Thursday, February 14, 2013

5632...Marc Garneau Calls Out Justin Trudeau

A little past 4 30 EST this afternoon Marc Garneau, via The Huffington Post, called out Justin Trudeau. Those of you that follow this sort of thing are aware that the federal Liberals are having a race for the next leader of the party and Mr. Trudeau is far and away the leader of said race.

The only candidate in the race to have a school named after him, Spaceman Garneau writes that "...Justin says now is not the time to tell Liberals, to tell Canadians, where he stands and what his plan is for the country. He says he will do that after the Liberal leadership race, sometime before the next election in 2015.  In my opinion, this is like asking Canadians to buy a new car without test-driving it first."

So sad, too bad there Marcy Marc.  It is all about sizzle baby; the less JT sez the more likely he is going to be elected leader of the Libs and PM of the Canadians.  If you want a current example of the sizzle versus steak theory take a look at Barack Obama, 2008.  Change.  WTF does that mean?  Whatever you want it to mean.  

Telling people what you stand for gives people a reason to dislike you.  I have written this before and will continue to write it.  My advice as a political professional er avid hobbyist is for JT to STFU.

And get ready to move into 24 Sussex.


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