Saturday, February 16, 2013

5640...Culling The Herd Costs Beer Store Bucks

The National Post tells all that an unnamed man working for "...Brake Mobile Wash, a contractor charged with washing Beer Store delivery trucks." was washing the outside of said trucks at the Beer Store's Brampton distribution centre when he found a vodka bottle full of blue vodka behind the seat inside the truck.  1.5 litres of blue vodka.  That turned out to be windshield washer fluid.  Which he drank.  Dude died later that week of methanol poisoning.

"In a statement of facts, the Ministry of Labour acknowledged that the workers [he had a friend who did not drink as much and is still with us] had stolen the bottle. Nevertheless, Tuesday’s judgement declared that their 'unauthorized possession' of the poison did not negate the 'negligent actions,' of Brewers Retail."

218 K fine.

For culling the herd.


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