Sunday, February 10, 2013

5611...Donald Duck: Racist?

Among Disney characters Donald Duck has certainly had the most chequered career.

There is an urban legend, refuted by, that states that Mr. Duck was banned in Finland for his lack of pants.

Now this.

The Daily Mail, the number one online paper in the world, claims that Mr. Duck refused to hug a five year old because the boy was black.  The allegation, the second in a week, is from the White family, pictured, who claim that their son Ryder was blown off by Mr. Duck when Ryder tried to hug him.  Blown off in fave of a white kid.  To add insult to injury when their older boy, Razzi, wanted to get a pic with Mr. Duck, Mr. Duck refused.

racist duck

Of course lawyers have been contacted.  In this case the ambulance chasers name is Dan Galleon and he is going to rep both fams versus Disneyland.


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