Monday, November 30, 2009

1358...Stephen Harper Champion Of Gay Rights

Hey, love him or not, he is our Prime Minister and, although not as good a choice as Mikey I, he ain't bad when you consider the clowns and villians who have and do run places around the third rock from the sun.

He stepped up to the plate in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago and Chris Cobb of the Ottawa Citizen reports that he lashed out at Uganda, that is the country that gave us Idi Amin, and Uganda's new anti-gay law that offers long prison terms and the death penalty to people who happen to be wired to love people who have the same genitals as they do.

"Harper told reporters he met privately with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni during the Commonwealth leaders' summit to express 'Canada's deep concern and strong opposition to the bill. We deplore these kinds of measures,' said Harper. 'We find them inconsistent with any reasonable understanding of human rights.'"

Hey, when he is right, he is right.


1357...Wednesday A Record Will Be Set

The soon to be Brooklyn Nets are on track to become the worstest team in the long history of the NBA.

The Nets, who are presently representing the Garden State of New Jersey, lost their seventeenth straight game out of the gate last nite 1,000,000 to 7 to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Wednesday they are back home in Soprano land and will set the record when they lose to the Dallas Mavericks.


1356...Canadians Have No Sense Of Humour

Really, we don't.

Check this from the National Post, a week ago Saturday. "The chief of staff of Alberta' apologized for a comment he made online..." Apparently Mr. Stelmach has a Fargoesque Ukrainian-Canadian accent and Stephen Carter, Danielle Smith's chief of staff, took the piss out of the Premier's way of talking.

On Twitter Mr. Carter wrote that he "Just saw da premier making a speech. Dat was quite a speech. Dem media better report it right."

This got the Premier's press officer's panties in a knot and he, Tom Olsen, cried foul. Then Mr. Carter woosed out and apologized.

Geez, ya know, he duz talk like dat, eh?

Turn the page and who's mug to you see? Tina Fey's. No, sorry, Sarah Palin's.

Mock the way she speaks and it turns into an Emmy and a best seller [Going Rogue] and a shot at the Oval Office.

Lighten up Canada.


1355...Maybe Stephen Harper Knows Something

That we don't.

Tabatha Southey in the Globe and Mail Saturday writes that "...the Department of National Defence is in the midst of a $25,000 pilot project aimed at determining which uniform designs would best camouflage Canadian soldiers if our troops were deployed in our own cities."

The look is going to be "...based on the 'unique requirements' of the urban settings of Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal."

Street fighting men coming to a burgh near you?


1354...Great Cause, Lousy Musicians, Cold Beer

As Meatloaf loves to remind us “2 out of 3 ain’t bad!”

Scott Bradley, the next MP for Ottawa Centre, he is running for Team Red next time out, reminds us that it is time for the “5th Annual 20th Century Boys Snowsuit Fund Concert”.

This year it is at the Heart and Crown on Preston Street, just south of the Queensway.

Showtime is 8 o'clock Tuesday, ten bones to get in the door and proceeds go to the snow suit fund.

20th Century Boys are: Darrel Reid, Warren Everson, Richard Mahoney, David Fraser, Scott Bradley, Peter Linkletter and Kelly Craig.

The more you drink, the better they sound.

Look for me in my festive sombrero.


1353...Grey Cup Yesterday

13 was the unluckiest number for the Saskatchewan Rough Riders.

Up by a couple of points, no time remaining, the Montreal kicker misses a field goal and the game is over, Saskatchewan wins the Grey Cup.



TSN counts them down for us and for true there were 13 players on the field for Team Green.


On his second try Damon Duval splits the uprights and the Montreal Alouettes are the 2009 Grey Cup champions.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

1352...Grey Cup Today

Montreal against Saskatchewan and the WFDS has it covered with both a Green Rider sombrero and an Alouette sombrero.

The Als are about a nine point favourite but let's face it, its a game bay bee, and y'never know.

What I do know, from reading this morning's Montreal Gazette and the Regina Leader-Post, is that the mayors of the two cities involved, Regina, Canada's least interesting and least fun town and Montreal, Canada's most interesting and most fun town, have made a series of bets. If the Riders prevail, Montreal Mayor Gérald Tremblay will buy a pair of season tix for the Team Green, wear a Sask shirt around city hall, fly Regina's flag in front of city hall; ditto Regina Mayor Pat Fiacco.

TSN, tonight, sixish.


1351...Pretty Good Take On The Greedy TV Folks

Angelo Perschelli in today's Toronto Star.

Persichilli: Broadcasters change channel in middle of show

By Angelo Persichilli - Political Columnist Toronto Star

Published On Sun Nov 29 2009 A few years ago, a licence to broadcast was considered a licence to print money. The same TV broadcasters are now begging the CRTC to allow them to get more money from us without giving us anything in return.

In the past, they lobbied the CRTC against granting any new licenses on the primary tier. New broadcasters were relegated to the back of the cable lineup as Specialty 1 or 2 channels (the former with mandatory carriage, the latter being only discretionary, but both of them available only after paying a fee).

To protect the conventional broadcasters, the new channels had reduced market penetration. They were available only on cable, with no guarantee of carriage for some and less commercial airtime because all viewers had to pay a fee. The operators of these channels had to work hard to get viewers by inventing and selling new programs.

The only sweetener was a fee from the subscriptions that we, the viewers, were forced to pay to protect the conventional broadcasters' quasi-monopoly on commercials. Those were the rules that the broadcasters lobbied the CRTC to approve. But now they want those rules changed.

Let's see why. The world of broadcasting was quickly changing and almost everybody - the new pioneer broadcasters, cable companies and, of course, viewers - adjusted to this new reality. The only group that didn't see the changes coming was the "elite" of Canadian broadcasting, mainly CTV and Global. They believed they were invincible, that viewers would keep watching their programs no matter what, and they ignored that the world and technology were fast changing. They believed that those changes only affected other media, like newspapers and radio.

In fact, those industries started to address the new reality long ago. They are still struggling with it and, in some instances, also having some success, without crying for help from anybody. Also involved in this deep transformation were the distributors of the signals, namely cable and satellite companies. They knew that digital was replacing analog and that the over-the-air signal was becoming obsolete. They also knew that viewers' habits were changing in terms of content and quality of delivery, and that viewers were moving in droves toward new specialty channels. The conventional broadcasters still didn't get it.

The only thing they did was to go on a spending spree buying most of the same specialty channels they had tried to stop years before and that now are the most, if not the only, profitable part of their operations. They didn't invest in the Canadian entertainment industry and also aim at the U.S. market (we speak the same language, after all). Instead, they increasingly imported American shows. And then the Internet arrived and hit the sleepwalking elite like a tsunami. They are now scared and running back to Mama CRTC, crying because they have fewer viewers and are making less money than their specialty channels.

They're asking again for protection, just like they did 30 years ago, and this time they are not even promising to give anything in return. They also want more flexibility to broadcast American programs without being tied to simulcasting - and, by the way, they say, forget the digitalization of our system and let's stick with the old technology until 2013. Welcome to the past and, in the process, give us more money in the future. But are the broadcasters in financial trouble because their programs are distributed free on cable and satellites?

The fact that their programs have free carriage on cable and satellite increases their market penetration. Isn't the model they promoted for 30 years forcing viewers to pay for the new specialty channels? Furthermore, if we don't watch the networks now that they are free, why would we watch them when we have to pay a fee? They argue that broadcasting has changed and they want to be part of the changes. I don't believe that. In their request, there is no new broadcasting plan to better exploit new technology by promoting Canadian creativity, new programming ideas or some benefit for the consumers. They want money from the new technology to defend an old model that is not working any more. Their request has everything to do with the bottom line of their shareholders at the expense of the consumers.

Angelo Persichilli is political editor of Corriere Canadese.

His column appears Sunday

He doesn't point out that once you get outside of Toronto you have rabid cannibalization of the dial by the CHCH's and Global's and TVO's that have repeaters in cities like Thunder Bay and Ottawa and Kitchener and merely suck money out of those towns without contributing squat.

And the fact that, unlike similar sized markets in the United States of, local Canuckistanian TV pays next to nothing coz they don't have to. An example would be Max Keeping in Ottawa. Mr. Keeping has been the top dog on the six o'clock news for almost four decades; if he were in a similar sized market in the States, with similar numbers [he is sooooooo dominant, like 7 to 1] he would be making a mill a year. I don't do his taxes but he doesn't make anywhere that a year. Or in three years.


1350...Happy Birthday Howie Mandel

The great Canadian who now lives in the promised land, Beverly Hills, swimming pools and movie stars, turns 54 today.


1349...Mean Conservatives Hate On Canadians


In the guise of keeping our country safer the Stephen Harpers "...introduced legislation Thursday to make it tougher for Canadians imprisoned abroad to serve their sentences in Canada."

This of course is a big steaming pile of bullsh*t.

The Canadian Press tells that there are 241 of us in foreign prisons that want to come home so they can watch Hockey Night In Canada with people who can follow the puck without their being a blue blur around it.

Peter Van Loan says that they will be a threat to Canada; no, they will be in jail, fool.

And if you leave these bad guys in jail over there and then have them shipped back here after they serve their time, released into Canuck society, free and clear, you end up with what Liberal consular affairs critic Dan McTeague calls "...ticking time bombs."

