Friday, October 23, 2009

1089...The Toy Department Of Life Is Sports

Red Smith said that.

him sometime.

And then send Allison Korn of Sun Media and the rest of the sanctimonious people who are hating on CTV for getting 27 of their on air personalities to run a klick or two with the Olympic torch as the flame makes its way to Vancouver the news that sports is just entertainment.

The Toronto Sun even has a big ass editorial in this morning's rag that castigates CTV for "...putting some of their best-known broadcasters into an ethically uncomfortable position by identifying them so closely with the Olympic brand."

Would someone please tell the Sun to pay attention. CTV is the Olympic brand in Canada and they paid a huge chunk o' change to be that.

As for Ms. Korn's argument that by running with the torch she would have been put in an "...ethically difficult position as a sports journalist who may be covering the Olympics." Well, is there a polite way of saying that she is full of it on this one?

Ethically difficult, give me a break. It is a two week festival of sports, car commercials, bank ads and is a tribute to whomever uses gravity to go the fastest down and slippery slope and whomever scores the most goals. That is what the winter games is about. Ethically difficult. OMG.

What this is really about is that the former silver and bronze medal rower applied to be a torch runner person and was rejected. Now she is all pissy about it and her paper has fallen in behind her. If they had of picked her to run a km with the torch held high I do believe she would have had no ethical problems with that.


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