Thursday, February 21, 2013

5664...Pao Pao: Ontario Education Tax $$ Wasted

The University of Waterloo has decided that they are going to have a football team but instead of winning all they are going to do is waste money.  Which, since it is a state university, is your money.


Here is their brilliant plan as explicated in the Globe and Mail yesterday.  They have hired Joe Pao Pao as their head coach.  Mr. Pao Pao is the worst head coach in sports history.  He was so bad with Ottawa's CFL Renegades that not only did he not make the playoffs in his five years with the team, in a conference where seventy five per cent of the teams make the playoffs, and did such a brilliant job that they folded the franchise.

Onto Waterloo where he has lost soooooooo bad with Warriors, soooooooo bad.  He has been with them since '07 and last year he went 2/6 as an interim coach.  Here is the best part, he was coaching at Waterloo when the program was ripped apart with a steroids scandal that caused the uni to shut down the program for 2010.

The kicker comes from Waterloo athletic director Bob Copeland who was quoted as saying that “Joe did a tremendous job for our program and student-athletes last year during a vital period of transition."

Somebody be high.


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