Do we want that?

Apparently the Tories do.


1348...Stephen Harper Loads His Gun

And points it right at the next Prime Minister of Canada's head.

That will happen in the House of Commons this week and the issue is the HST, harmonized sales tax, to be introduced in Ontario and Bee Cee, conditional on the approval of the powers that be in Ottawa.

"'Parliament's decision on the framework legislation will be certain and final,' states a briefing memo that was obtained by The Globe and Mail. 'This legislation will have the support of the Official Opposition or it will not. If it does, we expect the bill to win approval before the Christmas recess. "If the framework legislation is rejected before Christmas, we will not revisit the issue. Not next year. Not after the next election.'"

The paradox is that, although the tax seems to make sense it pisses off consumers in both provinces and, in a twist that must make Stephen Harper moist, both provinces have Liberal provincial governments and political machines that want the tax. Machines that will help Mikey I next time out. But they are also rife with voters that don't want the tax. Therein lieth the paradox.

The NDP and Bloc are both against the tax which is odd on a few levels. For starters, the NDP, against a tax? And the Bloc, hello, doesn't Gilles Duceppe always say he only is concerned with things that affect Quebec? With the exception of people from Gatineau buying stuff in Ottawa, it really doesn't affect La Belle, does it?


Saturday, November 28, 2009

1347...Bye Bye Charlie

If it weren't a done deal after losing at home to the University of Connecticut it is definitely a done deal after losing a halftime lead and then the game to the Stanford Cardinal tonight.

It is the firing of Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis.

America's team, subway alumni and all that truly means something. Notre Dame is a small university in a small town that has got big props for a century because of their prowess on the football field.

Charlie Weis has changed that. He will be given a going away pressie of about 15 000 000 and then they will hire somebody from somewhere else and say a novena that Mr. New Coach is the right coach.

My money is on Brian Kelly, a good Irish name that, head coach of the University of Cincinnati Bearcats. Mr. Kelly has taken a program that never did squat into the top ten in like three seasons. In fact after beginning the season unranked in all polls, Mr. Kelly's Bearcats have gotten off to a hot start, hitting as high as #5 in the BCS Standings and have yet to lose a game. They still have an outside shot at reaching the BCS National Championship game.

Bye bye Charlie.


1346...Queen's In The House

It was supposed to be Laval taking it all at the Vanier Cup today in Quebec City.

They were the number one team in the country all season long.

Until last week that is.

Today Queen's University from Kingston and the University of Calgary squared off in a game for the ages.

I saw it with my own eyes and OMG what a game. Up and down and all around it was a brilliant offensive showcase.

The Sun summarized the game thusly: "The Queen's Golden Gaels rallied from an 18-point halftime deficit to beat the Calgary Dinos 33-31 in the Vanier Cup Saturday at PEPS Stadium."

Great game to watch, great game to win; heartbreaker to lose.


1345...True North Strong And Freeish

CBC News reports that journalist Amy Goodman, best known as the principal host of Democracy Now, a U.S. syndicated radio broadcast was coming to British Columbia, Canada that is, as part of a tour to promote a new book, Breaking The Sound Barrier.

She got in to our great country but not before being given a stern talking to by customs. Miss Goodman told CBC News on Thursday that Canadian border agents asked her repeatedly what subjects she would cover at scheduled speaking engagements in Vancouver and Victoria and were surprised that she would not be talking about the Stephen Harper/Vancouver Olympics.

"Goodman says Canadian Border Services Agency officials ultimately allowed her to enter Canada but returned her passport with a document demanding she leave the country within 48 hours."

That kind of sucks.


1344...Queens And Calgary And TSN And Quebec

A nice mix for the Vanier Cup.

Tough luck for the hosts that Laval, the best team in the country, lost last week but such is life.

Cool that TSN is running the game as park of their Grey Cup weekend football frenzy.


1343...Prime Minister Elizabeth May

You laugh at that?

What about Premier Bob Rae? That wasn't supposed to happen either.

Tell you what after reading Jane Taber's piece in the Globe and Mail earlier this week, well, I gots to thinking and it really could happen.

Improbable but if the wind is at her back, y'never know.

"The poll by EKOS's Frank Graves of 5,759 (a huge sample) Canadians shows that the Green Party enjoys the support of 23.4 per cent of voters between 18 and 25 years old compared to 21 per cent for Stephen Harper's Tories, 24.7 per cent for the Michael Ignatieff's Liberals and only 18.8 per cent for Jack Layton's NDP."

It could happen.

Frank Graves goes on to state that "But we know in reality they are going to get no seats and that may well explain why under 25s do not bother to vote because they know that one of their top choices actually get no seats so what is the point?"

But if they did, boy, it would be a whole new ball game on Parliament Hill. It would take a machine to pull out the vote but but but...

If only.


1342...Don't Rock Stephen Harper's Boat

Or you will get your ass fired. Tonda McCharles of the Toronto Star reports that is what happened to Paul Kennedy, the man charged with watching over the RCMP.

Appointed by the Liberals back in the good old days, the crux of the matter is simply that "Kennedy argues the commission cannot be an effective watchdog because it is forced to rely on RCMP brass for cooperation. He wants the ability to compel or subpoena Mountie witnesses and evidence in its investigations. Kennedy has also suggested his $5.2 million budget wasn't adequate to match the RCMP's $4.1 billion budget."

Look, mostly the RCMP do good things but when they f'ck up, and they are a big ass organization, they will f'ck up, it is good to have someone with the temperment and courage of Mr. Kennedy to be there to sort things out.

An independent review.

Police are very important and no police service is more important to Canada than the horsemen. But if they cannot be taken to task when they f'ck up they will f'ck up even more.

Apparently the Conservatives don't feel the same way that I do.


And a bit scary, don't you think?

Slippery slope and all that.


1341...Oh No, Ravens Lost Last Night

You had a bad day. Eeeek. Defending national champeens were outscored 20 to 9 in the fourth quarter and lost to Lakehead in Thunder Bay.

Final score was 76 to 73, bad guys.

Now the Lakeheadians are 7 and 0 with Ottawa up tonight and Carleton is 6 and 1 heading down to Hamilton to play Mac.


Friday, November 27, 2009

1340...Tiger Woods In Car Accident

One would think the world had stopped spinning.



1339...Hell Hath No Fury... a woman scorned.

After twenty plus years and three children later Veronica Lario has had it and wants out of her marriage to Forbes Magazine's seventieth richest man in the world.

And she wants 68,000,000 United States dollar a year for her trouble. That is a shade over 5,000,000$ a month.

What she has had enough of is Italian lothario and Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Corriere dela Sera
says that Mr. Berlusconi has offered 317,000$ a month but is willing to go up to 476,000$.


1338...Good Friday Sale Example

Just got an email.

Get $20 Off Stun Gun - Black Friday Sale at BestStunGun‏

America, gotta love it, what a country.


1337...Usually These Things Die A Quick Death

Dumb things that is.

Such as what Conservative MP Gerald Keddy from South Shore-St. Margaret's said earlier this week about unemployed Haligonians refusing work: "Nova Scotians won't do it. All those no-good bastards sitting on the sidewalk in Halifax that can't get work..."

To review check out WFDS Post 1320...What He Said; What He Meant To Say.

What he meant to say of course was: "...that many small businesses rely on foreign workers due to labour shortages...and without these valuable workers many of these businesses would suffer." but all anyone heard was " bastards..."

The headline for Stephen Maher's article in this morning's paper indicates the state of mind on the east coast: Keddy's homeless remark fires up NDP - The Chronicle Herald‏. The Chronicle Herald is the paper of record in Halifax by the way.

NDP Leader Jack Layton will visit two homeless shelters in Halifax today with Halifax NDP MP Megan Leslie in tow, as well as Gordon Earle, the NDP candidate who has been nominated to run against Mr. Keddy in the next election in South Shore-St. Margarets.

Although Mr. Keddy apologized in the House of Commons Tuesday these insensitive statements are indicative of the mean spirited Tories, doncha think?

I think.

The war on poor people continues.

Mr. Keddy's statement is not going to die a quick death or even a slow one.


1336...Black Friday Comes To Canada

To you.

You have a computer and you can take advantage of the biggest shopping day of the year.

A public service from Bill Gates and the WFDS.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

1335...Leon's Doesn't Sell Calculators

Tell you how I know.

The cross Canada furniture store is celebrating its 100th Christmas, 1909-2009, says so on all its ads.

Do the math.


1334...Turkey Stats

More information that is at once pointless and annoying.

I am totally into turkey, the food, not the country, although I do have a Turkey t shirt but I bought it coz I like the food.

Anyhow, I like it so much that I am a bit of a turkeyologist and I will share this with you via Turkeys are, like the rest of Americans, getting bigger. The average American bird was 11 pounds in 1960; in 2008 it was 28 pounds. That is an increase of 64 per cent.

In the same time frame the average American man increased his average weight by 28 pounds.

I have to think that both models apply here in Canada.


1333...More Confusion: Dion and the Greens.

Not the doo wop singer, the former leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Jane Taber floats the idea that Stephane Dion could flip and slip but not really flop over to Elizabeth May's Green Party toute suite.

This would be quite the coup for the Greens but I am also willing to wager that the first Elizabeth May will hear of this is when she finds today's Globe and Mail while foraging through recycling bins on garbage day next week.


