Aaron Rodgers and the tow will be hooking up in Packertown this Sunday, 4 15 eastern, on FOX.

Not that they hold a grudge or anything but the city fathers in Green Bay, think of Thunder Bay but with an NFL team and you will realize why number 4 wanted out, have renamed Minnesota Avenue in honour of their current QB, Mr. Rodgers.


1150...Hot Dogging It In The NFL

Mark Sanchez, the New York Jets rookie quarterback out of 'SC was caught late in last Sunday's massacre of the Oakland Raiders in Cali trying to discreetly put mustard on a hot dog and eat it on the sidelines while the game was sitll going on.

Not a lot of stories in a 38 0 game so this was the story for Jets reporters this week.

Mr. Sanchez apologized for his malfeasance and to make up for his bad he both 500 hot dogs, burgers, buns through the A & P supermarket and donated them to the Community Food Kitchen of Morristown, New Jersey.


1149...Coyote Question: Should You Be Afraid?

In a word: yes.

From Bozeman, Montana and ABC News comes information, on the heels of Taylor Mitchell's demise, she being the 19 year old Canadian folkie who was tragically killed by coyotes in Cape Breton while on the scenic Skyline trial, that you should be wary of coyotes.

[Reference Post 1123...Tragedy In Cape Breton for details re Miss Mitchell's death.]

"'Coyotes have become the most abundant large predatory animal on the continent,' says Ralph Maughan, who operates a popular wildlife blog that tracks human-wildlife encounters. 'Incidents like this are uncommon but bound to happen, when you consider there are millions of coyotes, some of them living in the middle of populated areas.'" No need for fear says Mr. Maughan but awareness, yes.

Once only seen in the American and Canadian west, coyotes are everywhere their range extends from the boreal forests of the north to the deserts of Mexico, from downtown Los Angeles to golf courses and parks inside New York City. And beyond. Miss Mitchell lost her life in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, about as far east and north east as one can get on the continent and equally as far away from the west as possible. Still, coyotes were there.

The bigger issue seems to be if the animals get conditioned to eating human food, which is presumably tastier than [most] roadkill, they get aggressive around humans.

Never feed the animals, capeche?

Jamais, jamais, jamais.


1148...H1N1 Could Infect Up To 25 Per Cent

That is one in four for those of you not near a calculator.

1 in 4 of us may get the H1N1. In a typical flu season 1 in 10 get the flu.

Big diff, eh?

In the Montreal Gazette this morning "Brian Ward, an infectious-disease expert at the McGill University Health Centre, said that up to 25 per cent of the Canadian population could contract H1N1."

Just one more reason to get the shot.


1147...Stay Out Of Quebec Chuck Warns SSJB

The Montreal Gazette reports this am that the Societe de St. Jean Baptiste are warning Prince Charles and the missus to stay out of Quebec when they visit the colonies from the 2nd to the 15th of next month including a dip into Montreal on the 10th.

Still smarting over getting defeated in 1759 by the British, hold a grudge why doncha, Mario Beaulieu, the president of the Société Saint Jean Baptiste de Montréal wrote a two page letter to the Prince of Wales listing numerous affronts to the French language and Quebecois and Acadians. Culprits include the constitution, Bill 101 and Bill 104 and, no, I am not following this line of thinking either.

And you sent a letter.

A letter.

Hello. Hellllllllllllllllllllooooooooooo. It is 2009 brother, email, courriel, or as you probably call it, l'email, that is the way to go. Fast, so fast.

A letter.

How cute.

At least you got your name in the paper. I am sure all your friends at the beret store will be patting you on the back.

I believe it is germane to point out to Mr. Beaulieu that 1/1759 was 250 years ago and 2/I know Jewish people who drive Volkswagens and that was only 65 years ago. Time to move on Mr. Beaulieu; there are pure laine people starving in the streets of Montreal, pure laine kids who won't have proper clothes this Christmas in La Belle, frankly the heir apparent in another country visiting your town is not as important as remedying problems in your own backyard.

Lord knows I am not pro monarchy but this is not helping either your cause or the cause of sentinent beings like myself who want to have a head of state that reflects our home and native land.


1146...If In Ottawa Don't Forget Footie At 1

In the bleek dark rain at Frank Clair Stadium, Lansdowne Park, Ottawa it be the McMaster University Marauders versus the University of Ottawa Gee Gees.

Playoffs, baby.

Look for me in my GG sombrero.


1145...Is Your House Haunted?

The Ottawa Sun ran a timely feature Wednesday listing indicators to help you tell if you have ghosts in avec la maison.

-Unexplained Noises
-Physical evidence
-Lights or appliances turning off
-Cries and whispers
-Cold or hot spots
-Strange animal behaviour
-Unexplained shadows
-Doors opening and closing
-Feelings of being watched
-Moving or levitating objects
-Items disappearing and reappearing

I know my apartment is haunted and here is the proof. I was out drinking last night and when I got home some paranormal being ripped my pants, peed all over the floor of my bathroom, left the TV on all night, scared me and hid my keys.


Friday, October 30, 2009

1144...5 28; 6 14

5 28 pm eastern is when WFDS purchased his first poppy of 2009; 6 14 eastern is when he noticed he had lost it.

Upon checking my records I noted that last year I spent 1,438.83 $ on poppies.

Oy vey.


1143...Finger Lickin' Free

My fave restaurant, K Fried, is rolling out free chick this Sunday between 2 and 4 to introduce you to the restaurant's new Boneless Chicken Fillets.

The story in the Ottawa Citizen earlier in the week quotes President Steve Langford of Priszm Income Fund, the largest KFC franchisee, as saying he hopes that they want to avoid the near riots that broke out at some American outlets when they ran out of free bird during a similar promotion in May.

The chain expects to hand out about a quarter million fillets Sunday.


1142...2 55 PM Eastern Daylight Time Ottawa Ont

Saw my first poppie of the season.


1141...I Cannot See Anything Going Wrong Here

Can you?

Here is the West Edmonton Mall and it is a radio station contest put on by K-97. If you recall, Post 1138 referred to a woman, Jennifer Strange, who up and died hours after losing a radio contest on 107.9 The End in Sacramento; read the press release I received below and see if you cannot see a chance for something to go just a wee bit awry in this contest:

K97's Live In It To Win It
Edmonton AB from Jason Almeida

Sleeping in your car, we’ve almost all done it and it’s never a good feeling when you wake up. That’s what four K-97 listeners get the privilege of doing for up to two weeks!

K-97 is breaking barriers yet again, this time by having four listeners compete in a contest we like to call “Live In It To Win It”. Where the contestants will vie to win a Chevy Silverado, that has been completely tricked out with all the trimmings, by living inside the truck. The truck will be parked in West Edmonton Mall at the K-97 Stage, where everyone can see the listeners battle it out as if they are caged animals. Four listeners will kick-off the contest, but in the end only one will drive away with a FREE truck.

Adding to the excitement of the contest, listeners will be subjected to daily challenges chosen by K-97 listeners who want to make these peoples lives a living hell. These daily challenges will test the listeners’ mental determination and desire to win. As an additional incentive, the winner of each daily challenge will escape the competition that evening with their own private bed in the box of the truck.

Can’t make it to West Edmonton Mall? K-97 has you covered, as we’ve installed four webcams inside the truck so you can watch how the contest unfolds 24 hours a day at You can even read what they’re thinking as each listener in the truck will be blogging every day. That’s right… these people will have no privacy at all!

Interviews have now been completed and the contestants have been chosen, so come on down to Hudson’s Canadian Taphouse on Bourbon Street in West Edmonton Mall on Sunday, November 1st and see the unveiling of the four participants and the first challenge which will take place immediately before they move into their new home for the next two weeks.

What: K-97’s Live In It To Win It Media Launch/Contest Kick-Off
Why: To give away a fully decked out Chevy Silverado with all the trimmings
Who: Four contestants who will live in the truck until one person remains
When: Sunday, November 1st, 2009 doors at 4:30pm, unveiling at 5:30pm
Where: Hudson’s Canadian Taphouse, Bourbon Street West Edmonton Mall

I hope they scan the contestants before plopping them in to this fat ride.

I especially like the lines "...the listeners battle it out as if they are caged animals." And "...make these peoples lives a living hell." Plus "That’s right… these people will have no privacy at all!"

