Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2567...Larry King Is Only 76

And he is retiring.

I thought he was a decade older for sure.

He has been on CNN for a quarter century lobbing softballs at everyone and everybody.

He first came to prominence doing overnight stuff on the Mutual Broadcasting System, overnight radio, in the late 70's and was brilliant there and obviously transferred his style successfully to the tube.


2566...CFL Coming Back To Ottawa: Probably

I received a timely comment on that matter, signed nonetheless:


kirbycairo said...

And the CFL team will last a few years in Ottawa, in a ridiculous location where people don't like to go and traffic is terrible. And then it will fold and we will have a huge stadium on prime real estate, that will sit for years until it starts to break down and has to be torn down.
June 29, 2010 9:15 PM

Respectfully I disagree with you and agree with you too.

I agree that the location is kind of f'cked but the idea of a city stadium is cool; the chaos is part of the fun of going. Case in point, McGill Stadium in Montreal.

As for the team, well, the Riders/Renegades did not have a winning season since the Gerald Ford era. That is like forever without winning. They win, they draw.

The key is to keep Joe Pao Pao away from the franchise.


2565...Tony Bennett Disses Rod Stewart

WENN reports that Tony Bennett says that Rod Stewart, the former rocker turned disco boy turned crooner, "...sings like a girl."

Way to keep up TB; Mr. Stewart has released 4 Great American Songbook albums and you are hating on him now?

Mr. Bennett has not charted a song on Billboard since Centennial year, 1967. Mr. Stewart's Great American Songbook albums have all been top ten in Canada, the US and Britain.

Perhaps the fact that he outsells you many to not many has factored into the equation, no?


2564...That's Mr. Douche Bag To You, Sir

Another fearful follower of the WFDS drops a letter of love:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "2554...What Is Up With Anonymous":

Well, "World Famous Dan Shields," if you weren't such an attention-seeking douche propagating your crap on Liblogs, you would be totally anonymous.

Publish this comment.

Reject this comment.

Moderate comments for this blog.

Posted by Anonymous to The World Famous Dan Shields at June 30, 2010 2:14 AM

Stop, you are making me blush.


2563...Why O'Brien Running Is Good For Jim

At Jim Watson's, former and hopefully next mayor of your capital, kick off there were a lot of social politicos, band wagon jumpers, non heavy lifters. The initials EH and GM immediately pop into the front of my brain.

With the cake walk that the election would have been without hizzonner in the race the EH and GM types will go back to whatever opportunistic opportunity will come their way next.

Now Mr. Watson's team will be workers and work they will. The hangerons will unhang.

This is the most important municipal election your capital has ever seen; four more years of Larry 0 and you may as well close the store.


2562...Told You So: Mayor Larry O'Brien Running

Sure, I waffled a bit, but bottom line is I called it first.

And I also said, doing this from memory I am, that if he had the right conditions:

- two credible opponents to split the vote
- a warm winter so the city would have extra cash
- resolved Lansdowne
- resolved rapid transit

He could win by doing what Marc Bureau in Hull, er, Gatineau, did. Split the vote.

It could happen.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2561...Your Capital Is Getting A New CFL Stadium


Says so in this morning's Ottawa Sun.

And you, yes you there in Medicine Hat, Goose Bay and Vernon, you will have a stake in it.

Plus Ottawa will get its third CFL franchise.

Interestingly the proposal, which is for a revamping of the present downtown fairgrounds and stadium, was opposed by the councillor representing the ward that Lansdowne Park is in. Clive Doucet is the man's name. The project was also opposed by the four other downtown representatives.

More things that make me go hmmmmmmmmmm.


2560...All Crimes Are Hate Crimes

Most anyhow.

That is why the whole concept of hate crimes is disturbing to me.

I think that bias should be a mitigating factor at both charging and sentencing time but I don't think that there should be a sep set of laws.

The criminal code is just too expansive as it is. And hate can be defined narrowly or widely.

To that end this essay from Saturday's Globe and Mail is worth reading:

Pulling hate out of the air

From Saturday's Globe and Mail
Published on Friday, Jun. 25, 2010 8:59PM EDT

Last updated on Friday, Jun. 25, 2010 10:00PM EDT

Most people probably believe they can spot a hate crime when they see or hear it: racial violence, genocide promotion, poisonous graffiti. But what about mortgage fraud?

Prosecutors in New York City have recently begun using hate crime law to target women who befriend and defraud elderly men of their life savings or homes. It may seem an innovative way to combat a heinous crime, but broadening hate in this way diminishes the importance of crimes motivated by real odium.

New York's Hate Crimes Act calls for the application of specific hate crime penalties in cases where a crime is motivated by a "belief or perception" held about the victim as a member of an identifiable group. As the women in question apparently believed old men were easy marks for their fraudulent schemes, prosecutors have successfully used this law to obtain stiffer jail sentences than would have otherwise applied. One district attorney told the New York Times using hate crime legislation in this way represents "an epiphany."

Headache is more like it.

Robbing of old men of their life savings is a serious crime. And it deserves serious attention. But twisting hate crime legislation into a weapon against it risks considerably more damage.

Consider that last week Statistics Canada released figures showing hate crimes reported to police in Canada rose 35 per cent between 2007 and 2008. It seems a troubling development worthy of attention. And yet such numbers would be meaningless if the increase was solely due to prosecutorial innovation.

There is no evidence Canada's hate crime sentencing provisions have been used to the same purpose as in New York. However our law is similarly worded to include the vague concept of "bias" as a motivating factor. And Canadians are already well aware of the tension inherent in defining hate crime too broadly. The recent use of section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act by various groups attempting to muzzle the popular press is an obvious example.

If hate crime is to retain its significance as a detestable act, its meaning must be restricted to serious and obvious incidences borne of a poisonous hatred of an identifiable group. Aggressively applying it to offences that just happen to afflict a particular demographic will eventually render all hate crime meaningless.

That is what I mean. I sincerely have trouble thinking that an 80 year old dude thinking with his dick and getting ripped off equates with the KKK lighting a cross on my lawn.


2559...On A Brighter Note

CFL starts this week.

Als versus Saskatchewan in the city the rhymes with fun Canada Day.



2558...While Our Civil Liberties Are Being Eroded

The American's rights are being enhanced.

Paul Koring wrote in yesterday's Globe and Mail that "As with free speech, Americans have a fundamental right to own guns, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Monday, answering a centuries-old debate and threatening laws and regulations enacted by states and cities that outlaw handgun ownership or impose tight controls on assault weapons. Concluding that citizens can own firearms for self-defence, Justice Samuel Alito, writing for the majority, reasoned that the framers of the Constitution regarded 'the right to keep and bear arms among those fundamental rights necessary to our system of ordered liberty.'"

This is at the same time that in Canada's most important city the police legally trampling on people that the state deemed as non rights holders.

Beauty, eh?


2557...Canadian Sovreignty Out The Window

So says Joe Volpe.

The esteemed former cabinet minister was reacting to a move that our governing party, the Tories, have made. To with "The Harper government has quietly presented a bill in the House of Commons that would give U.S. officials final say over who may board aircraft in Canada if they are to fly over the U.S. en route to a third country. 'Canadian sovereignty has gone right out the window,' Liberal Transport critic Joe Volpe told the Montreal Gazette in a recent telephone interview. 'You are going to be subject to American law.'"

I am not anti American but, note to Steven, er, Stephen Harper, either we is or we ain't. Seems to me that we have all the disadvantages of being Yanks and none of the advantages.

Yet, someway, somehow, Canadians think that Mr. Harper is the man to lead us all.



2556...Wait: What If The Leafs Win The Cup?

How nuts will Toronto be then?

How nuts will the Toronto Police be then?

Just putting it out there.


2555...Ducks Can Fly

If a woman in Candiac, on the South Shore, suburban Montreal, knew that simple fact "A 16-year-old girl and her 59-year-old father [would not have been] killed when their motorcycle collided with the car of a woman who had stopped to allow ducks to cross a highway."

QMI reports that the woman stopped to let f'ing ducks cross the highway. Highway. Fast moving Quebec Autoroute type highway.

The accident occurred around 7:20 p.m. at the intersection of Highway 30 and Highway 15 on the south bank of the St. Lawrence River.

The mother of the girl and spouse of the man driving the motorcycle were riding on another motorcycle and witnessed the tragic incident.

“The woman was arrested Sunday night and released,” said police spokesman Ronald McInnis. “We have completed our investigation and have handed the case over to the Crown prosecutor who will decide if charges are laid.”

The ducks, presumably, are fine.

Funerals for the man and his daughter will be held this week.


2554...What Is Up With Anonymous

If you are going to say something have the courage to stand behind what you say.

Man up.

Sign your name.


Monday, June 28, 2010

2553...Kory Teneycke Speaks‏

The head of the new news channel in Canada, Sun TV, that is hitting the air New Year's Day, was in The Hill Times today.

Headline says it all:

'Most cable news in Canada pretty flat,' says Quebecor's Teneycke‏

Damn right.

Let's try for a little controversy, a little entertainment and a little personality.

Not the Canadian way, but, doable. And it is the Quebec was and he is with Quebecor so let's give 'er.

Canna wait.


2552...May Be Russell Barth Is Right

Canada has changed.

Not for the better.

Things that make me go hmmmmm.


2551...G8/G20/Penis Enlarger

The last one, which is what Stephen Harper really wants, would have been cheaper.

Geez, it is 2010, the era of box stores and frugal is cool.

