Saturday, May 18, 2013

6015...Mike Duffy Is Also A Lobbyist

I suppose if you have already broken this rule and that rule and that other rule one more time doesn't matter eh?

(Anthony Jenkins/The Globe and Mail)

Huffington Post says that Sun News is denying a report that scandal-plagued Senator Mike Duffy inappropriately pressured the CRTC into approving its bid to be a mandatory part of cable and satellite TV.  'Senator Duffy does not, nor has he ever, been employed as a lobbyist for Sun News/Sun Media. Nor have we asked Senator Duffy act as an agent on our behalf,' network vice-president Kory Teneycke said in a statement published by Sun Media national bureau chief David Akin."

The deal with the esteemed Senator from Kanata-PEI is that he is wont to do things like lobby with out being asked in hopes that he will get something from it in the future.  The future being when he has to retire from the Senate, I think it will be in 2022.   It would be nice for the esteemed Senator to pick up a TV gig.  This is what is what in my opinion.  


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