Saturday, June 15, 2013

6146...Senator Goes To Jail

And not a nice joint either.

CBC reports that "Former Liberal senator Raymond Lavigne has been sent to jail for breach of trust and defrauding the Senate of more than $10,000 in phoney travel expense claims.  Lavigne was sentenced in 2011 to six months behind bars, and another six months of house arrest after his release, but he appealed both the convictions and the sentence."

Former senator Raymond Lavigne was convicted of fraud March 11, 2011. He resigned from the Senate before it was to debate attempting to remove him.

Here is what this weasel did.  "Lavigne was convicted of having filed mileage expense claims totalling $10,120 for 54 trips between Ottawa and Montreal made by one of his Senate staffers.
He had charged the Senate $217 for each trip but paid the staffer only $50."  Eve Adams, are you taking notes?  He also got a 55K a year researcher, Michel Gendron, to chop down 60 trees at his shack in Wakefield, P.Q., just north of Ottawa.  Paid for by taxpayers.  Of course paid for by taxpayers.
The best part is that Mr. Lavigne will, thankfully, be getting his senate pension forever at 79K.  Indexed.  
The bad part is he is doing his time at the Ottawa-Carleton Regional Detention Centre.  They don't play at the Holiday Innes as the photo from The Ottawa Citizen below of a convict who got tuned up while residing there attests.
Former prisoner recalls savage beating

A word to the wise Mr. Lavigne.  STFU.


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