1332...I Am Getting Confused

Aretha Franklin said it best: Who's Zoomin' Whom?

The Kingston Whig-Standard runs a Sun Media story by Antonella Artuso that quotes Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horvath [who's that; I know, I know, low, low, l o w profile outside the Horvath home] as saying that "Ignatieff seems to be flip-flopping all over the place. He needs to be clear and concise about where his party is going."

This rhetoric is all about the soon to be introduced HST, Harmonized Sales Tax, that will, good Lord willing, the creeks don't rise and the law passes both the provincial and federal assemblies, blend the provincial sales tax and the federal GST and take hold mid 2010. It is part of a large tax reform package that includes one-time rebates for most families and individuals, personal income tax cuts, extensive business tax breaks and a new blended 13% sales tax, extending the 8% provincial sales tax to gasoline, home heating and other items.

First of all, the NDP, against a tax?


Number two, the federal Conservatives, who occasionally listen to great provincial leaders such as Premier Dalton McGuinty, are onside but the Hudakian Tories in Toronto are not.

And now Bronco Horvath wants Michael Ignatieff to turn on his provincial brethern.

No wonder I am confused.


1331...It Is Turkey Day!!!

My fave holiday: American Thanksgiving.

Cartoons and parades in the morning and football all day long.

Plus, growing up in Ottawa, my mom and dad did not really know about American Thanksgiving sooooooooo I could con them. A little cough on Monday developed into a full blown ersatz fever by Thursday. It was all I could do to drag myself to the front room and lie in front of the Electrohome all morning, afternoon and night.

Love this day.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

1330...Speaking Of America's Sweetheart, Palin

Tomorrow morning on 93.1 CKCU I will have a clip form the same book signing in Columbus, Ohio that unfunnywoman Mary Walsh was at.

I also will have Clive Doucet, councilman for Capital Ward, from 8 to 9 30.

The Sarah Palin clip is pretty cool coz it is interviews with people who have drank Sarah Plain Kool-aid but don't really know what is in the drink.


Foreign Affairs?


Are these trick questions?

These are voters by the way.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

It happens here, too you know.

Sizzle beats steak.



That would be Mary Walsh whose character Marg Delahunty was on last night's This Hour Has 22 Minutes chasing down Sarah Palin at a signing for her book Going Rogue in suburban Columbus, Ohio.

When she tried to talk to the former governor of Alaska four security people stepped in and straightened her out. Sarah Palin is not the only one on her team with good taste.

The Canadian Press reports that "Later, Walsh met Palin...where she said 'Canada needs to dismantle its public heathcare system...'"

Miss Walsh [Lord, I hope it is Miss Walsh, not coz I want but becuz I would fear for Mr. Walsh] said that she found it weird that no one was allowed to ask Mrs. Palin any questions. She then ended the piece by saying that the book was full of lies.

Personally I find it weird that Miss Walsh calls herself a comedian.

Miss Walsh calling herself a comedian would be a lie except for the George Constanza Rule: if you believe it, it cannot be a lie. And I believe that Miss Walsh thinks she is funny.


1328...Albertans Drinking More, Gambling Less

Calgary Herald's Jason Fekete reports that Statistics Canada says that since the economic downturn the residents of the Wild Rose province are gambling less but drinking more.

Gambling less still means that Albertans are dropping a whopping 25 billion into slots and at the track every year. That total was off 5 per cent from the previous year. "The eye-popping numbers from the 2008-09 fiscal year have opposition members of the legislature arguing the provincial government is addicted to gambling revenue, and has sparked more questions about the number of gaming machines in Alberta and a proliferation of casinos." There are 24 casinos in the province.

No pikers on the booze front, Albertans spend about 2 bill a year on booze.


1327...Charity Begins At Home

Unless your home is La Belle.

Andrew Hanon in my morning Ottawa Sun tells me that one in ten of us give zero, nada, nothing, to charity per year but seventeen per cent of Quebecers give zero, nada, nothing to charity per year.

On the other end of the scale eleven per cent of us donate more than a grand a year to charity; only two per cent of Quebecers do so.


1326...Pay Attention: This Is What Local TV Is About

This afternoon at two the local Rogers station, Cable 22, will be showing the National Capital Bowl, the Ottawa and area high school championship live on TV from the Rogers Centre in Toronto.

To moi it is kind of weird that the Ottawa and area high school championship is in Toronto but I digress.

Not a huge story to most in Ottawa but gigantic to those who are part of the St. Peter's High School; community it is tres cool that they are showing it and it should be what local TV is about.

In the same way all politics is local so is all television.


1325...115,000 Joints Later, Still Not High

Bit of a cut and paste number from NBC Miami done with both libertarian Russell Barth and the anti pot zealots from our very own freedom loving Conservative Party of Canada in mind.

No Dope: Ft. Lauderdale Man to Smoke 115,000th Joint
Who says Irv Rosenfeld can't get stoned? Constantly


When you think of the world's most prolific pot smokers, certain names come to mind: Snoop, Cheech and Chong, Willie Nelson.

How about Irvin Rosenfeld?

The 56-year-old Fort Lauderdale stockbroker will put his name among the greats when he sets a world record tomorrow for weed consumption while lighting up his 115,000th joint.

The best part is that it's all legal.

Yep, provided by Uncle Sam," Rosenfeld told "They grow it for me, I find that quite ironic."

Rosenfeld's pot has been provided by the government since 1982, when he became a patient in the Federal Drug Administration's Investigational New Drug Program. Grown on a farm on the campus of the University of Mississippi, the weed is delivered to a local pharmacy where Rosenfeld gets it by the bushel.

Rosenfeld suffers from a rare bone disorder called multiple congenital cartilaginous exostoses, which causes severe pain, alleviated by a healthy dose of ganja.

He's been getting 300 joints every 25 days for the past 27 years, and said he smokes between 10 and 12 per day.

"The first thing I do every morning is smoke two joints as I watch my business shows," Rosenfeld said. "Then another on my drive to work."

Rosenfeld said he's never gotten high on the sticky icky, and he's allowed to smoke while operating heavy machinery.

Not getting high also means no late-night trips to Taco Bell.

"No munchies, no munchies, nothing other people get," Rosenfeld insists. "A lot of patients don't get high."

Rosenfeld is an advocate for the Feds providing medicinal marijuana, a policy ended in 1992. While most people who need medicinal marijuana rely on the dozen or so states that allow it, Rosenfeld and three others were grandfathered into the federal program. He said he's lucky to be able to get his hands on what many others can't.

"I get lots of calls from people trying to get the medicine," he said. "It's sad, people need it."

Rosenfeld said he feels great thanks to the Mary Jane, and that others could be as healthy as him if it were made legal across the board.

"I would be bedridden without it, if I would even be alive," he said. "I shouldn't have been alive and I'm still alive, I take no other medicines, I'm in great shape because of the cannibis. It's just sad because the medicine's there."

He said he thinks the Obama administration will help people like him who truly need the weed to feel better. "The tide is turning, patients are finally getting the help they need," he said.

Rosenfeld's writing a book on his experiences as the nation's longest-running legal pot-smoker, tenatively called "Potluck." He hopes to have it published in the spring.

He said his ability to smoke weed in public has made him both a hero and a villain.

"There are people I'm sure that consider me a hero," he said. "A lot of people make snide little comments or talk about the balls I have to smoke in public. They'll ask, 'Hey man, can I have some of that?'"

The villain part came in 1983, when he was busted in Orlando for possession. The overzealous cop didn't realize his right was federally protected, but after fingerprinting and a few hours in a police station, he was let go and the charges were dropped.

Though his public pot smoking has raised some eyebrows, Rosenfeld said it's the ingrained negative perception that gives it a bad name, regardless of the health benefits.

"There are people who have been raised to think it's the devil's work, they'll always be against it," Rosenfeld said. "If you truly think marijuana's as bad as you think it is, explain me."


1324...Try To Remember Where The Truck Is At

Coz iffen you don't you may end up in jail.

Same goes for your five year old.

Write it on your hand or something.

Indianapolis Star tells that a bit over 24 hours ago in that sleepy little town a man, a very drunk man, called the police to report his tractor trailer had been stolen.

Only one problem.

It hadn't.

No, make that his first problem.

See our unnamed hero had left the truck in the parking lot of a strip joint and ducked in for a beer. Or twelve. Or twelve times twelve.

Then buddy got sooooooo drunk he forgot where he parked his rig. By the way, to sweeten the deal, his five year old was inside the truck watching cartoons on a television. Apparently you cannot leave a five year old in an unlocked truck with keys in the ignition while daddy heads into the peeler parlour for some cold ones mixed in with some hot ones. At least not in Indianapolis.

"The 39-year-old was arrested at 1:15 a.m. Tuesday on child neglect and public intoxication charges after calling police to report his truck stolen and his child missing. Police said the man was too drunk to remember where he had parked."

Wait, it gets better. His wife, that's right, his w i f e, mother of his c h i l d
picked him up at the Marion County Jail.

His w i f e.

W i f e.

I bet he had a lot of 'splaining to do on the ride home.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

1323...We Have Hockey; They Have Football

And we all fall down.

Minor hockey in this country is oft times out of control and it ain't the kids that are out of control; it's the parents.

Same song, different verse below the border.

