Saturday, June 29, 2013

6194...Mayors Should Pay Hos In Cash

When using a sex worker.

Allegedly, according to The Canadian Press and TVA, interim hizzoner Alexandre Duplessis of Laval rented a hooker a while back and had a dispute about the 160$ per hour fee.  The as of now former mayor claims there is nothing to the story; TVA "...said there were 110 text messages [between the mayor and the sex worker and/or her bosses] and showed some of them on the screen."  Also "Initial details about the alleged encounter appeared in a TVA report Thursday."

Laval mayor Alexandre Duplessis resigns

Hizzoner apparently is a bit of a freak.  The mayor wanted to play dressup with the sex worker and have a girl's night.  Um, he wanted to dress like a girl.  Apparently he and the prostitute did put on nice lingerie, high boots and did make up together.

What brought this to the fore was that the police say that a man, they won't say whom, came to them on June 14th of this year and alleged he was being extorted by a pross.

By the way Mr. Duplessis is happily married with a pair of kids.


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