Thursday, February 21, 2013

5661...Crotches Kill

The Edmonton Journal carries the story today about a cheeky new ad campaign that the Alberta government intro'd yesterday to keep you from looking at your crotch while you are driving.

The campaign is aimed at stopping people, the target btw is men 18-34, who continue to pay rapt attention to their mobiles and to texting while they are driving.  Since "...19,000 distracted driving convictions..." happened during the first year of Alberta's distracted driving law the actions of drivers has changed in that province.  Instead of holding their phones in their hands drivers are looking at their crotches.

Alberta Transportation launched an ad campaign Wednesday to target distracted driving that starts with a distracting message of its own: Crotches Kill. This is one of two billboards that are part of the campaign.

This is not the first time the government has used an edgy message in an effort to change behaviour. In 2011, Alberta Health ran a $2-million campaign to combat rising syphilis rates that included a fake online dating site


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