Two weeks, in a truck, four strangers, 40,000 dollar prize; nah, nothing is going to go wrong.

Or everything is.


1140...The Future King Of Canada Visits Next Week

Charles and Mrs. Charles, Camilla, will be visiting their realm next week and, honestly, WTF.

Barbara Jaffe in the morning's Vancouver Sun tells that the monarchy costs our country 50 million a year plus expenses for walkabouts like C and C will be having next week. Miss Jaffe seems to think that 50 million is not a ton of money but, wow, it is. It is enough for a drug rehab building and the beds needed to take care of all the crack heads in your capital that want help and cannot get it. Symbols or lives?

She points out that "Momentum for change appears to be building. Just this week, popular former cabinet minister Brian Tobin called for a Canadian head of state. Another prominent former minister, John Manley, expressed the same view back in 2002." We are growing up. Finally.

Personally I like the WFDS plan, a lottery with all Canadian citizens in the hopper, have the draw at half time of the Grey Cup [I know, I said NHL All Star game but I have re thought the process] and, voila, a Canuckistanian King/Queen.

Ms. Jaffe opines that "The Harper government might want to strike an all-party committee of senators to study Canada's options to prepare for the time when Elizabeth ends her reign." I opine that the WFDS plan should be considered.


1139...NDP Is Selling Out Anglos...Thanks, Jack

NDP is selling out anglos to court francophone votes is the full headline of the brilliant editorial in today's Montreal Gazette.

OK, we get it. Outremont MP Thomas Mulcair, Quebec's sole NDP flag-bearer, wants to make sure he'll get re-elected, and to have his party win more seats, too. This is the nearest we can come to a logical explanation for all the noise he and the NDP are making about being 100-per-cent behind Quebec's "Frenchness." That this is a measured affront to anglophone Quebec doesn't seem to matter. We're just collateral damage in the quest for votes.

It was Mulcair who introduced this week's motion, affirming Quebec's right to require that immigrants to the province learn French. In its vague way, the resolution asserted broadly a "right" the Supreme Court framed much more carefully in last week's Bill 104 decision about access to English schools.

Still, all parties lined up dutifully behind it, prudently unwilling to offend francophone sentiment. The big parties, however, were equally careful to point out that the motion did not exactly break new ground. Mulcair "is trying to drive through an open door," said Liberal MP Justin Trudeau. "This whole thing is a PR exercise."

Citizenship Minister Jason Kenney described the motion as "more to do with symbolic politics than anything else."

But the Bloc Québécois eagerly backed Mulcair's motion, promising to use it as a tool to promote sovereignty.

Of course, this isn't the first time Mulcair - and his leader Jack Layton - have shown themselves willing to sell out Quebec anglophones. In April 2008, the NDP supported a Bloc motion to impose Quebec's Language Charter on the 275,000 Quebecers working for federally-regulated companies and agencies. Liberal MP Marlene Jennings rightly called this a "sellout" of anglophone rights, and the grown-up parties defeated the motion.

Actually the NDP's flirtation with hard-line Quebec nationalism goes back a long way. In 1961, at its inaugural convention, the NDP became the first federal party to assert that Canada was formed by "two founding nations."

Nearly 50 years and two referendums later, it seems the NDP hasn't grasped that minority language communities need and deserve federal-government support.

The presence of a few more students in the English school system in Quebec is not going affect the future of a province where more than 80 per cent of the people have French as a mother tongue.

Mulcair drifts dangerously close to demagoguery when he describes a small legal loophole as a "disaster." He should know better.

Thanks again, Jack.


1138...Huge Lawsuit: Over 16 Million Awarded

I am sure you haven't followed this story out of Sacramento, Cali but it is an interesting one, the synopsis of which I will cut and paste from Taylor On Radio Info, an industry newsletter that is fair and balanced in its approach.

What the story is is a story about a radio contest, a very lame contest in my view, that went terribly wrong. The whole idea of the contest held January 12 of '07 on KDND, branded as 107.9 The End, was how long one could go without weeing to get a Wii. One died in the process and, thank goodness for lawyers, the waiver they signed was worthless. If you go to the Sacramento Bee website,, you can hear the contest in its entirety.

The contest broadcast during the station's "Morning Rave" program began around 6:15 a.m. as contestants were each handed 8 oz water bottles to drink at 15 minute intervals. Contestants also said that as the contest progressed, they were given increasingly larger quantities of water to drink. Some later remarked on the physical discomfort they suffered during and following the event.

The clips on the Sacramento Bee website are troubling. They indicate that the DJs of the show were aware of the death of Matthew Carrington by water intoxication during a hazy ritual at Chico State University in California. Chillingly a caller who was a co-worker of Nurse Practitioner Judy Linder called the station and informed the DJs that the contest could be dangerous and that someone could die. The jocks respond by saying "we're aware of that," and joked that the contestants had signed releases and couldn't file a lawsuit. Wrong moron. However, according to a contestant, the waivers addressed only publicity issues and made no mention of health or safety concerns. Later in the broadcast the talent also joked about Jennifer Strange's distended belly, joking that she looked three months pregnant. Hours later she was dead.

The contest broadcast during the station's "Morning Rave" program began around 6:15 a.m. as contestants were each handed 8 oz water bottles to drink at 15 minute intervals. Contestants also said that as the contest progressed, they were given increasingly larger quantities of water to drink. Some later remarked on the physical discomfort they suffered during and following the event. No bells went off in the minds of the genie running The End.

This is Taylor On Radio's synopsis, note that when the jury asks for a bigger calculator, that is not a good thing is you are the one being sued.

faces a $16.57 million jury verdict in the water-death case.

Hold your wee for a Wii” was dumb, dangerous – and now very costly. The jury’s final request (says the Sacramento Bee) was for a playback of “all the audio on [CHR ‘End 107.9’] KDND in which Jennifer Strange was talking to the station’s talent” during the January 12, 2007 contest. The jury had previously requested an adding machine that could handle ten digits. Attorneys for the family of Jennifer Strange asked for a verdict of $34 million to as much as $44 million. The jury settled halfway between nothing and the $34 million, at about $16.5 million. The testimony revealed the internal situation at the End wasn’t good. Various witnesses talked about a morning show that had gone over the line previously, and of a corporate office back in Philadelphia that was either guiding such things as promotions or (alternatively) had provided enough guidance and felt the local oversight was deficient. It sure doesn’t make radio look good, and the sizable verdict may make others consider the consequences of their promotions. You can imagine Entercom appealing the size of the verdict or even asking for it to be set aside. This isn’t the final word, unless Entercom stops and writes the check now. The Sacramento Board of is talking about it.

As a kicker, not only did Mrs. Strange lose her life and not only did her three kids and husband lose a life long companion, she also didn't win the Wii.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

1137...Toronto Is Not The Most Exciting City

But it is full of people who try to make it exciting.

Like the lad fixing his furnace last night at 39 Amesbury, up around Keele and St. Lawrence. Furnace fixing is so boring so buddy boy decides he needs a smoke. Let's face it, its chilly in Tronna in late October so he decides to stay in for a smoke.

You guessed it.

Ka boom.

There is video and everything on the Toronto Sun site which you can access by clicking on the title bolded above. What you will find out is that the maroon who lit the cig triggered an explosion that injured all six occupants and destroyed the suburban home.

Three of them, including the lad who decided taking a smoke break next to a gas furnace he was fixing was a good idea, are in terrible shape, not going to die but tres uncomfortable.


1136...Aseman Airlines

Not the most inspiring name for an airline.

Ridicule Air Canada if you will but seriously Aseman Airlines.

Yahoo News
tells that at least their pilots are thoughtful. Spiritual. Scary.

Thursday the Aseman Airlines Boeing plane had taken off from Tehran airport after a six-hour delay, but had to return following a technical fault, the ISNA news agency quoted a passenger as saying.

While the plane was heading back the pilot got on the public address system and informed the passengers that there was a technical problem and asked/advised them to pray.

That inspires confidence.


1135...Sporty Weekend For University Of Ottawa

The U of O has a big weekend planned sportswise.

Friday afternoon it is the Polish under 19 team against the Gee Gees. Or something like that, not really sure just know it is hoop, it is at the University of Ottawa and it is at 3. I will be there wearing my GG sombrero.

