Friday, May 31, 2013

6085...Oklahoma: Instant Replay

We/they should be sending moving vans to Oklahoma.

At the very least to OKC.


A tornado in Moore, Okla., killed 24 people and injured nearly 400 more on May 20. It destroyed 1,200 homes and damaged another 10,000.

As for sending say 20,000 kilos of food from Ontario to Oklahoma, welllllll CBC TV Windsor says that the slow learners running U.S. Customs at the Detroit/Windsor border crossing won't let the food cross the border coz it hasn't been itemized.



6084...Job Openings In Tronna

Turnover is the name of the game in the big city on the lake.

Rob Ford's, hizzoner to you, is flying through staff.

I think I am going to send him my resume.


6083...Geraldo Rivera Golf Tourney

Just wanted to let you know that "77 WABC is proud to partner this year with Geraldo Rivera for the 26th Annual 'Geraldo Rivera Golf Classic' on Monday, June 3rd at the beautiful, private Edgewood Country Club in Rivervale, NJ."

Take 77 WABC with you on your phone!

Look for me in the green sombrero.  I like to blend in.


6082...Pam Wallin Loves To Fly

And it shows.  She also loves you to pay for it.

After all the little girl from Wadena, Saskatchewan has earned the right to spend your money any way she wants.

The Toronto Star says that "Senate expense reports show that from Sept. 1, 2010, to the end of February this year, Wallin claimed $30,238 for 'regular' travel from Ottawa to her Saskatchewan home, but $321,842 for 'other' travel, leading to charges she has been billing the Senate for corporate travel."

Getting ready to be thrown under the bus Senator.


6081...Mike Duffy Cabinet Minister

That is what the great Senator Mike Duffy, Kanata-PEI, wanted.  Big time.

Why for you ask?  Coz you get a car and a driver.  Canna be driving when you are pinned 24/7, right?

"Six months after he was appointed to the Senate, Mike Duffy was in consultations with Conservatives about an expanded role in the party and expectations of increased compensation, including his own suggestion he be named a minister without portfolio to get a car and staff, according to an email exchange obtained by CBC News."

Greedy bastard, eh?


Thursday, May 30, 2013

6080...Ottawa CFL Logo/Name Leaked

And coz I have too much time on my hands and go on pointless internet searches I have both the name of Ottawa's third entry in the CFL for you from and the logos.

Terrible name.  In the third biggest french speaking market in North America one would think something bilingual [or at least bilingualish] would be a could idea too.

Still I cannot wait.


6079...Stephen Harper Is Lying?

13 per cent of Canadians, that is almost one in 7, don't believe our beloved Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, is lying when he says that he didn't know that his former chief of staff Nigel Wright was planning to cut a 90,000$ plus cheque to pay the Honourable Mike Duffy's tab.

The CTV News Ipsos Reid poll showed that 87 per cent of us either think Prime Minister is lying or are on the fence.



6078...Tim Hudak Knows Loyalty

Well I am certain he knows what the word means.  Implementation of that quality is another thing.

Case in point:  Doug Ford.

The Toronto Star reports that earlier this spring "Tory leader Tim Hudak later said he was 'excited to have Doug potentially on board' for the next provincial election and a shot at defeating Premier Kathleen Wynne’s minority Liberals."

Same paper, in the same article today "Progressive Conservative House Leader Jim Wilson [says]...'He is not our candidate...I don’t even know the guy..."  Under the bus goes Mr. Ford.

Loyalty, it is another quality Mr. Hudak and the Progressive Conservatives lack.


6077...Sarah Silverman Converts To Christianity

Apparently I am scooping TMZ on this one.

The comic tells me, via Facebook, we are friends there, doncha know? that
I want to thank my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ for always having a Law&Order on to keep me company
Such a good girl, eh?


6076...More On The Duffster And The Po Po

From The Halifax Chronicle-Herald.

Of course he will.


6075...Mike Duffy And The Mounties

It has been reported widely that now the RCMP are on the Mike Duffy, er, Senator Mike Duffy, file.