Here is a cut and paste from Barry Petchesky from and the Boston Globe about what can go wrong when you bitch to the coach about how he treats your boy.

Here's a hint: it involves the police, medical care followed by lawyers.

Tired of parents attacking youth sports coaches? Here's a refreshing reversal - a coach assaulting a parent. Oh wait, that's not refreshing. That's still criminal and digusting.

This gentleman is Michael VonKahle, and he really needs to start being more punctual about bringing his 12-year-old to his Pop Warner football practice. When they were late last Friday (it apparently hadn't been the first time), coach William Reynolds made the kid run laps. Then, this:

In his statement to police, VonKahle, 48, said he responded to Reynolds by saying, "If anybody needs to run laps, it should be you, you fat bastard."

Later on in the evening, Reynolds approached VonKahle in the bleachers and asked if they could discuss the matter further. They went to a secluded wooded area, and nothing good happens in secluded wooded areas.

Let's play he said/he said:

That's where, according to VonKahle, Reynolds immediately tossed off his jacket and threw a punch at him, hitting him in the face.

But according to Reynolds, VonKahle threw his own jacket around Reynolds' head and began punching him on the side of the head. Reynolds said he took the jacket off his head and returned punches, and after a brief slew of blows, said to VonKahle, "We had enough?" VonKahle responded "Yeah," according to Reynolds.

VonKahle suffered a fractured eye socket, broken nose and torn rotator cuff (which perhaps lends credence to him throwing a punch), and Reynolds was charged with aggravated assault and battery.

Bet that kid shows up on time next week.


1322...Canadian Cellphone Companies Suck

From Bowie's Blog:

Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Canadian Cellphone Companies Suck
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Sorry, but if you have time and money to sue each other over this kind of crap, you need to get a life.

Canada remains one of the most expensive, least competitive, least serviced cellphone areas in the world. You pay for calls both ways. Your phone is locked. Fees are hidden, and I guess I really didn't need a new reason to hate Rogers, but I got it anyway.

posted by James Bowie at 3:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not only Rodgers, Telus and Shaw are the same way. Imagine my dismay upon returning to Canada after 10 years working in Asia where cell phones are used like ordinary phones, to find improper gouging going on by phone companies in this country practing poor service. We are being swindled by banks, retail businesses and phone companies. Cheap products from China which have been outsourched by Western companies to be found at Wal-Mart. Canadians better wake up darn soon as we are heading into the depts of third world and it not funny.
Tuesday, November 24, 2009 5:12:00 PM

I spent two plus hours on the phone with Bell today because they changed my plan and forgot to tell me that they were going to charge me for browsing minutes, which, like you, I have a lot of. My previous bill was 0.00 a month; my current one is 390 and change for 13 days. Wee bit of a jump to keep up on basketball scores, eh?

Why do they call it Customer Service?


1321...George Mason: Thank You & WTF?

George Mason, and by the way that run to the Final Four a couple of years ago, who'd a thunk it generously comments on Post1320...What He Said; What He Meant To Say
which quoted Conservative Nova Scotian MP Gerald Keddy as saying he thought that unemployed Haligonians were lazy bastards. Then he tried to slime his way out of it but, but and but.

Still, your comment is a bit perplexing. Senior management at Team Red has said some things that were controversial, laid out below they are, but this is like comparing apples and refrigerators.

George Mason said...

" a situation of extreme necessity, the possibility, even a slight possibility, that it [torture] may reveal some life saving result would almost certainly overwhelm any consideration that it is evil." - Michael Ignatieff, The Gifford Lectures, University of Edinburgh, January 2003

"The use of coercive force in a liberal regarded as a lesser evil. This particular view of democracy does not prohibit emergency suspensions of rights in times of terror. But it imposes an obligation on government to justify such measures publicly, to submit them to judicial review, and to circumscribe them with sunset clauses so that they do not become permanent." - Michael Ignatieff, The Lesser Evil: Political ethics in an age of terror, Princeton University Press, 2004


"To justify violence, he must have really given it serious thought. Otherwise, that's very dangerous. What guarantee would there be that he wouldn't change his mind again?" - Terrorism and counter-terrorism scholar Dr. Janine Krieber, Facebook message as reprinted in Toronto Star, 21 November 2009
November 24, 2009 4:30 PM


1320...What He Said; What He Meant To Say

He is Conservative MP Gerald Keddy, MP for the Nova Scotia riding of South Shore-St. Margaret's.

What he said, regarding work shortages on farms in Nova Scotia, as reported in Tuesday's Halifax Chronicle Herald:

"All those no-good bastards sitting on the sidewalk in Halifax that can't get work..."

What he meant to say, as just reported on CBC:

"...that many small businesses rely on foreign workers due to labour shortages...and without these valuable workers many of these businesses would suffer."


1319...Sell Low, Buy High: Your Tax Dollars In Play

"In May, the government accidentally sold off heritage silver and china from Rideau Hall on the Crown Assets government disposal website usually used to off load old desks and filing cabinets. The government has since paid $95,150 to get back pieces it sold for $3,934."

Elizabeth Thompson from Sun Media wrote that and it is both funny and true and sad all at once. Plus, of course, there was the labour that was involved in selling and re buying all this stuff.

Not a partisan thing, just a bureaucratic thing, but something to share with your friends over a cup of coffee.


1318...Al Gore Disses Alberta

Tonight for a mere f i v e h u n d r e d d o l l a r s you can have a bite to eat at Toronto's Allstream Centre, Exhibition Place and listen to 30 Rock guest star and former Vice President of the United States Al Gore give a talk slamming Alberta and the Tar Sands project.

The speech, Thinking Green: Economic Strategy for the 21st Century , and other stuff, starts at 8 ce soir. Proceeds go to the David Suzuki Foundation.

Don't wear fur and don't look for me in my green sombrero.


1317...Much Ado About Nothing Re Dippers

"With the NDP riding high in the polls ... isn't it also time for the media to take the party more seriously and give them a bit more coverage?" - Norman Spector in his post from today.

Robert Silver in the Globe and Mail points out this morning that the NDP soaring to less than 20 per cent is just more of the friggin' same for Canada's perpetual also rans.

"According to the invaluable the NDP are averaging 15.9 per cent in the most recent set of polls that would give the NDP 29 seats if an election were held today."

He puts that in perspective by pointing out that that the number that the party has averaged in the 16 elections they have been in is 15.42; under Jack Layton they have been steady at 17.10.

Thing is with the Liberals in disarray one would think that the NDP would be flying not stuck in the teens.

Mr. Silver puts it this way: "What makes this fact interesting (at least to me) is that while the Liberals are at an all time low in popular support in the polls (and no - none of this should be taken as a statement that all is good in Liberal poll land), the NDP have really not been the beneficiaries at all of our swoon. In fact, 15.9 per cent would be Jack Layton's second worst result as leader. Even the polls from last week that had the NDP at 19 per cent would only be a 1 per cent gain over the 2008 election which given the current state of the Grits, is hardly reason for NDP celebration."

One would think if they are going to get traction now would be the time for them, them being the New Democratic Party, to get traction. Perhaps they are just irrelevant.


1316... At Least It Wasn't Hitler, a British newspaper tells of "Matthew Roberts, now 41, who was given up for adoption as a baby. Growing up in Rockford, Illinois, he didn’t know he was adopted until his sister told him in fifth grade and it shocked him."

Now living in Los Angeles, Mr. Roberts did what many do, embarking on a quest to find his biological parents. He found his mom in Wisconsin and "She admitted having been raped by his father in a drug-fueled orgy in 1967." Dad turned out to be Charles Manson.

Mr. Roberts, who is a spitting image for his father, says “He’s my biological father – I can’t help but have some kind of emotional connection. That’s the hardest thing of all – feeling love for a monster who raped my mother.”

And you thought you had a bad day.


1315...Ugly Toronto Building Makes World News

CBC News reports that has positioned the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto as the eighth ugliest building in the world.

Here is the complete list:

1. Morris A. Mechanic Theater in Baltimore, Md.

2. Zizkov Television Tower; Prague, Czech Republic

3. "The Beehive"; Wellington, New Zealand

4. Center Georges Pompidou; Paris, France

5. Federation Square; Melbourne, Australia

6. Petrobras Headquarters; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

7. Markel Building; Richmond, Va.

8. Michael Lee-Chin Crystal, Royal Ontario Museum; Toronto

9. National Library; Pristina, Kosovo

10. Ryugyong Hotel; Pyongyang, North Korea


1314...Immigrants And Jobs

According to the CBC people don't immigrate to our country to lie about the house.

In fact recent immigrants to Canada more likely to be male, younger, better educated, work for smaller companies and undercut wages by $2.28 per hour compared to their Canadian-born counterparts. The Statistics Canada study also shows that immigrants are more willing to scramble for insecure and part time jobs than those of us born here.

"The average hourly wage of an immigrant worker in 2008 was $21.44, $2.28 less than the $23.72 Canadian-born employees earn."


Monday, November 23, 2009

1313...Better Idea Re TV

Footnote to Post 1312...More On Greed OfTV Bosses In Canada

Why don't they tell the nets not as in N O T to buy any as in A N Y United States TV.

A billion saved there.

And tell them to run homegrown programming.

Ah, but that be too simple.


1312...More On Greed OfTV Bosses In Canada

Cut and paste number from the Toronto Star.

