Monday, February 18, 2013

5650...Mississippi Frees Slaves In 2013

Not a misprint.  No. reports that "Back in November, Dr. Ranjan Batra, an India-born resident of Mississippi, went to see Steven Spielberg's Lincoln, and it piqued his interest."  The man is an intellectual, working in Oxford, Mississippi at the state's educational crown jewel, The University of Mississippi.  The film made him ask himself "What became of the 13th Amendment  after December 6th, 1864, when it received the two-thirds' vote necessary to pass?"

Researching, coz that is what he does, the question he found out that Mississippi never ratified the Amendment.  Officially anyhow.  The state did ratify it in '95.  1995.  They like to be careful in MI.  Never got made official though.  Paperwork.  "The proper forms were promptly forwarded to the Office of the Federal Register, and, on February 7th, Mississippi officially became the last of the Civil War states to ratify the amendment abolishing slavery in the United States."

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