Tuesday, May 21, 2013

6029...NRA To The Rescue

A bit late for Mother's Day but just in time for Father's Day the NRA, the National Rifle Association,
is casually promoting a line of mannequins introduced by Zombie Inc.  It is a line of mannequins that you can shoot.  And watch bleed.  Including Alexa Zombie, who is the substitute for your ex girlfriend or wife.  When you go to the shooting range.  And want to displace some anger.

nra, vendor, sells, ex girlfriend, target, that, bleeds, when, you, shoot, it,

http://www.policymic.com reports that "Women who were murdered were more likely, not less likely, to have purchased a handgun in the three years prior to their deaths, again invalidating the idea that a handgun has a protective effect against homicide."   

Happy Father's Day.


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