Professor Geist doesn't totally hit the nail on the head but he is close.

Question is, how the f'ck do you lose money on TV?


Geist: Broadcasters want more than just fee for carriage By Michael GeistInternet Law Columnist

Published On Mon Nov 23 2009

In the weeks leading to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission hearing on broadcasting licences, Canadians were inundated with splashy advertising campaigns claiming that new fees for local signals were either a TV tax or would save local television.

With all of the major broadcasters and cable companies appearing before the commission, the fee-for-carriage (or value-for-signal) issue unsurprisingly took centre stage at last week's hearing. Yet those convinced that the broadcaster plan was limited to a new fee were in for a rude awakening.

Fee for carriage is only part of the story, as broadcasters are also seeking to: block U.S. signals; leave some Canadian communities without over-the-air television; and delay the transition to digital television transmission until 2013. The prospect of blocking U.S. television signals will come as a shock to many, but both CTV and CanWest, Canada's two largest private broadcasters, have asked the CRTC to establish a new program-deletion policy.

For many years, Canadian broadcasters have benefited from simultaneous substitution, which allows them to air U.S. programs at the same time as U.S. broadcasters but to substitute their broadcast (complete with advertisements) on both channels. That policy is the reason programs such as House or Desperate Housewives air simultaneously in the U.S. and Canada, creating an important commercial advantage for Canadian broadcasters.

The broadcasters now wish to expand the simultaneous substitution policy with program deletion. It would provide that when a Canadian broadcaster purchases the rights to a U.S. program, they would have the right to air it whenever they choose within a seven-day window. The hook is cable and satellite companies would be required to block the U.S. broadcast of the same program if it did not air simultaneously. The proposal, which would lead to millions of Canadians regularly encountering blank screens instead of expected programs, would perversely increase the attractiveness of U.S. programming.

Also, given the increasing expectation of on-demand program viewing, it seemingly would send more Canadians away from broadcast television to the Internet where there are no blackout messages and most programs are readily available in both legal and illegal forms. The broadcasters also confirmed some Canadian communities will lose their over-the-air signal as part of the transition from analog to digital. For decades, Canadian broadcasters have used spectrum to transmit over-the-air analog broadcast signals; estimates indicate 10 per cent of Canadians still rely on over-the-air TV signals. The shift to digital transmission brings several advantages including better image and sound quality and more efficient use of spectrum that will open the door to new telecom services. Yet the broadcasters are not willing to invest in digital transmitters for all communities, leaving residents of Kingston, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, and Kelowna (among others) without over-the-air signals. Moreover, the broadcasters admit they will not be able to complete the transition by the Aug. 31, 2011 deadline. Instead, they now target 2013, four years later than their U.S. counterparts.

A delay necessarily will hold up the availability of new spectrum to be freed-up as part of the transition. This spectrum - known as the 700 MHz spectrum - opens up a host of possibilities for new innovation, competitors, and open Internet access. For Canadians anxious for new entrants into the wireless sector, delayed availability of the spectrum will mean more delays in spectrum auctions, keeping the market at a standstill and costing taxpayers billions of dollars in lost spectrum revenue. If the plan is fully adopted, Canadians would be left with blacked-out broadcasts, lost spectrum revenue and delayed telecom competition.

After a week of hearing from broadcasters and cable companies, it is clear that the hearing is about far more than TV taxes and saving local television.

Michael Geist holds the Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law.

He can reached at or online at


1311...She's Back

Parti Quebecois leader Pauline Marois has decided that Quebec is not French enough for her.

QMI Agency notes that in her closing speech at a PQ meeting in Montreal yesterday she promised to ramp up Bill 101esque language laws to make small companies more french and keep immigrants from attending English CEGEPs.

The party, which is currently in opposition at the National Assembly in Quebec City, also wants to introduce a notion of Quebec citizenship as a signal to immigrants that they are Quebecois.


1310...O-town Is Ottawa & O-town is Cracktown

The Ottawa Sun, a vastly underrated newspaper, has been running a lot of stories in the last week or so about the huge crack cocaine problem in our town.

There are a number of big problems with crack, one of the biggest being that, since the drug trade is market driven [Adam Smith's invisible hand] the market sets the price and the price in this town is around two dollars a rock, the cheapest in North America. It is cheaper to get f'd up on crack in our capital than on beer.

Another huge problem, and the Ottawa Police Service's Chief Vern White has addressed it repeatedly, is that there are no where near enough services, read rehab centres, for crack heads who want to clean up their act. Facts are facts and I am sure that Chief White and his crew are not adverse to arresting dealers and users and sending them to jail but the facts that are facts show that policing or overpolicing doesn't solve the problem. At best it mitigates it. And it is not cost effective.

Think about that when the law and order nuts in power today try to bring in tough drug laws; those laws don't work, been tried, don't work. Unless you are invested in creating jobs as prison workers.

What we need are more and more and more resources poured into rehab, not just for crack addicted individuals but for drinkers and pot smokers and speed freaks and and and.

More cost effective for starters.


1309...Chris Rock's Good Hair

A bit behind the curve on this one I know but I do live in the backwater that serves as our Nation's Capital so behind the curve I will be.

Just got back with Brian Bailey from The Hair Loft and we were at the preview for Chris Rock's Good Hair.


It premieres in Ottawa this weekend, Friday I do believe, and it is such a tight documentary. I am certain that if you are a hair stylist, like Mr. Bailey is or Black, ditto, it has more resonance but even for a mungicake like the WFDS the film was brilliant.

Check it out.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

1308...Canuck Teen Idol Causes Tangle

Tis True.

CBS4 New York reports Justin Bieber, a tween popper from Ontario, the southern part, caused the crowd to go wild Friday at Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, New York, out on the island that is long that would be.

Mr. Bieber, who I never heard of until two minutes ago, did not even make it into the mall; there were like three thousand teens and tweens and inbetweens just going nuts awaiting his arrival.

The only person the coppers arrested was 44-year-old James Roppo, a vice president with Mr. Bieber's record company. He is charged with child endangerment and assault because when he was asked to Twitter the tweens to help clear the crowd he told the cops "stugots".


1307...CSI JFK/Remedial Media

Bill Harris, Sun Media, in today's Sun's lets us know that tonight on Discovery there is a CSI JFK episode.

JFK: Inside the Target Car uses modern technology to dispell the grassy knoll theory and pretty much reinforce the findings of the Warren Commission.

The remedial media part comes in when one notes that Mr. Harris did not note what time the documentary starts.

Oh well.


1306...Addenna To Post 1305

Post 1306...The Headline Says It All.

I left this part out of the Globe and Mail article that quoted our beloved and free press loving Prime Minister telling a crowd of et'nics in Markham, Ont how lucky they are to live in a country that has a government like his that respects and cherishes freedom of the press.

He told them that, by the way, just before he turned his back on reporters that wanted to ask him questions. Stupid reporters, always with the questions.

Here is the part I left out:

Since Mr. Harper came to power, the schedule for cabinet meetings became shrouded in mystery, requests for routine information can take days or sometimes ignored altogether and delays in processing freedom-of-information requests has grown markedly.

His office also imposed new rules that allow Mr. Harper's staff to choose which reporter is allowed to ask him a question - a practice more commonly used in Washington by U.S. presidents.

Freedom loving guy, you Mr. Prime Minister, freedom loving!


1305...The Headline Says It All

Harper lauds press freedom in speech, doesn't take questions from reporters - The Globe and Mail‏.

Yeah, that's our freedom loving Prime Minister, beauty eh?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper urged journalists to 'shine light into dark corners' of government affairs during a speech late Saturday, but wouldn't take questions from reporters covering the event.

He told a gathering at Seneca College in Markham, Ontario that freedom goes hand in hand with a free press.

And then wouldn't answer any questions from the free press.

Actions do speak louder than words El Presidente, they do.


1304...Gay Films Seized At The Border

One would think in a town, Ottawa, that has John Baird in cabinet, Max Keeping on TV and Laurier Lapierre in the Senate having a gay positive film festival would be a piece of cake.

One would be wrong.

The Inside Out Film Festival currently being held at the National Gallery of Canada and the Ottawa Sun reports that three of films that are/were/will be featured at the fest were grabbed by Canadian Customs.

Agents Thursday confiscated Patrik 1,5, a Swedish film about a gay couple who want to adopt a child; I Can't Think Straight, a British film about two women who fall in love even though one of them is engaged to be married; and Clapham Junction, another British movie which chronicles 36 hours in the lives of eight gay Londoners. The films were to be shown as part of the Inside Out Film Festival being held this weekend at the National Gallery of Canada.

As best I can figure, the organizer, Jason St. Laurent, pulled an end run on Canada Border Services Agency and had the flicks sent to an alternative address. Nonetheless, it is pretty sh*tty that they were seized in the first place, especially Patrik 1, 5 which was rated PG by the Ontario Film Review Board.


1303...Not The Best At Math, I Am Not

Post "1302...It Was Thirty Six Years Ago Today": kirbycairo notes that I made a boo boo and then takes a shot at me.

Either you need to go back to math class or i woke up in a time wrap I am not sure which. It was, of course, Forty Six years ago but given that the only thing that is really world famous with you is your ego, I am sure it is difficult for you to imagine you make a mistake.

Mea culpa.


