Thursday, June 6, 2013

6107...Million Dollar Pammy

It seems that while she was struggling to get by on her six figure plus salary, benefits and padding of her expense accounts, Senator Pamela Wallin was also making a few shekels on the side doing various chores.

The Toronto Star today reports that on top of the 135K you and I pay her the Senator from Saskabush was pulling in these monies too:

The following chart shows Wallin's earnings from corporate board work. (Note: DSU is Deferred Share Units.)

CorporationYearCashDSUOption awards
Gluskin Sheff & Associates2009$27,500$28,928$67,650
Porter Aviation Holdings Inc.2010$20,417$0$0
Oilsands Quest Inc.2009$63,500$0$378,583
It adds up to around a million.  

Of course I am not one to point fingers but doesn't this being on boards and what not constitute some sort of conflict of interest?

Yes it does.  Greedy, greedy, greedy.


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