Thursday, February 28, 2013

5685...Mike Duffy Update

The more things change, the more they stay the same.


5684...But You Already Knew That

As a good Canadian you know instinctively that American beer is watered down.

Agence France-Presse reported yesterday that " plaintiffs alleged that Anheuser-Busch is violating consumer protection laws in California and Missouri by 'falsely representing the alcohol content of the products it sells.'"

But you already knew that.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

5683...Trudeau Getting Battle Hardened

The fact of the matter is Justin Trudeau, the probable next leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, is being attacked by the other contenders for the title.  As it should be.

The latest, according to The Canadian Press, is "...Martin Cauchon...questioning front-runner Justin Trudeau's judgment in continuing to collect public speaking fees while serving as an MP."

Last week Martha Hall Findlay took Mr. Trudeau to task.  She asked " he can pretend to understand the needs of middle-class Canadians given his privileged upbringing as the eldest son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau."

This is good, very good.  Think of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton's battles for the Democratic nomination in 2008.  Mr. Trudeau is getting battle hardened.


5682...Look Out

The Young Communist League is back.

Yes, I know, you never knew they were here in the first place.

They were on  Brian Lilley's show on SUN TV yesterday decrying the right wing CBC and demanding that Kevin O'Leary be fired.

I missed them.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

5681...Mante Te'o And Jason Kenney Commonality

Neither the erstwile Notre Dame lineback nor the Tory cabinet minister are out of the closet.

Not that either are necessarily in the closet but...

Mante Te'o had a fake girlfriend/beard for four years.  According to Warren Kinsella in today's Ottawa Sun f"When he [Jason Kenney] arrived on the Hill...he bragged about being a 40-year-old virgin [which is odd coz he was 29], and said he was saving himself for marriage.  He still isn't married..."

...these are things that make one go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


5680...Rocky, Oscar And The Best Nickname Ever

The Bayonne Bleeder.

Chuck Wepner.

He is 74 today.

He and his epic 15 round fight against Muhammad Ali in 1975, a movie that the Sylvester Stallone saw on closed circuit in a Philadelphia theatre, is the inspiration for Sylvester Stallone's Rocky.


5679...Bullying Four Year Olds To Stop Bullying

An initative started by two grade 12's in Scotia back in 2007 and it is happening, at the very least in Ontario and BC.

Tomorrow, at some schools, is Pink T Shirt Day 2013.  On that day kids are to wear pink t shirts to show that they are against bullying.

One more thing.  If your four [or fourteen year old] doesn't have a pink shirt to wear he will be made to feel bad.  Which is one of the definitions of bullying.

Pretty darn strange.


5678...Told You Chief Spence Was Sneaking Pizza

From The Sun News Network via my Facebook friend Kory Teneycke comes this gem:

“Chief Spence, apparently, as well has having an extraordinary metabolic system that withstands starvation, is a lousy administrator and manager.”

Top, Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence on December 27, 2012, and below after 44 days on her ‘liquid diet’ on January 24, 2013.

Feel the love.  And by love I mean contempt.


5677...To See Riga Latvia In The Spring Of 2013


It is where the women's world curling championships are going to be held in early spring.

Two words:  Lulu Lemon.


5676...No More Negroes

Or Negro.

Associated Press, The, reports that the United States Department of Counting Things is going to dump the word Negro and replace it with either Black or African American.

Fashion changes.  Even in language.


5675...And I Thought She Had Retired: Oprah

The world's leading megalomaniac Oprah Winfrey is coming to your capital soonish.

Soon enough that Radio Stephen Harper aka 580 CFRA is giving away tix to see her.

Let me know how it goes, eh?


Monday, February 25, 2013

5674...NDP Makes A Good Point

Listening to bits and pieces of the chatter in the House of Commons today on CFRA I picked up this from the NDP.

If the Tories were as vigilant chasing crooked Senators [Ponytail, Duffy and Wallin come immediately to mind] as the were chasing unemployed Canadians who may have got an overpayment on EI this would be a better place.

True dat.


