Friday, May 17, 2013

6007...Toronto Hits The Big Time

I know, I know, fifth or fourth or sixth biggest sitting in North America and most cosmopolitan too and you have a great subway and The New York Times says you are the greatest music city on the planet.  But we both know that you still think of yourself as Lordy, Lordy Canada's Cincinnati.

Now, thanks to yer mayor, Rob Ford, you have hit the big time of scandals.

If this crack cocaine thing that broke and The Toronto Star legitimized is true Toronto you will have made it into the big leagues of big city mayors who f*cked up.  This ain't buying football pants for a high school team with city money.  Noooooooooooo.  This is doing something that even Mike Duffy, the esteemed Senator who represents Kanata-PEI, would shy away from.  Smoking crack on video.

If this is true Mr. Ford is now as skanky as the two ex mayors who bookend the 401.  Mayor Gerald Tremblay of Montreal, malfeasance as yet to be totally defined and convicted felon Kwame Kirkpatrick of Detroit.

Welcome to the bigs!


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  1. Marion Barry without soul? I go through a lot of English-language foreign media and, sure enough, Ford is front and centre in a lot of them today. Top that off with lurid accounts of guys decapitating fellow passengers on buses or cannibals dismembering foreign students - not to mention Harper - the world is seeing Canada a lot differently lately.