Saturday, big football game at Lansdowne's Frank Clair Stadium, the Gees versus the McMaster Marauders in a playoff game. I believe we are in the round of eight and I know for certain that the winner goes on and the loser goes back to Hamilton.


1134...Homemade Xxxmas Cards

Are not the best idea especially if the photographer, 57-year-old David Simmons of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, neglected to tell the photographee, his ex girlfriend, that he was sending out x rated Christmas cards starring her doing the horizontal tango.

Or vertical tango.

I get those mixed up.

Perhaps it was both.

The Daily News Journal reports that Mr. Simmons was sentenced to two years of probation for sending the sexually explicit Christmas cards of his ex-girlfriend to her relatives.

I am guessing that is the gift that keeps on giving.


1133...Why Is Dr. Carolyn Bennett Apologizing?

The Tories totally drop the ball, sending body bags to Indian reservations before sending medicine and Liberal health critic Dr. Carolyn Bennett sends out a flyer featuring a picture of body bags and a sick aboriginal kid and she is apologizing?


The many Suns Christina Spencer reports that "Grand Chief Ron Evans of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs told a parliamentary committee the flyer was 'very's really troubling to our people.' "

Let's frigging hope it was troubling Chief but what really should have pissed you off was the original action from the party that hung Louis Riel.

The Conservatives may be up, way up, in the polls, but that doesn't make them right, or even close to being right on this.

Why Dr. Bennett turtled is beyond me.

Attack, attack, attack.


1132...Canada's Fifth Biggest Province Is...


Andrew Mayeda, Canwest News Service, reports that about 2.8 million of us don't live with the rest of us, a number that makes the Canadian diaspora the fifth biggest province so to speak in the nation.

The study by the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada raises important questions, such as whether expats should be allowed to vote, or be required to pay taxes.

57 per cent of Canucks abroad live in the States, Hong Kong, Oz and the U. K.


1131...Russell Barth Says, You Could Legalize It

Another problem solved.

Ain't gonna happen but, seriously now folks, haven't we seen this movie before?

Susanna Kelley in the Canadian Press today repeatedly quotes OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino about the terror that is the grow op industry in Ontario, an industry that allegedly is epidemic in Ontario. "Investigating and shutting down marijuana grow-ops make up 60% of the workload of the force's drug enforcement unit, OPP Insp. Brian Martin said."

Or, since the war on drugs is essentially over, drugs having won, the Stephen Harpers could man up and legalize it, it being the evil drug marijuana, and not only save tons of money but they could throw that cash into, hmmmmm, let's say rehabilitation centers for alcoholics and drug addicts.

That would lower the crime rate expodentially but it would put a lot of cowboys with badges back on traffic stops. Cannot have that.

Commissioner Fantino says that we are too soft on drug criminals in Canada, pointing out that "Those (criminals) working cross-border, we'd love for them to get indicted into the United States because that's where they're really going to get the business." By the business presumably he means longer jail sentences.

We of course know how well that has worked in the United States where there are zero drug problems.

Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it and repeat it and repeat it and repeat it.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

1130...A Belated Happy National Chocolate Day

To you.

Daniel Champagne at tells me that today is the day to indulge; ironically it is, of course, mere hours between National Chocolate Day, the official NCD, and Hallowe'en, the real NCD.

Still, if you need an excuse you now have an excuse.


1129...Embarassment At Carleton University

I had breakfast this morning in one of the restaurants in residence, the Oasis, a bit shocked to find that the cutlery was plastic, the plates were paper and so on.

One would think that the US News' 346th best university in the world would be a bit greener than that.


1128...They Are Conservatives, They Are Socialist

They are the NDP.

Vacillating between propping up Stephen Harper's Republican Party and fomenting social unrest at the very epicentre of Canuckistanian democracy, the House of Commons, Jack Layton's gang is spinning itself to the point of irrelevancy.

I cribbed this piece from mentor James Bowie's blog, Bowie's Blog, in part because I don't know how to link anything inside the text and he does.

Here is the link, btw:

You may also click on the above title and pop to the story in the Toronto Star.

When you click on the link you will see the Toronto Star's report on the event, which features a picture of angry white [White?] people protesting something or other on the Hill. The Whiteness of the crowd does not surprise; I have been to NDP socials; their idea of ethnic diversity is serving hummus.

Fashion alert, Fashion alert, Fashion alert.
Dipper Ottawa Centre MP Paul Dewar's political events coordinator, the Polaris Institute's Joe Cressy, looks very revolutionary in the photo accompanying the article. Add a beret Mr. Cressy and you will be a fashion leader, a fashionista.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
NDP denies involvement in protest
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Hear that, protestors? [sic] Your political masters are ashamed to know you. See you at the convention.

posted by James Bowie at 6:10 AM


1127...Sex And Money On The Radio, Part Two

Radio DJ Chio from Wired 96.5 gave two tickets to Susan Finkelstein and her husband for Game 3 of the World Series in Philadelphia.

The World Series between the Phils and the New York Yankees starts tonight and normally I wouldn't mention contest winners in a city 1000 km south of Ottawa except that Mrs. Finkelstein is a huge Phillie Phanatic so much so that she was arrested by Bensalem police after they alleged she offered to perform graphic sex acts for Phillies tickets.

Bensalem Police, that is a suburb of Philly, noted her craigslist ad
"DESPERATE BLONDE NEEDS WS TIX (Philadelphia) Diehard Phillies fan--gorgeous tall buxom blonde-- in desperate need of two World Series Tickets. Price negotiable--- I'm the creative type! Maybe we can help each other!"

contacted her and busted her.

Lawyers have been notified, she is innocent and now, thanks to Wired 96.5, she is going to game 3 without having to put out.

No word on how her husband feels about the whole uproar but I betcha he will be cheering right along with her.

This is, of course, all over the news and the best line to come out of the whole affair is from her lawyer who "Asked why she listed herself as a "buxom blonde," her lawyer [said] "I guess if she put 'little bridge troll' nobody would respond."


1126...Sex And Money On The Radio

8 to 9 30 tomorrow mon, Blake Batson, local business dude and anti HST activist. HST being the harmonized sales tax that Quebec and many other provinces have and Ontario is getting next year. Joining us in studio will be David Peacock from the Spirit Hallowe'en chain of stores to give a retail perspective on the HST and push his store's products as we come ever so close to the big night.

Around 8 30 Dr. Debra Laino from Delaware's capital, Wilmington, will join the conversation. She is a sex doctor, I am sure there is a fancier way of saying it, but that is what she is and she will tell you how to make it even more fun.

Sex and money. 93.1 CKCU.


1125...Grrrrrrrrreat Study About Cereal has a piece on a study that Yale University did that found out that cereals marketed to kids are way, way, way worse than those marketed to grown ups.

Like doh.

Here is what is not so doh. The study, was presented Monday in Washington, D.C., at Obesity 2009, the 27th annual meeting of the Obesity Society, a scientific organization dedicated to the study of obesity and it found that cereals marketed directly to children have 85 per cent more sugar, 65 per cent less fibre and 60 per cent more sodium than cereals marketed to adults.

The worst cereal nutritionally, but the best to eat if you are trying to prevent your eyesight from deteriorating [if you know what I mean] is Reese's Puffs. The captain, Crunch, Fruit Loops and Cocoa Puffs are also on the wall of tasty shame.


1124...Elizabeth May Is Now My Friend

On Facebook.


The bar cannot be that high, eh?


1123...Tragedy In Cape Breton

18, 19 years old, the age differs from account to account, Taylor Mitchell, an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Toronto, died this morning after she was attacked by two coyotes while hiking alone on the spectacular Skyline Trail in Cape Breton Highlands National Park yesterday.

It was a fluke of sorts and has made her a world wide personality but not in the way that she envisioned.

Mary Vallis in the National Post wrote that "Ms. Mitchell's MySpace and Facebook pages indicate she was on tour in the Maritimes on her 'Atlantic Winds and Sea Shanties' tour. Earlier this month she was nominated for the Canadian Folk Music Awards' Young Performer of the Year."

Say a prayer.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

1122...What Do Detroit & Bolivia Have In Common?

22 useless Lions.

In Bolivia Animal Defenders International spent two years undercover working inside Bolivia's circuses documenting animal abuse; Detroit had Matt Millen.

Matt Millen [finally] got fired; ADI has succeeded in having legislation prohibiting the use of all animals in circuses passed.