1302...It Was Thirty Six Years Ago Today

That JFK was murdered in Dallas.

Say a prayer.


1301...Liberals Are Anti Semitic

That is if you believe the Stephen Harpers.

Toronto Star all over this story in Saturday's editorial where they take the Conservative Party of Canada to task for its ten per centers. The flyers have been been sent out to ridings with large Jewish populations and they attack the Liberals' support of Israel and "Through a deliberate twisting of the facts...suggested that the Liberals are anti-Semites."

Lies often piss folks off and no one was more pissed than Liberal MP from Mount Royal, a Montreal riding that was flyer bombed, human-rights expert Irwin Cotler. Just one of the coolest customers on the planet he accused the Conservatives of "false, misleading, prejudicial and pernicious slander."



Saturday, November 21, 2009

1300...Speaking Of Universities

MSN lists the eight most expensive schools in Canada. As they mention, tuition is just part of the cost; there are also living expenses. Lots of living expenses.

1. The King’s University College, Edmonton, Alberta...killer mall in town to chill at.
2. Royal Roads University, Victoria, British Columbia...with a good antenna you can pick up Seattle TV, saving on cable.
3. Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia...Axemen, greatest nickname in Canada.
4. Concordia University College of Alberta, Edmonton, sales tax.
5. Trinity Western University, Langley, British Columbia...25,000 a year for tuition.
6. Mount Allison, Sackville, New Brunswick...47 Rhodes Scholars, most of any school in NAFTA.
7. Redeemer University College, Ancaster, Ontario...close to both Jesus and Hamilton.
8. Dalhousie, Halifax, Nova least the beer is cheap.


1299...Looking For Me Tonight?

Of course not.

But I am self absorbed and I want to keep you up to date on my activity sooooooooo look for me in my black sombrero at the University of Ottawa's Montpetit Hall when the Gee Gees take on the Guelph Gryphons.

8 bells ladies and gentlemen, 8 bells.


1298...Hey Hey Hey, That's Mr. Loser To You!

Couple of responses from my biggest fan, Anonymous, to Post 1296...NDP Soaring In Polls; Tory Party Fading


Anonymous said...

"Good news is the Tories are down three points to thirty seven which takes them out of majority territory."

Wrong! True they may be down three points. But you are forgetting vote splitting! With the Libs at 24% and the NDP at 19% Remember when the libs won majority gov't in the 90's with 38% that's because the vote on the right was split by the two right-wing parties. Just keep that in mind.
November 21, 2009 2:54 PM

Anonymous said...

Dream on loser, as soon as an election is threatened the Conservatives surge ahead, the Liberals are destined to become "da turd Pardi", a legacy left by Chretien and Martin.
November 21, 2009 3:11 PM


1297...H1N1 Mutating

Not here, but there but still there could be here soon.

UPI reports that "The first two Norwegians to die of swine flu were carrying a mutated version of the H1N1 virus, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health said Friday."



1296...NDP Soaring In Polls; Tory Party Fading

Mike Barber Canwest News Service says that the "New Democratic Party has vaulted to levels of voter approval not seen since before the last federal election..." To the point the Dippers are up six of them, putting them at 19 per cent in an Ipsos Reid poll sponsored by Global TV and Canwest News Service .

Good news is the Tories are down three points to thirty seven which takes them out of majority territory.

I do believe that we have seen this movie before, no? You know I seem to recollect that the NDP often gets bumped up in the polls when an election is not imminent and then when the election comes around their support erodes.

They are within five points of the Liberals, who are at 24 per cent, but, again, the question is, will Jack Layton be able to hold his support. Ditto Elizabeth May and the Greens who are hovering around ten.


1295...Dog Crashes Star's Car

CapitalFM, London's number one hit music station's morning man, Johnny Vaughan has a dog named Harvery. Harvey crashed his Maserati sportscar leaving him with a £8,000 repair bill.

What happened was that Harvey got his head wedged under the glove box on a trip back from the vets, reports the Daily Mirror.

Johnny moved into the passenger seat to free Harvey. Harvey freaked out a bit and jumped across and hit the accelerator pedal.

The £70,000 car slammed into a skip near the DJ's South London home.

Johnny said: "The funniest part was having to explain to my insurers. I couldn't make a claim as Harvey wasn't a named driver on the policy."


1294...Miley Cyrus Bus Crash

The good news is Hannah Montana is fine.

The bad news is Interstate 85 , about 40 miles south of Richmond, in Virginia, was shut by police following the accident involving one of her tour buses. There was one fatality, the driver it is believed. says that Miley Cyrus was not on the bus and will be performing on the Lord's Day at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina.


Friday, November 20, 2009

1293...Tonight In Ottawa

67s playing.

Big trivia contest, like 3000 people, at Lansdowne. Average Joes be my team, look for me in my pink sombrero.

Plus, buckets. Both Carleton and Ottawa are at home. Tonight it is Carleton and Laurier at the Raven's Nest. Women at 6, men at 8. Across the Rideau Canal it is the U of Zero versus Waterloo. Same times. Reverse the teams but not the times for tomorrow.

Something to do in Ottawa.



1292...Never Wear White After Labour Day


This rule is now being strictly enforced by men with guns in Ontario.

Fred Thomas, a fashion enforcer in the Simcoe County Forests of Adjala-Tosorontio Township, took a deep sigh of relief after the judge said he did not do anything wrong when he accidentally shot Marianne Schmid, a white clad woman wandering in the woods during hunting season, on November 6, 2006.

Tracy McLaughlin in the Toronto Sun writes that "During the trial Thomas testified he had a clear sight of a buck in the forest about 46 metres away on the other side of the trail. He said the buck stopped and turned sideways and he fired two shots within seconds.

Thomas testified he waited between one and two minutes and then heard a 'whining' sound and went to look for the deer, but instead saw Schmid, who [sic] lives about 5 km from the forest, lying still on the trail with her headphones and MP3 beside her."

She was also wearing white. In the snow. Wearing white. In the snow. Listening to her tunes.

The judge said that Mr. Thomas followed all the rules of hunting and that was that.


1291...Front Page MTL Gazette Goes To The Dogs

The economy is falling, the Habs suck, the Als don't but the front page story in the digital edition of the Montreal Gazette this morning is all about your dog.

The doggie wash is available at Spa-Animal on Sources Boulevard in Dollard des Ormeaux. For ten small dollars or more, depending on the size of the puppy, one can have Rover buffed and polished in a German made machine that, like a car wash, moves around your dog.

Pretty cool eh?


1290...Cut And Paste Re Cable TV

From this morning's Toronto Sun. The only thing Mr. Goldstein misses is the local TV stations could make us want to watch them if they showed local stuff and lots of it.

I hate repeating myself but look at the local news packages that American affiliates run with. Local, local, local. So local that the NBC affiliate I get, WDIV Detroit, brands itself as Local 4.

Again, when you watch Detroit, Buffalo, Seattle, Spokane, Watertown television it looks like Detroit, Buffalo, Seattle, Spokane, Watertown. When you watch local Global, CTV, CBC stations they all look the same. It is not just the programming either; a lot of the feel has to do with the local ads and stuff like that.

Consumers lose in TV/cable war


Last Updated: 20th November 2009, 3:17am
Canadian consumers cannot win in the showdown between television broadcasters and the cable/satellite industry.

If there was ever a war where the audience -- us -- should be cheering for both sides to lose, it's this one now being fought in the media and before the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission in Ottawa. No matter who wins: Either the "Local TV Matters" crowd -- translation, television networks such as CTV, Global and the CBC -- or the "Stop the TV Tax" crowd -- translation, cable and satellite companies like Rogers and Bell -- we're behind the eight ball.

The networks argue their business model is broken and want cable and satellite companies who carry their signals to start paying for their programming. The cable and satellite companies respond that will result in a new charge to their customers of up to $10 per subscriber per month. The networks counter Rogers, Bell, et al., should pay that cost out of their profits, without raising prices to subscribers. But of course they will if they're hit with a new expense. There's also no guarantee broadcasters will use the extra cash to save local TV stations. Canadians have a different concern with cable and satellite companies -- the fact we can't pay for only the channels and services we want and that, to get everything we want, we have to pay extra for programming we don't need.

What's needed is a freer market that puts consumers first, the opposite of the regulated mess we have now, where broadcasters have to give away their signals for free and cable/satellite companies have to carry them. Broadcasters should be paid for their product, just as specialty channels are. The cable and satellite industries should be able to drop signals they don't want. Consumers should be able to drop channels they don't need.

The government should ensure we get a fair choice of programming packages, at competitive prices. The elephant in the room is that while broadcasters insist "local TV matters," Canadians outside Quebec generally prefer American programming, save for Canadian sports, a few independently-produced hit shows and local news. Forcing people to pay more, ostensibly for Canadian programming most won't watch, makes no economic sense.

What Canadian, make that English Canadian TV, has to do is stop making so many damn excuses and become relevant to the markets they serve.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

1289...Bad News For Canuckistanians

Sad but true, the headline on the trashcan liner says it all: Harper's job is safe.

Sad but true, the headline on the front page of the Telegraph-Journal‏, New Brunswick's favourite trashcan liner.

The piece is penned by Charles W. Moore, who is a Nova Scotia based freelance writer and editor, and, you can tell by the middle initial being used, very serious. So he ain't kidding about this sh*t.

