Saturday, October 24, 2009

1093...A Bill Harper-Layton Coalition Will Pass

Bill C-1031.

The bill to ban Hallowe'en costumes.

Bear me out.

In the spirit of Bill C-15, the law that will fill our prisons with dudes and dudettes that get caught smoking a reefer outside the club, a bill that is predicated on pure anecdotal accounts and fear, I think the Harper-Layton should offer Bill C-1031 which will ban Hallowe'en costumes.

Hear me out.

Whereas most armed robbers wear disguises when armed robbing and whereas Hallowe'en costumes are disguises in the spirit of protecting Canadians from Canadians and, most importantly, illegal immigrants and terrorists, Bill C-1031 will proscribe Hallowe'en costumes.

And, because the Dennis Bevington's in his caucus need their pensions, Jack Layton will vote totally in favour of it because it is "...good for Canadian workers."

Another problem solved.


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