Tuesday, June 11, 2013

6130...Quebec Soccer Wars

La Belle is once again proving that if the ROC goes right, they go left.

This time it is their stupid ban on turbans.  Coz they are dangerous.  Which is absurd.

Aneel Samra, 18, lives in Montreal, and has not been able to play organized soccer since last year due to his religious headgear.

CBC reported yesterday that The Canadian Soccer Association has suspended the Quebec Soccer Federation over the ban.   Prime Minister in waiting Justin Trudeau tweeted that "Barring kids from playing soccer because they wear a turban is wrong. The CSA is right to suspend the QSF."

In a story CTV updated an hour ago the Premier of Quebec, Pauline Marois, said, and I am translating, that if  "Those people don't like it, those people can move to Toronto."  Or something like that.  My french is a bit shaky.


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