Saturday, February 16, 2013

5641...Queen's Jubilee Medals Fuss

I have one.  I am not giving it back.  In fact I think it is pretty cool and I am going to frame it.

Yeah I know Maude Barlow, who hates everything, is going to send hers back.  Do it.

Here is what I like about the Queen's Jubilee Medal.  I know it is not the Victoria Cross but it is perfect for low level schmucks like me who do some community stuff and all that.  I also am aware that 1/600 Canadians received one.  I am also good with that.

I realize that everything in this country is go big or go home but I think it is cool to have low level medals like the QJM to award people like me that may not do much but we do more than nothing.

Every little bit helps.


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