Thursday, May 16, 2013

6003...What You Don't Hear About Duffy

Is the simple fact that he got into this mess coz he has been the town drunk in Ottawa since the day he arrived in this city.

Arnold's, The Mayflower, Alfie's, the list could stretch from his home in Kanata to his home in PEI.

How else could a man making a six figure salary for decades be so broke?  Booze my friend, booze.

Sen. Mike Duffy isn’t speaking to reporters these days, so details aren’t forthcoming. But his history as a prominent TV journalist, senator and public speaker paints a picture of a man who collected a six-figure salary for decades.

I find it so in-crowd that no one, save one, me, has mentioned on radio, TV, newspapers etc. that the esteemed Senator from Kanata-PEI is a world class hammer head.

That is the root of his problems.

This may be, in AA speak, his bottom.


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  1. Having been out of Ottawa since the late 70's, I wasn't sure if MD had a booze problem although there were occasional rumours. Do you know that for a fact, first hand, or are you going on the word about town?