And our beloved Prime Minister spent ten times more than they did in Pittsburgh, a town just a few hundred klicks south of Tronna.


2550...Italy Is Still Out Of The World Cup

That never, ever gets old.


2549...Wasn't That A Party?

At one of these G20/G8 summits the protesters are going to be armed and then Toronto will look like nothing.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

2548...Thanks To You

And you.

I got my dog back.

Mara will be with me within an hour.

B i g ups to Doug Hempstead from the Ottawa Sun, Jacqueline Cyr from the world and Mark Miller from the Ottawa Police Services.

And you.


2547...Toronto The Good

Caught this in the Toronto Sun today. Apparently the G20 is not the hookerpalooza that sex workers were hoping for.

"Several brothels, like quite a few, in very exclusive condo buildings, they have closed down." said Valerie Scott, executive director of Sex Professionals of Canada Saturday. "They can't get clients into the building. If you're a resident in a condo tower downtown inside the security zone, or even in the yellow zone, parking is a nightmare, the cops want to see ID."

The tabloid reports that the only working girls who've seen an uptake in business, and it's minor, are the independent girls who advertise on the web and in newspapers.

Stephen Harper fails to create jobs.



2546...France Bitchslaps Canada

Nicolas Sarkozy, he's the bossman of France, says he doesn’t see any overt signs of opulence at the G8/G20 summit in Toronto. It is his turn to hold the big dance next year and the Globe and Mail writes that "...the charismatic French President vowed his country will pull off its hosting duties next year for one-tenth the price."

Take that Stephen Harper.

Of course if the wheels fall off so to speak at the French summit they will do what the French have done since the beginning of time. Quit.


2545...Sky Still There

Birds in trees.

Water in lake.

Blue Jays still struggling.

G8/G20 hasn't changed a lot.


Friday, June 25, 2010

2544...Tick Tock

Stephen Harper must feel like Kei$ha.

Big show on now.

Tick Tock.


2543...Italy Still Out Of World Cup


2542...Italy Out Of World Cup

I know you know that but I love the feeling it gives me to write that.

Read that.

Say that.

Italy out of World Cup.


2541...From The Desk Of Russell Barth

Personal friend of mine.

Mr. Barth sees the G8 and G20 summits as the end of the end.

Friend him on Facebook and see what I mean, jellybean.

Here are some samples of what vexes my boy:

Russell Barth
compare the number of rights you have today to the number of rights you will still have this time next week

Russell Barth commented on his own status.
you watch: there will be EPIC violence at the summit, and the government will use that as a reason to extend all KINDS of strict new laws. the big push is coming. Harper is about to stage a coup. No more elections.

Is he the canary in the mine?


2540...WFDS In The Paper: Lost My Dog

I usually don't do stuff that is personal, well, hardly ever, but, through stupidity, I losted my dog:

It’s a bit of irony which will cost Dan Shields $100, if he’s lucky.

The one-time Ottawa radio personality was engrossed in a story in Tuesday’s Ottawa Sun about a dog being stolen, just as the same thing was happening to him.

Shields had been at the Elgin St. Second Cup, with his six-month-old lab mix, when he tied it to the patio railing and went across the road to the Mac’s convenience store. He admits leaving the dog unattended for about 10 minutes. By the time he got back, “Mara” was gone.

Upon return, he said someone told him a woman took the dog, claiming it was being neglected and she was going to surrender it to the Ottawa Humane Society.

Shields claims to have checked there three times, but his dog has not been brought in. He also filed a report with Ottawa Police, who are investigating.

“I fear for the dog’s safety,” he said.

Thursday he began putting up posters with the dog’s description and promising a “no questions asked” reward of $100.

“It’s my bad for leaving the dog,” he said. “It’s not going to happen again. But, I just really want my puppy back.”

The dog is described as a 50-lb. black Labrador/border collie mix with a white patch on its chest and white rear feet.

Anyone with information can call Ottawa Police at 613-236-1222.

Cut and paste from this morning's Ottawa Sun.

If you see me here or at or 613 794 6896.


2539...Please Don't Hire Joe Pao Pao

Even if he will pay you.

Story in this morning's Ottawa Citizen headlines

Ravens need $5M for a first down

Appears football could be back at the U of K as soon as 2012 if if if.

According to the paper former Ravens cornerback John Ruddy and local rich guy and pillar of the community has pledged his support as the lead donor and the board has already raised at least half of the $5 million required to bring the team back.

The Carleton basketball team has been assume in the last decade or so and that has helped raise the profile of the university. A winning football team, accent on winning, would be brilliant too.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

2538...It Is Getting Better Out There

The polls, including the Thursday one that is released exclusively to CBC.

Today's poll suggests that 31 per cent of respondents would vote for the Tories if an election were held today, compared with 27.7 per cent who would back the Liberals.

Still, neither party can be super happy with less than a third of Canucks on side.


2537...Was He Doing The Job?

And isn't that what counts?

Was General McChrystal, the fired head of the whole shooting match over there, doing it or not?

Shouldn't merit count more than something his staff said to Rolling Stone Magazine?


2536...Canuck Style Earthquake

Thanks to our building standards we all have a story to tell.

Canna seem to find anyone who got hurt but I did find this nice piece in the Vancouver Sun by Shannon Proudfoot that I clipped from:

Less than an hour after the 5.0-magnitude tremors subsided, someone had created a T-shirt design declaring "I survived the 2010 Ottawa earthquake," which was selling for $26.50 from

And although the epicentre of the quake was located just north of Ottawa, Torontonians seemed to want to stake a claim, too.

Another T-shirt design emblazoned with, "I survived Toronto earthquake 2010" appeared on soon after the Ottawa version. Spacing, an urban landscape magazine in Toronto, also swiftly whipped up "I survived the quake!" buttons featuring the image of a trembling CN Tower, selling them for $2 through PayPal online and at a handful of bricks-and-mortar businesses in Toronto.

If you are frugal just wait a month or six and those t-shirts will be in the dollar bins at Giant Tiger.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2534...More Remedial Media

CJHR is a radio station serving [?] the valley from Renfrew on 98.7. Until Monday I was their morning man.

A month ago we missed a murder that broke at 10 52 am coz the noon and four o'clock news were already recorded and that is that.

Today I was listening to the People's Voice of The Ottawa Valley [sounds communistic to me][if it were the Democratic People's Voice of The Ottawa Valley we would knowit were Ruskie fer sure] and narry a mention of our mid afternoon, 1.41 pm earthquake, on the four o'clock pm news.

But the news guy, Frank Bond, did have yesterday's World Cup scores. Y e s t e r d a y s.

Remedial Media.


2533...Stephen Harper Frets

And not just over guitars.

Here is what is worrying our beloved leader. says that he says that we should not get all puffed up over how great our economy is. Our trading partners are in bad shape, so if nobody can buy our igloos and doughnuts, we're screwed, too.

Not to mention hockey tape.


2532...New Yorker magazine goes Canadian

Toronto Star reports that The New Yorker is running an edition that has spots tied to the summits all the adverts in the current edition of the mag are "...all-Canadian advertising in its June 28 edition, which hit the newsstands Monday, including ads for governments, tourism agencies, financial businesses and even one private is believed to be the first time in the urbane weekly’s 85 years that all advertisers share a common theme."

Kinda cool.

I suppose.


2531...Next Governor General

The Globe and Mail reports that Craig Kielburger, the 27-year-old founder of Free the Children and recipient of the Order of Canada is covering this week's G20 events for CP24.

I was thinking, may be, he would be the prefect guy for the job, the G-G gig, and we could call him King Craig and his family could be heirs and stuff and they could be Governor Generals for ever.

Jus' a thought.


2530...Tories Fiscally Irresponsible

Here we go again. News runs with the lead that "Canada's budget watchdog says the cost of running the country's prisons will nearly double over the next five years as a result of newly introduced tough-on-crime legislation. In a new report, Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page says the government's recent legislation to restrict pre-sentence jail credit will extend the average prisoner's sentence by about 159 days. It will also add 4,000 more inmates to the federal prison system, according to the report."

And, as the unsafe streets of America have proved, the Conservative's crime laws may pander to their base but actually make the problem of crime worse, not better.

Pay f'ing attention guys.


2529...Mayor Pierre Poilievre

Really hard to say eh?

But it may come to fruition.

For those of you living outside your capital Pierre Poilievre is the Member of Parliament for Nepean Carleton, the southwestern 'burbs of Ottawa. He took out David Pratt, a minister, couple of elections ago and is the secretary to the Grand Poobah, Stephen Harper.

He is only 31, as of this month, and I think that if Larry O'Brien doesn't run for mayor of Ottawa, Mr. Poilievre may.

As those who follow the WFDS know I am beyond pro Jim Watson for mayor but I fear that if Mayor O'Brien runs he will win in the same way Marc Bureau snuck in in Gatineau.

An Tory insider told me last night over brown pop at a downtown gossip bar that our current mayor ain't gonna run but a heavyweight Tory would step up and fill the gap on the right with the endorsement and support of hizzoner.

Hey, I was right about the Lakers.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2528...Well How About This Then

And why did it take this long to think about this?

Yes, the latest assault on America's waistline comes in the form of Friendly's recently launched Grilled Cheese BurgerMelt. Move over, Double Down, there's a new "...something with far more calories than bread as a bun..." sandwich in town.

Friendly's gastronomical innovation is not without precedent. The Grilled Cheese BurgerMelt appears to be inspired by similar "Fatty Melts" and "Chubby Melts" that have been served in the South for a few years now as well as the Midwest.