Good luck with that Mr. Senator.

The RCMP do f*ck up a lot but this is going to be like shooting fish in a barrel.


6074...NBA Logo Turns 75 Today

Wait, no, that's wrong.  It is the man whom the logo was model upon, Jerry West.

He will live forever.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

6073...Dean Del Mastro And Candles

The great MP from Peterborough, Ontario has been dodging bullets for a year or so.

Instead of getting busted Mike Duffy, Patrick Brazeau and Rob Ford come along to save his bacon.

Dean Del Mastro must have lit every candle at St. Alphonsus church.

The altar is decorated as a symbol of the Resurrection



6072...JFK Is 96 Today

For those of you that don't know.

For those of you who do, well you know that John Fitzgerald Kennedy was to Irish Catholics what Barack Obama is to African Americans.

For those who didn't, well now you do.


6071...Do Ya A Duffy

And get 20 big ones.

Hot 105.5, a radio station that serves the PEI half of the realm that Senator Mike Duffy, Kanata-Prince Edward Island, claims as his own, is offering listeners the opportunity to Do Ya A Duffy.

CBC reports that "Myles MacKinnon, the station's afternoon host and program director, said the whole island is talking about Duffy's troubles and the $90,000 he received from the prime minister's former chief of staff, Nigel Wright."  Hot 105.5 is giving away a 20 dollar cheque a day to pay off, well, whatever, no questions asked.

BTW Senator Duffy would not qualify to Do Ya A Duffy; you need a PEI health card.  He no can do.


6070...Henry Morgentaler For The High Jump

He made it 90 years.

Good on him.

Abortion rights activist Dr. Henry Morgentaler dies at 90

Dr. Henry Morgentaler was/is the man most responsible for giving most women in Canada the freedom to choose whether they want to carry their pregnancy full term.

Personally I am anti-abortion but I am totally pro-choice.  No contradiction there; it is not my place to impose my value system on others.


6069...Happy Holidays

According to Ottawa's 580 CFRA today is National Fish 'n' Chips Day.

Excuse me but shouldn't this fall on a Friday?


6068...O.J. Simpson: Step Away From The Buffet

You may have seen this on TMZ or read about it in your Sunday paper but just in case I am here for you.

O.J. Simpson, Tim Hudak's fave player when he was a kid growing up in suburban Buffalo, is presently in jail in Nevada for being stupid.  He got a lot, 9 to 33, years for being stupid and has been locked up since 2008.  From the looks of it he has been spending most of that time eating.  And eating.  And eating somemore.

Mr. Simpson you've gotta step away from the buffet.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

6067...Sex In The Library

13 per cent of the Harvard class of 2013 claim to have had sex in the library at the uni that, among other things, graduated our Governor General, David/Donald Johnson/Johnston.


That was what the Harvard Crimson reported and The Atlantic re reported it.  It comes from a survey of the senior class, a survey that about half the class, 780 students, responded to.


6066...Take That Obama: Rob Ford In Da House

Google the name President Barack Obama and then Google Mayor Rob Ford's and see what you get.

What you will get is the chart below that I cribbed off The Huffington Post.

rob ford google obama

I don't really understand it either but that is primarily coz I spent science, economics and math class reading Sports Illustrated and cheating my way to a D.  Minus.

What I read is that more people on the planet are Googling Mr. Ford than the POTUS.

I also heard that they mocked him on Monday Night Raw, which is a WWE, that be wrestling for y'all out of the loop, joint.

Welcome to the big leagues Mr. Mayor.


6065...Rob Ford And Criminals: Photo

Thanks to Facebook, Warren Kinsella and Justin Tetreault.

The company you keep.


6064...CPAC: What Year Is It?

CPAC is the Canadian something something channel where hacks like Ken Rockburn who are too sh*tty for CBC go to feed their egos.

You are also paying for it.  Apparently you are not paying enough though.

