Wednesday, June 12, 2013

6137...Playoff Beards; Playoff Lawns

The Stanley Cup finals start tonight and all, most, much of Canada will be watching the Chicago Black Hawks take on the Boston Bruins.

Canada is not the only place that has Stanley Cup fever.  Chicago and Boston have it bad too.  Here is a piece from this a.m.'s Len Berman's That's Sports about follicle overgrowth in Chicagoland.

NHL players are legendary for growing their playoff beards. Now a fan has joined them, sort of. Frank Miller lives in suburban Park Ridge, Illinois. He decided to grow a playoff lawn. So he let his grass grow and put up a sign "Playoff lawn. Won’t cut until Hawks win Cup!” The city of Park Ridge wasn't amused and they cut his lawn. They'll be sending him the bill for the forced mowing. The city's reasoning? The tall grass could be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Just like those playoff beards.

They do that on golf courses in Toronto too.  Every year.  That's why the greens in T-dot are so short all the time.


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