He points out stuff that we already know, namely that a civilized coup d'etat nearly took out Stephen Harper; if Stephane Dion had a better sense of smell, the current Prime Minister would not be the current Prime Minister.

And many other sad but true things that will ensure that the Stephen Harpers stick around, at least for one more Christmas.

Sad but true.


1288...Posh Spice Diet And Fitness Tips

Greens and sex.

In a steamy interview in the December issue of Allure magazine, Victoria Beckham says she lives on a steady diet of greens and sex. She points out that she is married to one of People Magazine's sexiest men in the world, footballer David Beckham so she would be crazy to sleep when she climbs into bed at night.

Greens and sex.


1287...Good Comment AND Bad Comment In One

Pursuant to Post 1282...Food Bank Use Up 17.6 % In Canada Anonymous tells me that "There are tons of Food Banks here at"

It is a good comment coz it informs you where food banks are in Canada; bad comment coz we need them.


1286...Consumers Are Being Fleeced

Terry Corcoran, there's a good Irish boy, of the National Post tells how elite accommodation is costing consumers in our home and native land beaucoup d'argent, in fact the lower you go on the financial food chain the more beaucoup it costs in proportion. "And Canada's parliamentarians -- Liberal, Conservative, NDP and Bloc -- have again unanimously voted in favour of it all."

In America every little boy, rich or poor, can grow up to be President. Case in point: Presidents Obama and Clinton. In Canada, not so. The fact that the benches on Parliament Hill and the other legislatures in Canada are stacked to the ceiling with the children of the middle and upper middle and they just don't get it.

Because of tariffs and trade barriers and Canadian content rules we pay more for everything in this country than they do in America. Mr. Corcoran is focused on dairy in today's story but he could have been talking about gasoline, which is about 3.00 a U.S. gallon in Detroit and 4.00 for the same gallon across the river in Windsor or other things but he chose dairy.

The Commons Standing Committee on International Trade, chaired by urban cowboy and Calgary Centre MP, a Tory, "...issued a 3½-page 'report'" with a sole recommendation: 'That the government of Canada affirm its unequivocal support of, and commitment to defend, Canada's supply management system.'"

Mr. Corcoran writes that "It more accurately should have been titled 'Let's Keep Screwing Consumers.'"

Again, this is not the Conservatives f*cking Canadians up the poopinsnapper; this is an all party cluster f*ck.

The best example of this is from Peterborough, the home of MP Dean "I need a Timbit" Del Mastro:

There's a Baskin-Robbins ice cream plant in Peterborough, Ont., that imports cheap American milk and cream at U.S. prices, turns the cheap milk into ice cream, and then exports the cheaper ice cream to the United States. But that cheaper ice cream cannot be sold in Canada. For Canadians, Baskin-Robbins has a separate production run that uses overpriced, supply-managed milk and it then sells overpriced Canadian ice cream. No wonder Canadian ice cream sales are falling.

Those higher prices cost the 800,000 Canadians a lot more proportionately than the rest of us. All parties should be ashamed. And this protectionism weakens us on the world stage to. Competitiveness works.


1285...A Chain Is As Strong As Its Weakest Link

The story Greg Weston offers in this morning's Toronto Sun is all about weak links. Ostensibally it is about scanners and the high school dropouts who are operating them at airports but it is really about weak links.

Sidebar, anyone who has been to an airport and that is all of us I presume, was not shocked that the 911 peeps got on board with their weapons; and Lord knows, it wouldn't be too hard to get by the crack security team at name-your-airport. Every few years a TV reporter will smuggle stuff on a plane and instead of going "...f'ck, we better hire competent people to screen out the passengers..." they will threaten the reporter with action.

Ditto places like Parliament Hill in our town and the tunnel system that runs under the Hill.

He opens with this great blast: "Anyone who has gone through airport security since 9/11 will probably appreciate Henry Ford's observation that thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably why so few do it."

And closes with this: "True, the government wants to dramatically slash the $418 million it is shelling out for airport screening. And, sure, by far the biggest part of that cost is for the more than 6,000 screeners, 25% of whom quit and have to be replaced every year. And, yeah, $170,000 machines that can see through your clothes don't get paid, take sick leave or holidays, or need pensions. But that's not why the government wants to turn air travellers into frequent flashers. It's all about security. Honest."

A chain is as strong as its weakest link.

Think about that next time you board a plane.


1284...More News From Down Under

The Age, another paper in Sydney, Oz, tells its readers that there is a push to raise the drinking age from 18 to 19 in Australia.

This is of course intended to curb a supposed drinking problem. Because if there's one thing teenagers love to do, it's respect authority and obey the law.


1283...Memo To Australia: Wrestling Is Sorta Fixed

Sydney, Australia's latest news and stories including business, sport, entertainment and more is The Daily Telegraph. What it is not is exactly aware of stuff. Like the fact that wrestling, the Hulk Hogan brand of wrestling, is not exactly on the up and up, iffen you know what I mean.

Here is what they are greeting their readers with this morning, no sense of ha ha, no sense of irony and, obviously, no cable in the newsroom.

Hulk Hogan injured in bloody Sydney brawl with Ric Flair and media

WRESTLER Hulk Hogan has been badly injured after a violent bloody brawl broke out at The Hulkamania promotional press conference at Star City today.
The press conference veered violently out of control today as Hogan and ring rival Ric Flair let their animosity break into a full-scale bloody brawl.

Sydney Central’s photographer Phil Rogers has his flash broken when Flair threw a table off the stage and into the press gathering before diving on photographers. See the photo of the Hulk.

Media were stunned as Hogan's head began bleeding profusely and confusion broke out when the veteran wrestling star was unable to get to his feet.

Journalists narrowly missed being struck with the table and photographers ducked and weaved as Flair took off his trouser belt and began to whip anyone within range.

Imagine, a fight at a press conference promoting wrestling. Stop the presses.

The Hulkamania tour hits Sydney’s Acer Arena on November 28.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

1282...Food Bank Use Up 17.6 % In Canada

That's what it says in the Ottawa Sun today.

Reporter Scott Taylor is pulling info from Food Banks Canada and they show close to 800,000 Canadians rely on food banks.

There but for the grace of God.


1281...Oxfam Canada, Ryan Bresee, CKCU, Good

Tomorrow check this out from 93.1 CKCU in Ottawa, totally cut and paste from Ryan Bresee's Facebook:

Some fine folks from Oxfam Canada are co-hosting with me this Thursday from 9:30-noon. We'll be talking about some of the work they do and playing music from locations around the globe where they make a difference. There will be a lot of really interesting guests and great music. Tune in! 93.1 FM or online at


1280...Cops Spoil On The Fun On Hill

Barbara Barrett, McClatchy Newspapers, writes that "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wanted to take a pretend pig farm with real pigs to Capitol Hill to protest how the animals are treated in big corporate hog farms."

They also, and this sounds fun, "...fill 3,500 buckets with pig urine and waste, set the buckets on the U.S. Capitol plaza and then, for several days, use fans to waft the scent across the Hill."

The Capitol Hill Police said no, spoiling all the fun.


1279...CBC Says Cdn Seniors Slutty

I am rephrasing what the CBC is reporting but basically what grandma and grandpa are doing in Florida is the nasty with everyone and everything and all the time and that is risking health wise according to gerontology researcher Katie Mairs.

Bottom lining the problem is the fact that "Less than a quarter of men and almost none of the women used condoms, the study also found. It's a relevant finding in Florida, where seniors account for 17 per cent of all HIV cases — the same as the proportion of those 65 and up among the general population. New cases among the age group are growing faster than in people under 40."

As KISS bassist Gene Simmon's says: "When it is raining, wear a raincoat."


1278...A Fan Writes To The WFDS

In response to Post 1277...Step Away From The Buffet MP Del Mastro

Platty said...

So, if a Conservative was to make reference to some sort of less than attractive attribute of someone in the Liberal party, we would not hear word one from Dan Shields on the subject? Good to know...

November 18, 2009 2:38 PM

From memory I will tell you Platty that I do believe that the Member from Peterborough, Dean Del Mastro, had, between Timbits, called the Liberals criminals in committee. Being a criminal is not an attractive attribute.

The red machine has a number of members who are less than model material including one that is referred to by the team as Fat Bastard. I am sure you can figure that MP out on your own.

I do appreciate the comment and your patronage.


1277...Step Away From The Buffet MP Del Mastro

Oops now he will be angry with me.

He being thin skinned but thick waisted Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro. The porcine Member of Parliament has his panties in a knot because Scarborough Liberal MP Michelle Simson had the audacity to call the fat MP fat in a Tweet. The Globe and Mail reports the Tweet thusly: "M.P. Del Mastro should grow up (not out)."

In fact the Tory MP for Peterborough threw himself out of his pew in the House of Commons and wasted Parliament's time with this:

Mr. Del Mastro: Mr. Speaker, I am in fact saddened to rise on this point of order because I had hoped members in the House would not sink to this level. However, this morning the member for Scarborough Southwest made an entry on Twitter that I find particularly demeaning, discriminatory and unbecoming of a member of Parliament. This morning in the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics, I had to put up with the abhorrent behaviour of a partisan chair who pays no attention to the rules governing parliamentary committees whatsoever. However, during that meeting I provided the respect that each member is in fact due. The member for Scarborough Southwest wrote on her Twitter, and I apologize as I will have to use my name, "In committee this morning, MP Del Mastro should grow up not out."