On this day I went to CPAC for the first time this century to see what was what during Question Period.  Here is what was up.  Instead of having closed captioning like every other channel on the planet they have a fat chick in the upper right hand corner signing.  One would presume that if one can figure out ASL, American Sign Language, one can read.

It is 2013.


6063...Aislin On Rob Ford


6062...When The Right Is Right

They are in this instance.  Here is a graphic from SUN News.

Of course the man who could reform the Senate, our beloved Prime Minister Stephen Harper, chooses instead to put thieves like Mike Duffy in the red chamber.



6061...Happy Birthday Rob Ford!!!

Too lazy to look up how old he is.

Guessing about 44.

Methinks he may have a cold one or ten to celebrate.


Monday, May 27, 2013

6060...Ottawa's Most Popular Senator Ping Pongs

The Score's sports blog reports that the most popular Senator in Ottawa today; the most popular Senator in Ottawa since King Clancy, likes to go to bars, take off his shirt and play a little ping pong.

Then again, who doesn't?

Ottawa, the boringist city in Canada, nooooooooooo!

alfie pong

And I betcha he is killer.


6059...Rob Ford For Mayor 2014

In my view no matter what happens regarding the video, the hash vending by his brother, showing up pinned at public events, if Rob Ford runs for reelection in 2014, Rob Ford wins.



6058...Question Period Today Is

Pick on Justin Trudeau day.

The stuff he said about the west, specifically Alberta, where the Libs have zero seats, is not playing well to James Moore and his posse.  The Honourable Mr. Moore was kind enough to point out that the Liberals have like four seats in the west.  That is not good.

You may recall I told our new leader to STFU months ago; if he isn't careful he is going to pull a Tim Hudak.


6057...Duffy And Wallin To Resign

That is the headline that Forum Research says most Canadians want to see.  This info was shared with me and readers of The National Post this day.

Sen. Mike Duffy and Sen. Pamela Wallin have resigned from the Conservative caucus and are serving as independents — however new poll results suggest that Canadians want further action.

About half of Canadians think the Red Chamber sucks.  Only one in ten think that the Senate does a good job.

They are probably high.


6056...Cat News

From Metro Halifax comes the news that a new record for crazy cat lady has been set.

A senior citizen, female, of course, was taking care of/hoarding more than fifty, 50, cats in her one bedroom apartment in the HRM.

The cats are going to a shelter and will be adopted out.


6055...Front Page News

George Takei, from Star Trek, is everyone's Facebook friend.

He shared this tonight.

Oy and vey.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

6054...Mick Jagger On Rob Ford

Ewww.  That is a creepy visual, doncha think?

Toronto, which I read last week is the coolest music city in the world.  Uh, right now.  Like Seattle, Austin and Montreal were back a bit in time.  Anyway, the coolest city in the world is a second home for the Rolling Stones and they, the Stones, played the big room in the Big Smoke last night.

The National Post drops this bit of knowledge on Toronto, Canada and the world.

The Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger (right), Keith Richards (centre) and Charlie Watts perform in Toronto as part of the band's "50 & Counting Tour" on Saturday May 25, 2013.

“I just wanted you to know one thing: we’re not going to do any jokes tonight about the mayor or anything, OK?,” Jagger said three songs into the iconic band’s set. “It’s too easy. It’s much too easy a target. It’s a bit cheap — cheap shots. So we’re not going to do any of that.”
“We’re going to crack on with the show now.”
The Brits just oooooze with class, eh?


6053...Nick At Night, Justin Trudeau And Me

Nick at Night is this uber right wing fool who talks on CFRA.  This clown is so right wing that he thinks, he said it tonight, that Stephen Harper is a Red Tory.  But occasionally fools, that be him, and smart guys, the WFDS, think alike.

This is where we intersect.

Justin Trudeau I have said this before and I am saying it now:  STFU.

Mr. Night concurs with me.

Except we come from different points of view.

Mr. Night thinks that if Justin Trudeau wants to be the next Prime Minister of Canada he should stop talking.

