Thursday, May 16, 2013

6002...Mike Duffy Meet Floyd Mayweather

You are aware that the esteemed Senator representing Kanata-PEI is a bit cash short.  That is why the PMO's boss Nigel Wright had to gift him 90,000.00 [and change].

Here is a plan.  You may not be aware that Sports Illustrated has dropped its Fortunate Fifty.  The Fortunate Fifty is a list of the fifty highest earners in American [and, presumably, NHL and all that, Canadian] sports.  Len Berman wrote that  "Boxer Floyd Mayweather leads the way in two important ways. He's the number one earner at $90-million and he didn't make a single cent from endorsements. LeBron James, Drew Brees, Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods round out the Top 5."

Next time you need a loan Mr. Duffy perhaps you could lean on Mr. Mayweather?

You are welcome.


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