1500 calories of fun with 101 grams of carbs and 79 grams of fat.

Throw down some fries and a coke and you could hit 2500 cals.

This is why people sneak into the United States.


2527...The View From Here On The G8/G20

It's nuts.

The amount of money being thrown at it.

Not saying the Greens or the Liberals or the Dippers could have done any better, but.

I know that these things are good to have, energize the country and on and on but the fact that the Stephen Harper's have let this thing get out of control does not bode well for O Canada.

Thing is this overspending is going to lead to overspending by both sides, or at least overpromising, come the next election. If we have billion to spend on a party, then surely we have 25 million for my cause.

It will come from all sides.


2526...If I Could Turn Back Time

From the SooNews Wire to your desktop comes the news that the Big Red machine has launched the G8/G20 Waste Clock that gives a second by second accounting of the billion dollar retro contracting party.

It turns out that the Stephen Harper's took a page out of the Jean Drapeau book of event planning and allowed one-third of the projects to be applied for retroactively. This breaks Team Blue's own Accountablity Act.

To see for yourself.


2525...Why Do The Actions Of French Confuse?

Front page of The Ottawa Citizen has a picture of French Sports Minister Roselyne Bachelot and she is quoted as saying, about their crappy World Cup team, "You have tarnished the image of France."

This is pretty tough stuff.

I mean, the French don't fool around when it comes to tarnishing their image. Vichy France. World War I. The army mutiny in World War I. World War II. Algeria. The Holocaust. Maginot Line. And that is just in the last hundred years.

Be proud French World Cup players; you are breathing rarefied air.


2524...Manute Bol Passes

Coupla days ago.

I recall that Charles Barkley said some like "...Manute Bol was the smartest man I ever met and the worst basketball player I ever met..."

Could have been Jason Williams said that.


Nonetheless Mr. Bol was 7 feet 7 inches and was savvy enough to parlay his height into a nice career in the NBA. He was not much of a player but he could block shots like crazy. 11 in a half. Averaging 5 in a season. More blocked shots than points. Etc.

There was another side to the Bol coin. Mr. Bol was a selfless and tireless worker on behalf of peace in his homeland of the Sudan.

Sadly last Saturday Mr. Bol passed away from kidney failure and complications from Stevens–Johnson syndrome at the University of Virginia Medical Center in Charlottesville, Virginia.

He was 47.

Or not.

I mean, he said he was born October 16, 1962.

Missed he will be.


2523...A Police Force In Denial

Is the headline in today's National Post and it talks about the fact the RCMP has been f'cking up for quite some time, with the killing of [almost] Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski at the Van airport in 2007.

Here is my take on the sitch: the RCMP is like any other organization, big and small. It suffers from CYA Syndrome, which is Cover My Ass Syndrome. It is also rife with people who had to work hard to get to where they are, very hard group to get into, and once they are in they are in like Flynn.

What I mean by that is that the hiring process is so stringent with the Queen's Cowboys that they, and there are other organizations like this, local cops come to mind, that once they hire someone, when that someone becomes a liability they think that blowing that person out will reflect negatively on their hiring practices.

Of course it does not.

There are many examples of members of the RCMP that should have been kicked to the curb but weren't because of this inane fear of admitting failure. Kevin Gregson, the man accused of Const. Eric Czapnik, Ottawa Police Service, murder comes to mind immediately. He was a time bomb, he should have been cut from the team eons ago. But there is this fear factor.

Plus when they mess up, like they did badly in Maplethorpe, Alberta, instead of owning up to their mistake, they point fingers and look for scapegoats. And if someone points out they are wrong they point fingers at that person/media outlet.

Just a thought or ten from the WFDS.


2522...Remedial Media

Is everywhere.

Just wait for the summits this weekend.

They, the mainstream media, will just take the press releases, rewrite them and then head to the open bar.

At least most of them will.

It is the way of the world but what I am asking you to do is source more than one outlet and apply critical thinking to the information that you are receiving.

Not your mom, just pointing that out.


Monday, June 21, 2010

2521...Not Much Happening Today


You know the end of the week will be.



2520...Fake Lake Okay With Canuckistanians

Newspapers all across Our Home And Native Land report the weirdish news that the fake lake and $1 billion price-tag are not dampening Canadians' understanding of hosting the G8 and G20 summits.

A Canadian Press Harris-Decima
survey finds three-quarters of respondents believe the G8 and G20 summits are important and worth the expense of hosting. Some 76 per cent of respondents said the weekend summits of world leaders were either very or somewhat important.

The survey also found 68 per cent of respondents favoured Canada hosting the summits. The $1 billion plus price-tag for the summits includes over $900-million for security in Toronto and Huntsville.

Er, perhaps the survey was over populated by coppers?

In all seriousness, the Stephen Harpers f*ck up again and they don't get any flak; in fact they may even get a bump.

Oi and vey.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

2519...All Politics Is Local

David Chernushenko, the former deputy leader of the Greens, has announced that he is running for city council in your capital. The ward is the Capital Ward which is one removed from the Parliament buildings in Ottawa.

Mr. Chernushenko received thousands of votes when he ran for the Verts in the Ottawa Centre federal election back in the day.

He will be a formidable opponent to the sitting member for the ward, Clive Doucet.


2518...Women Are Dissed Again

This was everywhere on the news yesterday.

A Food and Drug Administration panel Friday advised against the approval of 'pink Viagra', filbanserin.

The drug was/is designed to increase a womans's sex drive. The side effects apparently outweigh the usefullness of the drug as a libido booster. They are fatigue, fainting spells and depression.

One would think that not having a sex drive would cause the depression thing but I am not a health professional.

When this does get approved, and it will, it will be a multi billion dollar market.


2517...And They Have Quarts

Meet and Mingle with Elizabeth May: Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010 at the Standard Tavern on Elgin Street in Ottawa.

The bar is at 360 Elgin and the time that I have been told to arrive is 7.

Look for me in my Liberal Red sombrero.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

2517...Remedial Media

I know that the person that wrote the headline

TV goombah busted for DUI

in this morning's Ottawa Sun thought he was being cute in an ethnic sorta way.

But he wasn't.

The bust is of Joesph Gannascoli, best known as Vito Spatafore on The Sopranos.

A goombah, sir, is an Italian slang word for a mistress.

If you wanted to be accurate you would have called Mr. Gannascoli a TV finoc.


2516...Kathleen Petty Sure Is


Kory Teneycke, the former staffer to our beloved Prime Minister and the current face of Quebecor's new all news station, Sun, was interviewed by Kathleen Petty this a.m. on CBC TV.

I know she probably thinks that she is tough but she is just petty and boring and a terrible listener. Speaking of listening, instead of me explaining how bad she is at her job why doncha go to the CBC website and find the interview.

In my view Kory Teneycke has amazing patience and is aware of the fact that he is never going to win an argument with a stupid person.


Friday, June 18, 2010

2515...If Libby Davies Were A Tory Minister

Jack Layton would want her head on a plate.


2514...Utah Kills One

I hope if the Stephen Harpers have a free vote on the death penalty and it becomes law we do it better than Utah.

The Associated Press tells us that just after midnight this morning "...Ronnie Lee Gardner died in a barrage of bullets early Friday as Utah carried out its first firing squad execution in 14 years."

Dude killed somebody and, even though I am not in favour of capital punishment, if you do the crime you have to be prepared to face the consequences. What is cruel about Mr. Gardener's punishment is not the fact that he got shot four times this morning. No, what I find cruel is the fact that he was on death row for a quarter of a century give or take.

I hope that we never bring back capital punishment but if Canada does, let's make it a measure that is expedient. It has to suck hugely to spend twenty or more years in a room the size of a downstairs bathroom in a suburban home. That is the punishment. The bullets are the relief.


2513...Indians: Fail

Cleveland Indians.

And the Canadian Indians too.

Latter is not a baseball team, no, it is an actual grouping of people who just don't f'cking get it.

Albert Einstein said, wait, may be it was Dr. Phil or it may just have been my uncle Robert, not sure on this one, anyhow, one of these dudes said that "If you do the same thing over and over and over again expecting a different result you are a schmuck." I may be paraphrasing. But you get my drift, right?

So, with the big G 8 / G 20 thing happening in Ontario the Regina Leader-Post breaks the news that "Red Power United, which describes itself as a grassroots native rights movement, is pledging to block either Highway 400 or Highway 403 starting on June 24 -- the day before the G8 summit in Huntsville, Ont."

This has never been done before.

Oh, wait, it has.

It just has never worked.

Please, have a plan B.


2512...So You Want To Be An Urban Terrorist

Rule Number One: Don't use your own credit card to rent the car used in the caper.

This would be in relation to the firebombing of an RBC in Ottawa end of May this year.

The Ottawa Citizen this afternoon reports that the two men alleged to have done the deed have been nabbed in your capital. One is 50, the other, Mr. Amex, is 58.

Hope he got Airmiles


2511...RCMP Taser Dziekanski

Not justified.

The commissioner of the public inquiry into the 2007 Tasering and death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski said that the RCMP officer was "not justified in deploying the weapon against Mr. Dziekanski, given the totality of the circumstances he was facing at the time."

That is in your Canwest paper this afternoon.

Uh, seriously, why did they have to have an inquiry into this? For real.

Four cops, trained with guns and everything. One confused middle aged Polish dude taking a hissy fit.

Then they kill him.

A zillion dollars later they decide that, hmmm, bad idea.

Everybody gets paid, no one, as best I know, loses there job, we all go home.