5673...Tongue Troopers In La Belle Take Lunch


5672...Andrew Cash Takes Care Of Andrew Cash

If you double dip, like Senator Duffy did, you are a bad guy.

But if you are an NDP MP who double dips, well, that is okay.

No double standard there.

What Andrew Cash has done is write some music for the CBC hit show Dragon's Den.  He gets a cheque for a bit over 2 large for the first run of the show.  Works out to about 40 000 a year.  He is also a big fan of funding and whatnot for the mothercorp on The Hill.  Is on committees that debate such.

According to Mr. Cash, as noted by David Akin of QMI, is all good with ethics commish.

According to the world is not good according to optics.

Life was easier when the Dippers were sanctimonious, eh?


5671...Does Anyone Care Who Leads The Libs?

Outside of a small circle of friends of course.

In my travels in the RW [real world] I don't hear it and I don't feel it.

Just sayin'.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Saturday, February 23, 2013

5669...Mike Duffy Mea Culpas

Saw last night on the CTV News that the Senator that was born in PEI has decided to throw up the white flag and pay his boss, that is you, back the coin he inadvertently took for forgetting where he lived most of the time.

Warms me heart I tell you.

Warms me heart.


Friday, February 22, 2013

5668...Stephen Harper Understands Canada V.2

He's doing what every other Canuck is doing this time of year.

Harper Time Hortons Photo

Huffington Post Canada just ran the pic and the story that our beloved Prime Minister is following a sacred Canadian ritual:  "photo of the Timmies moment was posted to Harper's Twitter account after he attended a Saskatoon Blades game with Saskatoon-Blackstrap MP Lynne Yelich. The post quickly racked up more than 200 retweets and plenty of positive reaction from Canadians."


5667...It Is Tim Hudak's To Lose

Ontario is Tim Hudak's to lose.

Mr. Hudak is the leader of the opposistion in Ontario, that being the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.  He is also anything but progressive.  His plan for Ontario is to get us out of debt by filling the economy with minimum and sub minimum wage jobs.

This resonates with the Tim Horton's/CFRA crowd and it is with trepidation [but no surprise] that I offer up the Forum Research numbers via today's Toronto Star that show Mr. Hudak poised to be the leader of a minority guv if the elex was held today.  "Tories are at 36 per cent, the Liberals at 29 per cent, the New Democrats at 28 per cent, and the Greens at 5 per cent."

What is comforting is the fact that Mr. Hudak, a Buffalo Bills fan, is, like his team, a choker in the big games.  


5666...Stephen Harper Understands Canada

He really does.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

5665...Idle No More Is No More

Question mark.

Fair presumption though.  The movement was hotter than hot a few weeks ago.  Then it seemingly disappeared.

Or perhaps they are just chilling until the weather becomes more conducive to outdoor activities., which is out of Thunder Bay, Ontario, reported earlier in the day that Idle No More's  "Founders and organizers, formally and respectfully request across Turtle Island (North America) and across our global community, on the first day of Spring, to light sacred fires, to gather sacred pipes and pipe-carriers, to gather sacred bundles and bundle carriers, to gather drums and drum-carriers, and for spiritual leaders, carriers of ceremonies, elders, young, and community members in all territories to unite in ceremony.  We call upon our women, men, two-spirited people, keepers of ceremonies, lodge-keepers, carriers of pipes (as well as bundles and drums), spiritual leaders, communities, elders, youth and everyone to begin by lighting Sacred Fires at sunrise on March 20th."

This could get interesting.


5664...Pao Pao: Ontario Education Tax $$ Wasted

The University of Waterloo has decided that they are going to have a football team but instead of winning all they are going to do is waste money.  Which, since it is a state university, is your money.


Here is their brilliant plan as explicated in the Globe and Mail yesterday.  They have hired Joe Pao Pao as their head coach.  Mr. Pao Pao is the worst head coach in sports history.  He was so bad with Ottawa's CFL Renegades that not only did he not make the playoffs in his five years with the team, in a conference where seventy five per cent of the teams make the playoffs, and did such a brilliant job that they folded the franchise.