Problems have arisen in both locales.

Mr. Millen sucked at picking football players; the freed animals, and that includes 22 Lions, have no place to go and may need to be euthanized.

"World-renowned primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall is impressed by the legislation but sees it as only a first step. 'What do you do with all those animals?' she asked TIME on a visit to La Paz earlier this month. 'That is the nightmare.'"

Matt Millen got a job on TV.


1121...You Cannot Make This Stuff Up

Because I am World Famous I get emailed calendars and press releases and whatnot.

Here is something that is going on tomorrow; pay particular attention to the bolded words.

OTTAWA _ Liberal MP Alexandra Mendes holds news conference on her Private Members' Bill to reduce transport times for farm animals. Look for black van and chickens. (12:30 p.m. at Parliament Hill, Wellington St., front steps)

See you there.


1120...Pirates On Lake Erie

WEWS Cleveland, reports on its site that it has come to this: pirates on Lake Erie.

The U.S. Coast Guard said a boater reported that a man pulled up along side his boat and robbed him at gunpoint at about 6 last night.

Officials said the incident happened in the Euclid area about two miles off shore and that there is no description of either the boat or the suspected robber.

Only in America.


1119...Soon This Won't Be News So Get Your Shot

The first few to pass tend to make the news as do the last few but if the H1N1 flu is as bad as we are led to believe and if the physical resistance to getting the shot is as high as we are led to believe the following story from the Toronto Sun and CITY TV will occur over and over and over again.

The news is that 13 year old Evan Frustaglio died Monday evening at St. Joseph's hospital in Toronto. His daddy Paul Frustaglio, told the Toronto Sun the coroner's office has confirmed his son died of the virus.

Go get shot.


1118...Stephane Dion The Man Who Coulda


And shoulda.

Become PM when he had a chance; hello, is anyone paying attention here, apparently not.

Anyhow, the least successful leader in the history of the Liberal Party is speaking at the world's 346th most prestigious university, Carleton, ce soir, 7 30 ish in the Tory Building, room 340, I believe it is called the Egg.


Tell him the WFDS sent you to ask him a question.

That question.



This was featured on NBC's hit sitcom Parks And Recreation last week.

What it is is basically instant park.

We need this in Ottawa.

Your nation's capital.

If you are not familiar with this town, stuff moves here with glacier like speed and precision.

Rapid transit, football stadiums, fair grounds.

Want to see bureaucracy and committees and stake holder meetings and bullsh*t in overdrive? Visit your capital.

Kafu*$ing Kaboom, we need Kafu$%ing Kaboom.


1116...Fabulous Me On The Radio 6 2morrow

The morning 6. 93.1 on the wireless. 944 on Rogers.

With, probably, if she makes it, Emily O, a thespian I know and you and Dan Peacock from the Spirit Hallowe'en stores in Ottawa.

Fear not, if you are a Hallowe'ener from away he will hook you up with some ideers and if you are a Hallowe'ener from near he will hook you up and sell you wicked Hallowe'en schtuff.


1115...NBA Starts Tonight

I have Los Angeles winning it all.

Go Clippers!


1114...Bingo Caller Moves Up

Last month Sherman Lewis was a bingo caller at a retirement home in suburban Detroit.

Last night he was the offensive coordinator for the Washington Redskins.

They suck and they lost but still, nice upward career path for the former Toronto Argo.


1113...Phoenix Coyotes Sold And Moving




Dang those police and their dogs.

Calgary Sun says that area police pulled over Shawn Lutz and Scott Gowing of Calgary on the Trans Canada and, with the help of a drug sniffing dog, found 68 kg of magic mushrooms.

This means less fun with black lights and strobes and Pink Floyd albums at this weekend's parties in Cowtown.


Monday, October 26, 2009

1111...2morrow Morning

The World Famous Dan Shields, that's me, with Executive Director Marilyn Matheson from Ottawa's Christmas Exhange.

Don't know what that is? Me neither so join me at six in the a.m. and find out.

I do know that in mid November they will give you the opportunity to save beaucoup d'argent at Carlingwood Mall in the Capital with this promo:

Get your Christmas shopping done early by coming out to Carlingwood Shopping Centre on Saturday November 14th and saving 20% off all purchases at participating stores. All you have to do is purchase a red Rudolf nose from a Christmas Exchange volunteer at the mall for $5, present the nose to the cashier when you are ready to make your purchase at participating stores, and watch the dollars slide off the total! So come out to Carlingwood Shopping Centre on November 14th to help feed families and save big for Christmas.

Tomorrow morning let's wake up together.


1110...Bad News For Red Sox Fans

Jeff Blair in the Globe and Mail today says that J. P. what's his name, the late unlamented GM of the Toronto Blue Jays, is pretty much signed, sealed and delivered to the Boston Red Sox as a front office guru.


1109...Carleton Women Win Home Tourney

It has been a long time coming but the Carleton Ravens women's team has turned the corner.

In a tough game yesterday against a really fine team from the University of Alberta, a squad that one would think would be favoured if there was such a thing as odds in CIS sports, favoured by 7 against the hometown Ravens who prevailed 69 to 68 in the championship of the 4th annual Metro Glebe Basketball Tournament at the Norm Fenn gym at Carleton in Ottawa the first time the Ravens have ever won a tournament, really, no kidding.

The above is a run on sentence by the way; text book.


1108...Saanich-Gulf Islands News

Canwest News Service reports that last Thursday a homeless man forced his way into the Hillside Liquor Store in scenic Saanich at 8 in the a.m. and, in a few minutes, a very few minutes, power slammed a 13 ounce bottle of vodka, a 13 ounce bottle of scotch and a few bottles of cider.

I think I used to date his sister.

Paul Lamoureux of the Saanich police said the man, who gave his name as McLovin' and/or Jackass, was very cooperative and getting increasingly intoxicated as time wore on.


1107...Jack Layton's Dilemma

Carol Goar opines in this morning's Toronto Star that the NDP leader is, unlike Stephen Harper, more "...gregarious, comfortable in the spotlight and always ready to perform." And "Unlike Opposition Leader Michael Ignatieff, he is eager to talk about his policies to any audience."

His only problem is he is the leader of a party that is, politely put, on the margins federally and he is in a tough spot. If he votes against the Tories, like he did for a longgggggggggggg time, an election will be triggered and his party could get decimated; if he votes for them, which he may be doing for a longgggggggggggggg time, when the election occurs his party could be decimated.

Ms. Goar points out that "This is not a favourable time for the NDP. Canadians are worried about the economy, tired of political instability and reluctant to split the anti-Harper vote."

It is a tough spot for Mr. Layton to be in; damned if he does, damned if he does not.

Or he could break through and make the NDP a true contender on the national stage.

Nah, ain't gonna happen.


1106...Leaders Lead

We need that.

A leader who will lead, not only with words but by action.

Hugo Chavez, the Grand Puba of Venezuela is such a leader.

Reuters last week reported that President Chavez spoke out on one of the most important subjects of our time: singing in the shower.

No dilly dallying here; he is against it.

Water levels are critically low in Venezuela and the Prez thinks that singing in the shower is contributing to the problem.

"Some people sing in the shower, in the shower half an hour. No kids, three minutes is more than enough. I've counted, three minutes and I don't stink."

Leaders lead.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

1105...Zombie Season Is Upon Us

LaCrosse Tribune, the paper of record in the city named after our national sport, reports that down the road in Iowa City the local gendarmes are investigating an early morning assault in which a man accused another of being a zombie, then punched him twice.

This happened a bit after 1 this morning and I suspect alcohol was involved. In a restaurant just off the University of Iowa campus a man was ordering food when he was approached by another man who called him a zombie, then hit him in the eye. When the victim tried to call police on his cell phone, the man punched him again, breaking his nose.

The man then ran out a back door and the other man went to the hospital.


1104...I'm Right About This: PM Ruins My Vacation

Nasty Tories have f'cked up my vacation plans and my time share. According to the Canadian Press "Canadian travellers [sic] have been told they're not welcome in Libya, in an apparent reprisal for Canada's near tongue-lashing of Moammar Gadhafi."

This all stems from a huge national party MG threw for convicted bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi when he the terminally ill man was repatriated from his Scottish jail cell after serving time for the killing of 270 victims killed in the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103.