Mr. Night, the man who thinks that our beloved Prime Minister is a lefty and President Barack Obama is a socialist, wants Mr. Trudeau to keep talking because he will say enough stuff that he will f'up a sure thing.

I want Mr. Trudeau to stop talking for the same reason.

Shut up already Mr. Trudeau.


6052...Zion Illinois Ahead Of The Pack shows how progressive progressive can be.



6051...Radio Rob Ford Is Back

Heard this about an hour ago on CBC NewsWorld.  The weasels that run CBC NewsWorld would not say the time or the station coz, well, they are weasels.

One o'clock.


Newstalk 1010, CFRB.

The show is called The City.

Rob Ford has some splaining to do.



Saturday, May 25, 2013

6050...New Money Smells Like Bacon

Zaphod's, a night club on The Market in your capital had this spanking new bill on their website.



6049...Oklahoma = Crazy

I know I am not supposed to say this but the residents of Moore, Oklahoma, the suburb of OKC that was wiped out by a tornado Monday last, are crazy.

May be even stupid.

"We're gonna rebuild."  I hear that and read that and then hear it some more.

No, don't rebuild.  Moore, Oklahoma was hit with a killer tornado in '99.  1999.

The photo above could have been taken 14 years ago.  Or at any of the other 20 tornadoes that have
hit Moore since 1890.  That is about one every six years.

What you have to do Mooreites is move where there are not tornadoes.

I kid you not.


6048...John Baird Is Gay [Followed By A Question Mark]

Bryn Hendricks, a gay man who I had the honour of working with during the 2006 federal election campaign, was on MTL's 800 CJAD this afternoon and was giving John Baird props for being, I paraphrase, a gay man with a conscience.

He was referring to the Red Cross thing this week where they are going to, finally, allow celibate gay men to give blood.

He was also referring to John Baird's work as our foreign affairs minister in helping out LGBTV communities in places like Iran, Iraq where the GLBTV [I never get it right btw] community is often killed.  Or at least seriously f*cked around with.

Good on Mr. Hendricks and good on Mr. Baird.


6047...Halifax's Q104 On Senator Duffy


Friday, May 24, 2013

6046...Amy's Baking Company

It is Friday afternoon, seriously like you are going to do something constructive?

I laugh.

Out loud.

Watch the train wreck that is Amy's Baking Company instead.

Have I ever lied to you before?


6045...The Most Popular Country In The World Is...

According to a BBC poll that I pulled off of CNBC's website the most popular country in the world is

Yes the same Germany that brought us World War I, World War II and The History Channel is, according to the survey of 26,000 humans in 25 countries, the most popular country in the world.

Must be the food.


6044...Pam Wallin Is A Stupid

She really is.  Dave Chan, an Ottawa photographer,, took some pics of the Senator this morning as she made her way from her office on Parliament Hill into the world.

I love how she covers her face like she is an anonymous perp accused of buggery being dragged through the courthouse.

As a quick aside let me inform Senator Wallin that you were on TV for decades; you have been in the Senate for a bit too.  You are a public figure.  We have tons of pics in our files already.


My fave is this one.

Double Doh.

Just in case you were wondering if it really is her, she did not stay in character.


6043...Duffy Been Caught Stealing Again

Elizabeth Thompson writes that "The current controversy over Senate expense accounts isn’t the first time Mike Duffy’s expense claims have been challenged and he has had to write a cheque, iPolitics has learned.  Tax Court of Canada records show that the Canada Revenue Agency disallowed $27,503 worth of expenses Duffy’s company tried to deduct from its taxes several years ago. Nor did it accept his claim that $78,751 worth of income was business revenue versus employment income.
The result was a bill from the taxman for $20,989 including interest and penalties – a ruling Duffy challenged in court. At one point CRA seems to have assessed a “federal false statements or omissions penalty” of $1,328 but that appears to have been reversed."
My cousins live in Kanata.  
They deserve a better Senator than you Mike Duffy.

6042...As The Ford Turns

Mark Towhey was Mayor Rob Ford's chief of staff until about 24 hours ago.

