Friday, February 22, 2013

5667...It Is Tim Hudak's To Lose

Ontario is Tim Hudak's to lose.

Mr. Hudak is the leader of the opposistion in Ontario, that being the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.  He is also anything but progressive.  His plan for Ontario is to get us out of debt by filling the economy with minimum and sub minimum wage jobs.

This resonates with the Tim Horton's/CFRA crowd and it is with trepidation [but no surprise] that I offer up the Forum Research numbers via today's Toronto Star that show Mr. Hudak poised to be the leader of a minority guv if the elex was held today.  "Tories are at 36 per cent, the Liberals at 29 per cent, the New Democrats at 28 per cent, and the Greens at 5 per cent."

What is comforting is the fact that Mr. Hudak, a Buffalo Bills fan, is, like his team, a choker in the big games.  


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