In August of this year, when Mr. al-Megrahi was given a heroes welcome in Libya a spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the action ``constituted an insult to all the victims who died, including Canadians.''

This got MG's panties all in a knot and now my vacation is ruined, ruined I tell you, ruined.


1103...WFDS Wrong Again: Mea Culpa

Robert McClelland has left a new comment on your post "1102...This Is Good News 4 Harper-Layton Team":

The NDP voted against Bill C-15. The Liberals voted for it.

Publish this comment.

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Moderate comments for this blog.

Posted by Robert McClelland to The World Famous Dan Shields at October 25, 2009 2:17 PM

1102...This Is Good News 4 Harper-Layton Team

We know that after jamming through Bill C-15 and filling the jails the next step will be bring back the death penalty.

Sure, it doesn't lower the crime rate or anything but it does offer good optics for the crime fighters in the Conservative-NDP coalition.

And now it can be done inexpensively.

Jennifer Steinhauer in that liberal birdcage liner the New York Times reports that in Arizona "...officials soon will seek bids from private companies for nine of the state's 10 prison complexes that house roughly 40,000 inmates, including the 127 on death row. It is the first attempt by a state to put its entire prison system under private control."

Full service jail systems, at minimal cost.

I feel safer already therefore in advance I thank you Stephen, I thank you Jack.


1101...Polygamy Update

Polygamy is in the news again and not just in Canada.

Associated Press tells me that plans to open branches of a Malaysian version of LavaLife or EHarmony aimed at polygamists in Indonesia have upset women's groups and religious leaders in the world's most populous Muslim nation.

Don't get me wrong, they are not anti multiple wives: according to the AP story under Islamic law Muslim men are permitted four wives. They just think that using a dating service cheapens the process.

Frankly it is beyond me why anyone would want more than a wife and a goomar but different strokes for different folks.

Polygamous relationships are believed to be gaining in popularity in secular Indonesia, but it's impossible to say how many there are because the marriages are performed secretly at mosques and are not recorded by the state. A grey area legally Indonesia's 1974 Marriage Law permits a man to have a second wife if his first is an invalid, infertile or terminally ill. However, there is no way to monitor adherence to the rules in the predominately Muslim nation.


1100...Blackberry Disposal 101

Erase everything off the damn thing.

Ditto laptops, PDA's, TREOs; didja get it?


The athletic department at the University of Missouri didn't get it and as reported in Sports Illustrated earlier this month the consequences are not good.

They sold 25 cellphones for 190 dollars [that is 193 dollars Canadian] to Mike Bellman. When Mr. Bellman discovered that the phones, including one from Missouri Tiger basketball coach Mike Anderson, were loaded with numbers, texts and emails, he knew he was on to something.

The something being a nice haul.

The school offered to buy the goods back for 190$; how generous. Mr. Bellman declined and is going to offer them on the open market to collectors.

Erase, erase, erase.


1099...Has Anyone Seen My Salmon?

I know I left them somewhere.

Okay, I am kidding, no salmon in WFDS life but there is a place out west, Campbell River, B.C. where the Canadian Press reports that Marine Harvest Canada says that 40,000 salmon escaped on Wednesday from its farm at Port Elizabeth, on the mainland across the water from the northern tip of Vancouver Island.

They have put up posters everywhere.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

1098...Stephen Harper Makes A Bold Statement

"...he says he wants to avoid being dragged into a political debate."

As reported by the Canadian Press our beloved Prime Minister Stephen Harper made that statement in St. Georges, the Beauce.

He also went out on a limb, a huge limb during a presser in that town earlier in the day. Mr. Harper is on record as saying that "...he'd certainly like to see more NHL teams in Canada."

If they show the games on United States TV, after the news, he won't miss a game.


1097...Half Of You Don't Trust The Flu Shot

Meagan Fitzpatrick makes the front page of the Calgary Herald with her reporting from Ottawa that 48 per cent of you don't believe that the H1N1 vaccine is good enough for you to get injected into your body.

The poll, which was taken last week, also indicates that almost a quarter of Canadians said they are using public transit less often than before because of the flu pandemic and that thirty per cent are shaking hands less often than before the pandemic.


1096...So Where We Going To Store Them All?

Them being all the new prisoners we are going to have in Can-a-duh after bill C-15, the Conservative-NDP anticrime bill gets pushed through giving us US style justice and unsafer streets.

Think about it.

Taking discretion and power out of the hands of judges, Canadian Press has announced that the Senate has passed legislation announced by the federal government earlier this year. What this new bill, that Conservative MP James Moore, who also is the minister in charge of TV, announced in Van today, does is cancel a sentencing provision in which judges could give criminals two-for-one credit for each day they were in jail before trial.

Didn't work in the States; won't work here.



1095...Big Ups To Winter In The Capital

Traffic was blocked on the The Driveway coz they were transporting the Beaver Tails huts and dropping them on the The Canal.

If you don't understand this, email an Ottawa friend, perhaps Stephen or Jack, and they will translate.

L'hiver is on its way.


1094...Mindelle Call Me Mindy Makes Sense

Mindelle Jacobs the Sun writer out of Edmonton drops some words into the Friday Ottawa Sun that are so right and shows the absolute hypocrisy of Stephen Harper.

Commenting on the plans of the Tories to increase the number of seats in the House of Commons Ms. Jacobs points out that when Stephen Harper was a Reform Party member he argued for a smaller House of Commons and now, a decade and a half later, he wants more seats, especially out West, a gift for the Tories.

She compares our system to that of the Americans who in 1911 froze the number of seats in the House of Representatives at 435. In perpetuity. Each state gets two seats in the Senate and seven have only one Congressman.

Such a thing, the thing be the fact that, due to population shifts, Pennsylvania, New York and Illinois have lost a lot of seats, in the case of Illinois about a third and in California representation has exploded, couldn't and won't happen here.

It is absurd that PEI, which has less people living in it than my building, has four seats. But, due to an ammendment to the Constitution back in 1915, the rule is a province cannot have fewer seats in the House of Commons than in the Red Chamber.

Of course, Stephen Harper could be true to his Reform roots. A Triple E Senate: Equal, Elected, Effective.

1093...A Bill Harper-Layton Coalition Will Pass

Bill C-1031.

The bill to ban Hallowe'en costumes.

Bear me out.

In the spirit of Bill C-15, the law that will fill our prisons with dudes and dudettes that get caught smoking a reefer outside the club, a bill that is predicated on pure anecdotal accounts and fear, I think the Harper-Layton should offer Bill C-1031 which will ban Hallowe'en costumes.

Hear me out.

Whereas most armed robbers wear disguises when armed robbing and whereas Hallowe'en costumes are disguises in the spirit of protecting Canadians from Canadians and, most importantly, illegal immigrants and terrorists, Bill C-1031 will proscribe Hallowe'en costumes.

And, because the Dennis Bevington's in his caucus need their pensions, Jack Layton will vote totally in favour of it because it is "...good for Canadian workers."

Another problem solved.


Friday, October 23, 2009

1092...Hamlet Revisited 23 Style

Air Jordans or adidas, that is the question.

Is it better to wear shoes that your mega gazillionaire daddy represents or to wear the shoes that the university that you are running hoop for has a contract with.

That be the dilemma that incoming freshman guard Marcus Jordan is facing at the University of Central Florida. The Chicago Tribune reports young Mr. Jordan is balking at having to wear adidas, jeopardizing a multi-million dollar contract the shoe maker has was UCF.

Apparently he was promised by the school when they were recruiting him that he could wear the Jordan brand; they lied. It happens.

The crux of the matter as I see it is that Mr.Jordan Jr. is nowhere near good enough to be making such demands. The son of the greatest player ever must take after his momma. He was rated as the 100th-best shooting guard in the country as a high school senior by ESPNU, averaging 10.0 points, 4.5 rebounds and 3.2 assists per game, earning state tournament MVP honors. Still, 100th, in the country as a shooting guard. To put that in perspective, Josh Wright, who played for the Univesity of Ottawa Gee Gees last year, was the 9th best guard in the States his Senior year.

If Mr. Jordan was a blue chip player going to a good basketball school; UCF was 133rd in the country at the conclusion of last season according to the USA Today's Jeff Sagarin, if he was a blue chip player he could strut. But he ain't. He wouldn't be good enough to start at Carleton so he should just suck it up and slip on the adidas.