He was fired.

Turns out, if one is to believe the reports in the two Toronto newspapers this morning, Mr. Towhey got turfed coz he suggested, repeatedly I hear, that hizzoner get hisself into rehab.

Considering what's what rehab should be on the list of sh*t to do for Mr. Ford.

Doncha think?


Thursday, May 23, 2013

6041...Deep Breath Everybody: It Ain't 2015 Yet

Yes I can read and yes I know that I read in today's National Post that the Justin Trudeau's are at 44 points, massive majority territory and the Stephen Harper's are at 27 points.

Justin Trudeau has lots to be happy about as he is en route to a large majority government, a new poll suggests.

Election is not for another two years.

Deep breath.


6040...Canadian Tuxedos

I always thought they were called Calgary tuxedos but then I don't play major league baseball.

Elite Daily, the voice of generation Y, reports that when the Baltimore Orioles visited the semi-pro Toronto Blue Jays for a series that starts tonight they got dressed up for the occasion.  Tuxedos.  Canadian tuxedos.

Baltimore Orioles Wear Their ‘Canadian Tuxedos’ In Toronto

Beauty, eh?


6039...Rob Ford And Drug Dealers

One of the falsehoods to come out of this whole Rob Ford fiasco is that drug dealers cannot be trusted.

Steve Desroches, a city pol in Ottawa said as much on CFRA's Lunchbunch today and the rest of the radio talking heads, led by former Sun newspaper guy Rick Gibbons, bobbed their collective heads.

If they were not wrong they would be right.  But they are wrong.  If anything most drug dealers are ethical.  It is how the business works.  Everything is based on trust.  Seriously, you read the paper, watch TV.  How many drug deals a day happen in Canada?  100,000?  At least.  How many of them turn out wrong?  Those are the ones that make the paper.

No one, with the exception of the WFDS, seems to have the chutzpah to say what is.  Instead it is group think.

Cannot wait to see the video.


6038...Hamburgers For Life

OMG what a great, great, amazingly great deal that is.

Charles Ramsey helped free the three kidnapped women who had been held for a decade in a nearby house.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer tells all that "The man who famously put down his Big Mac to help rescue three women held captive for a decade in an Ohio house will never have to pay for another burger in his hometown.  Charles Ramsey has been promised free burgers for life at more than a dozen Cleveland-area restaurants."

One can expect to see Mr. Ramsey on NBC's The Biggest Loser in 2016.


6037...Most Boring City In Canada: Ottawa

Your capital is number one!

Yahoo! Canada News  reports that the first annual Boring Awards were held in Toronto the other night and Ottawa received the award as the most boring city in your home and native land.

I would post a complaint about this but I have to take my nap and then garden.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

6036...Rob Ford Fired

And it is total bullsh*t.

Hizzoner is not only hizzoner.  He is also a football coach, was a football coach, at Don Bosco High School in The Big Smoke.  

Mayor Rob Ford has been removed as coach of Etobicoke's Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School's football team.

This is where the bullsh*t comes in.  He is a good football coach.  May be even great.  Last season the former Carleton Raven lineman took the team all the way to the Metro Bowl which is the championship game of high school football in Toronto.  Did not win but Lord thundering Jesus making it to the championship is pretty sweet.

As you can see from the TCDSB's press release, featured in The Toronto Star, they are piling it high.   Bruce Rodrigues, the Director of Education for the Toronto Catholic District School Board is quoted
in the release as saying that "This decision was based on what is best for our students, our school 
and the Don Bosco community.”

You know Mr. Rodrigues everytime you lie it makes Baby Jesus cry.

Director of Education.
This decision was based on what is best for our students,our school and the Don Bosco c

6035...The Justin Bieber Of North Korea

According to The International Business Times it is Kim Jong-Un.

I wonder what kind of monkey he has/had?


6034...Greatest Album Cover Ever

Courtesy of Doug Hempstead of The Ottawa Sun.

