Wednesday, May 15, 2013

5997...Mike Duffy To Resign

What, are you crazy?

Social media, the Twitterverse and more, Blue, Orange and Red are calling for the esteemed Senator Michael Duffy, Kanata-PEI, to resign.

Problem this time is that, this is lifted from The Toronto Star, Nigel "... Wright intervened to have Duffy reimburse $90,172 in secondary living expenses associated with his home in Kanata, Ont..." by gifting him the money.  Mr. Wright also works in politics.  He is Stephen Harper's chief of staff.  Think big shot.  Then think bigger shot.  It is claimed that lawyers were consulted.  Apparently said lawyers did not know the rules coz this is totally against the rules.  Which is, apparently, a problem.

Nigel Wright, formerly of Onex Corp., is to become Prime Minister Stephen Harper's chief of staff

Still if you or anybody thinks that Senator Michael Duffy, Kanata-PEI, is gonna resign you gotta stop smoking Wheelchair.  Seriously.  The little man tried to get into the Senate forever when the Liberals were in power and finally got his cash for life gig when Stephen Harper got in power and The Puffster started kissing our beloved Prime Minister's ass.


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