1091...Tories Re Invent Scandals

A cut and paste number from my mentor James Bowie's blog. As Mr. Bowie implies, the Conservatives have re invented scandals and scandal naming. Enough of ending every thing in "...gate".

Friday, October 23, 2009
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Finally, a scandal whose name does not contain the suffix "Gate!"

posted by James Bowie at 1:08 PM

Check out more of Mr. Bowie's blog at:


1090...Bob Rae Weighs In Re Post 1087

That's the post about Mr. Harper and his lack of interest in Canadian news.

Bob Rae posted this on my Facebook:

Bob Rae is trying to imagine the reaction if President Obama said 'I never watch American news, I only watch Canadian news...or if Sarkozy said "I only watch the BBC, I never watch the French news..." It's ridiculous

Then again if he was aware of issues that affected Canadians he would have to govern in a different way, eh?


1089...The Toy Department Of Life Is Sports

Red Smith said that.

him sometime.

And then send Allison Korn of Sun Media and the rest of the sanctimonious people who are hating on CTV for getting 27 of their on air personalities to run a klick or two with the Olympic torch as the flame makes its way to Vancouver the news that sports is just entertainment.

The Toronto Sun even has a big ass editorial in this morning's rag that castigates CTV for "...putting some of their best-known broadcasters into an ethically uncomfortable position by identifying them so closely with the Olympic brand."

Would someone please tell the Sun to pay attention. CTV is the Olympic brand in Canada and they paid a huge chunk o' change to be that.

As for Ms. Korn's argument that by running with the torch she would have been put in an "...ethically difficult position as a sports journalist who may be covering the Olympics." Well, is there a polite way of saying that she is full of it on this one?

Ethically difficult, give me a break. It is a two week festival of sports, car commercials, bank ads and is a tribute to whomever uses gravity to go the fastest down and slippery slope and whomever scores the most goals. That is what the winter games is about. Ethically difficult. OMG.

What this is really about is that the former silver and bronze medal rower applied to be a torch runner person and was rejected. Now she is all pissy about it and her paper has fallen in behind her. If they had of picked her to run a km with the torch held high I do believe she would have had no ethical problems with that.


1088...Hoop It Up At Carleton University Tonight

It is the women's turn, the Ravens are hosting the Metro Glebe basketball tourney in their house.

First game is at 6; Alberta versus Guelph. The Ravens, who, at worst will be pretty good and at best will be at nationals, play at 8 against Concordia.

Saturday games are at 6 and 8 and the finales are Sunday noon and 2.

I will be there; look for me in my red and black Ravens sombrero.


1087...No Max Keeping For PM Stephen Harper

No Max Keeping, no Peter Mansbridge, no Bernard Derome.

Tonda MacCharles of the Toronto Star reports that our beloved leader told a Toronto business meeting Wednesday that
"I watched the last several elections in the United States very closely. I tend to watch mainly American news because I don't like to watch Canadian news and hear what Allan (Gregg, a pollster and CBC pundit who was in the audience) and everybody else is saying about me, so my hobby is to watch politics elsewhere."

Local TV matters.


1086...I Love Pam Anderson

She is perfect. Smart, beautiful, rich, questionable taste in men, what is not to like?

Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllll she does have one major fault.

She has an animus against the fishers of Newfoundland and parts thereof who count on the Seal hunt to provide for themselves and their families. CTV News reports that she is in Toronto today to is in Toronto Friday " launch a new ad campaign against the annual East Coast seal hunt.

The ads, by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), feature celebrities wearing T-shirts saying "Save the Seals" and will appear in magazines and blogs in the next few weeks."

My love for her has not died, but her lack of respect for this subsistence fishers in her home and native land has caused it to fade just a tad.


1085...CKCU Begs You To Listen

If you are in Ottawa it is at 93.1 and if you are on the planet it is at

It is 93.1 CKCU which is having a funding drive starting n o w. The station gets a big chunk of change from the Carleton undergrads but needs 109 k from you to make things really pop.

Now here is why you should consider donating to the Mighty 93.1. Diversity. In a country full of shrinking media outlets [poor babies at CTV and Global and and and cannot figure out how to make money off their money making machines] it is important that we have more ways for the community and communities to be heard. is one of those ways.

You may donate on line or hit the station up at 613 520-3920.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

1084...America Is A Dangerous Country


George W. Graham writes in the Springfield Republican about how dangerous bars are in the Indian Orchard area of the town where basketball was invented.

He sketches out the story thusly: "A 22-year-old woman, who flashed $27,000 in cash Monday night while inside an Indian Orchard bar, was held up at gunpoint around midnight after she left the bar..."

What kind of a place is this America where a girl cannot flash 27,000 in greenbacks without attracting attention?



With the World Series just around the corner, and what would November be without the boys of summer?, I was a thinking of the Splendid Splinter, Boston Red Sox superb star Ted Williams. Last I heard of the greatest hitter in the history of the game, the last man to hit over .400, he was being stored in a freezer at Alcor Life Extension Foundation [a divison of Fly-By-Night-Enterprises] in Scottsdale, Arizona. Alcor is a company that stores corpses in the hope that in the future they can be brought back to life through the science of cyronics.

Larry Johnson was the CEO of the company for 8 months before he became a whistleblower and wrote a book, titled Frozen. The New York Daily News reports that employees at the plant took liberties with the Hall of Famer's remains, crudely severing Teddy Ballgame's frozen head from his body and balancing it ever so gently on a tun can. They also used his head for posed photos and batting practice. All good fun.

It isn't all bad; the hottest Hallowe'en costume in New England this year is the headless Ted Williams costume. The greatest hitter ever is now the greatest costume ever. Carrying his head in a jar, of course.


1082...Wrong Again World Famous

Wrong again.

The Globe and Mail frontpaged today that ridings that voted for the Stephen Harpers in Ontario got an average of 38 per cent more cheese than those held by the Liberals,Greens, er scratch that, I keep forgetting, high profile but zero seats and the NDP. In Post 1072...Vote Tory Get An Ice Rink I had the temerity to state that "...if it wasn't for the fact that our MPP, Yasir Naqvi, was a hard working member on the governing benches of the Premier Dalton McGuinty's team Ottawa Centre would be in worse shape than it is now."

For that I apologize.

There can be no doubt that I was right on the money about Mr. Naqvi being a brilliant leader in the OC but I was totally wrong, wrong, wrong when I posited that Ottawa Centre was being abused, avoided and neglected by the Tories when it comes time to dish out the stimulus money under the Recreational Infrastructure Canada Program, RinC.

Ottawa Centre, the riding where the House of Commons and all that other cool federal stuff is, held by Dipper Paul Dewar, finished fourth in the province in RinC coinage. Breaking it down further, the Tory ridings in Canada's most important province electorally received a shade under 2.1 million, the New Democrats almost 1.9million and the Liberal ridings got just a bit over half of what the Conservatives received at 1.363 mill.

I would not want to think for a second that the fact that the Conservatives under Stephen Harper have treated the New Democrat ridings like their own is the reason Jack Layton has pulled a 180 and is now in the pocket of the Prime Minister. Nor would I imply that the Conservatives are treating Ontarians in Liberal held ridings in worse fashion than those in NDP and Tory ridings on person. The fact that the Conservatives are giving the shaft to Liberal ridings in regards to the flow of RinC money is a mere coincidence.


1081...Liberal Voice Of Reason

RCMP Supt. Pierre Perron appeared in front of the house of sober second thought, the Senate of Canada and, with a straight face, stated that the street value of drugs seized by Canadian cops last year topped $2.4 billion.

I suppose but cops value drugs the same way 7/11 values groceries as in they drastically inflate the prices. Drastically. I always say that bullsh*t is to be divided by half and half of 2.4 is 1.2 and 1.2 is a f*$k of a lot of dope.

The story in the Globe and Mail indicates that Russell Barth's fave drug, the wicked weed, is still number one with a bullet accounting for 75% of seizures.

The Tories as you know are trying to bring in United States style drug laws, laws that have worked so very well in the States which as you know are pretty much sans narcotics now. Bill C-15 would impose tougher sentences for drug offences, including marijuana production and would make it more costly to get caught dealing, using or growing bringing a nice element of WTF to the relatively benign business of marijuana.

Not to mention costing you more money for prisons, policing and police toys.

