Thursday, February 21, 2013

5665...Idle No More Is No More

Question mark.

Fair presumption though.  The movement was hotter than hot a few weeks ago.  Then it seemingly disappeared.

Or perhaps they are just chilling until the weather becomes more conducive to outdoor activities., which is out of Thunder Bay, Ontario, reported earlier in the day that Idle No More's  "Founders and organizers, formally and respectfully request across Turtle Island (North America) and across our global community, on the first day of Spring, to light sacred fires, to gather sacred pipes and pipe-carriers, to gather sacred bundles and bundle carriers, to gather drums and drum-carriers, and for spiritual leaders, carriers of ceremonies, elders, young, and community members in all territories to unite in ceremony.  We call upon our women, men, two-spirited people, keepers of ceremonies, lodge-keepers, carriers of pipes (as well as bundles and drums), spiritual leaders, communities, elders, youth and everyone to begin by lighting Sacred Fires at sunrise on March 20th."

This could get interesting.


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