Things that make me go hmmmmmmmmmmmm.


6033...Katherine Wynne Is Number One In Ontario

It was in yesterday's Toronto Sun so it has to be true.

"Premier Kathleen Wynne and New Democrat’s Andrea Horwath are the most popular leaders in Ontario, leaving the Progressive Conservative’s Tim Hudak in the dust, according to a new Abacus Data poll."

The man who choked out last election is beloved by a mere 22 per cent of Ontarioioions.  The two women who lead parties in Ontario are in the mid thirties.


6032...Rob Ford Hits The Big Time

Jimmy Kimmel, The Daily Show.  And I am sure he is being featured on every morning show in North America.

Good on on you Mr. Mayor.

Getting your home town beaucoup de pub just in time for vacation season.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

6031...MLK Speaks To Stephen Harper


6030...Tories Hate On Mulcair

This is the Thomas Mulcair who was offered a bribe a grade 12 student ago and both did not take it or report it.  Fort Mac's Kyle Harrietha tells me through Facebook that this is what the Conservatives have on their front page.

Hmmm, what about the Glass Houses Theory?  Shouldn't both the Dippers and the Blues be cognizant of that fact?


6029...NRA To The Rescue

A bit late for Mother's Day but just in time for Father's Day the NRA, the National Rifle Association,
is casually promoting a line of mannequins introduced by Zombie Inc.  It is a line of mannequins that you can shoot.  And watch bleed.  Including Alexa Zombie, who is the substitute for your ex girlfriend or wife.  When you go to the shooting range.  And want to displace some anger.

nra, vendor, sells, ex girlfriend, target, that, bleeds, when, you, shoot, it, reports that "Women who were murdered were more likely, not less likely, to have purchased a handgun in the three years prior to their deaths, again invalidating the idea that a handgun has a protective effect against homicide."   

Happy Father's Day.


6028...Stephen Harper Hits The Road

Duck and cover is what our beloved Prime Minister Stephen Harper is doing by flying away to South America. tells that "Harper will meet Peru's President Ollanta Humala Tasso Wednesday. He will observe discussions at the Pacific Alliance Leaders' Summit in Colombia later this week."

What PM Harper is doing is his best imitation of Nero; while Ottawa is burning he is fiddling around.


6027...Sad Day For Tim Hudak

Angela Horwath the leader of the Ontario NDP, wait, no that is wrong, Andrea Horwath is the woman's name, has decided, coz she doesn't have a political death wish, to support Premier Kathleen Wynne and the Liberal Party of Ontario on the budget.

This, of course, has Tim Hudak, the man who shoulda become premier last election, except he choked, in a lather.

Look on the bright side Mr. Hudak.  If Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda becomes a Jeopardy! category, you will be the 2,000$ answer.


6026...Happy Birthday Cher

Detroit girly turns 67.

She has requested no candles on her cake; the heat would melt her face.


Monday, May 20, 2013

6025...PM Harper Appoints Nigel Wright Senator

Whaddya think?

Nice fit?

Y'never know, eh?


6024...Marion Barry Landed On His Feet

He is the former mayor of D.C. who the government sicced a crack ho on back in the day and dropped the news all over the place.

The National Post reports that in 1990 Marion Barry was "...set up by model-turned-FBI informant Rasheeda Moore for what he thought was a romantic rendezvous.  surveillance video shows Mr. Barry accepting an offer of crack cocaine from Ms. Moore, prompting a team of FBI officials to storm into the room.  As the 52-year-old mayor is led away, he can be heard yelling 'bitch set me up.'”

“Unless [Rob Ford] was entrapped by the government, it's not similar," Marion Barry, now a Washington D.C. council member, told Will Sommer, a reporter for the Washington City Paper.

The good news for Toronto mayor Rob Ford is that Mr. Barry kept mayoring for a while after that and is now a city councilor in Washington.   When asked about the similarities betwixt him and Mr. Ford the long time politician told Will Sommer, a reporter for the Washington City Paper “Unless he was entrapped by the government, it’s not similar...” 

