Tuesday, February 12, 2013

5625...Tim Hudak Hates On Students

Goodness this man, the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, a man who, if he was not a choker, would be, horrors, Premier of Canada's most important province, hates.

He hates workers.  Which is why he wants to bring in union crushing legislation,  Right To Work, the legislation that has built states like Alabama and Michigan into economic powerhouses.

Today, in a story that ran all across the province, he revealed that he hates students.

Appealing to his base he wants to bring in leg when he becomes bossman that will tie student loans to marks.  BTW they already are.  Tied to marks.  You get bad marks you get kicked out.  You get kicked out you get no more money.

One would presume that his base wouldn't know that.

One would be right.

He also wants to end the thirty per cent reduction in tuition that many students in ON qualify for.


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