Wednesday, February 6, 2013

5598...Berlusconi Does It Again

Berlusconi has become plural as in the Berlusconi brothers and they are both making news for all the wrong reasons. 

The Globe and Mail reports that "Last week it was Silvio Berlusconi who got into hot water for praising Mussolini. This week it’s the former premier’s younger brother who has sparked outrage — by calling an Italian superstar soccer player of African descent the family’s 'little black boy.'"

Bear in mind that "Italy has had a particularly acute problem with racism in soccer, with monkey chants against black players a relatively common occurrence."

The player in question, Mario Balotelli, is a black man of Ghanan heritage who was born in Sicily.  Team Berlusconi, also known as A.C. Milan, picked up the superstar in a transfer from Manchester United.  Previously Mr. Balotelli played for A.C. Milan's crosstown rival Juventus.

Silvio Berlusconi, who is trying to reclaim the PM job in Italy, says that acquiring Mr. Balotelli just before the election was not a ruse to get more votes in soccer mad Italy.  

Many beg to differ.


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