Onto Waterloo where he has lost soooooooo bad with Warriors, soooooooo bad.  He has been with them since '07 and last year he went 2/6 as an interim coach.  Here is the best part, he was coaching at Waterloo when the program was ripped apart with a steroids scandal that caused the uni to shut down the program for 2010.

The kicker comes from Waterloo athletic director Bob Copeland who was quoted as saying that “Joe did a tremendous job for our program and student-athletes last year during a vital period of transition."

Somebody be high.


5663...Hottest Ottawa MP Getting Married

Eve Adams is no Mara Carfagna but she will do.

And now she is off the market.

Elizabeth Grey-Smith in iPolitics reports that the 38 year old rookie Conservative MP from Mississauga-Somewhere Else is going to marry 33 year old Dmitri Soudras, the former voice of the PMO.


5662...Mr. Mulcair Goes To Washington

Ah, geez, this could be bad, eh?

Lawrence Martin at iPolitics Insight tells the world that  "It’s his first official visit to the U.S. capital as NDP leader and it comes at a particularly sensitive time. Mulcair’s positions on environmental issues and the oilsands might find a more welcoming audience in the liberal Obama administration than they do in the Harper government."

Or he could do what he did in Alberta and piss all over the carpet.


5661...Crotches Kill

The Edmonton Journal carries the story today about a cheeky new ad campaign that the Alberta government intro'd yesterday to keep you from looking at your crotch while you are driving.

The campaign is aimed at stopping people, the target btw is men 18-34, who continue to pay rapt attention to their mobiles and to texting while they are driving.  Since "...19,000 distracted driving convictions..." happened during the first year of Alberta's distracted driving law the actions of drivers has changed in that province.  Instead of holding their phones in their hands drivers are looking at their crotches.

Alberta Transportation launched an ad campaign Wednesday to target distracted driving that starts with a distracting message of its own: Crotches Kill. This is one of two billboards that are part of the campaign.

This is not the first time the government has used an edgy message in an effort to change behaviour. In 2011, Alberta Health ran a $2-million campaign to combat rising syphilis rates that included a fake online dating site


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

5660...Pissing On The Carpet

That is what LBJ accused Lester B. Pearson of doing when he gave an not so pro USA speech at Philly's Temple University back in 1965.

That is what Thomas Mulcair, the leader of the Dippers, did this week in Alberta.

Hating on the oil industry in the oil patch.  Shame on you.


5659...Pasta Banned In Quebec

The word not the food.

CTV Montreal, by the way is it still Pulse? reports that "Massimo Lecas, the owner of Buonanotte on St. Laurent Blvd., told reporters that his restaurant was visited by an OQLF inspector on Sept. 5, 2012, who told him there had been complaints about the menu."  The complaint was that a non allowed word was used on the menu.  Pasta.  

Actually this miscreant used a lot of non allowed words.  Bear in mind that Buonanotte is an Italian restaurant and oft times this places want to have an authentic feel.  Plus Italian is a lot like French with less English.  "In a letter delivered on Tuesday, the OQLF pointed out a host of infractions from writing 'bottiglia' instead of 'bouteille' on the wine list, listing squid under the word 'calamari' and using the Italian word for meatballs."

Pizza on the other hand passes muster.  Whodda thunk it, eh?


5658...Sir Charles Turns Fifty

Charles Barkley.




5657...Justin Trudeau's Deathwish

It is in the bag.  All Justin Trudeau has to do is smile and nod and get ready to move into his childhood home later in the decade.

But no.

He has to talk.  And talk.  And talk some more.

Yesterday he was in his other hometown, Montreal, and he was a Chatty Cathy.  He opined in a piece that was in The Huffington Post via The Canadian Press that he is against universal free tuition, doesn't want the language laws to be strengthened in La Belle and spoke out on independence.

Why, why and why?


5656...Rock And Roll Will Never Die

Although sometimes I wish it would.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

5655...My Boy Berlusconi Does It Again

Silvio Berlusconi, the former Prime Minister of the Quebec of Europe, is wending his way through the courts on a charge of having sex with a minor.  A minor who happened to be a ho.

