Wednesday, June 26, 2013

6185...Senator Wallin She No Vote

Says so right here in today's Globe and Mail.  "...the Saskatchewan senator did not vote in the last federal, provincial or municipal elections because of her schedule."

Senator Pamela Wallin wrote she could not produce a health card to help verify residency because she was denied coverage in Saskatchewan and Ontario. (Dave Chan For The Globe and Mail)

Too busy to vote?  That's some serious bullsh*t.



  1. Where you vote is one of the formal tests of residence the Senate requires. If she did in fact vote, and it was not in Saskatchewan..The Liberals or the NDP may actually have a chance to prove or disprove this little tidbit. They will both have the voter database from the last elections. They can cross reference Pamela Wallin, then have a look at their GOTV records to see if she was counted through the door at whatever polling station she was supposed to vote at. It will not be definitive proof, but ti will point the RCMP in the right direction. I wonder if the RCMP can actually have voting records opened up to see if she did cast a ballot or not?

  2. Pamela Wallin; obviously less concerned with civic matters than money matters ( her own )!