Tuesday, May 21, 2013

6030...Tories Hate On Mulcair

This is the Thomas Mulcair who was offered a bribe a grade 12 student ago and both did not take it or report it.  Fort Mac's Kyle Harrietha tells me through Facebook that this is what the Conservatives have on their front page.

Hmmm, what about the Glass Houses Theory?  Shouldn't both the Dippers and the Blues be cognizant of that fact?



  1. Mulcair refused a bribe (actually an alleged bribe, he never actually saw any money). He had no evidence and a gut feeling. Would you go to the police with no evidence and a gut feeling.

    To contrast with the Tories Mulcair refuses what thinks are bribes and Harper's chief of staff hands them out to senators.

    And don't assume the Liberals are pure with Justin's profitable speaking tour when he should have been in parliament. Or the fact that the federal liberal were in power during this time and thier is some indictation that some of the corruption may have been at the federal level.

  2. I have been engaging in exchanges on the theme of Conservative fraud and corruption and senatorial misdeeds with Harper minions over the past few hours on Yahoo Canada, where the issue of the Quebec Commission of Enquiry and Mulcair's alleged past sins of omission keeps coming up.

    My contributions are as follows:

    "The Conservatives are knee-deep in corruption surrounding the Senate and the PMO in the here and now, sending flunkeys out to deliver half-hearted, half-witted defenses, otherwise busying themselves digging into allegations of corruption surrounding the Liberal governments of Bourassa and Daniel Johnson, Jr. going back to 1994, that is prior to the second Quebec referendum, whereas the focused minds seeking out any and all instances of corruption in provincial legislatures going back to Confederation are completely oblivious to their own, that is Conservative, collusion with organized crime, the port of Montreal and Montreal politics under their own reign. And the Quebec Commission of enquiry will eventually get around to that."
    "If you're going to play at that angle, you may as well call on the RCMP to drag out every Conservative MP and grill them as to why they ignored the corruption, fraud and misdeeds evident all around them, going right to the top, but chose instead to close their eyes, ears and mouths rather than blow the whistle on such misdeeds and report the matter to the RCMP or the media. I suspect that in addition to being morally and ethically deficient, these Conservative MPs feared for their own hides and believed that the RCMP itself was riddled with corruption."
    "More like 20 years ago, the bribe was refused, and the matter involves a commission enquiry into corruption pertaining to the government of Quebec."
    "Perhaps the Conservatives can arrange for a fleet of buses so their supporters can descend on Montreal and shout their concerns outside the doors of the ongoing enquiry."
    "Pretty sad when the Conservatives have to call forth Forrest Gump to argue the case for the defense."
    "Reading the comments from the Harper crowd - for they are invariably the ones rejoicing in someone's misfortune or displaying their ignorance and bigotry for all to see - one may draw the appropriate conclusion that they are a disgrace to Canada and represent the dregs of humanity."
    "Like Ming the Merciless , Harper is a mighty leader who blames his failures on the incompetence of his minions."