This unfortunate set of circumstances has not stopped Mr. Berlusconi from campaigning to be the next PM of Italy.  Nor has it made him change his lascivious manner.

Reuters reports that "An Italian woman has demanded an apology from former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi after he crudely joked with her on stage about sex, days before a national election.  Angela Bruno, a 30-year-old employee of renewable energy firm Gruppo Green Power, said in an interview on the La7 Channel that her 13-year-old daughter had cried for days after seeing a video of the encounter at a business event, and the response it provoked.  'I want an apology for all Italian women because they should not have to suffer insults like this, at work or outside work,” she said. “This is the Italy I don’t want anymore and I hope no one wants.'”

Some pissed Ms. Bruno is.  

Here is the deal.

She was presenting a contract to the ex PM recently when his boorship, who acts like it is the fifties, the 1550's, went off in front of a big audience.  Totally out of context he asked Ms. Bruno   “Do you come?...only once? many times do you come?...with what sort of time intervals?” 

5654...Drug Test This Star N O W

His name is Russell Westbrook, he plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder of the NBA, and as you can and will see from the photo below of what the man wore to the NBA All Star game last weekend something is very, very, very wrong.

Seriously, pee in the bottle Mr. Westbrook.

Then again he does live in Oklahoma.


5653...Cats Make History

Or screw it up.

The Atlantic shares this piece from back in the day.  Way back in the day.  March 11th, 1445.


What this tome is btw is "... the 13th volume of Lettere e commissioni di Levante, which collated copies of letters and instructions that the Dubrovnik/Ragusan government sent to its merchants and envoys throughout southeastern Europe (Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia etc.), according to Filipovic -- sort of a 15th-century Federal Register. "


5652...Liberal Budget In Most Important Prov: Ont

I like it.  The conservatives and Conservatives not so much.

One of the things I like is the increase in corporate taxes.  Yes, yes, yes the cons think it will drive business away but if you are a corp planning on setting up in the mid west you cannot do better than Southern Ontario.  The taxes may be a bit higher than the garden spots of Ohio, Mich and Western New York but you don't have to be paying as much in benefits due to our socialized medicine.  Not hating on Detroit or Cleveland or Buffalo but I would also posit that the cities in SOnt are safer and offer a higher quality of life.


5651...If You Liked Bill 101... are going to love Bill 14.

Widely reported, these would be laws that are purportedly in favour of the french language in Quebec but are in fact laws that mitigate the rights of the other.

Bill 14 is a new law that will require journalists to be approved by the government and one of the requirements will be the ability to speak french.  It will also require municipalities like Pierrefonds and Gatineau, places that are predominately french but have a big english pop to have french only websites.

The price of beer will still be the lowest in Canada.


Monday, February 18, 2013

5650...Mississippi Frees Slaves In 2013

Not a misprint.  No. reports that "Back in November, Dr. Ranjan Batra, an India-born resident of Mississippi, went to see Steven Spielberg's Lincoln, and it piqued his interest."  The man is an intellectual, working in Oxford, Mississippi at the state's educational crown jewel, The University of Mississippi.  The film made him ask himself "What became of the 13th Amendment  after December 6th, 1864, when it received the two-thirds' vote necessary to pass?"

Researching, coz that is what he does, the question he found out that Mississippi never ratified the Amendment.  Officially anyhow.  The state did ratify it in '95.  1995.  They like to be careful in MI.  Never got made official though.  Paperwork.  "The proper forms were promptly forwarded to the Office of the Federal Register, and, on February 7th, Mississippi officially became the last of the Civil War states to ratify the amendment abolishing slavery in the United States."


Go down to the court house.

Look at the bad guys, ah, be kind WFDS, the accused people, look at their teeth.

Then watch Sons Of Anarchy or Law and Order or a prison movie.

Just sayin'.


5648...Toronto Star Opines On Senator Ponytail


Sunday, February 17, 2013

5647...Raise A Glass To The Greatest Ever

Michael Jordan turned the big five-oh today.