2510...Homophobic Christians

Whodda thunk it.

A women's softball coach in Memphis said her team was banned from a church league after learning she was gay. Jana Jacobson told The Commercial Appeal officials at Bellevue Baptist Church told her she had a "deviant" lifestyle and her team would not be allowed to compete.

Gay. Women. Softball.

Whodda thunk it.

In other news, sky blue, water wet.


2509...Go Syracuse

City has a very high Irish population. The Green kind.

I would presume that some of my ancestors settled there and a few floated out to the country. Let's say Wayland, New York, an hour south of Syracuse.

Although Krutchen does not sound Irish I am thinking that there is some paddy in Carl Kruchten's DNA. My reasoning is that only one of us would do what WSYR TV reported last night:

State Police say they arrested a Wayland man for operating a snow mobile while intoxicated and causing damage to private yards on Wednesday.

State Police in Wayland say Carl Kruchten, 46, of Wayland, was arrested for Operating a Snowmobile with a BAC of .18%. He was charged with the crime and is scheduled to appear in the Town of Wayland Court on July 1.

.18; brilliant bro', brilliant.


2508...Motorcyclist Loses Leg

That's the bad news.

The good news?

Cops find leg.

WMUR9, New Hampshire, USA reports that "...a man on his way home from Motorcycle Week on Tuesday ran into some dangerous trouble. The motorcyclist lost his prosthetic leg on I-93 southbound in Manchester around 4 p.m., just a few miles from exit 5 in Londonderry. He was spotted by a trooper leaning against a guardrail."

A search party was dispatched and found the leg standing on the median. Apparently buddy lost the leg on a tricky curve. Manchester firefighters found and reattached the leg and our unnamed hero was back on the road to Mass again.


2507...I Love Radio

And I hate lazy.

There is sooooooooooo much bad stuff out there but if you want to check out a great morning show and you wake up late, say after noon, go to KSSK in Honolulu.

Perry&PriceInTheMorning have been number one in Hawaii since the early 1980's.



2506...Finally WFDS Gets Something Right





Thursday, June 17, 2010

2505...Can You Say Margin Of Error?

Coz that is what seps the good from the bad in the latest poll.

Four points sep the good guys, the Libs, from the bad guys, the Blues.

Merger my ass.


2504...Stick A Fork In Him

Coz he is done.

Rahim Jaffer that is.

Instead of sucking it up and taking his meds the former MP from Alberta, Tory MP from Alberta, Tory MP from Alberta who was defeated at the polls which is almost impossible, is biting the hand that usta feed him.

As the Canadian Press reports, Mr. Jaffer has been accused of illegal lobbying and potential influence-peddling through the company he co-founded after he lost his seat in the 2008 election. MPs who listened to his new testimony said they still didn't find his explanations credible about why he used his wife's parliamentary resources. Probably of his estranged relationship with the truth.

The best of course is how Mr. Jaffer responded at one point by lashing out at his former colleagues in the Conservative caucus for how they treated Mrs. Jaffer.

Burn some more bridges, why doncha?


2503...Special Rules For Special People

Heeding the advice of the WFDS, the Conservatives, supported by the Bloc, Libs and Dips, have decided to not allow Karly Kurls her pardon.

Report widely, the lovely ex Mrs. Paul Bernardo was/is keen to get a pardon toute and suite. July 5 was/is the date.

Vic Toews and his posse are ramming through a nay-nay law aimed at the murderess.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2502...Rockers In The News

The Bachman who didn't see it through on Bachman Turner Overdrive, Tim, has been charged with sexual assault in Abbotsville, Britsh Columbia.

Peace FM reports that "The guitarist is accused of assaulting a girl between 2000 and 2004, when she was aged 11 to 14. The girl, now 20, came forward in May 2009 and reported the assault to police in Abbotsville, British Columbia. Bachman, 58, turned himself in voluntarily following an 11-month investigation. He was formally charged on Monday, June 14 and accused of sexual interference with a person under the age of 14, sexual assault and touching a young person for a sexual purpose."

The guitarist, who left the band before anyone got paid, is now a real estate agent.


2501...54-40 Or Fight

Here is the line up for the Tim Horton's Dragon Boat Festival in Ottawa:

· Friday evening, 7:30 PM East Coast Party with Shanneyganock.

· Racing begins at 7:50 AM Saturday morning and runs until approximately 6:00 PM. Sunday races start at 8:00 AM and run until approximately 3:00 PM.

· Exhibitors and children’s area open at 10:00 AM each day.

· Opening ceremonies 12:30 –1:00 PM Saturday.

• Saturday 1:30 PM – MonkeyJunk (Liquid Lounge stage)

• Saturday 3:30 PM - Bedouin Soundclash (Royal Oak main stage)

• Saturday 5:30 PM - Mighty Popo (Liquid Lounge stage)

• Saturday 6:30 PM - Awards Ceremony (Royal Oak main stage)

• Sunday 12:00 PM - JW Jones (Liquid Lounge stage)

• Sunday 1:30 PM - 54•40 (Royal Oak main stage)

• Sunday 3:30 PM - Closing Ceremonies Begin

54-40. Boy, they have been around for ever and, like, who cares? 30 years and zero hits later...



2500...Karly Kurls Seeks A Pardon

This is the cut and paste:

Karla Homolka plans to apply for a pardon this summer.

CTV News reports the convicted schoolgirl killer plans to apply for a pardon when she becomes eligible to do so as early as July 5th.

Sources tell CTV News Homolka may be successful in applying for a pardon unless the Federal Government passes legislation that would deny pardons to some of the most violent offenders.

Homolka received a 12-year manslaughter sentence in a plea-bargain deal for taking part in the rape-murders of teens Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French in the 1990s.

This is what the reaction from the right will be:

Ban all pardons.

Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr they could just deny her a pardon.

Wait, that makes sense.


2499...Libby Davies R.I.P.

May be she can get a timeshare with Helen Thomas.

I hear Munich is delightful in the late spring.


2498...Those Crazy Cows

The Times of Johannesburg reported Friday that Gusti Ngurah Alit says that the reason he was banging a cow a week ago Sunday is coz the cow seduced him.

It's the big eyes I suppose.

Mr. Alit said he didn't see a cow; he saw a beautiful young woman.

May be this happened in Vanier?

I digress.

Mr. Alit's village chief gave the owner of the cow 562 dollars.

Then they did a cleansing ritual on Mr. Alit and drowned the cow in the sea.

Poor Bessie.


2497...This One Is For James Bowie

40 years ago today Phil Mickelson was born.

And Brian Piccolo died.

Brian's Song.

Best movie ever.

And Brian Piccollo/James Caan lived in the same house/set as Bewitched.


2496...They Should Hire A Sales Team First

This Peladeau-Quebecor-Sun TV joint.

Bidness before pleasure.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2495...Hot Chicks On TV In Canada


With the resignation of Krista Erickson from CBC the number of hot women on English TV in our country is now zero.

The Winnipeg Free Press has a copy of her res note to her peeps at the mother corp [Mother Corp?] in today's paper:


I write to inform you that after 11 years with CBC News, I'm leaving the Corporation and its Parliamentary bureau to pursue another opportunity. New contact information and details to follow in the days ahead. Wishing you all a wonderful summer.


The rumour is she is going to jump to the new news net headed by Pierre-Karl and Kory.

BTW, if you are reading this Ms. Erickson, don't let your head get tooooo big re the designation as the hottest chick on Canadian TV. Again, as best I can see, the competition is nil.


2494...They Should Hire Me

The Montreal Gazette is reporting the Pierre-Karl Peladeau, Julie Snyder's boyfriend, is going to have his very own right-wing Canadian TV network.

"The Quebecor Inc. president and chief executive has scheduled a news conference in Toronto, where details of the network -which is reportedly modelled after the controversial Fox News network in the U.S. -are expected to be disclosed."

So dat is dat.

"Kory Teneycke, a former spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, will oversee the new venture. On Thursday, he wrote the following in his Twitter account: 'Recruiting is in hyper-drive. Can't wait to share some of the names. Great mix of hard news and straight talk.'"

They have signed two sorta well known journos. David Atkin, a journalist who has previously worked for CTV News and Canwest News Service, has been appointed national bureau chief for Quebecor's Sun Media operations in Ottawa. Broadcaster Brian Lilley, who most recently worked as the Ottawa Bureau Chief for Astral Media Radio, has accepted a position as a senior correspondent. Sorta well known.

Seriously, send them a link to my blog.


2493...The Mayor Of Your Capital

Is Larry 0'Brien and he has been a train wreck to say the least.

In this morning's fishwraps: Ottawa Citizen, Sun and Le Droit, it is implied that hizzoner is going to tell the masses whether he will or won't run for the roses in October of this year.

There are two serious contenders for the gig already, one being present day alderman Alex Cullen and the other being former mayor Jim Watson. If the election is betwixt those two, Mr. Watson will mop the bloody floor with him.


If Larry O'Brien enters the race things could get very, very, very scary.

First off, hizzoner is full of cash so he doesn't have to raise any. Secondly, he is hizzoner which means that he can get publicity pretty much anytime he wants. Third is his message, as bullsh*t as it is/was resonates with a large chunk of the voting populace.

In a run off type election Mr. O'B would lose but in our first past the post system he can sneak up the middle by splitting the progressive, liberal and leftist votes. A similar thing happened across the river in Gatineau last year where two solid candidates, former municipal councillor Aurèle Desjardins and former Canadian Police Association president Tony Cannivino, took on Marc Bureau, a not so good mayor. The pair received 57 per cent of the vote. Mr. Bureau got 43 and is still the worst mayor in Quebec.

