Saturday, October 31, 2009

1147...Stay Out Of Quebec Chuck Warns SSJB

The Montreal Gazette reports this am that the Societe de St. Jean Baptiste are warning Prince Charles and the missus to stay out of Quebec when they visit the colonies from the 2nd to the 15th of next month including a dip into Montreal on the 10th.

Still smarting over getting defeated in 1759 by the British, hold a grudge why doncha, Mario Beaulieu, the president of the Société Saint Jean Baptiste de Montréal wrote a two page letter to the Prince of Wales listing numerous affronts to the French language and Quebecois and Acadians. Culprits include the constitution, Bill 101 and Bill 104 and, no, I am not following this line of thinking either.

And you sent a letter.

A letter.

Hello. Hellllllllllllllllllllooooooooooo. It is 2009 brother, email, courriel, or as you probably call it, l'email, that is the way to go. Fast, so fast.

A letter.

How cute.

At least you got your name in the paper. I am sure all your friends at the beret store will be patting you on the back.

I believe it is germane to point out to Mr. Beaulieu that 1/1759 was 250 years ago and 2/I know Jewish people who drive Volkswagens and that was only 65 years ago. Time to move on Mr. Beaulieu; there are pure laine people starving in the streets of Montreal, pure laine kids who won't have proper clothes this Christmas in La Belle, frankly the heir apparent in another country visiting your town is not as important as remedying problems in your own backyard.

Lord knows I am not pro monarchy but this is not helping either your cause or the cause of sentinent beings like myself who want to have a head of state that reflects our home and native land.


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  1. don't even bother giving these wingnuts any publicity...