Tuesday, May 14, 2013

5989...Beaten Like A Rented Mule

That would be former Tory cabinet minister Peter Penashue.  Yahoo! News Canada reports that "Liberal Yvonne Jones won the seat in convincing fashion on Monday, earning approximately 48 per cent of the vote. Conservative Peter Penashue earned 32.5 per cent while NDP candidate Harry Borlase earned just under 19 per cent of the total vote."

What I don't really get is why the Honourable Peter Penashue, he keeps that title for life, resigned.  Sure he got caught cheating, allegedly, but that did not encourage other alleged cheaters, yes I am talking about you Dean DelMastro, to resign.  

Or did our beloved Prime Minister Stephen Harper make him an offer he could not refuse?  Senator Peter Penashue?


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