Note to Mr. Del Mastro: you big boy, get a grip. Go pick on some poor people or throw someone in jail, that'll make you feel better.

I would write more but my pizza is here.


1276...Lunch With Pam Anderson

I know a little place here in town, Miss Anderson. Good eats, great view and the best company.

The Canadian Press' Tim Naumetz tells all that "Seal meat is about to join beef tenderloin and baked salmon on the haute-cuisine menu for MPs and senators in the parliamentary restaurant."

He also reminds us of the fuss that Governor-General Michäelle Jean caused last spring when she gobbled some seal meat. Parliamentarians seem to be unanimous in their support for this addition to the usual fare. The restaurant also serves bison so this will not be the first thing on the menu that is not available in run of the mill restaurants.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society not so happy.

As for Miss Anderson, they do have salad, eh?


1275...Flu Shots Are Back In Ottawa

Call 311 for more information.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

1274...Local Radio Bullsh*t

Starring me, tomorrow, at six in the morning, 93.1 CKCU/ I will be with Ian Morrison, Friends of Canadian Broadcasting who will explain to me why it is okay for every city but his, Toronto, to be rife with repeaters and why the American system of delivering local TV, compelling cable and satellite systems to carry the local affiliates but no out of town affiliates, is wrong.

Should be fun.

And then, later in the hour, a cable TV host from Prince Edward Country, which I believe is where Belleville, Ontario is. His name is Michael Potters and he hosts Chef Worthy which currently airs on Saturdays at 1pm on W and 7pm on VIVA.


1273...Local TV Bullsh*t

I know you have seen the ads. Local TV will die if they don't get a big pile of cash from, um, us.

Greedy they are but there was a rally on Parliament Hill yesterday, hosted, for want of a better word, by Ian Morrison his Friends Of Canadian Broadcasting. Couldn't make the rally but thought I would tune in Ottawa's only local commercial over the air channel, CJOH/CTV Ottawa and see what happened.

Either they didn't hold the rally or the gatekeepers at CJOH/CTV Ottawa didn't care.

And if they don't care to follow a local story about them, why should we?


1272...Buffalo-Toronto Bills Fire Coach's Jason La Canfora is reporting that the Buffalo Bills have fired Dick Jauron. The Bills had high hopes coming into 2009 what with picking up Terrell Owens and all that but are terrible and are poised to miss the playoffs yet again. Their current record is 3 and 6.

Defensive coordinator Perry Fewell is expected to become the Bills' interim head coach according to's Vic Carucci. Mr. La Canfora also has reported that Ryan Fitzpatrick is expected to get the nod to start at Jacksonville this week.


1271...Tories At The Trough

"The Conservatives have made free mail expensive." So writes Campbell Clark in today's Globe and Mail.

Apparently the Tories are keeping the post office going with their multiple free mailings. The Stephen Harpers ran up $6.3-million in costs last year by mailing out "ten-per-centers" to people outside their ridings. Le Devoir discloses that the average Conservative spent $38,337 on mail, including eight who spent more than $80,000, while the average opposition MP spent $17,977. Ontario Conservative Rick Norlock topped the list at $87,749.

And yet, no Christmas card from Mr. Norlock for the WFDS in '08. Fingers crossed for this year.


1270...Good News Re H1N1 Vaccine

Dr. David Butler-Jones is Canada's chief public health officer and he tells the Canadian Press that only 36 of the 6,500,000 million of us who have received the vaccine have been affected negatively.

In other words, driving to and from the clinic is more perilous than getting the shot.

The federal government says it will list adverse reactions to the H1N1 vaccine on its website.


1269...More Quebec Political Intrique

In Post 1254...A Nice Christmas Ideer I informed that former Quebec premier Jacques Parizeau's book, La souverainete du Quebec: Hier, aujourd'hui et demain ( An Independent Quebec: the Past, the Present and the Future) will be hitting the stores Wednesday but David Boily of the Canadian Press says the sh*t has hit the fan today.

In his new book Mr. Parizeau says that the party must continue building programs for a government that will one day lead a sovereign Quebec, an apparent shot at current leader Pauline Marois. She is defending her decision to place future sovereignty referendums on the back burner, focusing more on regaining power in La Belle.

In this writer's view whether one loves it or hates it, Quebec is the place where both the unthinkable occurs on a regular basis and is the one part of the country that has the most interesting and dynamic politics. Plus the beer is soooooooo much cheaper.


1268...ADQ Crashing And Burning

In slow motion.

The party of Mario Dumont that came within a few votes here and few votes there of becoming the party in power a couple of Quebec elections back is rapidly becoming a footnote in the history of La Belle.

The Montreal Gazette reports Guillaume Leduc, spokesperson for the youth wing, has, on behalf of the youth wing, asked Gilles Taillon to step aside immediately. The proverbial last straw was a letter from the lame duck leader alleging that there was a plot in the ADQ against him.

Mr. Taillon has been leader of the party since October of 2009.

That's last month.

The 18th of October to be exact.

Making it less than a month that Mr. Taillon has been da boss.

Junior high school romances last longer than this.

Tomorrow the brain trust of the party meets to decide the rules for its new leadership race and could also name an interim leader, replacing recently elected leader Gilles Taillon who has resigned. He announced his resignation from that position less than a month later following a caucus revolt


1267...Reported Widely

Obama calls on China to free the Internet.

China promptly answers Obama's call by censoring it.


1266...Dead Or Canadian


If you ever saw the MTV game show from the late 80's, Remote Control, you probably recall that one of the categories was Dead Or Canadian.

As of Sunday last Ken Ober, the show's host during its five year run, could be used as an answer to the first part of that question.


1265...Even More Doings Tuesday

Girls high school basketball championships tonight at Merivale High School, Merivale Road and Meadowlands in Ottawa.

Games at 4, 6 and 8.

The 8 o'clock game features Louis Riel who has four women who are going Division I in America. Big deal for real.

I will be there in my black and red sombrero, standard basketball sombrero y'see.


1264...More Big Doings On Tuesday

New Brunswick's budget is released, brought forward, crown speeched, whatever.

Still it should make CBC News and is going to be the talk of the town in Fredericton.


Monday, November 16, 2009

1263...Big Doings On Tuesday

For starters the Perez Hilton assault trial starts in Tronna tommorra.

The online gossip king,, was allegedly bitch slapped by the Black Eyed Peas manager Liborio "Polo" Molina. Mr. Hilton accused Mr. Molina of punching him "...two or three times..." in the head. Ow. Ow. Ow.

Hey, at least spotlight craving Toronto gets on Entertainment Tonight coz of this, eh?


1262...Flu Shot Record Set

The Montreal Gazette's Monique Beaudin tells readers of that particular bird cage liner that Montreal’s public-health department says that 25,800 people got the H1N1 vaccine on Saturday.

This be a record for shots in a day in the nation inside a nation.

According to health officials in Montreal a second wave of H1N1 is starting to rear its head on the Island.


1261...Captain Obvious Reporting

Kevin Connor, Toronto Sun today runs with this: "People think selling contraband cigarettes is a victimless crime and no one gets hurt. Yes, it deprives us of tax dollars, but it is money that is pumped back into organized crime," said Gary Grant, a former Toronto cop, who heads the National Coalition Against Contraband Tobacco.

Imagine, people who break the law are criminals. Who would have thunk that, eh?

What we need are more laws.

That will work.


1260...Drilling For Scotch is running with this great story about the fact that a New Zealand team of explorers to mount rescue mission to recover precious, precious whisky left from the Shackleton expedition.

A team is set to drill through Antarctica's ice sheets in search of two crates of McKinlay and Co. whisky that were shipped to the Antarctic by British polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton as part of his abandoned 1909 expedition.

God speed and good luck to y'all.

Be sure to bring soda with you.


1259...The Government Does Something Right

What our beloved governments have done correctly is prosecute the war on tobacco.

The Vancouver Sun's Barbara Jaffe this morning has some interesting stats on the smoking wars.

In 1965 49 per cent of Canadian adults smoked; today the number is 18 per cent and only 15 per cent of the 15 to 19 year olds puff. Americans are at 21 per cent, the Brits at 25 per cent and 60, that is S I X T Y per cent of Russian men smoke. "According to the British Heart Foundation, 30 per cent of the French smoke, 35 per cent of the Dutch and 37 per cent of Germans."

Tobacco of course is the only product that if used the way you are supposed to use it will kill you.

Just a bit of FYI pour vous from me.


1258...On The Other Hand If You Like To Whine

And protest, in an orderly fashion of course, the Nation's Capital is the place to be my friend.

Today is no different. My new friend Ian Morrison, who I will be talking to on 93.1 CKCU Wednesday morning, he is Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, sent me this:

Dear Dan,

I want to alert you to a rally on Parliament Hill on Monday, November 16 at 1:00 pm.

"Our Culture. Our Voice. OUR TV." is sponsored by our friends at ACTRA. If you are able, I encourage you to attend.

You can learn more at:


Ian Morrison
FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting

I have said it before and I will say it again: if Canadian broadcasters were not so greedy they would not have painted themselves into this corner. Again. Zero sum businessmen, the lot.