Not the worst mayor in the region though; thank you very much Mr. O'Brien.

Secondly if the Lansdowne thing looks prime and the rapid transit thing is in gear the mayor can take [false] credit for both projects.

If you don't think he has a chance, well, listen to CFRA during their talk show blocks. CFRA nation is Larry O'Brien nation.


2492...Joe Paopao Kills Another Football Team

I believe the number is four now.

Plus an entire league.

The losingist coach in the history of pro football, Joe Paopao is now weaving his magic at the collegiate level.

Let me explain the parameters of being a super loser first. Anyone on the planet can suck as a coach for a game or a season or two. What makes Joe Paopao an exceptional loser is that he has been, both as a player and a coach, in a league with eight teams, unable to win a championship.

And only close once.

He has closed the Ottawa Rough Riders, the Ottawa Renegades and the San Francisco Demons of the XFL. Plus he closed the XFL.

Now he has weaved his magic at Waterloo. CFRA reports that "One of Canada’s university football programs has been pulled off the field for the upcoming season.
The University of Waterloo has suspended its football program for a year in the wake of what’s being called the “most significant” steroids scandal in Canadian university sports history. The doping revelations stem from the spring arrest of Warriors receiver Nathan Zettler for possession and trafficking of anabolic steroids. The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport received nine potential anti-doping infractions from the 62 urine samples collected from the entire team."

By the way they weren't taking the kind of steroids that make one a good football player: the team went 3 and 5.


Monday, June 14, 2010

2491...Tim Hudak's Panties In A Knot

He's the ineffectual leader of the provincial Conservatives in Ontario by the way.

What has got Tim Hudak enraged is the HST, the Harmonized Sales Tax. Not that it is being introduced; his masters at Stephen Harper control in Ottawa would not allow him to be too pissed off at the HST. No, he is pissed that 1200 prisoners in the land of the trillium will be getting 100 dollar cheques to help ease their financial burden.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, they are in jail yadda, yadda, yadda. But the cost of living is the cost of living and it works out to around half a mill according to the Toronto Star so buddy, Mr. Hudak, find a bigger windmill to tilt against why doncha?

And the money is only going to "...inmates serving less than 90 days in provincial correctional facilities..."; folks that are going to get out soon that will need the money to help rebuild their lives and be less a burden on the province.

I tell you what would really be criminal: Premier Tim Hudak.


2490...Bee You Tee Full Germany

My fave paper, The Daily Telegraph, has a story from the continent about bees.

Apparently it is all the rage in the Reich [wait, do they still call Germany the Reich? And if so, what are we up to, R 4, R 5? Help me Germophiles] to thief bee colonies. Bee theft has outstripped the lifting of TVs and cars in some parts of nation with an 85 per cent spike in hive thefts this year over last.

Whodda thunk it.

For example the Apicultural State Institute in Stuttgart has had 72 colonies stolen over the last few years.

To defeat this rash of bee theft bee keepers are dropping Global Positioning Units into their hives to make it easy for five oh to catch a thief.


2489...Finally Someone Makes Sense In Tronna

Sadly it is not our current Prime Minister, it is our next Prime Minister.

You will have a chance to sample Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff tommorrow when he speaks to the Empire Club in a major speech and policy announcement on Canada in the world.

That is going to be at noon at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in the Big Smoke.


2488...Big Girls Do

American Society of Pediatrics says that big girls are more likely to engage in sex than non big girls by a ratio of 300 per cent.

Drew Lane from WRIF in Detroit says they are better coz they try harder.

Now you know.


2487...And That Would Be

Headline hog David Suziki and his gang of thirty environmental, urban planning and health groups that will be wagging their collective fingers at Ontario's Premier Dalton McGuinty.

CFRA says that the Ontario leader is being warned the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a '...wake-up call...' for Ontario. The greenies will deliver a letter to the Premier today, urging Ontario to break its addiction to oil. They say the Ontario Government should work to wean people off their dependence on oil and move the province towards cleaner energy methods.

Of course they will offer no real solutions and, coz they are pretty much against anything and everything [wind turbines and nuclear energy come to mind] one can only hope the energy fairy truly does exist and will bring us her magic potion.


2486...It Only Takes One

My sources tell me that the amount of nuclear warheads the Yanks have is down to 5,113.

My sources tell me that during our Centennial Year of 1967 they had 31,225 of them there firecrackers.

My sources tells me that it only takes one to cause a whole pile of damage.


2485...Why Do People Leave Britain For

Our Home And Native Land?

Especially when you take into account that there is one pub for 1,173 Brits as opposed to here where there is one bar per 5,574 of us.



2484...Table Salt And Water

That is what shampoo is made out of.

According to the New Zealand Dermatological Society shampoos are 90 per cent water. Table salt is used to thicken the product by the by. Shampoo cleans hair and when Consumer Reports tested 1,700 ponytail samples they found that inexpensive drug store shampoos cleaned just as well as the high price stuff your stylist sells.

That is where ad agencies come in to play.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

2483...Ottawa Citizen Headline

Police shoot, kill second moose in city

My Ottawa.

A G pick-a-number capital.

Police shoot, kill second moose in city


2482...World Cup Fever


Well, at least there are drink specials attached to.

Every thorn has its rose.


2481...Lakers Ce Soir Big Game

This is game five.




2480...What's Her Name Emerges From Hiding

The leader of the Green Party.

Ivan Harris [who's dat?] Facebooked me that I could "Come on out and meet Elizabeth and Regional Green Candidates."

That's just west of Ottawa.

Tell me how it goes, eh?


Saturday, June 12, 2010

2479...Customs Agents In Oz Must Be Bald

The cannot, at least in Darwin, tell the diff between shampoo, conditioner and MDMA/X/ecstasy.

Don't believe me? Ask Neil Perry. ABC News tells that Mr. Perry hit Darwin customs last Friday and was busted for having 1.6 'z of X. 'cept after searching his house, his boat, his two boys houses too, the test on the X came back. Positive. As in "...we are positive this is shampoo and conditioner..."

But, of course, it was two in one shampoo and conditioner: that's what threw our heroes off.

Surely lawyers have been consulted.


2478...Then Again Maybe Gun Control Is A Good


The Chicago Tribune
cluster has the heart wrenching/warming family story from suburban Napierville where they say that:

A pair of fans unable to attend the championship festivities today were longtime Naperville insurance agent Mark W. Steinbrecher, 54 and his son Mark S. Steinbrecher, 20, who have been locked up in the Will County Jail since firing what police termed "a few celebratory rounds" in their backyard after the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup Wednesday.

The elder Steinbrecher and his son, an Arizona State University history major and lance corporal in the Marines reserves, had traded their Blackhawks T-shirts for jail scrubs when they appeared via video in court Friday.

Apparently they had been drinking.


2477...I Am Not A Big Fan Of Mass Murder

True dat.

But I am also not a big fan of gun control. It is anti democratic.

And I despise bullying.

According to Lia Levesque, The Canadian Press, "Victims of some of Canada's worst mass shootings and their families say they will hold NDP Leader Jack Layton responsible if the federal long gun registry is killed by Parliament."

What has riled victims of Montreal's three big school shootings [Concordia, Montreal, Dawson] is the fact that Mr. Layton is going to, wait for it, allow his members to vote their conscience when the vote on the leg comes up.

The irony is that the Dipper leader is pro registry his own self; he just wants to let his people vote their way on this emotional issue. And the victims, the ones that were bullied in the most reprehensible way, want to bully his ass into whipping his caucus.

Two wrongs don't equal a right.


2476...An Aside To True Liberal

Thanks for the comment re WFDS Post 2475.

True liberal said...

wow a comment actually got published here. Must strongly support the bloggers own view! Oh look, it does! This blog sucks.
June 11, 2010 5:11 PM

If you paid attention, and I garner that you do not, you would know that I publish every comment I get.

Furthermore I sign my name to everything.

Please, continue reading my sucky blog.


Friday, June 11, 2010

2475...Foxy News Canada

Don Newman, the Mike Duffy of CBC, writes/drones on and on this morning about how we don't need a Fox News type station in Soviet Canuckistan.

Screw you Mr. Newman.

We need as much media as possible, Mark Fowlerish, open skies and I hope that Quebecor, Pierre-Karl Peladeau and Kory Teneycke get their license.

Competition is great. In fact if we had real competition in TV in this town I think that both you and the Duffster would be competing anchors in Moose Jaw, Moncton or North Bay not two dudes who fluked their way onto the national scene coz they worked cheap.


2474...Someone Has A Crush On Rahim Jaffer

Jennifer Ditchburn from the Winnipeg Free Press.

Or she is high.

This morning she posits that Rahim Jaffer fell in the wrong crowd.

No, darling, he is the wrong crowd.


2473...World Cup Starts Today

The good news is, of course, I can get a pitcher of beer at 10 now without having to go to La Belle.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

2472...Security And Money

Doncha think that Stephen Harper and his gang should fire some of the millions that they are spending on security in Tronna and Huntsville regarding the the G-8 and G-20 shows towards Ottawa? The City of Ottawa. The City of Ottawa Police.

If you recall, it was a bit under a month ago that the Royal Bank in the Glebe, a posh, by Ottawa terms, neighbourhood, was bombed by an urban terrorist group who basically told five oh in Ottawa that we are here now and we will be there later.

