Friday, May 24, 2013

6043...Duffy Been Caught Stealing Again

Elizabeth Thompson writes that "The current controversy over Senate expense accounts isn’t the first time Mike Duffy’s expense claims have been challenged and he has had to write a cheque, iPolitics has learned.  Tax Court of Canada records show that the Canada Revenue Agency disallowed $27,503 worth of expenses Duffy’s company tried to deduct from its taxes several years ago. Nor did it accept his claim that $78,751 worth of income was business revenue versus employment income.
The result was a bill from the taxman for $20,989 including interest and penalties – a ruling Duffy challenged in court. At one point CRA seems to have assessed a “federal false statements or omissions penalty” of $1,328 but that appears to have been reversed."
My cousins live in Kanata.  
They deserve a better Senator than you Mike Duffy.

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