Sunday, May 26, 2013

6053...Nick At Night, Justin Trudeau And Me

Nick at Night is this uber right wing fool who talks on CFRA.  This clown is so right wing that he thinks, he said it tonight, that Stephen Harper is a Red Tory.  But occasionally fools, that be him, and smart guys, the WFDS, think alike.

This is where we intersect.

Justin Trudeau I have said this before and I am saying it now:  STFU.

Mr. Night concurs with me.

Except we come from different points of view.

Mr. Night thinks that if Justin Trudeau wants to be the next Prime Minister of Canada he should stop talking.

Mr. Night, the man who thinks that our beloved Prime Minister is a lefty and President Barack Obama is a socialist, wants Mr. Trudeau to keep talking because he will say enough stuff that he will f'up a sure thing.

I want Mr. Trudeau to stop talking for the same reason.

Shut up already Mr. Trudeau.


1 comment:

  1. So, this is the guy you want as PM, but you don't want him to say anything. Why? Are you afraid people will see him for the vaccuous, elitist, establishment fool that he is? Why anyone who wanted real change and wanted to get rid of Corporate domination of goverment by the likes of Harper would say vote Liberal is beyond me. If you want real change vote NDP. Trudeau is simply Harper with a nicer smile.