There was a lot of posturing by the Ottawa coppers who, for a week or two, kept saying we are gonna get them, real soon. Well, real soon has come and gone and nothing. Perhaps, considering he lives there and all and may even have an RBC card, our beloved leader could throw some shekels towards his home town flat foots and actually make something happen.

Or not.


2471...Making Napoleon Proud

Nicolas Sarkozy, his successor as the Grand Poobah in France.

Le Parisien has the news that President Sarkozy, a towering five foot five, which, by the way, makes him shorter than Napoleon, has decreed that tall bodyguards are a no-no in his retinue.

Buddy be tres sensitive about the whole height thing. He wears special elevator shoes, has been seen on his tip toes at international events and stood on box to remain shoulder to shoulder with Barack Obama at the Normandy events of last year.

Interestingly he did marry a woman who is five inches taller than him. But, of course, Carla Bruni=Sarkozy is ridiculously hot so she gets a pass.


2470...Sorry The Bank Is Closed

Until the middle of July.

In Brazil.

They like soccer in the same way that we like hockey.

They are nuts about it.

Bloomberg News reports that banks and stock markets in that country will close during the World Cup to protect the banks' assets. During the 2006 World Cup millions of dollars went missing whilst bank security staff were occupied watching footie on the tube.

The central bank prez Henrique Meirelles said that he doesn't need that to happen this year so "On the days of games working hours will cease in the agencies of banks and savings institutions and our stock exchanges."


2469...Posters Are Not Cheap

$1.1M for G20 posters - Ottawa Sun‏.

Seems only fair considering the Tories are spending 2.3M on ice.

Cubes not meth.


2468...Tory Lead Being Eroded

The Stephen Harper's are still in the lead but today's exclusive numbers for the CBC [and WFDS it seems] by EKOS have the Blues at 31 and change, the Reds at 26 and change.

The real telling numbers are those of the Greens who are at 12 plus. You, me and thee know that those numbers are going to boil off after the writ is dropped. But where will they go?

That, in my view, is the 64,000 dollar question.


2467...Please Just Tell Us Why You Hate Her

Helena Guergis.



2466...To Merge Or Not To Merge

That is the question of the day.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

2465...In Stores Today

As mentioned in WFDS Posts 2451 and 2455 the exploitation of Gary Coleman did not stop when his heart did.

The Long Island Press
breaks the story that "Globe Magazine ran a cover image taken of Gary Coleman and ex-wife Shannon Price, just hours before he died, in Wednesday’s issue. Now, Price is being accused of peddling the photo to the media. The photo shows Shannon Price at Coleman’s side, while he has tubes coming out of his nose and mouth."

She is one classy woman.


2464...Or Jonathan Toews

Forgot about him.

Conn Smythe winner 2010.

From the 'hawks.


2463...Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champs 1961

And 2010.

Good on them.

Wonder who will win the Conn Smythe?

Kane? Bfulgien [sp]; Niemi?


2462...Money Well Spent

Or not.

You tell me.

I hear the CBC spent about 25 million for the World Cup rights.

The Vancouver Sun
writes that "Hockey is Canada's passion but soccer is the sport Canadians play. In 2008, the latest year for which statistics are available, there were 873,032 registered soccer players in more than 1,500 clubs across Canada, many more than the half-million or so who sign up for hockey.

That makes soccer the No. 1 participation sport in the country, with 20 per cent of all young Canadians playing the game, according to Statistics Canada. And while the numbers for other sports stagnate or fall, soccer has continued to grow every year for more than 25 years."

Still, I would like to see the break down done demographically. My feeling is soccer is huge with little kids but as soon as they get old enough to play something, anything, else, they be gone.

With the exception, as Sports Illustrated pointed out when the World Cup was in America back in the day, immigrants and their kids. I realize we are becoming more and more a country of immigrants but when I get outside of cities I don't feel the buzz in the 12 plus set.


2461...Larry King's Wife Has Overdose

The New York Daily News reports that CNN talker Larry King's wife was rushed to a hospital unconscious after apparently suffering from a drug overdose, it was reported Tuesday.

My sources tell me that it was an overdose in reverse. She actually sobered up and realized she was married to the world's oldest talk show host and then lapsed into a coma.

True dat.


2460...Soon We Will Find Out

Why Stephen Harper hates the Honourable Helena Guergis.

Elizabeth Thompson of QMI leads her story, printed in papers across The Great White North this day, with "What did Arthur Hamilton tell Prime Minister Stephen Harper that got former Conservative cabinet minister Helena Guergis fired? Canadians may finally get the answer to that mystery Wednesday when the Conservative Party's tight-lipped lawyer testifies before a parliamentary committee. However, those hoping to hear from Guergis and her husband, former Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer, will have to wait. While both were originally scheduled to appear Wednesday, both have postponed their appearances. Guergis, who cited health reasons, is now slated to appear on June 16."

Soon we will know.


2459...Turns Out He Was Just Dum

D U M; dum.

Refer to WFDS Post 1442...Chris Henry Passes.

A toxicolgy report found no booze or drugs in the Cinci Bengals wide reciever's system. You may recall that the 26 year old man jumped into the back of his fiancee's pick up truck, the open bed of, and then was flipped out.

D U M; dum.


2458...New Ball For World Cup

Biggest tourney in the world and the genie at FIFA decide to tweak the f'ing ball.


An Aussie scientist believes it could leave goalies gasping for air.

Agence France-Presse reports that scientists at Loughborough University in Britain have designed a ball, Jabulani [yes, naming the ball is very, very, very gay], that is perfectly wrong.

I don't know if they have heard this: if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Derek Leinweber of Adelaide University says that his research shows that the ball is faster than previous balls and its rough surface makes it more erratic.

This is not a surprise, the roughness thing, fact is that if you give a great baseball pitcher, from any era, a ball that is roughed up, he can make the ball sing God Bless America on the way to the plate.


2457...Kill The TV

KSSK, Honolulu reports that Paris Hilton is going to be joining the cast of the hit show Jersey Shore.


2456...Big Pitch Big Pitcher

Stephen Strasburg, last year's number one overall in the majors, a 21 year old who, until last night, was the best pitcher in the world not in MLB.

Last night he pitched his first MLB game against the Pittsburgh Pirates and won 5/2 including 14 Ks. Including the last seven he faced. Before the game he was being compared to everyone including eventual flame outs David Clyde and Todd Van Poppel. After the game he was being compared to Roger Clemons, Bruce Sutter and Mariano Rivera.

He was close to untouchable.

Now he just has to do it everytime he pitches.

No pressure.

Just save the franchise kid.


2455...More On Gary Coleman

They are fighting over his estate. The estate of an allegedly broke and absolutely dead star of thirty years ago.


"They may think Coleman is more valuable dead than alive," says attorney Jason Smolen. "Think of Elvis Presley. There may be some value to the rights over his likeness going forward. And his estate will still own that as an asset. This is the entertainment business; that value could be in the millions."

Exactly what kinds of deals might we be talking about? Anything that involves Coleman's face.

The Answer B!tch has these timely thoughts: "They could use that image in all kinds of advertising. Think of Martin Luther King, Einstein—who are iconic—down to people who just have notoriety. The estate of John Dillinger licenses his name and likeness for use with replica weapons, for example."

So, if, over the next few months, you spot a bunch of new DVDs, books, photo collections or even other products involving the image of Coleman, you'll know exactly why folks have been fighting over the rights to his estate.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2454...Big Pitch


In D.C.

Stephen Strasburg.

The next David Clyde.


The next Sandy Koufax.

We will see.


2453...Dog Kills Baby

This story is trending at number two on Yahoo!

"A 17-year-old woman and a 37-year-old woman will be charged with criminal negligence causing death after a three-week-old baby girl was killed when she was attacked by two Husky dogs Monday afternoon in St. Barnabe Sud, a small community about 70 kilometres northeast of Montreal."

The 17 year old is the mom; the 37 year old is the granny. WT.


2452...A Two Party System In Canada

Just like the United States of.

That is what Matt Gurney is advocating in this day's National Post.

"Having a centre-right party and a centre-left party fighting a battle for the centre would give Canadian voters an actual debate of viewpoints, much like the choice between Democrats and Republicans in the United States."

He also writes that " the experience of the last four years has shown, a weak opposition begets a lazy government...The Conservatives can't reach 40% in the polls, the Liberals are in chaos, the NDP know they'll never be in government ... so why not act like a buffoon while waiting for your pension to kick in? No one's going to call an election, and damned little legislation is going to get passed."

The man does make good points.

Not saying I agree with him, but.


2451...Gary Coleman Unplugged

That is what his ex-wife/wife is calling the pictures she took of her ex-husband/husband as he was fighting for his life.

US Magazine reports that "Victor Perillo, Gary Coleman's former agent, is sick after hearing reports that his ex-wife Shannon Price took photos of the former child star -- who died May 28 after suffering a brain hemorrhage-- on his death bed."

According to TMZ, the photos show Coleman in the hospital with tubes attached to his body. An unspecified tabloid has purchased them for possible publication, the site also reports. Though Price's rep confirms Price and her family took pictures, the rep tells E! News: "They were never meant to get out."


2450...World Cup News V.1

Scarrrrrrrrrrrrrrry news from Argentina.

Diego Maradona has promised to run naked through the centre of Buenos Aires, that is the capital of Argentina, if Argentina wins the World Cup. We do not need to see the overfed Maradona naked.

He made the promise on a sports talk show in his home and native land.


2449...Michael Vick Is Available

For your bat mitzvah, bar mitzvah, used car dealership opening.

