Monday, February 25, 2013

5672...Andrew Cash Takes Care Of Andrew Cash

If you double dip, like Senator Duffy did, you are a bad guy.

But if you are an NDP MP who double dips, well, that is okay.

No double standard there.

What Andrew Cash has done is write some music for the CBC hit show Dragon's Den.  He gets a cheque for a bit over 2 large for the first run of the show.  Works out to about 40 000 a year.  He is also a big fan of funding and whatnot for the mothercorp on The Hill.  Is on committees that debate such.

According to Mr. Cash, as noted by David Akin of QMI, is all good with ethics commish.

According to the world is not good according to optics.

Life was easier when the Dippers were sanctimonious, eh?


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