Wednesday, February 20, 2013

5659...Pasta Banned In Quebec

The word not the food.

CTV Montreal, by the way is it still Pulse? reports that "Massimo Lecas, the owner of Buonanotte on St. Laurent Blvd., told reporters that his restaurant was visited by an OQLF inspector on Sept. 5, 2012, who told him there had been complaints about the menu."  The complaint was that a non allowed word was used on the menu.  Pasta.  

Actually this miscreant used a lot of non allowed words.  Bear in mind that Buonanotte is an Italian restaurant and oft times this places want to have an authentic feel.  Plus Italian is a lot like French with less English.  "In a letter delivered on Tuesday, the OQLF pointed out a host of infractions from writing 'bottiglia' instead of 'bouteille' on the wine list, listing squid under the word 'calamari' and using the Italian word for meatballs."

Pizza on the other hand passes muster.  Whodda thunk it, eh?


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  1. It is not ridiculous...we are in Fkn Quebec, where we have no other issues other than fuck around with people who are trying to make a living...Here in Quebec there is no coruption, we don't pay high taxes, we do how ever have a welcome tax when we buy a home, we do get screwed on our drivers permit.... So do not be hard on this unbelievably stupid people who run our province. They are so self centered that when you arrive in Quebec city it says "BIENVENU A LA CAPITALE NATIONAL"...national capital of what???? These people have never traveled accross our country, every other province in fully bi- lingual. It is about time that we stand up to these idiots and kick them to the curb...well they did do one thing right, They changed the saying on our plates, It was La Belle Province...But at least Je M'en souviens...