Good to know.

According to Drew and Mike on WRIF Detroit Mr. Vick costs ten grand plus five grand for his entourage.

Drew and Mike report that apparently paying him advance is not a good thing btw; he is wont to not show up.


2448...Me And Makur

Are the only two players at St. Luke's Park in Ottawa who like the Lakers over the Boston Celtics.

I know, we have a new winner in the "Who Gives A F*ck Category", but still.

Game three is ce soir in Boston.


Monday, June 7, 2010

2447...Kate Smith Needed More Than Ever

3/2 Chicago.

Game 7.




Remember last week? WFDS Post 2428...Porn Star Goes On Murder Spree? We have an ending to the story.

Not to spoil it, but it doesn't end well for the murderous porn star.

L. A. Now reports that Sunday day "Stephen Clancy Hill, 34, spent about eight hours on the edge of a rocky cliff in West Hills surrounded by police and talking to crisis negotiators." Then he jumped.

Mr. Hill had been working as a production guy and porn actor with Ultima DVD Inc. He also lived there. When he heard that he was going to get fired [anger issues?], losing both his job and his adobe, he flipped and samurai sworded three fellow employees, one into heaven, one into hospital and one into intensive care.


2445...What I Meant To Say Was

I love Jews.

Helen Thomas, of Hearst News, who has been covering the White House since the JFK era, wishes that is what she said. Instead anti-semitism reared its ugly head when the 89 year old doyen of the White House press corps was caught, CBC.careports, "...on video remarking that Jews in Israel should 'get the hell out of Palestine' and 'go back to Poland, Germany, America and everywhere else.'"

So ends a career started in the 1940's.


2444...Jack Layton Goes Both Ways

He is vehemently against the HST in B.C. The Globe and Mail reports that "Mr. Layton sent a letter Thursday to Prime Minister Stephen Harper urging him to suspend imposition of the tax — which blends the GST with the provincial sales tax but applies it to more goods and services — until the referendum process is complete."

Not a peep when fellow Dip, Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter, upped the HST to 15 points in the Bluenose province.

Things that me go hmmmmmmmmmmmm.


2443...It Will Never Happen Again

That big cost over run for G8 and G20.

They, being the Stephen Harpers, budgeted the security for the conferences at 179 mill.

It is going to run about a billion more than that.

Monte Solberg, former Tory cabineter under Mr. Harper, writes in this morning's Toronto Sun that the cost overrun is regrettable "...and the PM in particular will make it clear in his direct fashion that it can't happen again."



Sunday, June 6, 2010

2442...Death Of A Canadian City Imminent?

The Toronto Star's Linda Diebel writes about the almost year long Inco strike in the town that she grew up in.

I have cut and pasted this article after my signature.

I come from a progressive background, lived through a couple of strikes when I was in high school, and one thing that really resonates with me is the fact that the strike is being scabbed and the Dalton McGuinty government is allowing that.

Scabs are thieves and I don't think that theft should be allowed in my province or my country.

It would be good for the province and the country and Sudbury if that was rectified.

Doesn't have to be done immediately.

After all it is Sunday.

Tomorrow would be fine.


Bitter standoff grinds down company town; The Star's Linda Diebel probes labour conflict in mining community where she grew up
Toronto Star
Sun Jun 6 2010
Page: A1
Section: News

cOPPER CLIFF, ONT.-My grandmother, Lillian Rose, was the sweetest person I've ever known. She gave up more than youth and beauty to leave England and come with her husband to the nickel mines of Canada's Precambrian Shield. The Sudbury region, some 400 kilometres north of Toronto, is an unforgiving place for a fragile English rose.

During the final 40 years of her life, she had a disease that turned her once-pale skin red and left it blistered and scabbed. The constant flaking embarrassed her and, on bad days, the pain sent her to bed. My earliest memory - and I was no more than 18 months - was of being on her bed on Jones Lane in Copper Cliff, understanding even then I had to be gentle.

Doctors couldn't help because they believed her allergic to the air she breathed, a soup of industrial pollutants. Sometimes the sulphur was so thick it seared the throat.

Move away, they said, and your skin will clear up. But they didn't talk about that publicly. My grandfather Reg was an electrician at the Copper Cliff smelter and his job, and the livelihoods of the physicians themselves, depended on what was then King Inco, the world's biggest producer of nickel.

Lately, Lillian Rose has been on my mind. Last Sunday, I was preparing to fly north to write about the 11-month-long strike against Inco, now called Vale, by 3,000 members of the United Steelworkers Local 6500. The pending trip evoked memories, and I found myself staring at a faded photo of my grandmother and me.

Still, I had no intention of writing about her.

My story would be about the culture of a company town from the perspective of generations of men who went down the mines, or worked in the smelter or refinery, at what used to be Inco. That seemed the best place to start, given that Inco's owner since 2006 - Companhia Vale do Rio Doce - insists the working culture of its new operations must change.

By that, the Brazilian behemoth that bought Inco for $19.4 billion, creating Vale Inco (now simply Vale), means lower costs and higher production. Words of praise for Sudbury and its workers that flowed so freely after the enormous sale have morphed into terse complaints about a "sense of entitlement" among miners and veiled threats the whole operation could collapse.

A strategy document prepared by a Vale working group in Toronto last June, and leaked early this year to the Sudbury Star, brims with MBA-speak, upbeat in tone, deadly in intent. It warns: "Sudbury does not have the capacity to change organically. It will have to be done by us."

Cory McPhee, Vale's corporate affairs vice-president, says the language of a mere planning workshop has been misinterpreted. But people here are afraid. Although the two sides began bargaining with provincial mediator Kevin Burkett in Toronto on Friday and are scheduled to talk until Monday, the future remains wildly uncertain.

Worst-case scenario? The death of a company town and the end of the union as miners have known it. With their top bosses in Brazil, they worry about a loss of control over their future - as if they ever had control facing the swagger of the International Nickel Co., with its American executives and wealth pulled from Sudbury ground and poured into often ill-conceived global ventures.

"The Arrogance of Inco" is the headline on a brilliant 1979 story in Canadian Business magazine by the late Val Ross. The subhead elaborates: " 'If you don't like it, take it or leave it,' rumbled a company founder in 1886. That has been Inco's attitude ever since - to customers, to labour unions."

Could Vale be worse than that? Yes, says miner Michael O'Brien, 29, a proud Copper Cliff boy who has the smelter and the iconic Superstack tattooed on his arm. "This company's so huge," he says, of Vale. "To me, they're nameless, faceless, unknown. The worst of globalization has finally hit us."

Clearly, there's a failure to communicate on a massive scale.

The Steelworkers are suspicious of the Brazilian owners and fear they want to crush the union and turn once mighty mining operations into a turnstile for temporary workers. The company counters with cries of foreign-bashing by the union and allegations of vandalism and dangerous tactics on the picket line.

There was no room in this story for Lillian Rose.

Yet, by a twist of fate on a muggy Monday, here I am, walking up the steps of the house where I used to live in Copper Cliff, a few kilometres west of Sudbury off Highway 17.

It's on Power Street, a stone's throw from my grandparents' former house on Jones. It sits in the shadow of the Superstack and the Copper Cliff smelter. There's a creek in the back that flows with runoff from ore processing at the nearby Clarabelle mill.

It's the house I most associate with my grandmother in her last few years. My family moved in when I was finishing high school. After my first year of university, I worked a summer in the Inco offices, on the other side of the tracks.

I'm nonplussed.

A few days earlier, I'd called Local 6500 president John Fera from Toronto and asked him to hook me up with a striker who represents at least two generations in the mines. He had more than 18,000 people (3,000 strikers and 15,000 pensioners) to choose from and picked the Pattersons.

Striking miner Alex, 39, brought me to Copper Cliff to meet his retired father, Gary, 61. Alex looked at me strangely when I blurted out the address as we were pulling into the driveway. Almost 25 years ago, Gary Patterson moved into this house with his family as mine moved out.

What were the odds? It felt like a sign. Lillian Rose had decided how this story would be written.

She, who never put a foot in a mine, sacrificed as much as anyone to live here. She made me realize that what wives and mothers (apart from women who worked for Inco) have given to the mining company makes the story about more than the sweat of miners. It's about the bargain whole families make with the employer in a company town, union members and managers alike. (With family members in both camps, I got a fulsome perspective.)

My grandmother would never have dreamed of leaving. She loved her husband and family, and without even thinking about it, she put her needs last. She fought to stay cheerful and, from her bed, knit glorious scarves the colour of the sky, cardigans with white angora kittens and a pair of red mittens on a string, stitched with the faces of two girls with black button eyes, red felt mouths and pigtails of yellow yarn.She made me see that I too am of the rock cuts and scrub bush, cold lakes and loon calls of northern Ontario. I understand why people here feel alienated from the rest of a country, especially the south, which seems oblivious to their fate.

People here believe they have a deal with Vale and the other big local nickel miner, Xstrata, once Falconbridge and now based in Switzerland. It's hard work in return for good wages, benefits and pensions. Hourly pay is $28.14 for miners, slightly more for mechanics and electricians, but in boom times, nickel bonuses can be very lucrative.

Few dwell on the downside of that bargain, but they all know the risks, including injury or death on the job and pollution-related health problems for their families.

Gary Patterson, tall, burly and nicknamed "Red," sits in his sunroom and recounts the years in the mines before he ran for the union and, over 21 years, worked up to the presidency. He overcame the skin cancer he thinks he got from sun exposure at the Clarabelle open pit.