5646...McGuinty Got Me Free Cookies Today


It is because of the great holiday he proclaimed during his reign as Premier of Ontario.

Family Day.

I was the last customer at Subway, St. Laurent Mall in Ottawa and the dude offered me a thing of free cookies.

Thank you Subway but most importantly thank you Dalton McGuinty.


5645...Lotto Winners Burning Down The House

This ain't a metaphor.  It is a trueaphor.  Denise Neil in yesterday's Wichita Eagle reports that two unnamed brother in the 7 Man Army town won 75K in the lotto and decided to celebrate the way you and I would.  With a bong, a little bit of pot, a little bit of meth, party.

Musta been a heck of a bong, not that I would know a good bong from a bad one, but this one had butane involved.   Ms. Neil writes that "The brothers were in a house in the 100 block of North Nevada Court, near Douglas and West Street, about 7 p.m. Friday...One of the brothers went to the kitchen to refuel the butane torches they planned to use to light their bongs. He emptied a couple of large cans of butane lighter fluid, leaking butane into the air."

Coppers in that town say that the butane found the pilot light on the furnace and, boom, an empty lot miraculously appears on North Nevada Court.  Yes, coppers.  Seems they went to investigate and sent one brother to hospital with 2nd degree burns and busted the other for pot and meth.


Read more here:

5644...A Senator With Moxy Steps Up

Tom McInnis is the lad's name and he is a Tory from Nova Scotia.  

The newly minted Senator was down home and The Canadian Press says that while he was there "The former Tory MLA, who was appointed to the upper chamber last year by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, said he believes an elected Senate is the only way to go."  Good on him.
He goes on to say that “That is the only way that the credibility of this fine institution will be reaffirmed. You don’t get credibility from the public unless you have been put there by the public.”


5643...Thomas Mulcair Prairie Dog

Tommy Douglas would be spinning in his grave if he knew how many Members of Parliament his party, the Dips, had from his province, Saskatchewan.


To rectify that the leader of the opposition  Thomas Mulcair, is on a tour of the NDP's former base, Saskatchewan, with Manitoba and Alberta thrown in for the Air Miles.

You can read about it in the Sunday papers.


5642...Tories Even Wrong About Zombies On Hill


Saturday, February 16, 2013

5641...Queen's Jubilee Medals Fuss

I have one.  I am not giving it back.  In fact I think it is pretty cool and I am going to frame it.

Yeah I know Maude Barlow, who hates everything, is going to send hers back.  Do it.

Here is what I like about the Queen's Jubilee Medal.  I know it is not the Victoria Cross but it is perfect for low level schmucks like me who do some community stuff and all that.  I also am aware that 1/600 Canadians received one.  I am also good with that.

I realize that everything in this country is go big or go home but I think it is cool to have low level medals like the QJM to award people like me that may not do much but we do more than nothing.

Every little bit helps.


5640...Culling The Herd Costs Beer Store Bucks

The National Post tells all that an unnamed man working for "...Brake Mobile Wash, a contractor charged with washing Beer Store delivery trucks." was washing the outside of said trucks at the Beer Store's Brampton distribution centre when he found a vodka bottle full of blue vodka behind the seat inside the truck.  1.5 litres of blue vodka.  That turned out to be windshield washer fluid.  Which he drank.  Dude died later that week of methanol poisoning.

"In a statement of facts, the Ministry of Labour acknowledged that the workers [he had a friend who did not drink as much and is still with us] had stolen the bottle. Nevertheless, Tuesday’s judgement declared that their 'unauthorized possession' of the poison did not negate the 'negligent actions,' of Brewers Retail."

218 K fine.

For culling the herd.


5639...More On The RCMP From Toronto Star


Friday, February 15, 2013

5638...RCMP Are A Clever Lot

They have figured out how to snow board for free.

