Saturday, May 25, 2013

6048...John Baird Is Gay [Followed By A Question Mark]

Bryn Hendricks, a gay man who I had the honour of working with during the 2006 federal election campaign, was on MTL's 800 CJAD this afternoon and was giving John Baird props for being, I paraphrase, a gay man with a conscience.

He was referring to the Red Cross thing this week where they are going to, finally, allow celibate gay men to give blood.

He was also referring to John Baird's work as our foreign affairs minister in helping out LGBTV communities in places like Iran, Iraq where the GLBTV [I never get it right btw] community is often killed.  Or at least seriously f*cked around with.

Good on Mr. Hendricks and good on Mr. Baird.


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