On his first day as Steelworkers' vice-president in 1987, four men died when a load of ore fell on them as they inspected the shaft at Levack Mine. It set a tone. Another year 12 died. "We worked hard alongside Inco to improve things," says Patterson. "It's better now, but still risky. It's been a culture of blood."

"Big Al" Patterson, a carbon copy of his father, remembers his first day going underground. His manager told him: "We kill somebody every nine months. So work safely."

Decade after decade, Inco was a conveyor belt, with young men arriving, putting in their 25 to 30 years or more, getting the big send-off with the watch and a photo in the Inco Triangle and, in too many cases, ending up in the obituaries a few months later, dead of lung diseases or worn-out bodies.

Every family has a story. My grandfather Reg risked his life to pull a co-worker off a high-voltage line at the Copper Cliff smelter, almost getting electrocuted in the process. Or so says the family story. He burned his arm badly in the incident, losing a thumb and forefinger and spending a year in hospital during the Depression, while his kids shot rabbits to survive. A supervisor apparently changed the accident site in his report to shield the company from blame.

Alex's wife, Sheila, 41, talks about her concerns over her husband's job during an early evening interview at the family home in Lively, another few miles west along Highway 17. An administrative assistant at the Occupational Health Clinic for Ontario Workers (where staffers assist local people whose disability claims have been rejected), she says she was worried all the time when Alex worked underground. She persevered in pushing her husband to get a surface job. "Some people go down breathing and come up dead."

The guys on the South Mine line near Copper Cliff talk nonchalantly about regular blood screening, provided by the company, for nickel, arsenic, lead and other carcinogens. It's part of that bargain for the good pay with benefits, pension and job security.

But now the men are angry, say strikers on picket lines across the city, because they think they make sacrifices and now the company wants to renege on the trade-off.

The strike began on July 13 last year after talks broke down on a number of issues - most notably Vale's bid to change the pension plan for new hires, reduce profit-sharing, and, in the union's view, open up the industry to temporary workers, thereby eroding job security.

But McPhee, a Sudbury native who now works for Vale in Toronto, insists the company is actually offering an improved pension plan and has no intention of undercutting the union. "What we are doing is creating a longtime future for operations in the Sudbury region - not five to 10 years but 50 years," McPhee says. "There is no intent on our part to threaten people's job security."

It's a jolt to hear men in their 20s and 30s talk about pensions, as if they're about to totter off to a rest home. But that's how the thinking goes in a company town, especially with Vale wanting to go to a different pension plan for new employees the union says is less generous.

Young picketers talk about their post-secondary degrees in geological engineering, chemistry, biology and physics - you name it. But they give up their specialties to go into the mines. The pull of their fathers and their fathers' fathers is too great, as is the haunting call of the land. They fish, hunt, go to their camps, jump naked into the lake from their saunas in wintertime. They scoff at life in the Big Smoke.

Now they're scared because they don't believe, despite Vale's protestations, that the Brazilian company understands the culture here. There's a story -apocryphal perhaps - about a visiting delegation from Brazil that came to Sudbury in winter and saw all these yellow cords hanging in a parking lot. Bemused, they asked what they were, only to be told they were electrical cords to keep car batteries warm in sub-zero weather.

Gasped one visitor: "Your workers have cars?"

Such stories prompt company accusations that the union is foreign-bashing when it portrays Third World conditions being applied to Sudbury. In a public message released in March, Vale CEO Tito Martins said: "How do across-the-board wage increases, production bonuses, profit-sharing and pension improvements threaten Canada's national heritage or quality of life?"

Martins also said it was "ironic that the USW. (United Steelworkers) - itself a foreign union - has relied so heavily on a global campaign of misinformation, racism, intolerance and xenophobia (an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners) to further its position in a country like Canada that prides itself as a model of multiculturalism."

Strikes aren't new to Sudbury, nor are raw feelings among people of just about every ethnic background who've had to get along, sometimes against their instincts, in the claustrophobic grip of company towns. It got so bad when the Steelworkers fought the Mine, Mill and Smelter union for members in the 1950s that fist fights would break out in parking lots.

After the Steelworkers won in 1962, they struck Inco seven times, including a 261-day walkout in 1978-79, almost bringing the community to its knees.

But this one is particularly vicious.

Vale plays by different rules, workers say, shattering the code by bringing in strikebreakers to keep some production going. Inco never did that. Many believe the company wanted the strike anyway - a premise hotly denied by Vale - because there was an overabundance of supply in the international nickel market.

Gary Patterson's judgment is harsh: "The strike will be over when Vale wants it to be over."

Recently, Premier Dalton McGuinty said his government "strongly urges and encourages the employer not to hire replacement workers." But how much influence does he have when his province allows scab labour?

"We're kinda defeated, man," says a picketer at the Clarabelle mill. His buddies regard me with disgust, then duck out with their "scab" placards behind the shack.

Outside the Copper Cliff smelter, Moe Brisson, 47, with 19 years on the job, says it's different this time. He's married with a son, and his wife works. "What I hate about them is that I've always been a good worker. But it doesn't count any more. I don't have the same trust. Nobody does. Young guys are moving away ... and a lot of people are suffering."

Vale doesn't pull punches. In a column for the Sudbury Star in February, John Pollesel, general manager for Ontario operations, said Sudbury productivity is 50 per cent lower than comparable operations by their competitors worldwide. He didn't give examples. He accused the union of "shouting that Sudbury is the richest ore body in the world - it quite clearly isn't, and hasn't been for some time."

The union maintains Vale wildly overbid on Inco. It may be the company agrees. Martins admitted in one interview that Vale didn't exercise due diligence when it bought Inco. He explained that, for the most part, the only information the company obtained was on the public record. "I'm not saying we were irresponsible in buying something we did not know but clearly, for us, some of (Inco's) commitments, the size of those commitments, were not public."

Strikers and their families feel betrayed by Ottawa, particularly Industry Minister Tony Clement. In April 2009, Inco announced temporary summer layoffs affecting 4,000 workers, as well as some permanent cuts. Clement called it unwelcome news and said he would investigate. He referred to the terms of Vale's original purchase agreement (which has remained confidential), adding the company "made legally binding commitments under the Investment Canada Act at that time that I expect to be fully respected on behalf of the workers."

Apparently, there were to be no layoffs for three years and net benefit to Canada. By June 2009, he had changed the tune.

"One of the things I look for is (whether) there an equality of pain around the world in these international enterprises," Clement told reporters in Ottawa. "And judging from the shutdowns in Brazil for instance, and other parts of the world, it seems they haven't targeted Canada or targeted Sudbury for their shutdowns. So that's obviously something in their favour."

He pledged to keep an "eagle eye" on Vale's Canadian operations (workers are also on strike at Port Colborne and Voisey's Bay in Newfoundland), but there would be no legal action.

"So is he saying as long as the company treats workers in other countries badly, it's allowed to treat workers here that way?" Local 6500 president Fera fumes. "He's not a politician in a Third World country. He's in Canada."

A Clement spokesperson ignored repeated requests for comment from the Toronto Star.

The Sudbury strikers notice the Conservative government sending cabinet ministers around the world to fight on behalf of private banks with billion-dollar profits. They notice, too, that Clement made a videotaped commercial in 2008 to be used in China on behalf of a company in his own Parry Sound-Muskoka riding. Then health minister, he sent "my greeting to the people of China, the People's Republic of China, on behalf of myself and the Government of Canada."

"People here are hurting," says Mike Kritz, 31, who works with his twin, Matthew, at the Copper Cliff smelter. "Why is he even in office if he is not going to do anything for the people of Sudbury?"

Even Mayor John Rodriguez, who's moved on from his position of economic nationalism for Sudbury as an NDP MP from the region, bristles that Sudbury doesn't get royalties from Vale or, in his view, proper value-added research and development.

Rodriguez may say Sudbury will survive and that the community is diversified beyond mining. But, for striking miner O'Brien, it's a sad time: "This has been an Inco mining town for as long as anyone can remember. It has a rich, rich union history, and that all seems to be at risk."

From Pittsburg, International Steelworkers president Leo Gerard, another Sudbury kid who cut his teeth in local union politics, sees events as "the death of a culture that says community solidarity is important, even though people don't always agree with each other."

If that's gone, if Vale truly doesn't understand the culture here, what gives meaning to the sacrifices of all the Lillian Roses who gave up quality of life to stay in this punishing, infuriating and hopelessly adored land?

2441...John Wooden 99 And Done

If you are a college basketball coach I would think that this would be a decent time of the year to pass away: March Madness is done and digested, the summer camp season hasn't started, it is a time that the game is in hibernation.

It was Friday that the greatest coach in college basketball history passed away. His name was John Wooden and he was at the helm of the greatest dynasty in American sports history, the UCLA Bruins, who from the mid sixties to the mid seventies were almost unstoppable.

This story has been reported widely but bears repeating. Mr. Wooden coached his college team, the Bruins, to ten NCAA championships in twelve seasons. That is a feat that is made all the more remarkable when you factor in the fact that, unlike pro teams, college teams have to turn over their players every year due to graduation.

Coach Wooden was more than a coach. "The Indiana Rubber Man", as he was called at Purdue, won a national championship in '32 as a player and was a first team all star in the NBL, a predecessor to the NBA. He was such a great player that before his run started at UCLA he was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame for his achievements as a player.

He had one losing season as a coach. Ever.

What is even more remarkable is that no one, as in n o o n e, ever had anything bad to say about him.

Truly a live well lived.