The Canadian Drug Policy Coalition reveals through its website at that the Queen's Cowboys are fighting reefer madness on the slopes of Lake Louise and Nakiska.  The story quotes the CBC as reporting that "Two officers will be on patrol Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays as well as holidays including March break and Easter weekend. RCMP hope to expand the program once they have more officers certified."

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 2.11.18 PM

Our heroes have made one arrest since December.  Methinks, and me is right, that this program was started by some officers who wanted free lift tickets and transpo to the hills.  Beats directing traffic during a blizzard on Highway 69.


5637...Who Says There's Nothing To Do In Ottawa?

Most people.

Heck even lifers like the WFDS don't trick themselves into thinking that Ottawa is a happening place.

But tonight is different for tonight the U of Ottawa women play the Carleton University women in the most important game of each of their seasons.  Winner gets first place; loser gets to play an extra game.

Tip is at 7 at Montpetit Hall on the U of Zero campus.

Look for me in my black Carleton sombrero.


5636...Today's Reason/Excuse To Drink

It's National Flag Day!

On this day in 1965 Canada got its very own flag!

John Diefenbaker wasn't too happy but the rest of us were!


5635...Another Conservative Sen Makes Headlines

For all the wrong reasons.  This time it is CTV stepping up to the plate and the person in question in Nunavut Senator Dennis Patterson.  The Tory "... has been representing Nunavut in the upper chamber since 2009, but questions are now being raised over whether he actually lives in the territory. Provincial land title records show Patterson owns a home in Vancouver and municipal records show that he claimed a homeowner grant from the government of British Columbia, which is only available to those who primarily live in the province."

CTV tried to track the esteemed Senator down for days and finally caught up to him yesterday.  When asked where he lived Senator Patterson said it was a “Complex matter with many facets.”

Really?  Where you live is a complex matter with many facets?  I call bullsh*t.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

5634...Man With The Toughest Job In The World

Guy Lamarche.

He is the tourism manager for the Ontario city of Timmins.

Toughest job in the world.


5633...How Much $ Does CFRA's Rob Snow Make?

Rob Snow hosts the afternoon drive show on Bell Media's talker in your capital, 580 CFRA.  This week he is filling in for Lowell Green.

Mr. Snow seems totally obsessed by how much other people make.

  • Senators.  Too much.
  • School teachers.  Too much.
  • Hockey players.  Too much.
And on and on and on.  But he never tells the world how much he makes.  Perhaps it is too much?


5632...Marc Garneau Calls Out Justin Trudeau

A little past 4 30 EST this afternoon Marc Garneau, via The Huffington Post, called out Justin Trudeau. Those of you that follow this sort of thing are aware that the federal Liberals are having a race for the next leader of the party and Mr. Trudeau is far and away the leader of said race.

The only candidate in the race to have a school named after him, Spaceman Garneau writes that "...Justin says now is not the time to tell Liberals, to tell Canadians, where he stands and what his plan is for the country. He says he will do that after the Liberal leadership race, sometime before the next election in 2015.  In my opinion, this is like asking Canadians to buy a new car without test-driving it first."

So sad, too bad there Marcy Marc.  It is all about sizzle baby; the less JT sez the more likely he is going to be elected leader of the Libs and PM of the Canadians.  If you want a current example of the sizzle versus steak theory take a look at Barack Obama, 2008.  Change.  WTF does that mean?  Whatever you want it to mean.  

Telling people what you stand for gives people a reason to dislike you.  I have written this before and will continue to write it.  My advice as a political professional er avid hobbyist is for JT to STFU.

And get ready to move into 24 Sussex.


5631...How Ikea Became Iconic

Forget the monkey, although that did not hurt, it is moves like this that keep them on top.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

5630...Make A Wish: Sports Injury Of The Year

I sure hope Nerlens Noel, who was the number one kid coming out of high school and moving on to college hoops this year, likes university.

Coz he is going to be back for at least his soph year at Kentucky.

ACL is gone like a hurricane.


Projected number one in the NBA draft this year, the picture above shows how that was shattered in a wink and a blink of an eye.


5629...Whatcha Giving Up For Lent?

Myself, I am giving up liver and octopus.