Liberal Sen. George Baker suggested the bill would be a big drain on police resources. "This is a massive intrusion in your budgets," he said.

Sense, this makes too much sense for the Conservatives.


1080...Addenda To Post 1079

At the end of the Toronto Sun article that formed the basis of my comment to Post 1079 was this 100 million dollar financial windfall for local TV, to wit:

Tacked on to the monthly cable bill is a Local Programming Improvement Fund fee, which totals 1.5% of the customer's monthly charges. The LPIF generates $100 million for small- and medium-market stations across the country. It started appearing on bills on Sept. 1.

What really is killing Canadian TV, the local kind, is the lack of competition. I have said this many, many, many times but when you get out of Toronto and Montreal and Vancouver there is usually one or two local stations and the rest are repeaters. No competition for talent, low salaries and more are rife in local TV.

This cannibalization is the problem; stop allowing repeaters in big markets like Ottawa, K-W, London, Montreal, Victoria like they do in America and you will see the service, the salary levels and the profits increase. Oh, and make them service the town their over the air signal is in. For example, Global's stick in London would have to service London, really service London.

It really is that simple; cable companies aren't killing the industry, the industry is killing the industry.


1079...Broadcasting Business 101

Provide programming people want and then provide access. Stuff like what Canwest [Global's parent] Senior VP Charlotte Bell is quoted as saying is just a pile of steaming bullsh*t. She is quoted in the Toronto Sun as saying "It's a complex industry but it's fairly simple. They take our signals. They resell them to consumers. They make a profit off it and we don't get a cent of that."

Uh, no.

The whole idea is to sell advertising on your TV station and the more people that are watching your station, the better. Correct me if I am wrong but don't most people get Global from cable?

Solution is simple; raise your ad rates. It involves more work of course than a handout and those messy salespeople will be hanging about and more paper but it has been done.

Someone please forward this to James Moore, Minister of.

Another problem solved.


1078...KISS Criss Warning

With all the fuss over the flu, H1N1 and other varieties, other health concerns are getting lost in the shuffle.

Peter Criss was featured in a Reuters story this day that wants to raise awareness for men types about a killer out there that you may have never thought of. It is a killer that slays 440 American men a year according to the American Cancer Society and one that nearly got the ex KISS drummer.

It is breast cancer. Just one more thing to be aware of. Check 'em out boys and if you have an issue, see your doctor. Mr. Criss had both a lumpectomy and a mastectomy early last year and now the 63 year old metal head is cancer free.


1077...Balloon Boy For Hallowe'en Is The Way 2 Go

Story out of Saskatoon running in the Ottawa Citizen this morning says that a company in that town that makes remote-controlled planes and blimps is selling an official Balloon Boy Hallowe'en Costume Kit that is flying off their virtual shelves at the low price of 19.99$.

Bud Kays is the man at Plantraco Microflight who came up with the ideer.

For more deets:


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

1074...Scared You Will Be Scared

It is the month that ends with the Devil's Night and then Hallowee'en but the scariest thing going is this save local TV bullsh*t that is all over the f'ing tube.

Here is what esteemed morning yuckster on Bob FM in Ottawa Sandy Sharkey has been commissioned by her bosses at CTV to say on her blog:

Please get involved!! Help us to save local television!
There is a crisis and it is very real: in just 11 days, a decision may be made on behalf of the CRTC that could end local television forever. PLEASE TAKE A FEW MOMENTS TO WRITE TO THE CRTC AND STAND UP FOR LOCAL TELEVISION!! All the facts are available right
Please - make your voice be heard. Our community deserves local television!!!

What a pile of crap. If you cannot make money running a TV station in a market of over a million people like Ottawa you have no business running a TV station. What is killing local TV is the cannibalization of TV in this and every other market in Canada.

There are about 17 over the air signals in this town and all but two of the english and two of the french ones are repeaters.

TV is eating itself.


1074...Madoff: At Least He Didn't Waste The Money

From USA Today, headline
Suit says Madoff's offices were awash in cocaine, topless parties and 'sexual revelry'
quoting a deposition filed in New York court against convicted crook Bernie Madoff:

Behind the Facade, Madoff and BMIS Had A Dark Side
Behind this facade was a different side of Madoff and BMIS. Starting in 1975, Madoff began sending a long-time employee and office messenger to obtain drugs for himself and the company who worked with another individual who became a supplier to BMIS.

These two men were described as 47 street tough men from Harlem “who were not to be messed with.” Their job was to get drugs and bring them to the office for use at BMIS. The employees in the office were well known and everyone knew, including some special investors. Drug use in the office was described as rampant and likened the office to the “North Pole” in reference to the cocaine use.

Eventually the main employee supplier was fired for his drug abuse when cocaine and other undisclosed drugs were found in his desk in 2003. Madoff worried that it might bring in drug prosecutors who might uncover the big scam.

In regards to the diversion-filled office environment, employees described the wild office parties sans spouses. There were topless entertainers wearing only “G-string” underwear serving as waitresses, and a culture of sexual deviance existed in the office. The employees had late night affairs in exciting places - such as their boss’ sofa “with whomever they could find.” Employees described it as a wild, fast-talking, drug-using office culture.

Madoff also maintained a list of his favorite attractive female masseuses in his personal telephone book. Madoff’s affinity for escorts, masseuses, and attractive female employees was well known in the office culture, and certain feeders were allowed to participate in the conduct. A significant amount of the money stolen from investors went towards these lavish indulgences as well as other expenses for his employees, family and favorite feeders.

At least he didn't waste the money he stole.


1073...Stadium Fun

As you know stadium issues are rife in North America.

Quebec City is going to build a 400 million dollar hockey rink in the fervent hope that the NHL will return to the capital; ain't gonna happen.

Hamilton built Copps Arena so long ago with the same ideer that that rink is now, by NHL standards, a dinosaur.

Lansdowne Park in Ottawa is on the table right now; is it a shopping mall? a football stadium? a farmer's market? and how much will it cost the taxpayer of Ottawa [and Fort St. John and Moose Jaw and Moncton coz the feds will kick in coin too?] is a good place to track these power plays, your guv using money that could be spent on public health or transit to instead make rich guys richer.

And they tend to be a bit arrogant, pushy even, the rich guys who own these teams.

Take this from Charles Wang, the owner of the New York Islanders, Stanley Cup champions 1983 they were. Mr. Wang has given the suburb of Hempstead, New York a deadline to build him a new arena, a really cool arena with all the bells and whistles or else.

Hempstead town supervisor Kate Murray is having none of that and is quoted in Sports Ilustrated's October 12th issue as smartly pointing out that "We don't give Mr. Wang deadlines on bringing the Stanley Cup back to Long Island."

Would someone please tell Larry about this.


1073...At Least Our Cons Don't Want To Kill Liberals

Bit diff in Mississippi. reports that

In a new interview with Rep. Gregg Harper (R-MS), Politico asks the congressman what the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus does. Harper’s response:

We hunt liberal, tree-hugging Democrats, although it does seem like a waste of good ammunition.

Harper represents Mississippi’s 3rd congressional district, which contains Neshoba County — the place of one of the most infamous race-related crimes in American history. In 1964, white supremacists lynched three civil rights workers.

Mississippi Burning country.

Harper, hmmm, may be it is in the name.


1072...Vote Tory Get An Ice Rink

A story by By Stephen Maher Ottawa Bureau of the Halifax Chronicle-Herald and Glen McGregor of The Ottawa Citizen that is headlined in today's Chronicle-Herald shows that more blue ridings got money for everything than ridings that voted for one of the three [sorry Elizabeth May, no seats so you don't count] opposition parties.

Even though the Stephen Harper's only have 46 per cent of the seats in the House of Commons Tory ridings have landed 66 per cent of all projects announced so far under the Harper government's Recreation Infrastructure Canada program, also known as RinC.


Olivia Chow, Dipper MP from Toronto complains that her town doesn't get its fair share; let me say that now her and her husband Jack Layton have formed a coalition with the Conservatives I am certain beaucoup de gravy will float her and Mr. Layton's way.

Still, as it stands downtown Toronto ridings, as in urban Halifax ridings, and in Ottawa Centre, the Conservative candidates came third in the last election, which means the Tories have little hope of winning ridings there, and therefore little reason to court voters with recreation projects.

