Wednesday, February 13, 2013

5626...No Secretariat Burgers In Canada

You may have read, here or elsewhere, that a lot of yer big time grocery chains in Merry Ole England have been selling hamburger of an equine fashion.  Without telling anyone.  

It may have even spread to the continent although, in fairness, eating horse is not that big a deal in the E part of the EU.  In Britain they prefer to bet on nags rather than munch on them.

Nonetheless you, my fellow Canuckistanian, do not have to fear that you are eating a mammal that finished seventh at Mohawk the other night.  The Globe and Mail reports that "...the University of Guelph-based Biodiversity Institute..." has tested hamburger from sea to shining sea and from fast food chain to fast food chain and has determined that our hamburger is made out of 100 per cent Canadian cow.

Which of course begs the question.  If hamburger is made out of cow why is it named after pigs?


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  1. 1. It is named after Hamburg.

    2. Oddly most of the horse meat you see in stores in Europe is 'from Canada' (often raised in the US, but American animal rights people got slaughtering of horses banned, so all of it is done in Canada).

    3. Beef is cheaper in North America than in Europe, in fact the cost of horse meat in Europe is higher than beef in North America.