Monday, May 27, 2013

6058...Question Period Today Is

Pick on Justin Trudeau day.

The stuff he said about the west, specifically Alberta, where the Libs have zero seats, is not playing well to James Moore and his posse.  The Honourable Mr. Moore was kind enough to point out that the Liberals have like four seats in the west.  That is not good.

You may recall I told our new leader to STFU months ago; if he isn't careful he is going to pull a Tim Hudak.



  1. How can you endorse a guy you keep telling to STFU?

    Serious if he can't be trusted to go off script now and again hiw can you trust him with the enormous responsiblity of running a country of over 30 million people over this vast and complex land?

  2. He is a Hudak; he's just as reactionary and extreme fiscally and monetarily. When people haven't economic security, progressive social policy is meaningless.Its about ensuring a government that is going to look out from ordinay Candians.Mr. Trudeau voted in favor of FIPA, favors Keystne-XL and opposes raising taxes on Corporations and the weathy. He is simply Harper with a nicer smile. Why don't come clean on this for once? Oh, wait a secod, your a LPC member; silly me