Saturday, November 5, 2011

4142...Bob Rae Is Going To Be Calling Me


At 5.

During the New England/Giants rematch.

So mute the sound already.

It is about rebuilding the number 3, omg, yes, number 3 party in Canada.

And that is that.


Friday, November 4, 2011

4141...Womyn Freeway Frank Has News Pour U

The morning guy at Virgin 96 Montreal tells me that fifty per cent of women fake it.

Freeway Frank also tells all that today is Don't Fake It Day.

You are welcome.


4140...Pick Another Hill To Die On Bob Rae

For real.

Love you to death but the fact of the matter is, re the Auditor General, our beloved Prime Minister picked the best man for the job. In his opinion, of course.

The fact that he, like the majority of us in Canada, cannot speak French, should not limit his opportunity.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

4139...Detroiters Turn On Canadians

Murder City madness in Dee Troyit.

NESN reports that "Lions fans are outraged over the halftime performance scheduled for their Thanksgiving day game against the Green Bay Packers...the action will come to a screeching halt when the Canadian rock band Nickelback takes the stage at halftime."

Stephen Harper, calling Stephen Harper.


4138...No PDA Allowed In Iran

Check this out from Len Berman:

Wow, they take things seriously in Iran. Two soccer players were suspended for their "immoral" behavior following a goal. The players reportedly had their pay cut by 15% and the manager of the team was given his walking papers because he didn't report the incident. What did the players do? After a goal, one guy slapped the other guy on the butt. Here's the butt fondle in question. I remember an Islanders hockey game when one player, after a goal, kissed his teammate on the lips. Good thing they did it on Long Island and not in Tehran. That's probably a capital offense.

Geez if they got the NFL in Iran they would plotz.


4137...Happy National Sandwich Day

They have a day for everything, eh?

In honour I had a wish sandwich for lunch.

A wish sandwich, of course, is a sandwich that you wish you had an ingredient to put between the two slices of bread.


4136...Thinking Inside The Box

The Daily Mail, a Brit fishwrap, tells us that that is the rule at the One Stop Shop in Harlow, Essex.

Monday October 17th the crack team of clerks at the shop asked Diane Taylor for proof of age when she asked for a bottle of whisky from her local One Stop Shop.

She is 92. Years old. Her face looks the inside of an old shoe. "It was the first time that the pensioner, who was born in 1919 turned 18 in 1937, has ever been asked to show ID when buying alcohol."

She was ready for the clerk: "The great-grandmother-of-three produced her over-60s bus pass, an OAP card and even her pacemaker certificate, but was still turned away because she could not provide a passport or driving licence."

The pinhead who runs the store, unnamed he is, told the Daily Mail that "Although we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused, staff at the store are required to ask all customers for ID as a condition of its licence to sell alcohol."


4135...Dean Del Mastro Has A Man Crush

Dean Del Mastro is the Jon Pinetteesque Tory MP from Peterboro, Ontario. He is also the parliamentary secretary and chief shoe shiner to the man himself, Stephen Harper.

Mr. Del Mastro has his panties in a knot coz Pierre Trudeau's progeny, Justin, also an MP, has had the audacity to speak to Catholic school kids twice in the last three years.

Last month, according The Canadian Press, Mr. Del Mastro "...said on Facebook last month that it was 'outrageous' the Catholic school board in Peterborough, Ont. had invited Trudeau to speak for a second time in three years."

He would have said more but his pizza arrived and he likes it hot.


4134...Max Keeping Beaten To The Punch

My friend Howard Lapides alerted me to a Yahoo! article that says that "Dan Kloeffler, a co-anchor for ABC News' very, very early "World News Now" show, revealed on the air that he is gay.

While delivering a report on Zach Quinto, the "Star Trek" actor who recently came out in an interview with New York magazine, Kloeffler said he would consider dropping his rule against dating actors for Quinto."

Wait, Spock is gay? Whodda thunk it?