I am not familiar with the downtown Toronto or Halifax ridings but I have to say if it wasn't for the fact that our MPP, Yasir Naqvi, was a hard working member on the governing benches of the Premier Dalton McGuinty's team Ottawa Centre would be in worse shape than it is now.


1071...Table Dancing Tips

Cheyenne, Wyoming is the town.

Wyoming Tribune Eagle is the paper.

Rickey A. Kempter is the moron.

Mr. Kempter is facing 20 years in the big house for attempting to pay a stripper with 50 dollar bills that he made on a printer in his home.

The alleged felon was turned in by the taxi driver who had ferried the peeler and Mr. Kempter to the beautiful Lariat Motel where she was going to dance for him. Joe le taxi was asked to hold a roll of General Grant's and noted that the notes were cut to different sizes prompting the call to the 50 about the 50s.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

1070...Hallowe'en Fun In Boston And On CKCU

Tomorrow at 6 sharp, that is the morning six, David Peacock from Spirit Hallowe'en, with three locations in Ottawa to serve your trick or treat needs, will join moi on the wireless.

We are also going to talk about the ultimate Jack 0 Lantern, the one with the 3 foot flame that the Boston Globe through on its web site last weekend.

Expect there to be beaucoup de fires in Boston end of October this annum.


1069...At The End Of Cycling Season Up North

I thought I would cut and paste a passage from Christopher Beam's piece I just read in Slate.

Enter the Idaho stop-sign law. The rule, passed by the Idaho state legislature in 1982 and updated in 2005, essentially allows bikers to treat stop signs as yield signs. If a biker slows down and sees no cars coming, he or she can roll through a stop sign—a so-called "rolling stop." The "Idaho stop" has become a rallying point for vehicularists and facilitators alike—a sort of Great Compromise for bicycles. Many vehicularists like it, because it acknowledges the proper role of bikes on the street rather than on silly pathways (although purists will say that it should apply to cars as well). Facilitators like it because it recognizes a core difference between cars and bikes: the importance of momentum. As this great video explains, riding a bicycle becomes a lot less efficient as soon as you have to start making regular, complete stops.

Imagine, Idaho, where they cheer for Vandals, dig potatoes and have blue AstroTurf in their biggest stadia.


1068...Wake Up With Me Tomorrow

Six to seven in da morning on 93.1 CKCU.

Tomorrow I will have Nat Quesnel on the phone from Arabian Night and my good friend tic from the land of the sanctimonious.


1067...Mom Says I Am Special

Responding to Post 1065 comes a different spin on the WFDS:

Anonymous said...
lol... thats cause you're retarded. the cdn leftists definition of 'scandal' is so incredibly weak, it doesn't hold any water, except among other doorknob leftists.

in short... its not other canadians that are stupid, like you just asserted. it's you.


1066...Ed Broadbent Must Be Spinning In His Grave

It has to be a spin each and everytime he thinks of how Jack Layton has deserted the left to prop up the Progressive, wait, that's wrong, how Jack Layton has deserted the left to prop up the Conservative Party. And what for? Pensions for Jack Layton's cronies in caucus.

Last night in Fredericton, New Brunswick, the esteemed former leader of the NDP said that Canada should increase the taxes of the top 10 per cent of earners to eliminate child property.

According to Mr. Broadbent about 100,000 Canadians are in the top tax bracket for earners making more than $250,000. On average, those individuals earn more than $600,000 a year and increasing their taxes from 29 per cent to 35 per cent would put $3.7 billion more money into the system.

The Canadian Press quotes the social democrat as saying during a speech at the University of New Brunswick that "With just that single move we would double the amount given for the national child benefit supplement and take children out of the devastation of poverty."

Mr. Broadbent went on to say that he believes most Canadians want a society that doesn't have the disparity of the United States and that we should be spending money on children and social programs as opposed to building prisons.

No word on what he thinks of his successor as leader of the Dips supporting the pro prison Stephen Harpers.


1065...What Is Up With Canuck Voters?


The Tories are the stupid scandal of the week party; Jack Layton has moved 99 degrees to the right; Elizabeth May is MIA and; the Bloc is the Bloc.

Unless I am missing something there is one leader and one party to choose in Canada, that would be the Michael Ignatieff Liberals.



1064...I Want To Do It With Madonna

My fourth favourite Italian, Madonna, is being actioned in New York's Supreme Court by Karen George who has an apartment above the ultimate pop star in Manhattan.

BBC News
reports that Ms. George said she had been forced to leave the building when Madonna has her peeps over and they are either working out or dancing. Furthermore Ms. Green says that the sessions caused "...noise and vibration to pour through the walls..." making living there "...unbearable...".

She said nothing had been done since she first complained in 2008.

I am certain that there is a dollar figure that would placate Ms. George; said number is not mentioned in the BBC story but I am certain members of the law community are discussing it over coffee and danish as I write this.


1063...Great Minds Think Alike

Example thereof would be The World Famous Dan Shields and Andrew Cohen.

Mr. Cohen writes in today's Ottawa Citizen the same thing that I wrote about days ago in Post 1027: it is time to jetison the monarchy. Or at least take a cold hard look at the institution.

Now it is time to revisit the role of the monarchy, as Australia has, and to question its relevance today. This isn't denying our roots; understanding the past doesn't compel us to live there.

Well put Mr. Cohen.

He didn't take my idea though, the brilliant idea of having a lottery and picking a royal family that would be truly a Canadian Royal Family.

Quoting myself:

To placate the Monarchist League of Canada I think we should have a lotto with all Canadians names put in the hopper, we have a draw between the second and third period of the NHL All Star game and the winner becomes King or Queen of Canada and his/her heirs will succeed him/her.

Sure, it is random, but no more random than the House of Windsor.


Monday, October 19, 2009

1062...It Is Still BBQ Season On 93.1

Not at my house though; I haven't B B or Q'd in this lifetime nor have I cooked since the Bill Buckner game, October 25, 1986.

But for those of you who do and want to learn how to extend the season I will be with Ted Reader tomorrow morning, 6 30 to be precise, He is a BBQ maven from St. Catherine's, Ontario and will have some fall and winter grilling tips for you!!!

More information btw at


1061...Stupid Facts

Cut and paste number from Norman Spector and the Globe and Mail:

Don't call the Copps
Norman Spector

In today's Hill Times, former cabinet minister Sheila Copps weighs in on the controversy roiling Ottawa these days:

"If Canadians abhor one thing, it is favouritism. Voters will not support an $87.7-million slush fund in Defence Minister Peter MacKay's riding greater than the combined spending in all five Liberal-held ridings in Nova Scotia."

Flash back now to a front pager by Chantal Hébert, in which she reports a letter of thanks to Ms. Copps for her "generous assistance" in this caper:

In 2001, Jamie Kelley, a longstanding member of the federal Liberal party, approached [former environment minister David] Anderson's constituency office for help with funding the Victoria Rootsfest music festival. . When Kelley called Anderson's constituency office, he found the minister's aides eager to help.

"They told me of a secret slush fund where they could access money for constituency programs," he says. "There was no application form, no process other than to write a letter to Mr. Pierre Tremblay at public works."

In contrast to the sponsorship program, there's been no suggestion today that work being invoiced is not being done. Nor is there evidence that public funds are being diverted to the Conservative Party - a matter that would also necessitate calling in the cops. As to Ms. Copps, until she and other Liberals come forward with concrete proposals to prevent a recurrence of slush funds if and when they return to power, you have to take her views with a large grain of salt.


1060...Here Is Something For Liz May To Do

Since she is taking a hiatus from being a national leader and all that, here is a great recipe for her to try:

Nutella Cookies

2.5 cups flour
0.5 teaspoon baking powder
0.5 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup butter (softened)
1 cup packed dark brown sugar
1 cup granulated sugar
approx. 26 oz Nutella (one large jar)
1 cup chopped hazelnuts
2 large eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla extract

In one bowl, whisk together flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Set aside.

In the bowl of a mixer, cream the butter and the two sugars until all is integrated and fluffy. Mix in the Nutella, followed by the chopped hazelnuts. Beat in the eggs one at a time, followed by the vanilla.

Add the flour mixture to the mixing bowl in three increments, integrating each one before adding the next. Chill dough while oven preheats to 350F. Scoop the dough into balls and bake for about 10 minutes.