Gonna be a long forty days.

And nights.


5628...NDP And The Senate

The sanctimonious byeatches that are the New Democrats are totally hating on the Senate, both Red and Blue.

Of course the reason that there are no Dippers in the upper house is coz the Dips have never had enough support from Canada's voters to form a government.

But you can be sure the minute French citizen Thomas Mulcair becomes Prime Minister Mulcair he will stack the motherf*cker to the roof.  Senator Ed Broadbent anyone?  Yeah I know he is too old but they will figure a way to finesse Saint Ed into the red chamber along with as many of their fellow travellers as they can squeeze into the room.


5627...Pope Benedict Gets P T Retirement Gig

He is a people person.

But you knew that.


5626...No Secretariat Burgers In Canada

You may have read, here or elsewhere, that a lot of yer big time grocery chains in Merry Ole England have been selling hamburger of an equine fashion.  Without telling anyone.  

It may have even spread to the continent although, in fairness, eating horse is not that big a deal in the E part of the EU.  In Britain they prefer to bet on nags rather than munch on them.

Nonetheless you, my fellow Canuckistanian, do not have to fear that you are eating a mammal that finished seventh at Mohawk the other night.  The Globe and Mail reports that "...the University of Guelph-based Biodiversity Institute..." has tested hamburger from sea to shining sea and from fast food chain to fast food chain and has determined that our hamburger is made out of 100 per cent Canadian cow.

Which of course begs the question.  If hamburger is made out of cow why is it named after pigs?


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

5625...Tim Hudak Hates On Students

Goodness this man, the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, a man who, if he was not a choker, would be, horrors, Premier of Canada's most important province, hates.

He hates workers.  Which is why he wants to bring in union crushing legislation,  Right To Work, the legislation that has built states like Alabama and Michigan into economic powerhouses.

Today, in a story that ran all across the province, he revealed that he hates students.

Appealing to his base he wants to bring in leg when he becomes bossman that will tie student loans to marks.  BTW they already are.  Tied to marks.  You get bad marks you get kicked out.  You get kicked out you get no more money.

One would presume that his base wouldn't know that.

One would be right.

He also wants to end the thirty per cent reduction in tuition that many students in ON qualify for.


5624...Senator Ponytail Update

This just in.

580 CFRA Breaking News
Urbandale Construction
Like Senate votes to force Brazeau to take leave of absence on Facebook
Senators have voted to force Patrick Brazeau to take a leave of absence from the upper chamber to "protect the dignity and reputation of the Senate and the public trust."
Brazeau was charged last week with assault and sexual assault following an incident in his Gatineau home.

One would presume he keeps getting paid and that his staff is being retained.

Only fair, eh?


5623...JT STFU

I am serious.

If you want to move back to your childhood home be quiet.

I read in this morning's Winnipeg Free Press that Justin Trudeau talked Senate last night in Orleans.

"...Justin Trudeau says there's nothing wrong with Canada's scandal-plagued Senate that couldn't be fixed by appointing higher calibre senators.  The Montreal MP favours limiting senators to 12-year terms but, other than that, sees no need to overhaul the much-maligned chamber.  He rules out the election of senators as a 'terrible idea' that would lead to parliamentary gridlock and exacerbate the under-representation of western provinces."
Dude all you have to do is smile and nod and you will be the Prime Minister.
But nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

5622...Fat Tuesday 2013

Blow it out today coz Lent starts tomorrow.


5621...Some Thoughts Re Justin Trudeau


5620...Two Famous Residents Of DC Bday 2day

Both are current too.

One is the biggest star in Washington, Robert Griffin III.  He has 23 candles on his cake.

The other is cinematically current, Abraham Lincoln.  He is still dead btw.


5619...Canada/Ontario Hits The Big Time

Shared on Facebook by Kory Teneycke of SUN TV.

Kory Teneyckeabout an hour ago 
A proud moment for our country... Canada Goose jacket graces the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.

Monday, February 11, 2013

5618...Ottawa Is Sleaziest City In Canada

My buddy Milkman from BOB FM in Ottawa shared this tid bit via Ashley Madison, the cheater's website.

