Thursday, May 23, 2013

6039...Rob Ford And Drug Dealers

One of the falsehoods to come out of this whole Rob Ford fiasco is that drug dealers cannot be trusted.

Steve Desroches, a city pol in Ottawa said as much on CFRA's Lunchbunch today and the rest of the radio talking heads, led by former Sun newspaper guy Rick Gibbons, bobbed their collective heads.

If they were not wrong they would be right.  But they are wrong.  If anything most drug dealers are ethical.  It is how the business works.  Everything is based on trust.  Seriously, you read the paper, watch TV.  How many drug deals a day happen in Canada?  100,000?  At least.  How many of them turn out wrong?  Those are the ones that make the paper.

No one, with the exception of the WFDS, seems to have the chutzpah to say what is.  Instead it is group think.

Cannot wait to see the video.


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