Worst comes to worse for Mayor Ford there is always the Senate.


6023...Shoot Hillary In The What?

Vagina.  That is what he said.  Shoot Hillary Clinton in the vagina.

He is Pete Santilli.  Currently he is an online talk show host at, part of the Guerilla Media Network, and he is hoping to become a national radio talk show host in the USA.  This is what he had to say about the former Secretary of State:

I want to shoot her right in the vagina and I don't want her to die right away; I want her to feel the pain and I want to look her in the eyes and I want to say, on behalf of all Americans that you've killed, on behalf of the Navy SEALS, the families of Navy SEAL Team Six who were involved in the fake hunt down of this Obama, Obama bin Laden thing, that whole fake scenario, because these Navy SEALS know the truth, they killed them all. On behalf of all of those people, I'm supporting our troops by saying we need to try, convict, and shoot Hillary Clinton in the vagina.
Mr. Santilli is a confused man.  Huffington Post, who I sourced for this bit, reports that America's Next Talk-show Star "...also criticized Obama, saying he deserves the same punishment as Clinton."

I went to Catholic school so I am not real current on my sex education but I do believe I am correct in saying that Barack Obama is vagina free.


6022...Sidney Crosby And Mike Duffy

Both Maritimers.

Both superstars, albeit one for real and one for surreal.

Both have Victoria Day off and are spending it in Kanata.

Both are hated, yeah that is the word, hated in Kanata, a suburb of Ottawa.

Happy holiday.


6021...Rob Ford Superstar

Gather round and look at this little children.  Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto, Canada has the top two billboarded stories on Slate.  The American Slate.   

He's bigger than Texas!  OMG!

6020...Happy Stompin' Tom Day

That suggestion comes from Facebook and

If Canada ever becomes a republic, Victoria Day should be renamed Stompin' Tom Day.

Works for me.


Sunday, May 19, 2013

6019...Connect The Duffs

Russell Barth had this on Facebook.

Fun game, eh?


6018...Rob Ford, Disc Jockey, CFRB, Calls In Sick

NewsTalk 1010's hot Sunday night talk show, The Fords, will not have its star dee jay tonight.

Shock jock and mayor of Toronto Rob Ford called in sick.  Friday.

Life is all about planning.


6017...Nigel Wright For The High Jump

A name that most of us in Canada did not know until he dropped that check into the esteemed Senator from Kanata-PEI's porcine hands, Nigel Wright, has resigned from the coolest job he will ever have.

The job, of course, is being the boss of bosses at the Prime Minister's Office.  Think Tom Hagen.

I wonder if Senator Mike Duffy will send a sympathy card?


Saturday, May 18, 2013

6016...A Marine And His Dog

The Associated Press has a touching story out of mid America.  Madison, Wisconsin's Marine Sgt. Ross Gundlach served as a dog handler in Afghanistan and like many of us he both bonded with and talked to his puppy.   "He told the explosives-detecting yellow Labrador retriever that was his constant companion that he would look her up when he returned home."

article photo

That he did.  He found out that Casey had finished her commitment in Afghanistan and upon returning to the States she had been sent to the Iowa State Fire Marshal's Office, where she was being used to detect explosives. 

"Gundlach wrote to State Fire Marshal's Division Director Ray Reynolds, explaining the connection that he felt with the dog. He even has a tattoo on his right forearm depicting Casey with angel wings and a halo, sitting at the foot of a Marine."

Director Reynolds turtled and "...decided to arrange a surprise. First, he got in touch with the Iowa Elks Association, which agreed to donate $8,500 to buy another dog for the agency."  Then he tricked Sgt. Gundlach into coming to Iowa's capital of Des Moines on the pre text of having to plead his case in front of a committee.

When the Sgt. and his folks showed up in the capital's State  Capitol they were told there was a delay, directed to the rotunda where "...Gov. Terry Branstad officially retired Casey..." and gave him to Sgt. Gundlach.  

Not a dry eye in the house.