JUST IN! OTTAWA TAKES THE LEAD FOR THE SECOND TIME IN A ROW - Most Adulterous Canadian City...Huffington Post blew the lid off's annual list of the Ten Most Adulterous Canadian Cities and for the second year in a row, Ottawa has topped the list.
Below is the complete list of cities where the ring didn’t mean a thing*:
1. Ottawa, ON2. Calgary, AB3. Edmonton, AB4. Saskatoon, SK5. Toronto, ON6. Halifax, NS7. Vancouver, BC8. London, ON9. Regina, SK10. Montreal, QC
In addition to being the city with the most new sign-ups (55,228 total members), Ottawa is also the city with the highest percentage of female members: 36% compared to the national average of 33%.
So proud.


5617...Brazeau, Brazeau, Brazeau

Uh, what if Senator Ponytail is innocent?


5616...They Do Some Things Right In America

Hot dogs.

Apple pie.

The Senate.

Perhaps, since we seem to have mastered the first two, we should, and by we I mean he, our beloved Prime Minister Stephen Harper, take a serious look at having an American style Senate.  Say six senators for each province.

While he's at it why doesn't he use his majority to divide the country into districts, ridings, that are also equal.  For example Prince Edward Island has four ridings and yet their are more people in my building than in the entire province.  If one rep is good enough for a riding the size of Ottawa Centre [or Vermont] one should take care of PEI too.


5615...I Am Roman Catholic; I Need A Job

CFRA plus every other news outlet in the solar system are reporting that Benedict the 16 is packing it in.

Hello, what about me?


Sunday, February 10, 2013

5614...I Sleep With Mara Carfagna Every Night

Mara Carfagna is, of course, the former Italian minister for equality under Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

I sleep with the other Mara Carfagna.

My dog.

Postmedia reported recently that I am not alone in that arena.  They quoted an unnamed survey that said that 51 per cent of Canadians sleep with their dog.


5613...Moving On Up

The new regime in Ontario, headed by Kathleen Wynne, has made Ottawa Centre MPP Yasir Naqvi honourable by adding him to the cabinet.  He is going to be the minister of labour.

The fresh news from The Toronto Star says that Charles Sousa is the new money guy at Queen's Park and Lauren Broten, the education minister, is being replaced by Liz Sandals.  Ms. Broten doesn't lose her key to the executive washroom though; she will be minister of intergovernmental affairs.


5612...Can One Get Kicked Out Of The Senate?

With all the fuss over Senator Patrick Brazeau, potential felon and a wee bit of a fibber when it comes to money coupled with l'affaire Mike Duffy I ask the question.

Can one get kicked out of The Senate?

Fired as it were.


5611...Donald Duck: Racist?

Among Disney characters Donald Duck has certainly had the most chequered career.

There is an urban legend, refuted by, that states that Mr. Duck was banned in Finland for his lack of pants.

Now this.

The Daily Mail, the number one online paper in the world, claims that Mr. Duck refused to hug a five year old because the boy was black.  The allegation, the second in a week, is from the White family, pictured, who claim that their son Ryder was blown off by Mr. Duck when Ryder tried to hug him.  Blown off in fave of a white kid.  To add insult to injury when their older boy, Razzi, wanted to get a pic with Mr. Duck, Mr. Duck refused.

racist duck

Of course lawyers have been contacted.  In this case the ambulance chasers name is Dan Galleon and he is going to rep both fams versus Disneyland.


5610...Stephen Harper Is An Historical Blip

You know.  An anomaly.

Yesterday morning's fish wrap told me that "If a federal election were held in Canada today and Justin Trudeau were at the helm of the Liberal Party, they’d win a strong majority in the House of Commons, says a Forum Poll for the National Post.  Forty-one per cent of poll respondents said they’d vote Liberal in this scenario, granting the party 164 of the 308 seats in the house. The Tories would get 30% of the vote and 93 seats, and the NDP would get 20% of the vote and 45 seats."